Slave Records in North Carolina

collected by P. A. Miller

These are the slave records from my research on North Carolina families.
I've generally cleaned these records out to only include names (whether they receive named slaves in will or not.
There are tax lists and other records indicating numbers of slaves only - they still represent people and can help determine ages of known slaves.
I've left in auxiliary references that might include slave names, even though I didn't take them down in my notes.
These family names, e.g. Daniel, are not all the same branch, I've noted where certain ones went to, etc.
The records are not in date order.

I haven't cleaned up source name abbreviations, etc., but I think they are obvious. Some sources start with the LDS film number.
My comments about the records are in [brackets]
Contact me if you have any questions at:

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Bertie Deed Book H-429, indenture 18 Jul 1753, recd Apr 1753
between Burell Bell to Benjamin Wynns and Nicholas Perry. Burrell Bell about to marry Sarah Wynns, widow of John Wynns, she had 5 children already. Five negroes Bell, Cherry, Hester, Fontune, and Toby and $#163;25 co be converted to and settled upon Benjamin Wynns and Nicholas in trust for Mary Ann Wynns, Watkin William Wynns, Sarah Amelia Wynns, John Augustus Wynns, Winifred Caroline Wynns [Sarah's chn]. The slaves, their use and labor to Burell and Sarah during their joint lives, then to Sarah, then to kids.

1547987 item 3 Wills and estate papers (Bertie County), 1663-1978
Will of David Askew [incorrectly recorded as Askin], wr 12 Apr 1811.
to wife, Milesent Askin during her natural Life...and after her death to my son David Askew.
to my beloved wife one Negro man named Daniel one Negro Woman Named Jude, one Negro man Named Jack, during her said life and after her death, to be equal divided between my three children, Celia Holly, Rachel Hare and David Askin.
to daughter, Rachel Hare One Negro Woman named Winney, one Negro Girl named Leah one Negro Boy named King one Negro Boy Named York one Negro Man Named Cooper...
to son John Askin one Negro man Named Toney...
to my Grandson, David Askin, son of John....
to son Aaron Negro girl Harriett....
to son George Askin....
to daughter Christian Northwell one Negro Girl named Peg....
I Will and desire that the following Negroes to Wit Duke Miley Huldea and Nathan, to be sold, and the money Arising therefrom to be equally divided between my Children following to Wit, Mary Wynns, John Askin, Elisha Askin, Josiah Askin, Annaretta McGlauhann, Elisabeth Shambles, Aaron Askin, Celia Holly and my grand daughter Patsey Godwin to them and their Heirs forever.
to my son David Askin the following Negroes One Negro Woman Jinny, one Negro Woman Amy one Negro woman Phillis one Negro named Ben D-n one Negro Man Jacob One Negro man Lewis one Negro Man Named Harry one Boy Dave one Negro Girl, Hannah
to my Son Elisha Askin
to my Son Josiah Askin
exrs: sons John Askin and David Askin
wit: Daniel Wynns,Milly Jernegan (X)
[In 1870 Bertie census there is a York Askew, aged 62 and family.]

1547987 item 3 Wills and estate papers (Bertie County), 1663-1978
Will of Daniel Wynns, wr 23 Sep 1813, pr Nov 1813
to wife the following negrows to wit Sampson Jim and Fib
to my son George Wynns one Negro Boy named Barton
my son Geo Wynns hands too negrows named Vinur and Athony to be at his Discression for the benifit of Mary Jinkins and her children to be equal divided among her children after her Decasd.
to my Daughter Elizabeth Barns too Negrows Ben Horton and Lear...
to my Daughter Sarah Roboson [Robeson] too negrows named Biddy and Dick.
to my son Watkin Wm Wynns too negrows named Frank and Hester...
to my Daughter Peggy Wynns too negrows named Hanner and Bryant...
to my son Wright O. Wynns too negrows named Tom Sinder... to my Daughter Nancy Caroline Wynns too negrows named Angy and King...
to my Daughter Liviny Emiline too negrows named Ben and Jim... to my son Daniel Van P. Wynns too negrows named Isaac and Barbary
to my too youngest sons Wright O. Wynns and Daniel V P Wynns at my wifes decesd.
Also I leave the following negrows Nance and Dave also Tin Barrells of Corn in Asa Barns Hands [not positive, but seems pretty clear both the slaves and the corn in his hands]
Execr my Son George Wynns
wit George Askew, Lesy Outlaw
[1870 NC Bertie census shows a Fibby Wynn age 70, but she's wife of Jerry Wynn, so possibly not the same as Fib above. There is also an 82 year old Nancy Wynns in Bertie 1870, wife of Edward Wynns.]

1547991 item 1 Wills and estate papers (Bertie County), 1663-1978
Will of Levina (Outlaw) Wynns, wr 2 Oct 1820, pr Feb 1821
to daughter Peggy negro man named Jim exciptin one hundred dollars worth of said Jim I give to my son Wadkin W Wynns.
to son Wright O. Wynns one negro boy named Stephen to be delivered to him when arriving to the age of twenty two years....
to daughter Nancy C. Wynns, daughter Levina E. Wynns, son Wadkin Wm Wynns, grand daughter Sally Ann Jinkins, grandaughter Betsy Elizah Jinkins
The be divided between George Wynns, Betsy Barnes, Sally Roberson, Nancy C. Wynns, Levina E. Wynns and Mary Marsh.
exrs: Wadkin Wm Wynns and George Wynns
wit: Stephen Washington, Watkin Wm Wynns

The following two wills are from:
The Watford family: the genealogical record of the descendants of Joseph Watford, born ca. 1680 in Lower Norfolk County, compiled by James Horace Coulliette; final revisions and historical text by Margaret Josephine Phillips

will of Joseph Watford, wr 7 Nov 1794, pr Feb 1795
to dau Sarah Martin...negro woman Dice, negro girl Lucty...also the increase of said negro women to be divided among her chn: William, Joseph, Winnifred, Samuel, Sealah [all Martin].
to son John Watford...3 negro men Tim, Jacob, Samuel...after his decease Tim and Jacob to his son George, and Sam to his son Joseph...
to dau Winnifred Meizler...negro man Dave, negro woman Nancy...the increase of said woman shall be equally divided among her children...
to grandson Mills Meizler...negro girl Cloe
to grandson William Watford...negro girl Sealah, negro fellow Arthur, negro woman Rose...the increase of Sealah shall be equally divided between William, George and Elizabeth Watford, sons and dau of John Watford...increase of said girl to be divided when George Watford comes of age.
to wf during her natural life...negro man Arthur, negro woman Rose, negro woman Hanner, negro woman Sook...
to granddau Fanny Watford, dau of John Watford...negro girl Hanner - that is to say the child of Rose.
to granddau Winnifred Watford, dau of Hardy Watford...negroes Harvey and Priss...if she dies before age or before she has heirs, then William and Samuel Martin shall have them between them...also exrs to keep or have the said negroes at their discretion until Winnifred comes of age.
remainder which is lent to wf, to be divided amongst my three chn - John, Sarah and Winnifred.
exrs friend William Watford, son-in-law Henry Meizler
wit Demsey Eure, John (x) Hagard

will of William Watford, wr 24 Apr 1845, pr Nov 1846
to wf Elizabeth...negroes Bershaba, Joseph, Simon, Miev Charlotte...after her decease to return to estate
to wf Elizabeth negro girl Eliza and her increase [forever]
to son David...negroes Allen, Sip, which he has in his possession
to grandson William D. Wynns, son of George Wynns and his wf Millicent Wynns...negro boy John...
to George Wynns and Millicent his wf...negroes Joe, Cynthia, which they have had in their possession...
to grandchildren, the sons and dau of James Freeman and his wife Martha, now in TN...negro woman Cynthia, negro boy Charles, negro boy Wright, girl child Mary, one girl Nancy, and all the increase they now have, or may hereafter have, to be equally divided among the said sons and daus of the said James Freeman and his wife, Martha Freeman.
to grandson Joseph Watford...
to granddau Priscilla Rice...negro girl Adeline...
to granson, William Outlaw, son of David Outlaw of TN, negro Pons and negro woman Hannah, which he has in his possession...
to grandson William Askew, son of Aaron Askew and wf Frances...negro boy Joe...
to son David Watford, negroes Ishmael, Yellow Jake if my son should be alive, if not, to stand in the same manner as my other negroes not given away...
to Sally Champion...negro girl Jane and her increase...
to dau Frances Askew...negro man Anthony, negro woman Charlotte and her increase...
all my land and negroes not lent or given away and all my property not mentioned be hired out or sold...
exrs son David Watford, two trusty friends, Aaron O. Askew and Isaac P. Freeman
wit Augustus P. Hawkins, Thomas Mitchell

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Abstr of Deeds Bladen Co NC v.1-3 by Wanda Suggs Campbell 1977 v. 3 [= Bks 8 & 10]
10-279 25 Oct 1834 - Hugh Murphy, Catharine Murphy, James McDuffie, John McDuffie, Daniel McDuffie, Robert McDuffie, Catharine McDuffie, Worthley McDuffie and Jane McDuffie, all heirs of the Late Margaret Kerr, dec'd to Elizabeth McMillan our co-heir at Law to the Estate of said Margaret Kerr, dec'd...all our right, claim and interest in and to estate of sd Margaret Kerr, dec'd late of Bladen County which Estate consisted of a negro man named Joe, one bed and furniture, one chest, one truck, and a grindstone besides her wearing clothes...release all our right to sd Elizabeth McMillan.
Wit: Patrick Murphy. recd May Term 1835.

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1673282 NC Brunswick Estates Recds (CRX)
1790 Sarah Daniel Valluation of ten Negros the property of the estate of Sarah Daniell & divided into three parts agree [sic] to her will: Robert, Stephen, Wm each chose certain slaves, 30 Jun 1790.

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The North Carolinian Dec 1955
1755 Tax List of Orange co [these are Caswell county people when it is formed]
Tapley Hosea with Codger, Sara & Annage, Negroes 1-3 [wh-blk polls]
Pryor John, esqr. with Johes, George, Will, Moneac & Hanna, Negroes 1-5

from Caswell deed bks
O83 James K. Daniel to Edmond Browning, $380, negro woman Amy age 24 yrs. 2 May 1805. wit W. Culberson.

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[Dobbs contained Wayne, Greene (formerly Glasgow) and Lenoir]

Dobbs Co Poll Tax List 1769 [grouped alph by surname]
Daniel John; Negro Sambo 1 1 2
skip 1 to Daniel Isaiah; Nathan Baggett 2 0 2
skip 7 to Daniel Thomas and son John 2 0 2
skip 13 to Daniel James; Negro Hannah 1 1 2
skip 8 to Daniel Nathaniel 1 0 1
next is Daniel James 1 0 1
Lane Thomas; Negroes Tom, Violet, Sue, and Bess 1 4 5
skip 3 to Lane Jethro 1 0 1
skip 22 to Lane Thomas 1 0 1
next to Lane Thomas; Negros Violet, Rose, Tom and Sue 1 4 5
skip 3 to Lane Isom 1 0 1

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Kinfolks of Johnston Co, Abstr of Deeds 1759-1825 vol. 1 by Elizabeth E. Ross and Zelda B. Wood
Deed Bk Transcript #2 (Combination of several Deed Books Unlettered) p.77 29 Decd 1780 Sarah Eason of Johnston Co to Elisabeth Danel [sic] of Edgecombe £500 a negro girl Milley. Sarah (x) Eason, Feb Ct 1783, wits Jonathan Smith, Bryant Adams

Edgecombe County NC Deeds v.3 1778-1786 by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr. 1996
[=DB 3, E, 4]
E154 James Knight of Edg to Dilly Knight same 7 May 1782, 200 in gold or silver. Negroes Dinah & Chloe, 1 feather bed & furniture, etc. wit Jonathan Godwin, Edmd Daniell, Jacob Cain. recd May 1782.
E154 James Knight of Edg to Jacob Knight same 7 May 1782, 500 in gold or silver, (no acres) all the lands on S sd Whiteoak Sw on N sd Swift Ck, negroes Ceaser & Cheney, certain other personal property. wit Edmd Daniell, Jonathan Godwin, Jacob Cain. recd May 1782.
E155 James Knight of Edg to William Knight same 7 May 1782, 500 in gold or silver, (no acres) all my lands above Bear Branch, jng Whiteoak Sw, South Prong; also all the land on the back ridge, jng Simon Parker, negro boy Bonnor, girl Beck, certain other personal property. wit Jonathan Godwin, Edmd Daniel, Jacob Cain. recd May 1782.
E155 James Knight of Edg to Moor C. Knight same 7 May 1782, 200 gold or silver, Negroes Morcah & Rhoda, certain other personal property. wit Jonathan Godwin, Edmd Daniell, Jacob Cain. recd May 1782.
E156 James Knight of Edg to Sally Knight same 7 May 1782, 200 gold or silver, Negroes Moll & Peter, certain other personal property. wit Jonathan Godwin, Edmd Daniell, Jacob Cain. [no recd date].
E156 James Knight of Edg to Elizabeth Coffield same 7 May 1782, 200 gold or silver, Negroes Vilet & Esther, certain other personal property. wit Edmd Daniell, Jonathan Godwin, Jacob Cain. recd May 1782.
E157 James Knight of Edg to James Knight same 7 May 1782, 500 gold or silver, (no acres) all my lands on Fishing Ck, jng Francis Parker, Griffin Sw, the mouth of Bear Branch, Whiteoak Sw, my own line, Brown Sw, Simon Parker, negro fellow Gim, girl Lucy, certain other personal property. wit Edmd Daniell, Jonathan Godwin, Jacob Cain. recd May 1782.

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[With a few exceptions, I have not included here records that duplicate the work of Enslaved Ancestors of Granville NC by Dr. Barnetta McGhee White, Ph.D]

Many of these Granville records have to do with the Daniel family that descends from James Daniel of Albemarle. You can read a narrative account of the history and records of Tranquility Plantation, the home of Chesley Daniel, son of James of Albemarle VA. It includes the slave records.

LDS film #1758773 NC Granville Tax Lists 1767-1809
LDS film #1758774 NC Granville Tax Lists
LDS film #306819 NC Granville Tax Lists
LDS film #0018071 Tax Lists for various counties, various yrs, from St. Archives
[I have collated and dated my extractions from these films, so I can't say which film the following records come from, but it's one of them. My abstracts of these tax lists for various names are at here. They give fuller numbers and ages of slaves in certain years.]
1755 very hard to read.
Charles Edward Negros ?D--ty? and Fanny, 1wh, 2bl, 3tot
Thomas Cock Son D-wig? 2 Negroes Phillis and Fanny, 2wh, 2blk, 4tot
Wm Edwards Negros Isa-- & Cate 1,2,3
p. 7 c2 Philip Pryor, negros Robin, Jos & Toner?1-3-4
Wm Cook & negro Jenny 3-1-4
returned Sep 1755

1767 [there's now a full list at]
2nd list [may still be list of Stephen Jett/Lett]:
William Cocke, John Compton, Tom, Hall, Phillis, Lucy. 2wh, 4 bl, 6 total
[William Cocke inherited Tom and Phillis from his father in Brunswick VA.]
[much later after interruptions by other later years]:
List of Taxables taken by Philip Pryor for ye year 1767
Chisley Daniel, John Daniel, James Nowel, Negroes Gloucester, Newman, Will, Jacob Sampson, Men, Annaky, Alice Sylvia Rachel, 3wh 9 blk 12 tot
Gideon Crenshaw Abraham Crenshaw, Hannah Negro Woman 2 1 3
James Downey Jesse Chandler, William Hickman Negroes Harry Dick Will & Will Squire Men, Flute Crager Women 3 [torn] [torn]
[I'm skipping many years of just number indicating total numbers of blacks in a listing.]

Tar River
James Daniel 563a, 3 negros 16-40, 2 negros 7-16 or 40-50, 2 negros under 7 or over 50....

Goshen Distr:
John Williams Daniel, Sam, John, Pegg, 1wh 3 blk 4tot

Public Records NC - Wills, Granville County 1750-1772 [has much more] [These are Thomas M. Owens working notes for his book, fabulous to watch his organization, etc.]
vol. 1 mins: 18 Aug 1750, trial of Negro George belonging to John Macon for murdering William Tarver, he pleaded not guilty, they found him guilty and ordered hung.
Also spotted a trial for Sanders slave of Joseph McDaniel in 1773.

Court Minutes of Granville County North Carolina 1746-1820 by Zae Hargett Gwynn 1977
August 1806
Beverley Daniel proved relinquishment from Dennis, Joseph, John, Philip, and William Obriant to Mary Ragland for negro Rachel.

Granville Deed Books
P351 John Daniel deed of gift to his son, James Jenkins Daniel, and his two daus Nancey Daniel and Patsey Jenkins Daniel, and to any future increase of his wife, Elizabeth Daniel, four Negro slaves (named) Hagar, Daniel, Creacey & David, 9 Nov 1796 [N.B. these four slaves are again named in Elbert Co GA.]
Q25 Edmund Smith bill of sale to Howel Moss for his one-fourth interest in a Negro Girl Named Silvey of the est of Wm. Daniel decd, which would be sold after the death of Sarah Daniel, 13 May 1796
[This refers to estate of James Daniel d. 1786, Edmund Smith is son-in-law of James and Sarah, Ann is dau = Nancy Daniel who md. Howell Moss in Warren in 1791.]
Q388 John Boyd to Josiah [but sure looks like Jonah] Daniel, sold a slave, 1798 "one Negro woman named Bett"
Q392 Whereas Richard Hicks having by his last Will and Testament bearing Date the 24 day of April AD 1713 bequeathed certain Negros therein Named & their Increases to Jane Hicks & the heirs of her body which Said Negroes according to the above mentioned Intail having Descended to me Chisley Daniel of the County of Granville & State of North Carolina as Heir of Jane Hicks & the following Negroes, Hannah, Sam, Charlie, Patience, (Harry, Annekey, & her two Children & their Increase being part of the ["above" scratched out] Increase of the above Mentioned Negroes) being now in the possession of my two Nephews James Edwards, & Leonard Edwards now this Writing Witnesseth that I the sd Chisley for & in consideration of the affection I have to my Nephews aforesaid James & Leonard & the Sum of five Shillings have Released to them the sd James & Leonard their heirs and assigns forever all my Right Title & Interest, in & to the sd Negroes & I bind my Self my heirs &c to make any other Conveyance at the [cort, no quite cost] of the sd James & Leonard which they may deem Necessary for Vesting all my Right & Title in & to the sd Negroes in the sd James & Leonard In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & I affixed my Seal this 15th day of February AD 1798. Chisley Daniel. wit Jane Daniel, Josiah Daniel, John [x] Boyd. proved by John Boyd, Feb Court 1801.
[Chesley is the son of James Daniel of Albemarle VA and Jane "Jennie" Hicks", grandson of Robert Daniel and Margaret Price of Middlesex VA, and great grandson of William Daniel of Middlesex.]
R-87 sale of slaves, 29 Jan 1803, James K. Daniel of Granville to Josiah Brown of Person and Thomas Daniel of Granville, in Joint Company, £85, 3 Negroes in possession of Abraham Brown and Isaiah Richardson of Chatham co, woman Chloe about 43, boy Gabriel about 7, boy Joe about 4. wit M. Satterwhite, Smith Satterwhite. recd Feb 1803 court.
R239 Woodson Daniel estate to Richard Wilkins [at public sale], negro wench Frann and a child named Watson, wr 16 Nov 1791, pr Feb 1804
S95 Jas Key to Jas Daniel & Bros, 16 Jul 1805, mortg for debt owing, Negroes Tenor, Lucy, Jinney & Sam. wit Rosa (x) Knight, Brereton Jones, pr Aug 1805.
S274 Peyton Wood to James Daniel & Bros, 7 Oct 1805, Peyton in debt, mortgs to them 3 Negroe slaves Mary, Annica & Ritter [later Riller]. wit David Knott Jr, William Gooch, pr Aug 1806
V350 John Washington & wf Rebecca (x) to Lewis Daniel & wf Martha 13 Feb 1812, for divers good causes us hereunto moving have given granted and delivered, a certain Negro girl named Phillis to the only proper use and behoof of them the said Lewis and Martha. wit Ben H. Wortham, recd May 1812.
W263 Chesley Daniel to my sons John G. Daniel, Woodson Daniel & Beverly Daniel 12 Aug 1814, for love and affection. [lands]...I give to the sd Woodson Daniel also the following Negroes: Sydney and her child Judith, Albert, Washington, Hannah, Joshua, Elijah, Daniel, John, Ritter, Nell & Sampson, and to his Heirs forever, I also give to my son Beverly Daniel the following Negroes Narcissa, Abram, Alexander, Lucy, Eliza, O. H. Perry, Mursier, Frank, President, Billy, Margery, & Carter, and to his heirs. wit William West, A. Hamilton. recd Nov 1814
W412 Elizabeth Daniel of Granv to Josiah Brown of Person 5 Sep 1814, a Negro Girl Nell, which sd Negro was devise [sic] to me by Husband [sic] in His Lifetime during my life and after that to his daughter Martha which is the Wife of aforessd Josiah Brown and for Natural affection and Regards which I have to my Daughter and Son in law Josiah Brown, I give all right to Nell unto him the sd Brown. wit Thos Knott, Walter Daniel. pr by Thomas Knott, recd Aug 1815.
X298 Patrick Hamilton of Granv to John Daniel Jr of Warren 17 Decc 1816, no $ given, one negroe Girl Lucy. wit P. H. Inge, pr by Phillip Inge, recd Aug 1817
X355 Joseph Daniel Senr of Granv to Martin Kee of Chester SC 3 Feb 1818, for love and affection I bear to my son in law and other good causes and considerations me here unto moving, a negroe boy Tom about 8 years. wit Benja Starke, Cephas Daniel. pr by Benjamin Starke, recd Feb 1818.
Z107 Woodson Daniel to Beverly Daniel and Judith Daniel 31 Jul 1820, for a consideration of a certain conveyance executed on the day or date of these presents...certain negro woman slave Christian and her dau a child by the name of any [sic]...devised by LW&T of C. Daniel to sd Judith, Beverly and sd Woodson, sd Judith having only an Interest in the same during her natural life....and two certain slaves, Mary An and Scot. sd Judith enjoys the same Interest in Mary An and Scot as in the sd Christian and anny and Interest during her natural life. wit Jas Carrie[?] (x). ackn and recd recd Aug 1820.
Z123 Woodson Daniel first part, Samuel Hillman and Thomas B. Littlejohn second part, 8 Aug 1820, $10, this is a huge mortgage of several land interests which includes: ...also all right etc to ?00a [1 or 9?] on waters of Mountain Ck adj Samuel T. Downey, Edward Hunt & others, reserving for the benefit of a certain Simon Davis (a man of Colour) the benefit intended to be secured to him in a certain agreement (to wit) that on his paying the balance of the purchase money for 54 or 5 acres [written to mean "54 or 55"] of sd tract as mentioned the sd agreement the sd Simon was to have a good Title made to him, This Land purchased of E. Jackson 14 Jan 1820...also 14 slaves which he has in possession [no punctuation in this list, I have added to make 14 and maintain the descriptions, there may be a problem at "her son Judith"]: Daniel, Bob, Anderson, John, Washington, Hanah, her son Isham, Mossey, Cynthia, her Daughter Bettey, her son Judith, Christian, Amey (the daughter of Christian), & Elijah, also 13 slaves which [Woodson] has an equal Intrust [interest] in with Beverly Daniel at the decease of their mother [again, no punctuation for the list, but it's clear, I added]: ?J?inney, Charles, Amey, Lacy [not really Lucy, but], Franky, Kissy [not a great K but], Henry, James, Milly, Nancy, Mary, Eliza, & Nell...mtg description continues, Hillman and LIttlejohn can sell 1 Jan next, lots of obligating language re their duties, mentions "for the sale of the land to Simon Davis".... wit Wm Taylor, John R. Hicks. ackn and recd Nov 1820.
Z205 Thomas Daniel first part, Wm. H. Gilliam 2nd part, both Granv, John Daniel Sr of Warren 3rd part 4 Apr 1820, whereas John Daniel Sr is sec for bond of Thomas Daniel to John Eaton $40 1 Jan 1818, also to Thomas Coghill $62, the sd being indebted to sd John Daniel Sr 3 bonds: $400 w/interest fr 18? Aug 1816, $70 w/int fr 1 Oct 1819, $50 w/int fr 1 Apr 1819, sd Thomas desirous...for 5sh sells to William H. Gilliam a negro Girl Sarah 16 or 17 years, Thomas to pay by 1 May next. wit Worthington Daniel, pr by Worthington Daniel, recd 22 Mar 1821.
Z206 Thomas Daniel first part, Hardy Harris second part, William H. Gilliam 3rd part all Granv 3 Oct 1820, whereas sd Gilliam is sec for sd Daniel to William Burrows? $60 20 Aug 1820, sd Daniel desirous...for 5sh sells to sd Harris negro boy Tom, [some stock, some furniture,], doesn't name pay date, just "when the same shall be come due". wit and pr by Worthington Daniel, recd 22 Mar 1821.
Z242 John Daniel to Richard Sneed 15 Mar 1820, $100, negro girl Viney about 3 or 4 years of age. wit and pr Wm Reaves, recd Feb 1821
Z319 John Daniel Jr to Nelly Daniel both Granv 14 Dec 1820, $330, negro girl Milly about 14 yrs. wit John Daniel Snr, Hardy Harris. pr by Hardy Hardy Harris sic, recd Aug 1821.
1-85 Ichabod Neal of Mecklenburg VA to Nathaniel C. Daniel of Granv 27 Oct 1821, sd Neal indebted to Isarel [sic] Hargrove of Gran $200, for 5sh sells to Daniel a negro man Fill 28 or 30 years, Neal to pay by 27 Dec 1821. wit James Lewis Jnr, Absalom D. Glover. pr by Glover, recd Nov 1821.
1-159 Elizabeth Daniel to Samuel Daniel, wr 17 Oct 1821 Whereas Josiah Daniel having by his last will and testament [space] date [space] bequeath certain negroes, a tract of land, household and kitchin furniture &c to me Elizabeth Daniel widow of the sd Josiah for life, the following negroes Rachel and Ned and the tract of land where I now reside and all the household and kitchen furniture &c now this writing witnesseth that I the said Elizabeth for and in consideration of the affection I have to my son Samuel Daniel and the sum of five hndred and forty dollars have released to him the Sd Samuel all my right title & interest in and to the sd negros, land, Household and kitchen furniture &c.... wit Jas Edwards, Leo (x) Daniel, Mitchell (x) Daniel, Pomfrett Blackwell Jurat (x), P. H. Ragsdale. pr May 1822 by Mitchell Daniel.
1-185 Elizabeth Daniel to Samuel Daniel, wr 15 Nov 1821. for $300, a certain negro Woman named Mary. wit James Edwards, Leonard (x) Daniel, Mitchel (x) Daniel. pr May Court 1822

018927 NC Granville Record of Wills v.4 1796-1799, also Inventories, Administrator's Accounts, Divisions of Estates, etc.
Bk4, p. 50-53 will of William Cocke wr 12 Mar 1795 pr Nov 1796.
wf Rebecca...Negroes Milly and Cate)
son James...Negro boy Peter
dau Elizabeth...Negro man Doctor and woman Suckey
Benjamin Cocke eldest son
son William...Negro boy Frank
dau Sally Daniel, dau Mary Roberts, son wife Rebec'h, son James, dau Elisab'th.
exrs wf Rebecca, sons William and James. wt. Gideon Gooch, Abraham Hester, John King.
[Rebecca d. 16 Jun 1796].

18974 Granville Will Books
7-182 will of Josiah Daniel, wr 23 Apr 1811,pr Aug 1811
children: James K. Daniel, Thomas Daniel, Leonard Daniel, Nancy Graves, Martha Brown
to Martha Brown negro girl Nell
to son William Daniel negro slave Jerry.
to son Martin Daniel negro slave Lewis.
to sons Chesley Daniel, Henry Daniel, Josiah Daniel, Joshua Daniel, Walter Daniel, Samuel Daniel and daughter Elizabeth Daniel
to wife during her life such part of the land I now live on that may be laid off for my son Samuel Daniel...necessary for her to work the negroes on hereafter wit Ned, Hannah, Rachel & Nell which negroes I lend unto my loving wife during her life time
exrs Thomas Brown; my loving wife Elizabeth Daniel, Woodson Daniel and Josiah Daniel Jun.
wit: Chesley Daniel, David Knott Jun.

18974 Granville Will Books
7-475 will of Chesley Daniel, wr 17 Aug 1814, pr Nov 1814
to wife Judith Daniel during her life time the following property, to wit, Charles, Amy, Milley, Nancy, Christian, Mary, Jiney, Frankey, Kessie, Lucy, Henry & old Jinney, being all the negros that I have remaining, not already disposed old mansion house at Tranquility & the use of as much of my land where she may choose as may be sufficient to work her negros on. It is my will and desire that the negros lent to my wife during her life and which are included as a mean of support to her as well as to enable her to support my daughter Jane Daniel shall after the death of my wife remain for the use & benefit of my daughter Jane Daniel her life time...
to sons Woodson Daniel & Beverly Daniel
exrs wife Judith Daniel, James Daniel, Woodson Daniel & Beverly Daniel
wit A. L. Satterwhite
to my wife during her life Milly's last child (now only a few days old) after her death it is my Will & desire that it shall be joint property of my sons Woodson & Beverly Daniel...29 Sep 1814

[A couple reference to documents not available at LDS] Manuscripts Department - Library of the University of North Carolina
Abstract: Items of ancestors of Bessie Heath Daniel (b. 1886) of Person County, N.C....The third account book is apparently of Campbell Barnett, merchant of Person County; it includes a list, 1813-1864, of slave names and birth dates.
Manuscripts Department - Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Inventory: ... material, 1836-1899, of Nathaniel Chesley Daniel (1797-1853) and Anne H. Bullock Daniel (1804-1883), and of other Daniel family members from Tranquility Plantation, Granville County, N.C. Two photographs of three former slaves of the Daniel and Bullock families are included.
...Of interest is an 1856 letter informing Anne that she had inherited a slave.
...Also included are two copies of a photograph (P-4251/1- 2) of three former Daniel and Bullock family slaves--Jim, Rose, and Lawson.
[Some descendants of Nathaniel Chesley Daniel and Anne H. Bullock went to Warren County NC.]

2208032 [=loose Granville estate papers] [I have only put the parts of these estates that have to do with slaves.]

James Currin 1782
inv est James Currin 14 Feb 1782 by Hugh Currin exr and Elizabeth (x) Currin exrx: six negros Jupiter, Patt, Alee, Agg, Daniel, Charles

Larkin Currin 1849
inv est Larking Currin 12 Feb 1849 by admr Edward L. Currin: 7 Negroes
May 1857 addition to a return: sold by order of court one negro boy William at public sale to Graves J. Hooper for $495.
[Larkin was intestate and some properties sold for debts]

Lemuel Currin Sr. 1844
inv -- Jul 1844 by Elizabeth (x) Currin admr, slaves listed: man David, Woman Eliza, Girls Caroline and Sarah.
in later papers the number of slaves has grown variously to 5-7
Feb 1855 petition to sell 5 slaves: David, Eliza and child, Caroline and Isabella.
28 Feb 1855 sales
James Elliott bought Negro Girl Isabella $580
Lemuel Currin bought Negro Man Davy $706
Benjamin T. Crews bought Negro Girl Caroline $1000, and Eliza and child Solomon $600

Dick H. Dalby 1831 and Prudence Dalby 1847
sales 24 Oct 1847 by James W. Dalby admr
1 negro girl Emaline to Penelope C. Dalby $499
accts with orphans (individual):
Edward Dalby's mentions one negro woman Alcy
John A. Dalby's mentions a negro woman Alxy [sic]
Arrena Dalby's mentions a negro woman alcy [sic]
Penelope Dalby's mentions "paid Doctor Z/B Bullock for attending on a negro woman alcy [sic]
1840 accts for various orphans mentions: your part of hire of Ned
The guardian was John D. Bullock
1842 and 1845 gdn accts for chn mention: your part of feeding and clothing Jim, and hire of Ned
[there are lots more similar gdn accts]
Feb 1838 petition to divide: that Dick H. Dalby died intestate 1831, owned the following negroes to wit - Ailsa & her four children Howard, Seawell, Harriet & Jane; Ned, Jim, Peter, Emily, Joe, Emeline & Virginia. first admin was William Fleming, closed admin 1834, delivered negroes to John D. Bullock. negroes have been hired out since. heirs are widow Prudence Dolby, Sophia (wife of John D. Bullock), infants John A., Anna, James, Edward, Penelope [all Dalby].
3 Nov 1838 division [all written as Dolby, but I've put Dalby here]:
Lot N.1 Negro man Peter $700 to John D. Bullock and wife Sophia
Lot N.2 boy Howard $500 to Penelope Dalby
Lot N.3 boy Sewel $475 to Edward Dalby
Lot N.4 Negro woman Emily and child Roocy $600 to John A. Dalby
Lot N.5 boy Jo and Girl Virdinia alias Virgnina $575 to Arrena Dalby
Lot N.6 Ailsey and child Jane $550 to James Dalby
Lot N.7 Girls Quintina, Harriet and Emeline $600 to Prudence Dalby the widow
equalization instructions follow
some 1838 gdn accts refer to "feeding and clothing of old negros"

John Dalby 1821 [I include, though slaves unnamed, because of Dick H. Dalby here and above]
sales 19 Feb 1821, exr Dick H. Dalby
Dick H. Dalby bought Negro man $256
James A. Truman bought Negro woman & Child $452
James A. Truman bought Negro Girl $204.15
Micajah B. Dalby bought Negro Girl $376.05

Chesley Daniel 1813, 1821
[two estates, I've noted which is which before the entries.]
[The following applies to the Joseph Daniel and son Chesley Daniel (wife Agnes Williams) of eastern Granville (Nutbush area, later Vance)]
A schedule of property which is held in Common by Nathan M. Daniel and Joseph Richard Daniel Orphans of Chesley Daniel decd. By the will of Joseph Daniel decd is devised to these orphans...two small negroes Jack a boy now about 7 years of age, and Minny a girl about 5 years of age. This property came to my possion [sic] the land since March 1819 and the negroes in the fall of 1820 and is directed by said Will to be equally divided between them and in either die before lawful age, it is to belong to the survivor. sig Agness (x) Daniel, Guardian
Feb 1823 Nathaniel M. Daniel orph of Chesley Daniel in acct w/Agness Daniel gdn Joseph Richard Daniel orph of Chesley accts 1819-1823 (Agness gdn), then more for 1828 account includes:
"hire of Jack for 1828 to Jesse J. Kelley
hire of Mimesy for 1827 to myself [=Agnes Daniel]
hire of Amey/Anny to myself for 1828
1830 guardian accts by Agness Daniel, recd Feb 1831, several pages going back to 1825, includes:
hire of Jack to J. J. Kelley for 1828
hire of Mina to her for 1827, hire of Mina to her for 1828
hire of Jack to J. J. Kelley for 1829
hire of Mina 1829 to me [Agnes Daniel]
hire of Jack to Kelley for 1830
hire of Mima [sic] to Willis [???Davis, Harris??, I really don't think it's a D]
on another sheet of accts: "Negro boy Jack is hired for same time/term to Jess Kelley for $19.
1831 acct Jack and Mina hired to her for 1831

[The following applies to Chesley Daniel (d. 1821), son of John Daniel of Charlotte VA, son of James Daniel of Albemarle.]
Aug 1838 Inv of the personal property belonging to the est of Chesley Daniel, taken by Henry M. Daniel as admin with the Will annexed: Lucy Darcus, Jim, Eliza, Lewis, Jack, Ben, Maddison, Davy, Mary, Edmond, Clarissa, Scott, Charles, Joe, Peyton, Charlotte, Julia Ann, Sally, Henry, Sampson, Amy, Lydia, and Tamer.
Aug 1838 petition to value and divide slaves..."20 or 25 slaves, men women and children the exact number many of whom are not recollected has passed to your petitioners under said will..."
the evaluation done 24 Sep 1838:
Lucy $325
Dorcas $340
James $760
Eliza $400
Levi $716
Jack $760
Benjamin $475
Madison $500
David $455
Mary $308
Edmond $416
Claracy $275
Scott $314[?]
Charles $260
Joe $225
Peyton $225
Charlott $200
Julia Ann $200
Sally $150
Henry $150
Samson $533
Amy $162
"the whole making Eight Thousand One Hundred & Sixty One Dollars $8161 Liddy and old Blind woman under value $83 also Tamar one other old woman under value $49 after deducting the under value of Liddy & Tamar which are superannuated Reduces the value of whole to the sum of $8029."
Lott No1 to Charles L. Read containing Dorcas, Henry, Samson & Lydia
Lott No 2 to Stephen B. Daniel containing Eliza, Sally, David & Tamar
Lott No 3 to Pricilla L. Daniel containint James & Peyton
Lott No 4 to William M. Daniel containing Jack & Charlott
Lott No 5 to Nancy S. Daniel containing Lewis & Charles
Lott No 6 to Chesley B. Daniel containing Madison, Amy & Mary
Lott No 7 to John J. Daniel containing Benjamin, Lucy & Julia Ann
Lott No 8 to Henry M. Daniel containing Joe, Scott, Edmond & Claracy
"the Lott No 8 after being drawn by Henry M. Daniel Clarasa valued to $275 was added to his lott because she had been given to him in his mother's life time & has been from the time of the gift to this [comes/coned?] in his possession but was to him valued in the division & for him to amount to [go] the other Legatees for said valuation the other Lotts was made as equal as the could be made under the circumstances" ...24 Sep 1838

George Daniel 1812
widow Martha Daniel admin, 6 May 1812 sec Woodson Daniel and John Oliver, Martha signs bond.
sale buyers 20 Jul 1812: Woodson Daniel, Logustin? P. Pool, Alexander Hamilton, Benj Bragg, William Wilkerson, Capt John Oliver, Sterling Jones, James Cozart, Solomon Satterwhite, Chesley Daniel of So Carolina for Martha Daniel the Widow [long list of personalty], Chesley Daniel Jr. of So Carolina [medium list] includes:
Negro Man Monday (val $700, paid $210)
Negro Woman & child (val $401, paid $120)
Negro small girl (val $140, paid $42)
Negro small boy Reuben (no val given, paid $?25?)
Negro girl Sophia (no val given, paid $93)

James Daniel 1786
names slaves: Jos? Cuffey, Big Sam, Robbin, Ben, Ceasor, Frank, Big Rose, Little Rose, Esther, Old Hannah, Young Hannah, Young Frank, Little Sam, Silvey, Tillis, Milley, Dilse?, Jade, then tons of stuff, 1 May 1786

[will of above James Daniel pr Nov 1785, Bk1-452, legatees John, William, Reuben, Richard, Joseph, Ann, Sarah [all Daniel]

John Daniel 1763
exrs James and John Daniel.
inv: slaves Frank, Hannah, Jenny, Molly, Lucy, and personalty, taken by James Daniel and John Williams Daniel, no date, but turned in to Feb 1763 court.

[will of above John Daniel wr 19 Jun 1762 pr Aug 1762. wf Anne, five children: James, John William, Sarah Harrison, Martha Banbey, Elizabeth Dudley.]

John Daniel 1782
[This is father of Martin Daniel, widow is Celia who md. 1785 Robert Hester]
10 Jun 1782 appr of est of John Daniel: 200a of land, Negros Jack £80, Hamblin £60, Rose£50, and a full page of stuff. by Peter Bennett, Gideon Crenshaw, Samuel Crafton.
a 1788 account refers to hire of 3 Negroes and rent of the Plantation.
1794 Jan return: a Bond on Harrison Duncan for hire of Hamblin, a Bond on Willis Roberts for hire of Jack & Rose
[There are several years worth of similar accounts, sometimes they name Hamblin, Jack and Rose, sometimes they don't.]

John Daniel 1834
[The folder label is wrong, will of this John G. Daniel pr Aug 1848, Bk17-351, legatees Susan M. Daniel, Ann B. Dupey. This John G. Daniel is the son of Chesley and Judith Daniel of Tranquility.]
various vouchers, recpts, accts. Chn not named, $$ sent to AL
Inventory of John G. Daniel decd 1 Apr 1849, names 33 slaves, and personalty. by R. V. Daniel, exr
slaves: John, Jinney, Susan, Winny, Jane, Eliza, Patrick, Peyton, Polly, Frances, John, Jane, Susan, Wisevi Cuss [?? - but this is one name based on 33], Simon, Nancy, William, Filles, Martha Ann, Joshua, Mary, Somerville, Jim, Henry, Phill, Lenora, Nancy, Littlejohn, Moses, Mary, Lucy, Lucy, Nelson

Joseph Daniel 1819
30 Apr 1819 inventory by Thos Daniel exr and Jaquelin Wiggins exr, names 18 Negroes (Patt/Poll, Jinny, Jim, Ben, Will, Phillis, Cloe?, Milley, Tom, Cily, Jesse, Nelson, Sterling, Jack, Esther, Cyr?, Mamy, Sam), stock and personalty. returned Aug 1819.
[Joseph Daniel's will pr May 1819, Bk8-224, legatees Nelly Daniel, Sally Key, Elenor Key, Polley Smith, Eliza Daniel, Lucy Wiggins, John Daniel, Sephas Daniel, William Daniel, Richard Daniel.]

Josiah Daniel 1811
[Great records, lots of sigs. beautiful inventory. His son Chisley Daniel Jr decd by 3 Feb 1817. See Josiah's will above.]
Feb 1812 inv of Josiah Daniel, by Woodson Daniel, exr, beautiful docs. negroes named with ages and appraised:
Ned 55-60,
Rachel 40-50,
Mary 30-40,
Lydia 20-30,
Stephen 20-25,
Mindy? 18-20,
Ro? 17-20,
Fanny 17-20,
Bob 10-12,
Ned 8-11,
Jenna? 7-10,
James 6--7,
Christian 4-5,
Liv-? 8-10,
Nelson 2-3,
Beverly about 6 months,
Jardan and Paul twins 3 months,
Sukey 3 months.
also gives deaths since will was probated:
David a young fellow of about 18,
Buford a young fellow of about 17,
Hanna a woman 40-50.

there are several 28 Jun 1814 refunding bonds of Josiah, Wm, Walter, Elizabeth, Martin, Samuel Daniel [all sign all of them], but each bond is for one of them and mentions the distribution they have received, [there's not enough money to discharge debts and they agree to pay the deficiency.]
#1 mentions that Josiah Daniel has received from Woodson Daniel exr an undivided interest in a Certain Tract of Land as devised by the will.
#2 same as above, but William has rec'd a Negro Boy Jeron[?] and the undivided interest in land.
#3 28 same as above, this time Elizabeth has recd the property devised her in the will.
#4 same, this time for Samuel, land
#5 same, this time for Walter, land
#6 same, this time for Martin, has received a Negro Boy Lewis

Nathaniel C. Daniel 1860
[There are fuller notes on this file in my write-up about Tranquility Plantation.

---1851 no real date, one entry has Feb 1861, acct of sale of slaves:
Landon $400 to James South
George $750 to S. Fike
Mary $395 to Z. A. Bennett
Tom $600 to James Table?
Milly & 3 chn $850, no real dittoes, can't tell who to
Anderson $1000 to Spencer Rutledge
Stephen $650 to Spencer Rutledge [d'o here is clear]
Recd for Old Peter $4.00 [not 400]
Recd for More [not really Mose] $12.00
Recd for John Clack $40. [this may be a buyer of other property, but in this return he follows the format of the slaves sold above.]
return by Moses H. Daniel.

---another 1851 - acct of hire and also sale of:
Lucy ($500)
London ($600)
Hannah ($600)
Willis & Alfred (together, $1050)
return by James Hale, includes charge by Hale for board of negroes from 17 May till sold ($107.87). then May 1852 note of pay from J. B. and Nath C. Daniel to Jas Williamson for 108 days board of 5 Negroes for 29 Jan 1857 to 17 May ($135)

---more recpts but on same sales as above:
one includes sale of Betsey [not listed previously, $12]
one is called Nathl Daniel "Statement" to Moses H. Daniel [re slave sale prices].
James Hall bought Willis and Alfred I think, but it might be jointly to Hall and Williamson. [note Hale/Hall. Also Hall and Williamson may just be sales agents. Yet another recpt looks like James Hall bought Lucy, London, Hannah, Willis and Alfred.]

---another accounting labels the slaves as belonging thus to the Daniel owners:
N. C. Daniels Negros: Landon, Tom, Anderson, Stephen, Lucy, Hannah
J.B. Daniels Negroes: Mary, George, Milly & children [children not named in several similar accounts until the sale below], Willis & Alfred

---Jan1857 acct James B. & N.C. Daniel to M. H. Daniel:
to sale London to James Scott $600
to sale George to German Fikes $750
to sale Mary to J. A. Bennet $396
to sale Tom Milly, Otway, Adline and Infant to James Tugg $1450
to sale Anderson sold Spencer Rutlege $1000
to sale Steven to Spencer Rutledge $650
in this return J. Clack clearly looks like a buyer of other property

Thomas Daniel 1831, 1838
5 Jul 1832 bond Augustin Davis Senr, sec Joseph P. Davis. Augustine to answer to Washington Thomas and William Thomas, exrs of Thomas Daniel decd of a plea of Detinue for a negro slave China value $400, which he unjustly Detained to their Damage $100.
8 May 1832 another summons to Augustine Davis, still for detinue of China
2 Jul 1833 summons to William Norwood and Edward Norwood to appear in Daniel exrs v. Augustine Davis
1 Dec 1831 inv of Thomas Daniel Senr. negroes:
Hannah 60 not likly,
Bill 40 tolerable, [I had this incorrect, fixed on 14 Sep 2005]
Easter 37 likly,
Dicey 36 (Infirm good for nothing), [I had this incorrect, fixed on 14 Sep 2005]
Andrew 21 verrey likly,
Jacob 16 likely,
Cajer 14 Verrey Likley,
Nelson 13 Verrey Likly,
Alemander 12 Likly,
Emily 12 Likly,
Chana 14 white negro verrey likley now in possession of Augutin [sic] Davis,
Hardy 10 verry likley,
Caroline 5 verry likly,
note Hardy was in possession of Randol Wilkerson at the time of the Testators death and Caroline was in the possession of Haywood Williams both being in Person County.
the Negroes have bin surrendered into my possession under Legal Process....
March 1844 complaint of David J. Young admr v. Wm. and Washington Thomas exrs, for money due
an account "exhibit A" in above suit: ...credited to acct of William & Washington Thomas exrs, by cash paid John E. Wright, Jailor for negro Hardy $ cash paid expenses of Wm. Thomas, talking [it's truly not "bailing", but] negro Hardy out of Mecklenburg jail and for his services attending to the crop, stock, &c of the estate, after the death of Mrs. Daniel the widow of Testator $30.75
Thomas' will was prob Nov 1831. one doc has some quotes from the will:
"except a negro boy Woodson which I give to my son Merriman"...
"my grandchildren Thomas Harris & Nancy Harris"...
"all the children of my son Merriman Daniel & and the children of my daughter Susannah Wilkerson."
one of the Wilkerson daus had died...
more establishing of claims of various children, all named but I didn't take.
5 ?Dec? 1838 inventory incl Negroes: Billy, Easter, Andrew, Jesse, Cayah, Nelson, Hardimon, Chaney, Caroline, William, Ann, land 449a, personalty and stock.
[continues on next roll 2208033, no more slave info]

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502409 NC Guilford Will Book A 1799-1801
A25 will of Richard Burton wr 17 Dec 1799, pr Feb 1801:
to wf...plantation, negro boy Tom, use of plantation, stock, etc...
to son Ritchard...negro boy Bobb ...
to son William...negro man Ben, woman Henny, boy Joe, 1/3 of land ...
to dau Elizabeth Simons (£20)
to dau Mary Milekan...negro boy Sam...
to dau Dorcas Burton...negro Nell...
to 3 gr chn (1/3 of land after decease of wife):
to Ritchard Reaves, Martha Reaves, Thomas Reaves.
exr sons Ritchard Bourton and William Bourton [sic].
wit: Thomas Lowe, John Hallum, William Hallum

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Deeds of Halifax Co NC 1771-1786 by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr
Bk15-56 George West and wf Mary to Matthew Raburn 1 Aug 1777, relinq their rights. The negro girl Liby, boy Josiah. Robert Warren decd of Hal had willed to his wf Margaret the negro woman Rose, and after his wife's death Rose should fall to his dau Sarah Warren and Rose's incr should be divided among his 4 daus after their mo's death. Rose had a dau Liby and a boy Josiah. Matthew Raburn had md Sarah Warrenn. Mary West was a dau of Robert Warren. wit William West, Lidia (x) West. recd Nov 1783.
Bk15-203 Benjamin Bunn and Millison Bunn dau of Robert Warren to Matthew Rabern (no day) Aug 1778. Robert Warren decd of Hal willed to his wf Margaret Warren 1 negro woman Rose, and after sd Margaret's death she should go to the dau Sarah Warren and Rose's incr should be divided among Robert Warren's 4 daus. Rose had the chn Leby and boy Josiah, and Leby had boy Tom. Sarah Warren had md Matthew Rabern and they recvd the above-named negroes. only sig indicated is Millsnt Bunn. wit Edmund Daniel, John Crowell. recd Aug (no year).

Deeds of Halifax Co NC 1786-1796. Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
Bk16-33 Israel West of Hal to Timothy Ward 27 Apr 1788, 80, 1 negro girl Susannah about 12 years old. wit Mathew c. Whitaker, recd May 1788.
Bk17-32 Sion Daniel to Steward & Mims of Hal 26 Nov 1787, 40, 1 negro Peter. wit James Peterson(?), Archibald Jett. recd May 1788.
Bk17-101 Hance Bond of Town of Hal to Allen Jones of Northampton Co 5 Mar 1787, 600.14. Negro slaves Pammilly, Hannah, Chaney, Tom, Saf, William. sig H. Bond. wit Wm N. Daniel, Howell Tatum. (A note references Bk 16-318.) Allen Jones signed a note giving all his rights to the slaves to sd Bond except for Pamilly and William. wit James Aug. Tabb, John Ring. recd May 1787.
Bk17-314 Willie Jones to Starling Daniel 28 Mar 1791, 150, a negro fellow Lorn(?) about 37 yrs old. wit John Barrett.
874=17-366 Starling Daniel to Willie Jones 26 Jun 1791, 150, 1 slave Tom. wit Fredrisa Schulzer, recd Nov 1791.
Bk17-753 Elizabeth Daniel (x) to Thomas Harris 22 Mar 1794, 141.6, 1 negro boy Dawe [sic] about 17 years old. wit John Foort, recd Feb 1795.
Bk17-834 Hercules Morris (x) of Hal to Elizabeth Lewis housekeeper 6 May 1794, Deed of gift. 1 negro girl Lydia. wit Jesse Read, Delilah Daniel (x). recd Aug 1795.
Bk17-895 Herbert Harris of Greensville Co VA admr of will of Roe Harrie decd and his wf Elizabeth to Lewis Daniel 24 Mar 1795, 172, 1 negro woman Pat; 2 negro boys Woodley and Lewis. wit J. Read, A. Read, recd Feb 1796.
Bk17-920 Thomas Crawford of Hal to Lewis Daniel same 12 Jun 1786, 80, 1 negro Isabella 12 years old. wit Arch'd Daniel, Willie Daniel, recd May 1796.
Bk18-157 Judith Jones (x) of Hal to Willie Daniel 22 Nov 1796, 200, 4 negroes: Andrew, Nan, Hannah, & Cate. wit Henry Saxon, Abner Knight. [no recd date]
Bk18-199 10 Jun 1797 Received of Henry Motley 85 for 1 negro mann slave Phillip about 62 years old. Eliza Daniel (x), Shepperd Daniel, Ephraim Daniel. wit Henry Qualls, Jerry Brinkley, recd Aug 1797.
Bk18-358 Wm Edwards (x), Archd Daniel, Robert Jones post bond with Egbert Haywood chairman of the County Court 29 Mar 1798. condition: sd Wm Edwards received fr Isles Cooper, gdn to his wf Nancy and exr of will of Thomas Cooper decd, 114.10.10 and 1 negro woman Peggy, which property had been devised by the will of the decd. wit Allen Daniel, Hardy Floyd (x), recd Aug 1798.
Bk18-464 Drewry Daniel of Hal to William C. Hill 20 Aug 1799, 200, 1 negro Kinchen. wit Thomas Montfort, Archd Daniel, recd Aug 1799.
Bk18-647 Peter Morgan sheriff of Hal to Willie Daniel 14 Aug 1797. By judgments fr Nash Co in favor of Howell F. Ellen gdn agst the exrs of John Jones decd; & in favor of David Daniel(?) gdn; & in favor of Frederick Daniel; & in favor of George Reeves. The court order was Aug 1797. Sd Willie Daniel became highest bidder for slaves Beck, Lucy. sig P. Morgan. wit Lewis Daniel, Robert Cochran, recd Nov 1800.
Bk18-678 Lewis Daniel and Eliza. Harris (widow of Roe Harris) both of Hal to James Matthews 7 Mar 1799, $500, 4 negroes: Woman Patt; 3 boys Woodley, Orvin and Tom. wit Starling Harwell, J. Read, recd Feb 1801.

19081 Halifax Co NC Wills 1772-1854 vol.2 Bre-Dic
[These are original wills, I've checked and annotated with recorded copies. More on them below.]
Willis Daniel wr 8 Jun 1828, pr Aug 1828
that my farm continue to be mad & hound [sic, it's not really housed] without any interruption.
I lone to my dau Hariet one negro boy Hank and one negro girl Liza to be delived and continue with my sd Dau Hariet untill she arrives to 21, the sd negroes to be delvd to Hariet 1 Jan 1829.
I lone to wf Judith all my Land & negroes plantation Utencills Stock & all my parish [sic] and personal Estate during life of [sic] Widdowhood to be kept together for the purpose of raising my chn & schooling.
as my chn arrive of age 21, that they should as they come of age draw then parts of the negroes [no names, but 4 lines crossed out next, I'm not taking].
some cash and barrels of brandy to be disposed at best advantage.
My wish & desire is that my children when arriving at 21 should have a Horse.
exr wf Judith Daniel and Valentine Baily. wit V. ?. Cail?/Cailor? but it's Valentine Bailey in probatum.

19085 NC Halifax Will Book 3
3-173 James Daniel of Hal wr 9 Apr 1789, pr Aug 1789,
to my son West Daniel 200a in Nash on waters of Tosneot to him...
to dau Patsey Daniel one negro girl named Cherry, also one sorrel filley to her...
I lend to Beloved Wife Elizth Daniel Phill & Priss During her natural Life...also Duke & Jeffery During her Life or Widowhood...also all the rest of my Est During her life to raise my Children upon & to pay all my just Debts & after the death of my wife my Desire is that all the Estate lent unto my wife should be equally Deivided amon my Chn.
exrs wf Elizth, Wm West, Howell Ellen. wit Thos Cavenah, Mathew Gilbert, Edward Cavenah. pr by Mathew Gilbert, Elizth Daniel qualified.
3-337 William Daniel (x) of Hal wr 6 Feb 1796, pr Feb 1800,
to my dau Winnie Sexton [it's clearly Senter on original, later records show she had md. a Senter] 5sh besides what she has alredy [sic] recd & no more of my Estate.
to my dau Ritter Saxon one negro girl named cloy besides what she has already recd to her
to my son in law Calip Crief 5sh besides what he has alredy [sic] recd & no more of my Estate.
to my son Lewis Daniel 5sh besides what he has already recd & no more my Est [sic].
to my dau Frances Knight 5sh besides what she has already recd & no more of my Estate but I lent to my dau Frances Knight one Negro Girl named Sukey as long as she lives and after decease my desire is for Sukey and her incr to be equally divided among her chn.
to my son Archibald Daniel the plantation whereon he now lives and all the Lands on the S sd of "Burncoat Sw and one negro boy named Sam to him...
to my son Willie Daniel [land] and one negro boy named Terry to him....
to my dau Elizabeth Daniel one negro woman & Child named Doll & Robert to [sic] one feather bed & furniture to her...
to my dau Patty Daniel one negro woman & Child named Beck &Mary and one bed & furniture to her....
to my son William Daniel & Drury Daniel the manor plantation and all the Land thereunto belonging that which I have not already given also one Tract of Land lying in Granvill [sic] County to be equally divided when they both arrive to Lawfull age to them...
and I also give to my son William Daniel one negro boy named Jacob & to my son Drury Daniel one negro boy nemaed Stephen to them...
to my Grandson Arthur Crief one negro boy named Eaton to him & and the negro Lawfully begotten and I give to my Grandson John Massey 24 to be raised out of my Est to him...
It[scratched out] my will further is that if either or both of my Grandsons Arthur Crief Jno Massey should die w/o a lawfull heir that the Legacies which I have already them [sic] be equally divided among my Children hereafter mentioned.
My will further is that at my decease all my Estate which I have not already given be equally divided amongst my four sons & three daus but it must be divided into Eight parts and one part I give to Frances Nights [sic] Children to be equally divided amongst them [a messed up viz] Archibald Daniel Willie, William Drury Daniel Ritter Saxon, Elizabeth Daniel & Patty Daniel.
exr sons Archibald Daniel & Willie Daniel. wit Allin Daniel, Thomas Crawford, William Daniel, Willie Daniel. sig William (x) Daniel. pr by Allin Daniel, Thomas Crawford. Archibald and Willie Daniel qualify as exrs.

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Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Iredell County NC 1789-1800 by Shirley Coulter, Edie Purdy, Lois Schneider
139=Bk I, p. 364 Arnold Bruice [Bruce] to Joseph Stevenson. Bill of Sale for a negro named Dinah dated 20 Feb 1799. Ackd.

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Kinfolks of Johnston Co, Abstr of Deeds 1759-1825 vol. 1 by Elizabeth E. Ross and Zelda B. Wood
Deed Bk Transcript #2 (Combination of several Deed Books Unlettered) p.77 29 Decd 1780 Sarah Eason of Johnston Co to Elisabeth Danel [sic] of Edgecombe £500 a negro girl Milley. Sarah (x) Eason, Feb Ct 1783, wits Jonathan Smith, Bryant Adams

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19324 NC Martin Will Book 1
1-127 17 Sep 1786 Robert Daniel,
to son William Daniel...son Simon Daniel...dau Elizabeth Daniel...dau Sarah Daniel...son James son James Daniel all of my piney land.
to dau Jemiah Daniel the first child of my Negroe woman Ginne
to dau Cloe Daniel the second child of Ginne.
to son James Daniel the aforesaid Negroe Woman Ginne and a Negro boy Sam.
My old Negroe woman Bess may choose which of all my daus she will live with.
appts William Daniel and Simon Daniel executors.
wit: Joshua Robarson, Fredrick (x) Godward, jurat.

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498650 NC Mecklenburg [Wills...]
E49 Will of Christopher Osborn wr 13 Dec 1788 [codicil 22 Jan 1789], pr ??
to wife Sarah Osborn...daughters: Mary Polk, Rebecca Powell, [?Assin-] Howell, Ferve Osborn, Caty Osborn, Lydia, Milly Osborn, Elizabeth Osborn...
to son Jonathan Negro man Ned
Negro Bob to son Christopher Osborn
wit: Michael Garman, Joseph Howell, Archibald White

Mecklenburg Co NC Abstracts of Early Wills 1763-1790 (1749-1790) by Brent Holcomb
B129 will of Henry Mitchell, wr 3 Jan 1790, pr Jan 1790
to wf Jane...negro wence Tilla...[all] to be returned to son Robert at her marriage or death...
to son John Mitchell, to son Nathan Mitchell, to dau Catharine Mitchell, to dau Jane Mitchell
exrs wf Jane and son Robert
wit James Robison, John Mcgee, Nathan Orr

D129 will of Robert Carr (Kerr) wr 15 Feb 1784
to wf Hannah...negroes Will and Matilda
to son Richard, to son John, to son Robert, to dau Jennet Kerr
to dau Margaret...negro girl Tamar
to dau Hannah...negro boy Abner
wit Geo Elliott, James McCracken, Adam Edger

A211 will of Joseph Caryl wr 10 Oct 1790
to wf Jean...negro Mose
to son Samuel a negro boy called Peat
to dau Catherine the old wench named Sarah
to son John a negro girl called Rachel
exrs John McDow, William Patterson
wit John Bigham, Geo Graham

Mecklenburg Co NC Will Abstracts and Tax Lists by Herman W. Ferguson and Ralph B. Ferguson
251=C86 will John Foster wr 29 Apr 1820 pr Feb 1821...I will to "clacke headed" John Osborn a horse and $50, to his son Foster Osborn the negro Nancy, and to his dau Jenny Osborn a bed and furniture and a cow...
303=D28 will of Rebeckah (X) Thomas wr 26 Oct 1793, pr Jan 1794.
to John his brother Matthew Osborn...[refers to] his Uncle Benjamin Thomas, decd,
All the remainder of my estate, both real and personal, is to be equally divided between John and Matthew Osborn including seven negroes - Annavil, Souck, Cambridge, Molly, London, Daniel, and James...I strictly forbid that any of the above negroes are to be sold, but they are to be divided between John and Matthew according to their appraised value.
Exrs John and Matthew Osborn.
Wit Elisha Smartt jurat, Mary (X) Smartt, and Joseph Corry.
414=E55 will of John Osborn wr 9 Nov 1801, pr Apr 1802.
to wf Obediance Osborn, unconditionally, the negroes Daniel and Viney...
to my dau Rebecca my negro Sylvia...
to my dau Ameliah the negroes James and Sarah
Exrs: Wf Obedience and friend John Kendrick.
Wit John Denkins, Jr., and Martha Kendrick.

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Department of Archives and History at Raleigh. (Nash County Wills, 1778-1859, Part L, pg. 91) William (x) Braswell of Nash wr 4 Mar 1785, pr May 1785
Wife Margaret
ons Jacob, Arthur
dau Patience West, dau Dorcus Hooks, dau Patty Bridges.
son Samuel-- negro man Jack and the rest of the estate, he to take care of his mother during her life.
exrs son Samuel and John Chitty, Senior. wit West (X) Daniel, Micajah Braswell

Nash Co NC Deeds v.3 1791-1813 by Timothy W. Rackley
Bk5-40 Priscilla Hunter, Drew Hunter, Cordal Hunter & Lodrick Ellen of Nash to Joel Battle of Edgec 3 Feb 1809, 200, on Negro man named Jess, the sd Negro Jess does not exceed 39y in age. wit Jepptha Daniel. recd Feb 1809.
Bk5-199 Reuben Harrell to Jepthah Daniel 30 Jan 1810, 175, one negro girl by the name of Venas. wit Cordal Hunter, Lamuel Barnes. recd Nov 1810.
Bk5-234 Duncan Lamon of Nash to Jephtah Daniel of same 26 Sep 1809, $400, one negro man by the name of Levi. wit Eli Ricks, D. Daniel. recd May 1811.

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The North Carolinian Dec 1955
1755 Tax List of Orange co [these are Caswell county people when it is formed]
Tapley Hosea with Codger, Sara & Annage, Negroes 1-3 [wh-blk polls]
Pryor John, esqr. with Johes, George, Will, Moneac & Hanna, Negroes 1-5

Abstracts of Wills recorded 1752-1800 in Orange Co NC. Will Bks A, B, and C, plus 20 pages in Book D, and 202 Early Marriages not shown in the Orange Co Marr Bonds. compiled by Ruth Herndon Shields. 1972
B94 Deed of Gift for 1 negro girl from Samuel Daniel to his son John Daniel, for love. wr 17 Feb 1790, pr May 1790. wit Edward Trice, Robert T. Daniel.
B248 Bill of Sale Enoch Lewis to John Scott, both of Orange, 1 negro boy.; wr 25 Feb 1793, pr Nov 1793. wit John Dannel, Ezekiel Trice.
C105 Bill of Sale Samuel Daniel of Orange to John Daniel for a "negro woman and her sucking child". wr 12 Sep 1797, pr Feb 1798. wit Thomas Trice, Robert T. Daniel.

Twenty One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies by Elizabeth Pryor Harper
will of John Pryor, wr 28 Oct 771, pr Jan 1772
to son Robert Pryor...Negroe man Will
to dau Elizabeth Flournoy...
to dau Rhoda Stone...negroe man Pompy...
to dau Mildred Wamock...negroe Frank...
to dau Lucy Tapley...negroe man Harry...
to grandson John Pryor son to Green Pryor...negroe woman Sue, negroe girl Dinah, negroe girl Juda...
to dau Leah Pirkins...negroe woman Moll and her increase
to granddau Betty Green pryor...negroe girl Dilsey and her increase
to dau Rachael Pope...negroe boy Essia...
to dau Dorothy Pryor...negroe girl Cloe...
to dau Heritta Pryor...negroe boy Bin...
to son John Henry Pryor...negroe girl Phillis...
to son Abner Pryor...negroe boy Cato...
to grandson John Pryor Smith...negroe girl Violet...
to wife Margaret Pryor [during life]...negroes Tom Macnah Bauns Nan Fan Juda Jane Hannah Punch Captain Jno Newburn and my young negroes not yet named in my will...
exrs son in law William Stone, son in law David Wamock, wf Margaret Pryor
wit Burgis Harrelson, Joseph Hicks, Peter Rogers

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0019599 #1-3 Flat Rv Primitive Bapt Church 1786-1945 (Person)
Minute Bk 1 1786-1890. Index of bk by John Burch Blaylock.
James Daniel p. 6 mentioned as member Jul 1787
James & wf p. 86 dismissed by letter Nov 1812
p. 13 Negro members and their owners: Lewe owned by James Daniel joined Sep 1789.
[James Daniel and most of his family went to Christian/Trigg KY in 1810-1814.]

0551477 NC Person Deed Bks A-D
C330 James K. Daniel of Person to William Baird merchant, both of Person. 8 Oct 1801, £35, Negro Amy ae~20, her child and issue. wt. Robert Jones, Thos Halliburton. Amy delivered 9 Oct 1801, wt. Robert Jones, Phillip Petty. Recd Mar 1802.

D137 Osborn Jeffreys jun of Person appts Lewis Daniel of Person as POA to take to any part of the US the following six Negroes: Ben, Je--mpe and her children, Alee/Abe, Jacob, Judy and a small girl child about one year and the whole or either of them to sell or convey & in my Name.... wt. Samuel Dickins.

0019591 NC Person Wills, Inventories, & Taxables 1792-1797 (=court books)
p. 62 Abraham Browne, gift to dau Sarah Browne - Negro woman Chloe ae~36, girl Ame ae~13... 20 Mar 1793.
Wt: Isham malone. signed Abram Browne. also gifts to son Josiah, dau Margaret.

0019592 NC Person Wills, Inventories, & Taxables 1801-1804
p. 80 Mar 1802, An account of the hire of Negroes & Rent of land belonging to the Orphans of Paul Jeffreys decd on the 1st day of January 1802...Elijah Daniel 1 negro named Archer, 34.0.6 [?£ prob]...

0019594 NC Person Wills, Inventories & Taxables 1815-1817
[I can't guarantee I got all slave names, but very close?, I did skip when just given by quantity; I didn't always take executors or witnesses, etc., just principles and slave names.]

p.2 will Charles Holeman wr -- Feb 1813, pr
to mother Jane Holeman my negro woman Old Philis during the life of my mother and after her death wish the said Philis emancipated
exrs to sell the land I claim in Willson Co TN lying on S side of Cumberland Rv opposite to Cairo
to my nephews Charles Holeman and James Holeman residue of estate real and personal (land whereon I now live, 13 negroes viz Cuffy, Isaac, Frank, Tim, Major, Sam, Jacob, Green, Moses, Betty, Young Philis, Edy, and Hannah...the Negro Slaves to be divided when James Holeman arrives to the age of 21 years in the first choice James Holeman, the second choice.
appt my bro Richard Holeman guardian to my said nephews Charles Holeman and James Holeman his sons.
exr Thomas Person Senr of Granville and Samuel Dickins of Person.
wit Abner Williams, Lambert S. Moore, Porteous Moore. pr May 1815
[more Holeman records below]

p.7 May 1815 Inventory Wm. Murrow: 5 slaves Sam, Nance, Eve, Willis & Andrew. by Mary (x) Murrow, John Murrow Junr, Ebenezer Murrow

p.12 Aug term 1815: Richard Clayton to Lewis Daniel 1 Jun 1812, $250, a certain negro Girl by the name of Lucy. wit L. V.? Hargis, Mathias Nicholes

p.12 Herndon Haralson to Thomas Jeffreys, 28 Jun 1815, $1750, seven Negro Slaves viz. one Negro Woman named Fillis about 36 and her six Children namedly Harry about 19, Sarah 13, Lucinda 10, Mehala 6, Levina 4, Martha 1.

p.13 Aug term 1815, John Daniel of Person 1st part to Alexr Cuningham of Person 2nd part and Harrison Stanfield of Person 3rd part, 23 May 1815. John Daniel is indebted to Alexr Cuningham $787.70 due on note, agreed to convey to Harrison Stanfield the following property: one negro man by the name of James and Sucky his wife and her two chn Anderson and Randolph, in trust for [purpose of securing note]. wit John Garner

p.15 Aug term 1815 John Daniel of Person to James Daniel of Person, 7 May 1815, $2065, 11 Negroes viz Adam about 45, Phillis 36, Judy 16, Hall 10, Milly 9, Delsey 8, Mary 6, ?Irene/Wins? 4, Nancy 2, Moriah 2mos, Phill a Negro man 53.  wit George Elliot Junr [could be the jurat though], Robert Hamlet, John ?Meader?

p.23 Inventory and sale Alfred Brown, 31 May 1815 includes 1 Negro Boy hired to Lowest bidder $10, 1 Negro Girl hired to highest bidder $11.

p.43 Nov term 1815 will of Squire Shearmon wr 19 Sep 1815 pr Nov 1815
wf Dincey? Shearmon 300a whereon I now live, two negroes named Winney and Lili
to chn: dau Nancy, son John Washington, son Abner, dau Mary, dau Martia [sic], son Persons [sic] " - And She being at this time pregnant, also the following property (To wit) one negro man Lewis and wife Rachel and her increase, and boy named Sampson, one Negro Squire, one other negro S?a?sood?, one other negro Ball, one boy Bill, One other Boy Alfred.

p.80 Feb 1816 will John Barnett wr 13 Nov 1815, pr Feb 1816
to son James one negroe man Jack by Trade a Hatter
to dau Margret H. Adams one negro woman Rachel and her child which is now in her possession
to son Benjamin on negro man Jessey, one negro Girl Vina, one negro Girl Dinah, the said negroes and their Increase if any to be at his disposal at his death.
lend to my dau Elinor Adams a negro woman Poll and her children, viz, Lewis, Sam and Addeline during her natural life; if she dies without children, at her decease said negroes divided amongst my living chn, if she leaves children then negroes to be divided amongst them as Samuel Adams thinks proper.
to dau Susanna Barnett the following negros (viz) Little Bob, one negro Girl Tenah
to granddau Martha Adams one negro Girl Franky dau of Tamer that is if she should conduct herself to her fathers and mothers liking If not the said negro may be disposed of as the said Benjamin Adams may think best.
to son James [land]
to son John [land I now live on]

p.82 will Mumford McGehee wr 29 May 1815 pr Feb 1816
to son Thomas [land], one third part of a negro man London he being the owner of the other two thirds.
I have heretofore given my said son Thomas McGehee a negro woman Nancy and her two children Louisa and Locket [not Rachel, not Suckey, it's Locket]
son John McGehee.
The following negroes to be sold, the proceeds to be divided between my three daus Elizabeth Moore, Salley Stanfield, Polley Mcfarland: Peter, Tom, Aggy, Sicily, Milley, Sidney, Henry, Henrietta.
provisions made heretofore for sons Joseph and William by giving them money, negros and other property and have nothing to bequeath in this my will.
[see p. 142 for inventory and account of sales of above named.]

p.84 will Shadrach Hargis wr 24 Jan 1816, pr Febg 1816
to wf Nancy "one negro woman Lucy and two negro boys Cyrus and Ben and Delila Bush during her Non age during her natural life."
bequests to Nathan Hargis, Betsey Warsham, relation not stated yet
to son Shadrach Hargis [land]
and all the remaining part of my personal estate at wifes death to be sold and equally divided amongst all my chn (to wit) Polley Burch, Nancy Hudgins heirs, Jean Blackards heirs, Salley Wagly, Nathan Hargis, Jonathan Hargis, William Hargis, Betsey Worsham, Francis Wilsons heirs, Shadrach Hargis.
other land in west to James Robertson 700a, to my brother Thomas Hargis 500a, other 800a to four sons Nathan, Jonathan, William, Shadrach.

p.86 will William Warren wr 22 Apr 1802, pr Feb 1816
wf Ann
dau Leah
dau Nancy
my negro man James who is to remain in the possession of my wife
son Starling
son Vinson

p.88 will John Cates wr 12 Jan 1816 pr Feb 1816
wf Lydia my negro Woman Nance and her increase to the use of raising my family untill my younges child ccomes of age and then the increase from Nance to be sold and divided... and I will that Nance shall belong to my wife during her life [to be sold at her death]
names of chn Ransom Cates, Elizabeth Cates [get different shares depending on what their grandfather Robert Cates gives/wills them], Susannah, Salley, Rufus, Lucretia, Newel, John [all Cates]
[see p. 161 for further inventory of John Cates.]

p.96 Absalom Yancey of Granville to John W. Williams of Roxbrough in Person Co 4 May 1815, $300, a negro Girl Miriah. recd Feb 1816

p.97 Thomas Hargis Junr of Person to Jno. W. Williams of Roxbrough Person 28 Aug 1815, $350, a negro boy Jacob. recd Feb 1816

p.97 James Peters Senr of Wake to Lawrence V. Hargis of Person 5 Jun 1815, $500, Negro Woman aggy and her Two Children the oldest a Girl Pertheney, the other a boy Richard. recd Feb 1816

p.99 return on sale of slaves from est Allin Burton, sold 27 Dec 1815, return 14 Feb 1816, recd Feb 1816:
Negro Sam to Ann Burton $600
Ann & 3 children to Ann Burton $1000
Anareta/Anarcha & Ned to Thos Rountree $683
Charlotte to Jesse Lunsford $380

p.118 Division of slave of est Richd Coleman, 30 Dec 1815 recd Feb 1816
met and valued:
Chavin Senr $570
Sam 520
Lucy 392
Winny 396
Patsy 396
Molly 375
Spencer 512
Stephen 506
Chavin Junr 490
Alfred 500
Joe 388
Creese [maybe Cruse] & Child Sally 520
Sidney 208
Nancy 421
Betty 438
We also find that in the will of sd Richd Coleman from which the sd Widow decents (Sarah Coleman) the following named Negroes were willed away in the manner following which is by value as above stated viz:
Negro Girl Betty to Johannah Coleman value $438
Nancy to Katharine Coleman 421
Winney to Marah Coleman 396
Chavin Jr to Alexr Coleman 490
Path. to Sarah Coleman Jr 396
Molly to Elizabeth Coleman 375
Joe to Richard Coleman 388
Levy to Elmira Coleman 392
other allotment items to widow Sarah, and: Negro Man Sam $520, boy Sidny 208
The following negroes & other Estate belonging to the infants of sd Decd in the hands of the Guardian Abner Winstead which we cannot equitably divide among them viz:
Chavin Senr $570
Spencer 512
Staphen 506
Alfred 500
Creese [but more like Cruse here] & Child Sally 520

p.120 division of slaves fr est Charles Mitchell, 13 Dec 1815, returned Feb 1816
met at house of Mrs. Mary Mitchell
#1 to widow Mary Mitchell:
James $400
Kiss and her child Aaron 375
Mildred 290
Izabell 13.75
#2 Charles Mitchell gave to son Samuel:
Andrew 400
Eady 250
we also give to Samuel:
Lucy and her child Fann 400
#3 Charles Mitchell gave to son Edward
Bob 400
Sarah 225
we also give to Edward:
Hannah 300
Liza 125
#4 we give to Elijah Mitchell:
Squire 400
Crisa/Criod 200
Quilla 400
Lill 50
#5 we give to Matthew Mitchell:
Jack 400
Pheba 150
Deecy [not really Dicey] 300
Abraham 200
#6 Charles Mitchell gave to William Lawson and Lucy his wife:
Jane 325
Philis 250
we also give William Lawson and Lucey his wife:
Lewis 375
Jude 100
[in the other divisions, Mary Mitchell was to pay the difference, in this one it's to be paid by Gabriel Bailey and Martha his wife]
#7 Charles Mitchell gave to Gabriel Bailey and his wife Martha:
Lisa 300
Viney/Vinsy 250
we also give to Gabriel Bailey and his wife Martha:
Dick 225
David 300
#8 Charles Mitchell gave to John Russell and Mary his wife:
Milley and her child 400
Mimey [not really Mimsy] 300
we also give to John Russell and Mary his wife:
Dolley 250
Fill 100

p.125 will William Allen wr 5 Mar 1816 pr May 1816
to dau Rebecca Guthrie a negro woman Rachel and her child with her dau the said Rebecca has the above named woman now in her possession as a loan
to wf Sarah Allen, rest of estate, to give or loan to chn as she can spare or they may need, at her death to be equally devided.

p.129 will James D. Henly wr 22 Mar 1816 pr May 1816
to dau Polley Gains the loan of my negro man George during her life or widowhood, at her death to be sold and $ equally divided amongst her living chn by Thomas Gaines her late husband. [Polly Gains must acct for value of George as $500 in the division of the rest of the property]
four chn: Abner Henly, James D. Henly Junr, Nancy Talbert, Polley Gains.
Negro Sam is to be taken by some one of my four chn at a price they may Judge amongst themselves fair or sold and divided as my other property. [repeats that Polly or her chn must allow $500 for George in later division] and whoever takes Sam must allow a fair price for him on division
looks like Letis may be the widow, she has possession of land and personal property, to be sold at her death, but he sure doesn't refer to her as wf!

p.131 will Robert Richard Read wr 23 Feb 1816 pr May 1816
to Dau Elizabeth Kinchen Read ($)
to each of my children: Robert Richard Read, James Kinchen Read, Edwin Gordon Read, Joseph Elizha Read, William Redford Read, Edwin Gordon Read, Washington Franklin Read, Lydia Richards Read
to my wif Judith Anderson Read
to chn William R. Read & Edwin G. Read & Washington F. Read: two negroes Isabell and mary and their Increase [but wf retains them during her natural life]

p.142 inv and acct of sale of est Mumford McGehee sold 24 Feb 1816:
Negro man Peter $25
Girl Henritter 400
other items
negro woman Sisley 164
woman Milley and child Sydny 602
boy Henry 611.25
other items
woman Aggy 51
The slaves are interspersed with other property such that they may have gone to different people.
[see p. 82 for will of Mumford McGehee.]

p.152 Amount fo Sales of est Mary Dickson made 26, 27, 28 Feb 1816, return May 1816:
1 negro Boy Jacob 507
other items
1 Negro Man Peter 714
other items
1 Negro Man Named Ben 750
other items
1 Negro woman named Dulsena 472.50

p.156 inv of personal est William Farquhar, no date, returned May 1816
1 Negro man Jim age 55
1 ditto Woman age 28
1 ditto Girl Alce age 8
1 ditto Boy Harry age 4
1 ditto Girl Sary age 1

p.160 inv est Joseph Tatom, 9 Dec 1815, return May 1816
one negro woman Susannah and four chn viz Samuel, Gilbert, Harrey and Dick
Memo of property given up to Mary P. Tatom by the consent of the undersigned Legatees of the est Joseph Tatom 9 Dec 1815: 1 Negroe boy Samuel lent to her during life. The legatees who signed are: Washingtom Tatom, Irby Dueberry, James (x) Robertson, David Tatom, Benjamin Tatom, Abner (x) Tatum, Marget [sic] (x) Tatom, Charles Tatom

p.161 inv John Cates 20 Feb 1816, return May 1816
One Negroe woman named Nance age 15 years
One negroe Boy named Joe one year old
Sales account follows, doesn't give buyers:
Negroe Woman Nance $650.20
[see p. 88 for will of John Cates, naming Nance.]

p.166 inv and list of sales of Thomas Word, sold on 29 Feb 1816 & 16 Mar 1816, returned May 1816
1 Negroe Girl Mary #360.15
other items [i.e. may have gone to different people]
1 Negro man Squier $750.01

p.169 Jane Holeman for natural love and affection, to Samuel Holeman, who I have raised and wishing to advance and promote him in this life, and for $1, reserving to myself a life estate:
Two negro boys one of them named Peter about fifteen or sixteen years old, the other named Willis about Eight or Nine years old,...[other household items named]
[see p. 2 for Jane's son Charles Holeman]

p.170 division of residue of Negroes of George Eubank amongst the Legatees, May 1816:
to James Eubank the Husband of Elizabeth Eubank:
1 Girl Dina, 1 Woman Juda & child valued $780
to Catheran Eubank:
1 Girl Mary, 1 Boy Edmon $769
to Thomas Wyatt the Husbd of Francis Eubank:
1 Boy Lew, 1 Girl Rachel $757
to Thomas Eubank the Executor:
1 Girl Issabel, 1 Boy Alleck $689
to the Legatees of George Eubank decd:
1 Boy Jere/Jin [not quite Jim, but?], 1 Girl Juda $669
to Winphre Carlson/Carlton the Husband of Mary Eubank:
1 Woman Hanner, 1 boy Dave $662
[the amts they have to give to equal out division are given, I didn't take]

p.171 Denis Obryant of Person to Lewis Daniel of Person 10 Jan 1816, Denis Obryant is indebted to John Washington of Granville for $749.97 by bond [dated same day], to secure he gives to Lewis Daniel negro slaves:
Lem a man about 27
Hetta a woman about 19
Tom a boy about 12
sig Denis (x) Obryant, Lewis Daniel
witness Lewis Daniel, Jurat,

p.176 will John Givinn
to wf Jane, negro slaves Old Will, Jim, Lias, Duke, Anderson, Phill, Bobb, Ben, little Will, John Hannah, Mindse?, Anne, Mary, Willey, Jude, Rachel, Amy, Malissa, Ellen
to my half sister's son Robert Jones tow young negroes Gurrel and Peggy
to John G. Wade, Edmund Wade, Tinsley Wade, Jane Wade, Polley Wade, Sally Wade, Robert Wade, James Wade, chn of Robert Wade and Anne his wife to be equally divided amongst them when James Wade arrives at age 21, the following negroes Rhoda, Buck, Ben, Russel, Burrel, Hannah, and their increase. The above named negroes are my property tho in the possession of Robert and Anne Wade and such is the disposition I chose to make of them and I request my friend James Williamson to act as Trustee of the above named negroes for the use of Robert and Anne Wades above named chn.

p.185 Aug 1816 Inv William Allin: six negroes Ben, Edmond, Frank, Patience, Sue, Charlotty, no date returned Aug 1816

p.187 acct of sale of Sharp Winingham, no date returned Aug 1816: 1 Negro Woman & her child, 1 Negro Boy Lundon

p.190 Inv Robert R. Read 24 Feb 1816: 1 Negro Woman Isbell, 1 Negro Girl Margetma/Margama. returned Aug 1816

p.236 Inv est Saml Winstead Senr taken 8 Nov 1816. returned Nov 1816. note on Matthew Daniel 13 Mar 1817 $7.38 1/2

p.237 Inv est Charles B. Winstead 8 Nov 1816, returned Nov 1816:
5 Negros the Names: Jude, Julous [sic], Robert, Thomas, Fillis

p.241 Josias Carver to Jacob Couch and Benjamin Chambers, 21 Oct 1815 mortgages certain Negro Woman by the Name of Sook [later Soock] Slave during life to the sd Benjamin. returned Nov 1816

p.243 Robert G. Stanfield to James Woody 14 Mar 1816, $130, for certain negro Woman named Lizzie. [this is an assignation] returned Nov 1816

p.244 Inv and amt of sale of est Henry A. Jones, returned Nov 1816:
1 Molatto [sic] Woman named Vienna sold for $500.00
1 do do named Clarissa sold for $475.00 <>p.245 Inv John Gwinn taken 20 Sep 1816, returned Nov 1816:
1 negro Man Named Will over 50 yrs
1 negro Man Named Sam over 50
1 negro Man Named Cupes/Ceepes [not Cyrus] under 50
1 negro Man Named Dick under 50
1 negro Man Named Anderson under 50
1 negro Man Named Philip under 50
1 Boy Named Bob under 50
1 Negro Boy named Ben under 50
1 negro Boy 2 years old William
1 negro Boy named John 1 Year old
1 negro Woman named Hannah over 50
1 negro Woman named Mindur over 50
1 negro Woman named Judea under 50
1 negro Woman named Anna under 50
1 negro Woman named Mary under 50
1 negro Woman named Willie under 50
1 negro Girl named Rachel under 50
1 negro Girl named Melissa under 50
1 negro Girl named Elenor under 50
1 negro Girl named Lucsey [sic] under 50
1 Negro Boy named Burrell under 50
1 Negro Girl named Pollie this Last Two left by will to Robert Jones - under 50

p.265 Dennis Obryant of Person to William McKissack of Roxbrough in same Co, 21 Jan 1817, Dennis Obryant is indebted to Williamson and Lea Merchants and partners in Roxbrough, $1080 note, sells to McKissack the following negroes:
One negro Man Sam
One Negro woman Hetty
One Negro Boy Tom
one Negro Boy Ben
one negro Girl Lucy
One negro Boy Joe. returned Feb 1817

p.267 Inv Dennis Obriant Senr decd taken 11 Feb 1817: 7 Black persons Jim, Tom & Hetta for which John Washington has taken a Deed of Trust for, Ben, Lucy and her child Joe, & Barbara. returned Feb 1817

p.269 Thomas Blackwell to George C. Rogers and Thomas Webb, all of Person. Thomas Blackwell indebted to Thomas Webb 236.16.3 note dated 4 Nov 1815, 2nd bond to Thomas Webb date 12 Sep 1816 one for $55 and other for 316.7.0. sells to George C. Rogers:
One Negroe Woman Beck about 50 yrs, one boy about Twelve years... returned Feb 1817

p.273 Robert Hester of Person to John Crisp of Caswell 30 Mar 1813, $100, one certain Molato Girl a slave aged about four Years Named Silvia. recd Feb 1817

p.273 Division of slaves of Richard Holeman 27 Nov 1816:
Lot No.1 to Richard Holeman
Tillar & Nancy $400
Absalom $266
Lusy $183
Lot No.2 to the Children of Elizabeth Persons:
Leah & Biddy $517
Theny $258
Lot No.3 to Joshua Cate:
Frances $325
Elisha $300
Jinny $200
[Richard Holman to pay difference to other heirs]

p.278 sales Gabriel Davey, sold by Ambrose Davey admr 26 Dec 1816, recd Feb 1817
One negroe Woman and child fillis and aggy $700
One negroe Girl Juner $255
One Negro Woman Aley $452
One negroe Girl Hanna $375
One negroe Boy James $360
One negroe Boy Luvey $261
certified 12 Feb 1817

p.278 Inv est William Gold 10 Oct 1816, recd Feb 1817
The negroes belonging to the estate are as follows
David a man aged 30 years
Owney, a woman aged 18 Years
Wyotte son of Owney 30 months old
Sicaly a woman aged 25 Years
Silvia a Girl 9 years old
Jack 7 years old
Judy 5 Years old
Peter 30 months old
the four last are children of Sicly.
In list of sales and accts is:
Hire of negroe David $62.40
Hire of Negroe Sylvy $7.62
Hire of Owny & child $10.00
Hire of Jack $6

p.284 Evaluation and division of slaves of Samuel Winstead 30 Dec 1816, recd Feb 1817
Negro Man Jo 45 yrs $400
Negro Man Nat 36 $500
Negro Man Oliver 31 $600
Negro Man Solomon 27 $650
Bill 10 $450
John 5 $275
Old negro Woman of all $000
Negro Woman Isabel 29 $400
Lethy 8 $300
Bett 6 1/2 $275
divided into seven lots and drawn by heirs:
Lot No.1 to Est of Colance [not Colonel] Winstead Decd: Negro man Jo, Girl Bett
Lot No.2 to John Winstead: Negro Woman Isabella, Negro Boy John
Lot No.3 to Alesy Yancy: Negro man Nat
Lot No.4 to Manly Winstead: Negro man Oliver
Lot No.5 to Elisabeth Davey: Negro man Solomon
Lot No.6 to Estate of Charles Winstead Decd: negro Man Bill
Lot No.7 to Abram Self & wife: Negre woman Lethy
[instructions for payment to even out given with each]

p.290 will Robert Moore wr -- Sep 1815, pr Feb 1816 [was contested by William L. Parker and others, so continued till Feb 1817, jury found will valid] recd 1817
to wf Elizabeth, land, negroes Abbey, Alcey, old Prissiller, Ned, George, Sevor, Jim Limons/Limous, Lucy. during her life and at her death to will to whom she may think propper on her first satisfying all debts... and paying to my dau Anne Moore and my Son Thomas M. Moore...
to son Thomas M. Moore, land at mother's death, also one negro Boy Jack [Thomas is underage]
to dau Anne Moore a negro woman Prissiller and her child Zekial (I mean young Prissiller) [Anne is underage]
daus already provided for: Susanna Parker, Sarah Bradsher, Elizabeth Dixon, by negroes and other property
sons already proved for: Robert, John D., Alexander, by negroes and other property

p.299 acct of sale of part of est Dennis Obriant Senr, 5 Mar 1817, recd May 1817:
One Negro Woman [not named] $516.00
One Negro Woman Lucy $536.50
One Negro Boy Joe $218.00
One Man Lem [really not his J] $600

p.311 Inv and acct of sales Geoffry Lipscomb 2 Jan 1817, recd Aug 1817
1 Negroe Man Peter $687.50
1 ditto Girl Fanny $737.00

p.315 Valuation and division of "negroes that was left rented to Rebekah Wade Decd relict of Robert Wade by his last will..."11 Aug 1817, recd Aug 1817
1. Negroe Man Lewis a black Smith valued $00, alloted to Nathaniel Torian
2. Negro woman Hannah val $187 to Charles Wade
3. a negroe Wopman Winney & child val $525, to Rebeca Wade
4. a negro Boy Tom val $531 to Downey Wade admr
5. a negro Lize/Lye val $500, to Polley Wade
6. a negroe Woman Julia val $412, to Patsey Wade
7. a negro man Edmond fal $600, to Robert Wade
[instructions for equalization payments included with each]

p.331 Aug Term 1817 "a list of debts due on Tavern Books at Roxbrough supposed to be good up to the last of Novmr 1816. pages of names, fairly alph. Inventory continued...personalty, household stuff, lots. p.336: 27 Negroes as follows:
Solloman, Janes [sic], Anthony, Rachel, Harry, Phebey, Armsted, Sandy. Lewis, Leven, Joshua, Lot, Andye, Ned, Leathy, Lockey, Stephen, Floyd, Cloe & child, Romulur, Ben, Mary, Tom, Green [maybe], Jessy, Clarey

next book on film #19594 is Wills Inventories & Taxables 1817-1820

p.31/32 sale of est Sally Vanhook 12 Nov 1817, recd Nov 1817: unnamed slaves are scattered throughout, i.e. possibly to different buyers. but [these are not grouped either]:
1 Boy Washington $503
1 Girl Delphy $421

p.44 est James Heggis, [p.48 same est]
By hire of Negroe Jane for 1816 $60
By hire of Negroe Jane for 1817 $27.50

p.49 Jan Gwinn of Person to Saml. Pointer of Halifax VA, $1 and lov and affec, the following negroes: Syrus a negro man, Anderson a negro man, Phill a negro man, Mary a negro Woman, Jack a boy, Benjamin a Boy, William a boy, Melisha [sic] a Girl, Willy a woman, & Rachel a girl, with all their future Increase...also land
That Saml Pointer shall permit the sd Jane Gwinn to hold use and enjoy aforesaid during her natural life, at her death [but he's not liable if anything goes wrong and he can't] to divide the negroes: t
o my Sister Patsey Pointer wf of sd Saml Pointer: Syrus, Anderson, Milisha
to the chn of my Sister Polley Jones decd, wf of Robert Jones: Phill, Mary, Jack
to Tinsley Wade bro of sd Jane Gwinn: William
to John G. Wade s/o Robert Wade and Ann his wf: Benjamin
to Jane G. Pointer d/o Saml Pointer and Patsey his wf: Willy
[other items given]
to Elizabeth H. Woody wf of James Woody & d/o of Robert & Ann Wade: Rachel

p.51 William Duke of Orange NC to Diannah Shearman of Person, 23 Nov 1815, $400, one negro Girl named Winney and her increase.recd Feb 1818

p.52 Thomas Williams of Orange NC to Thomas Sneed of Person, 28 Jan 1817, $550, a Certain Yellow Man Slave Known by the name of Jim Crack. recd Feb 1818

p. 52 Nicholas Burch of Caswell to nephew John Farquahar and Nancy Farquhar his wf of Person, 24 Mar 1817, love and affec, one Negroe girl named ginny.

p.58 div of est Ashbourn Davey decd to Ambrose Davey & wf 25 Dec 1817: land, also Two negroe men Phil, Abraham, Phil being the one the will entitled them to and Abraham being their 5th part of the negroe property, other items. other chn of Ashbourn Davey are Ezekiel, Robert, Janet, Gabriel. recd Feb 1818

p.64 est Richard Coleman, admr Alex Winstead with orphans for sale of negroes on 26 Dec 1817, return Feb 1817:
Negroe Boy Alfred $686
Negroe Boy Stephen $680
Negroe Man Chavus $612
Negroe Man Spencer $623
Negroe Woman Creese & Child $700

p.84 Alfred Bumpass to Jesse Bumpass, both of Person, 11 Oct 1817, $485, a negro woman Jane and a negro child Ned. recd May 1818

p.86 acct of sale Denis Obryant Senr 10 mar 1818, returned May 1818: one negro boy Ben $562

p.91 appraisal and allotment of negroes of est James Cochran, 25 Nov 1817, return May 1818:
Nance $450
Esther $325
Child $125
Lewis $650
Burley $125
Levin $466
Suckey $175
Armstead $400
Stephen $100
Phoeba $483
Andy $300
Claercey $125
Harry $625
Jerry $150
Solomon $466
Mary $200
gives total here $5160
Romulus $300
Floyd $275
Rachael $500
Leathy $300
Anthony $613
Ben $150
Lott $466
Clow $250 [sic, but Chloe later]
Sandy $400
Patty $450
Nutt $300
San-- $600 [Sanu, Sanee?, it's definitely his S, but later it's Lance]
Tom $175
Joshua $516
Green $275
Ned $425
gives total $11160
"Each ones share $2790" [so four distributees]

p.92 is the division [I'm not repeating the values]
to John Dobbin: Nancy (heretofore advanced), Esther heretofore advanced, One child heretofore advanced, Lewis, Burly, Leven, Sukey, Armstead, Stephen
to Addison Cochran: Phoege, Andy, Claircey, Harry, Jerry, Solomon, Mary, Romulous, Floyd
to Anness Cochran: Rachael, Lethey, Anthony, Ben, Lot, Chloe, Sandy
to Wm. A. Lea: Pat heretofore advanced, Nutty [it's not like Nelly or some such] heretofore advanced, Lance, Tom, Joshua, Green, Ned

p. 149 John Douglass to Laurence Richardson both of Person 10 Jun 1818, $800, a certain negro woman and child named Nutty [it's not like Nelly or some such] and her child named nancey. Nutty was eighteen years old February last and her child two years old January last. recd Aug 1818

p.150 Jesse Dickins to Isaac Webb 29 Mar 1817, love and affec, two Negro Girls Milly and Holly - Holly about Seventeen years of age and Milly Sixteen.

p.153 Edward Clay to son Lot? Clay both of Person 3 Mar 1818, love and affec, the following negroes: Old James, Charles, Richel [sic], Lewis, Catey, Joseph, Ben, and their increase. recd Aug 1818

p.155 inv Wm Chambers Senr decd after the death of his wife Elizabeth Chambers, 10 Jul 1818: 1 negro man Dick, 1 Negro man Tom, 1 negro woman Silvey

p.164 will John Glenn of Person wr 15 Jun 1816, pr Aug 1818
to mother: land, after her death to bro George Glenn
to mother: all my negroes that is to say Phillis, Charles, Patt, Green, and their increase, after her death to bro George Glenn
to sis Elizabeth Lansford
to cousin Mark Glenn
my part of my sister Lucy Glenns Decd est to mother, then to bro George Glenn
my part of undivided property of my fa's est left to my mother during natural life to bro George Glenn.

p.166 will William [son of James Daniel who has gone to Christian KY] wr 13 May 1818, pr Aug 1818
stock of Cattle Hogs and Sheep to be sold and money equally divided betw Richard Holemon Senr, Lewis Daniel, Drury Moore, and Jas McCain.
I will that my negroe man Ledon and woman Hanner shall belong to my Father and mother as long as they live and at their death Ledon, Hannah and Her increase Shall be equally divided betw my Brother John Daniel and George Danniel [sic].
I will that Jim and Alse shall be free at my Death and that my Brothers John Daniel and George Daniel to be Guardian for the Said Jim and Alis/Alse, and that John and George Daniel shall move them all to the State of Kentuckey at my expence.
names personal property [=all else] to be sold, $ equally divided among bros and sis: Elija Daniel, Jane Hopson, Susan Daniel, Sarah Daniel and Peggy Daniel,
except $250 I Give to my boy Jim, which shall be for his only use and benefit and for him to Despose of as he thinks proper.
exrs Richard Holeman and Lewis Daniel.
wit Jesse Evans, Charles Rountree

p.173 John Harris Senr of Granville to son Robt Harris of Person 5 Jan 1818, love and affec, one negro woman named Milly and her two daughters one named Isbel and the other named Martha. recd Nov 1818

p.174 Alexander Winstead for the Heirs of Catance Winstead to Sam Mitchell 10 Sep 1818, $360, one negro girl Betty about 7 yrs old. recd Nov 1818

p.174 Ambrose Davey admr est Gabl Davey decd to Saml Mitchell 10 Sep 1818, $261, one negro boy Surry about 4 yrs old. recd Nov 1818

p.175 David Satterfield to Jesse Lunsford 10 Jan 1817, $400, a Certain Negro boy Sam of a yellow complection about 10 yrs old. recd Nov 1818

p.190 acct of sales est Robert Wade. #20 James Daniel and Brothers proven acct Ro. Wade $5.86. recd Nov 1818

p.191 acct of sale Henry Burch 5 Nov 1818, recd Nov 1818 [long, slaves in middle]
to Anderson Jones 1 negro Betee $16.50
to Stephen Jones one negro man Isaac $110.00

p.201 pending marriage sale, John E. Wright and Mrs. Mary Rose, widow, to secure her properto to her self and to her sole and separate use...14 Sep 1818, between Mary Rose and John E. Wright of the one part and John N. Carver of other part, for 5 sh, land in Macklenburg [sic] VA [her undivided share in land of her father Seymour Greycan?, also the following negroes Amy, Scynthia, Hanna, Thomas, Dick, Ralph, Matilda, Alexander, Lucey, other items. Carver to hold all in trust for Mary Rose. recd Nov 1818

p.206 rect 19 Dec 1818, William Bumpass paid $500 to J. Bumpass for a negro woman and child Zapharun and her increase and child Granderson. recd Feb 1819
p.206 rect 6 Jan 1819 Sidney D. Bumpass paid $300 to J. Bumpass for negro boy Dennis about 6 yrs. recd Feb 1819
p.206 rect 21 Mar 1816 William Bumpass paid J. Bumpass $200 for a negro Girl Matilda about 7 years. recd Feb 1819

p.212 will Abraham Dunaway wr 29 Dec 1818, pr Feb 1819
to be buried at side of son Samuel Dunaway by the side of my loving wife
lend to dau Amy Carver two negroes Squire and Marticia, at her death they and their increase to her heirs
lend to dau Frances Boswell two negroes [first is written over later in time by part of word "Index", it's maybe -arnen?] & Anny, then to her heirs
lend to dau Zelphia Jarrell two negroes John & Milly, then to her heirs
I give my negro woman Nancy with her Child Henry to the whole of my Children to be equally divided among them with the whole of my property...namely Enoch Dunaway, Samuel Dunaway, Archibald Dunaway, Amy Carver, Frances Biswell [sic] and Zelphia Jarrell. recd Feb 1819

p.215 list of sales of property of the Heirs of Wm Davie 28 Nov 1818 [long]
Gabriel Davy: Negro boy Harry $1220.00
John Scoggin: negro man Jesse $660
Ambrose Davie: negro Woman Mila $201.00, negro woman Rhoda $241.00
Solomon Philpott: Negro man Geo [sic]
to John McVay: Negro man Gilberd $900
lots of other buyers, recd Feb 1819

p.219 inv property of Jones Davie by his gdn Gabl Davie 20 Nov 1818: Negro boy Samuel, Henderson [comma clear, but later makes me think his name is Samuel Henderson, if it's another slave, it's not defined as such, see next couple]. other property, sold next but not including the slaves. recd Feb 1819
p.220 inv property of Nancy M. David [much more David here, but, it's David] by her gdn Gabl Davie 20 Nov 1818: Negro girl Jane Tumissa, other propert, sold next, but not slaves. recd Feb 1819
p.221 inv property Sarah A. David by her gdn Gabl David 20 Nov 1818: Negro Girl Lucretia, Marshall [comma clear, but now I think they are surnames], other property, sold next but not slaves. recd Feb 1819

p.222 division of slaves of est Wm. Tapp, 31 Dec 1818, recd Feb 1819, amongst his 5 younger children:
to Eli Tapp: Amy and Sarah, val $950
to Rutha Parker Olian/Alian Tapp: Reuben and Marsha, val $1150
to John Tapp: Elijah, val $800
to Polly Tapp: Warrick and Charity, val $1050
to Joel Tapp: Silvey and Isaiah, val $950

p.223 division of slaves [doesn't name estate], 20 Nov 1818, recd Feb 1819
to Kindle Davie: negro boy Edmund, val $300
to Jones Davie: one negro boy Samuel Henderson, val $200
to Nancey M. Davie: a negro Girl Jane Tennissee, val $180
to Sarah A. Davie: one negro Girl Lucretia Marchel, val $140

p.225 sale est Wm. Chambers Senr, recd Feb 1818
to to Wiley Teatherdon: 1 negro man Tom $910, 1 negro Dick $465
to John Neilson: 1 Negro woman Silvey $200

p.257 The est of Henry W. Howard Decd In acct with Thomas J. Chambers Decd:
By the sale of negro Rachel due the 12th April 1816, $463.25

p.244 appraisal and division of negroes of est Ambrous Jones, 11 May 1819, recd May 1819
to widow Lucy Jones one negro fellow Roger
to Willis Jones: two negro boys Charles and Minns #1300
to David Lawson: Tempy Robert and evert [sic], $925
to Samuel Davis and wf Miley Davis: George and Tom $1350
to James W. Jones: Rachell, Peter and hannah $117-
to Amy Jones: Betsey and Charrity $975
to Gabriel C. Jones: Lewis $900
to Mary Jones: Richard $900
The widow Lucy Jones her Rationable part of her son Robert Jones Dcd of his estate is $122.50, we alott to her one girl Lucy val $300
[instructions for equalization given with each allotment]

p.249 Robert Downy, John Bumpass, Downey Wade, Charles D. Wade bond to Thomas Halliburton chairman of Co Ct, 12 May 1819. the said court hath this day bound a free black boy George to the said Robert Downey...recd May 1819, next is the bounding of orphan George (of Colour) as apprentice and servant until 21 to Robert Downey.

p.292 sale est Arthur Leath 4 Jun 1819, recd Aug 1819 part of property not sold: 13 Negroes Ceaser, Harry, Betty, Clairy, Dick, ?-edros [maybe Cedros, but], Aggy, Squire, Silvy, Will, Robert, Ann, Hervy [sic]

p.300 inv of Negroes sold 4 Sep 1819 belonging to heirs of Elizabeth Pulliam decd, recd Nov 1819
Stephen sold to Cary Williams, $760.50, Alexander Moore and Thomas Shepherd Surety
Tempey sold to Henrey ?epssom- $300.50
Leatha sold to Henrey ?epssom- $175.50, Joseph M. Standfield Surety
Anny sold to John Payton, Hamton Wade Surety $402 and her child Sarah Pat [?] sold to Drewry Pulliam, William B. Stone surety $620
Edmund sold to Byrd Pulliam $412
Mander [?] sold to Isham Edwards $405.50

p.303 Ambrose Davey to William Davy 5 Jan 1820, a negro girl Sook about 22, a slave for life, also a negro man Moses about 19 a Slave for life though Moses not Delivered, for $438. recd Feb 1820

p.304 Giles Rogers to mother Sarah W. Rogers, for love and affec and other, two negro boys Jack 14 yrs 9 mos 25 days and Ned 20 yrs 9 mos 2 days. recd Feb 1820

p.306 William Hargis to James Gooch and Robert Vanhook, Hargis is indebted to [different notes and bonds] to Larence V. Hargis; Elias Fost; Hargis & Sneed; so conveys to Gooch and Vanhook: a certain negro girl Slave Sinthey 11 or 12 yrs. wr 18 Jan 1820, recd Feb 1820

p.312 Giles Rogers of Person to John Scott of town of Hilsborough and John Vanhook of said town, Odway B. Robers of Person and James Clay of town of Milton [NC], wr 3 Feb 1820, recd Feb 1820. Giles Rogers in debt to sd Vanhook, Rogers, Clay. sells to John Scott the following named negro Slaves which belong to the Children and lawfull [it's really not the word heirs, but it must be] of Byrd Rogers lat of Person Co decd, subject to and in Cumberd with a life estate there in of Litleton [probably] Rogers of Person by virtue of last will of John Rogers late of Person:
Easter a woman about 75
Ned an old man about 60
Leta about 36
Easter Cald Yong Castor [Easter called Young Easter] of a bout 18
Mary about 16
Nelly about 14
Lewis about 7
Jude about 5
Ned son of the aforesaid Letta about 3
Moses a son of the aforesaid Yong Easter about 1.

p.316 inv Thomas L. Howard orphan of Henry W. Howard decd, recd Feb 1820
David, Milley & two children aggy & Chester, Nanny Junior and boy Dick Oald James.

p.319 est Sharp Wininghame acct recd Feb 1820: has or sold? 1 negro woman Child Jenney? $661.00, 1 negro boy London $200.32

p.324 will William Yarbrough Senr of Person, wr 17 Feb 1820, recd Jun 1820
to wf Sarah land 360a, and to have Sam, Jeff, Isaac, Sarah and Mary and hir Increase her life, other items. after her death
to son William Yarbrough Jr: land
to son Samuel Yarbrough: land
to sons William: one negro man Isaac
to son Samuel: one negro man Jeff
to dau Sarah Charles: one negro man Sam and nigro [sic] woman Mary and hir Increase
at wf Sarah's death all to be sold and alos one nigro woman Sarah, $ to be divided betw William Yarbrough Junr, Samuel Yarbrough, Sarah Charles.

p.328 will Samuel Yarbrough of Person wr 29 Jan 1820, recd Jun 1820
to dau Ailsey Allin these negros: Rose, Fanny, Harry, litle Crease [sic], and Julia and at the Death of my wf one nigro fellow Lewis, land
to dau Susanah Michell these negros: Haner, Hardy, Patience, and at the decease of my wf one nigro girl during her life Suck and the said girl to Yarbrough Michell at his mothers Death
to Yarbrough Michell: land
to my only son Samuel H. Yarbrough: negros Phill, Jude, Cate, Jean, Ellson, Simon, litle bob, and at the death of my wf one nigro girl Nancy.
to wf Alsey: nigros Bob, Oald Crease, Joe, land I now live on during her life and also lend her three nigroes Lewis, Suck, Nancy.

p.332 will John Williams wr 19 Apr 1819, pr Jun 1820
to sons Cary Williams, John Williams, William Williams: lands
all else to be sold and divided to my six chn: Sally Dellahay, Cary Williams, John Williams, Nancy Newman, Patsy Winsted, William Williams.
remaining seventh part lend to dau Susanah Pulliam during her life, at her death to her heirs.
[It is] further my will that Jim Pest[?] a nigro purchased for me by my son William be considered as my property.

p.342 inv est Alfred Bumpass recd Jun 1820: one nigro girl Fillis about 6 now in the possession of the admr held by John Bumpass (J. R.) and will not be given up without sute being braught for hir Paid out of the estate of Said Decd found in the State of Massisspia and State of Georgia...

Person Co NC Compilations by Katharine Kerr Kendall
=Land Grants; 1794, 1805, 1823 Tax Lists; Record Bks Abstracts 1792-1820; Letters of Attorney
8-166 will William Daniel wr 13 May 1818. Father and Mother; bros John and George; sisters Eliza Daniel, Jane Hopson, Susan, Sarah, Peggy. Slaves to be freed after his death and moved to Kentucky with assistance of brother.
[See fuller abstract and below]

NC Person County Will Books
8-166 will of William Daniel wr 13 May 1818, pr Aug 1818
to Richard Holeman Senr, Lewis Daniel, Drury Moore, Jas. mcCain.
to my father and negro man Ledon and woman Hanner [later called Hannah] their death to be divided between my Brother John Daniel George Daniel.
I will that Jim and Alse shall be free at my Death and that my Brothers John Daniel and George Daniel to be Guardian for the said Jim and Alse, and that John and George Daniel shall move them all to the State of Kentucky...
[This William Daniel is son of James Daniel and Sally Cocke who moved to Christian/Trigg KY. James is almost surely the son of James Daniel of Albemarle VA, then back to Robert Daniel and Capt. Wm. Daniel of Middlesex VA.

10-168 will of Mathew Dannill of Pitsilvanyney [sic] County VA, wr 8 Jan 1825, pr Sep 1825
[son Mathew stayed in Person, son Green returned to Pittsylvania, son John to Monroe TN? See fuller data on this family.]
to wife a gartha [see Agartha later] Danell the tracks of land whereon I now live and in Rockingham County and the tracks of land lying in Person County No Carolina...& I do further relinquish all ?her? old stock of negroes to be disposed of as she may think propper after the death of my wife Agartha
son John Danell & also Ezchel Bob & Charlott and his heirs for each
to my son Green Danell...a negro boy named Jude and Frank.
to my dau Lucy Griffith a negro woman Eliza and her son Jackson and her increase.
to Mathew Dannell Griffith a negro boy Moses.
to the children of my son Mathew Dannell by his present wife two negroes Dinah? and ?Luthena-d and there increase... and its to be understood when the youngest child arrives to the age of 21 the said Negroes are to be equally devided between them.
to my dau Jean Wallice one Negro woman Molly and her four children Biddy Russell Henry & Eliza and there increase.
to...Robert & Jean Wallice
son John Danell Green Danell my dau Lucy Griffith and the Heirs of my son Mathew Danell.

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Index and Abstracts of Deeds of Record of Pitt Co NC by Judith DuPree Ellison 1968
v.2 1782-1801
M697 1 Jun 1791, John Cason to grandson Robert Daniel, Negro, for love and aff, wit John Presson, James Albriton

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19719 Rockingham Will Book A
p.315 will of John Wafford, wr 8 Mar 1809, pr May 1809[other major spelling: Wofford]
to wf Nancy
discusses he was security for his son David Wofford on a bill of sale for a negro boy named Jack, that after (John's) debts and monies owed as security on the sale are paid by David...then David gets the negroes again...if David doesn't pay then the said negro is to belong to my estate and to be kept by my wife the better to enable her to maintain my two children [referring to young sons Jimmy and Isaac], and at her death to go to Jimmy and Isaac.
to dau Nancy, to son Jesse, to dau Mary Hamilton, to son Billy
exrs Thomas Wells[?], son Billy Wafford both of Guilford county, and wife Nancy
wit John Har-at, Martin Wright, Joseph Denny

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Abstracts of Deed Books 11-14 of Rowan Co NC 1785-1797 by James W. Kluttz 1996
2495=13-884 19 Mar 1796 Jacob Hines and John Hines (sig in German) to David Smith, 137.10, a Negro woman about 24 years old named Jinny and a Negro boy about 1 year old named Sirous. wit Sion Daniel, Frederick Miller. [probate info:] Rowan County Ss August Sessions 1818 I hereby certified that this instrument of Writing was duly proven in open Court, the hands writings of the Subscribers Witness Sion Daniel who is Dead & Frederick Miller who has left the State, was proved by the oath of Alexander Caldclaugh whereupon it was Recorded & ordered to be Registered". Test Jno Giles CC
2509=13-899 2 Jan 1795 Randel Daniel and Buckner Daniel to Wintle Hinkle, 150, a Negro boy named Johnston about the age of 18 years. wit Nathan Hinkle, Daniel (x) Clinard, (a German sig), Phill Mock. pr by Mock May 1795.

Abstracts of Deed Books 15-19 of Rowan Co NC 1797-1807 by James W. Kluttz 1997
573=16-309 5 May 1798 Bill of Sale, Phillip (x) Clinart to his son Jacob Clinart for affection, a Negro boy named Frank about 10 years old. wit Sion Daniel, John Mock. pr by Daniel Aug 1798.
574=16-309 30 [no month, year] Bill of Sale, Phillip (x) Clinart to his dau Pheby, the wf of Dewalt Mock, decd, a Negro woman named Madge about 20 years old. wit Sion Daniel, John Mock, Jacob Clinert. pr by Daniel Aug 198.
580=16-314 23 Feb 1798 Mortgage. Randal Daniel to John Kinneman of Stokes, $50 silver, a Negro boy named Kem(?) about 9 years old. Daniel had until 25 Dec 1798 to repay the $50 w/interest of forfeit the ownership of the Negro boy. wit Jn Monro, Paul (x) Daniel. probate info at bottom of pg is missing. pr Aug 1798.
1157=17-289 12 Apr 1800 Bill of Sale, Mary Hawkins to her dau Elizabeth Dick, $150, a Negro woman named Hannah about 48 yrs old. wit Tho Casey, Francis Daniel. pr by Daniel Aug 1800.
1158=17-289 12 Apr 1800 Bill of Sale, Mary Hawkins to her dau Fanny Hawkins, $200, a Negro woman named Anica, yellow complected, about 35 yrs old. wit Tho Casey, Francis Daniel. pr by Daniel Aug 1800.
1357=17-519 21 Dec 1792 Bill of Sale, Isham Fuller of Randolph to James Daniel, 85, a Negro woman named Clow, about 17 yrs old "contra born." wit Wm Henly, Jere Aderton. pr by Aderton Feb 1801.
2516=18-893 6 Feb 1804 Bill of Sale, Sally Morrell/Merrell to Robert Bradshaw $200, 4 Negroes named Diner, Phillis, Peter, and Hanner; 1 sorrel horse "cald bolten"; and 1 bay horse "caled Di...." (part of page is soiled). wit John Parke, Ephraim Daniel. pr by Park Feb 1804.
2776=19-126 10 Oct 1804 Bill of Sale, Abraham Wamack, yeoman, to William Daniel and Simon Daniel, $800, a Negro woman named Dolley and a Negro woman named Jude. wit Robt McKee, James Smith. pr by Smith Feb 1805.

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Rutherford County NC Abstracts of Will Book A 1779-1791 by C. H. Davis 1972
p40=B15 Joseph Gill to chn, Deed of Gift, 11 May 1793, recd Jul 1793. Joseph Gill, planter, gives dau Jan Sullins 1 Negro child named Betty. At decease of sd Jane Sullins sd Betty is to descend to Elizabeth Sullins, dau of Jane Sullins and if Negro have issue her first living child is to be given to and by me to Jane's eldest dau Sarah. wit Elias Alexander, John Goode.
p8=B32 Jno Goode to Peter Gill and others, Gift, Oct ct 1794. Jno Goode, planter, gives to Peter Gill, cousin, 1 Negro boy named Jack; Cousin Sally Gill, 1 Negro woman named Jude and heirs of her body; Cousin Joseph Gill, Jr. slaves named Jo, Judy and Bob. The 1st living child Judy brings to be given to William Gill. Cousin, Jenny Gill 1 Negro girl Nance; Henry Gill 1 Negro boy named George; Cousin John L. Gill 1 Negro boy named Tom. Also to Peter Gill, Sally Gill, Jenny Gill, Henry Gill, William Gill, William Gill [yes repeated] and John Lumkins Gill 1 Negro man named Sam to be equally divided and if any Negro dies Sam to be put in the place. The children to receive their portion as they come of age or marry. Wit William Hawkins, Junr, William Hawkins, Senior.
[This is John Goode, son of Edward of Mecklenburg VA. John went to South Carolina for a while, then to Trigg KY, where he died.]
p12=B54 Thomas Good to Samuel Moore, Bill of Sale, 15 Jul 1795, recd Jan ct 1796. Thomas Good for $120 sold Samuel Moore 1 Negro boy named Jack 6 or 7 yrs old. Sd Negro is "sound and sensiable" [sic], "free and clear of all disorders". wit Wallace Alexander
p14=B62 Joseph Gill Sr to Thomas Goode, bill of sale 26 Jun 1795, recd Apr ct 1796. Joseph Gill Sr sold to Thomas Goode a Negro boy named Jack 6 or 7 yrs old. wit James Morris, Jacob Womacke.
p.4=B72 Edward Goode to Lemuel Moore, bill of sale, 12 Jan 1797, recd Jan 1797, £60, 1 Negro boy named George about 4 yrs old. wit Wallace Alexander.
p37=B178 Benjamin Hawkins to Sarah Thompson, bill of sale. 4 Nov 1803, recd Jan ct 1804. for 350, 210, and 140 paid before Christmas by Sarah Thompson, Spartanburg, SC, Benjamin Hawkins sells Sarah Thompson 1 Negro woman called Jane abt 22 yrs old of yellowish complexion. If Benjamin Hawkins shall receive sd. monies by second Monday in april next then Bill of Sale void. wit William Millican.

Rutherford County NC Abstracts of Wills 1779-1822 by C. H. Davis
B-60 Abraham Enloe to Graves Eaves, bill of sale, 23 May 1793, recd Apr 1796. for £80, 1 negro girl named Mitilda. wit Sarah Enloe, Elizabeth Edgington.
B-61 Molly Briggs to John Miller, bill of sale, 21 Jan 1796, recd apr 1796. for 250 silver dollars, a Negro girl named Lucy, 18 years old. wit Andrew Miller
B-178 Benjamin Hqawkins to Sarah Thompson, bill of sale 4 Nov 1803, recd Jan 1804. for 350, 210, and 140 paid before Christmas by Sarah Thompson, Spartanburg...1 Negro woman called Jane abt. 22 yrs. old of yellowish complexion...wit William Millican
B-179 will of John McKinny, wr 1 Apr 1804, pr Jul 1804
to wf Jean, son John McKinny, son James McKinny, son Henry McKiney, son William McKinny, son George McKinny, son-in-law Thomas Gore, son-in-law Jonas Bedford...
to son-in-law John Roberts...Negro man Pat...
to dau Sally Camp
to dau Didamis...negro girl Hanah and boy Tom...
to grandson William McKinny son of Henry
to granddau Lydda Camp dau of Sally Camp...
exrs James McKinny, Henry McKinny, George McKinny
wit Benjamin Hicks, James Humphreys, Thomas Kemmons

Rutherford NC Wills and Miscellaneous Records 1783-1868 by Wooley and Wooley
[I don't have marked what if any will book this is called, but these page numbers are from the will book itself, not this abstract book]

p.87 bill of sale, 1 Nov 1817, recd Jan 1818, Abraham Crow to Phebe Simmons, for $500, a negro woman Chet and girl Moll. wit John Bayle.

p.89 bill of sale, 12 Nov 1817, recd Apr 1818, John Ledbetter (and wf Elizabeth) to Thomas Hicke, for $250, negro girl Sinia, five yrs. old. wit Jas. Hicks, George Witmath

p.90 receipt acknowledged 19 Mar 1818, recd Apr 1818, John Whitesides sold to Thomas Whitesides, $400, negro girl Mary

p.92 will of Adam Mooney, wr 26 Dec 1817, pr Apr 1818
to wf Susannah...negro boy her death or marriage, negro Mingo to son Peter Mooney...
to daus Caty, Fanny, Rachel, Olif
when youngest dau Olif of age, plantation to be sold and money divided between: wf Susannah, Henry Mooney, Caty Mooney, Elizabeth Patton, Sarah Melton, Fanny Mooney, Rachel Mooney, Peter Mooney, Olif Mooney.
exrs friends Robert Patten, John Morrison
wit Christyne Mooney, Lewis Stockton

p.108 will of Elias Alexander [I don't have the first part] pr Jul 1818
to wife [may be named on previous page]...negro girl Harriet
to son Frances, to dau Ann wife of Stephen Camp, dau Jane [gets nothing]
to dau Margaret wife of David Reinhardt...the first child of my negro Hannah, at the age of 2 years.
to dau Patsey wife of Jacob Fisher...negro girl Delsey
to son Major Ross Alexander...slaves George, Milly, Terry
to son William Alexander...two negroes John and Sally
to son James Taylor Alexander...negroes Fox and Venus
"Having already given to dtr Margaret the first born of Hannah, I will the next born of Hannah, Fanny and Rachel shall be given as follows, first born, at the age of two years. To my son Elias, the next to my son William, the next to my son James, the next to my granddaughter Melinda McBee, the next to my granddaughter Emmaline E. Reinhard, the next to my grandson William D. Fisher.
exrs Vardry McBee, David Reinhardt, Elias Alexander Jr.
wit Zadoc Harris, Edward Goode

p.109 sale 11 Mar 1818, recd Jul 1818, John W. Blankenship to William Melton for $300, paid by William Melton for and in bahalf of his son John negro boy named Allen...

p.110 sale 13 Jul 1817, recd Jul 1818, John Jones Senr, to Stephen Jones, for $1000...three negroes (two boys and girl) named Hannah, Prince and Joseph. Hannah is about 12 yrs old, Prince is about 8 yrs old and Joseph about 2 yrs old last May...

p.111 sale 8 Mar 1818, recd Jul 1818, Benjamin Drew of GA, Jones Co to Robert Webb for $400, one negro man called Will.

p.112 will of William McDowell, wr 19 Feb 1817, recd Oct 1818
to dau ---? Forbush, to dau Margaret Huggins, to John and Robert Huggins, to dau Catherine Robertson, to George Robertson son of sd Catherine
to dau Elizabeth negro fellow named Simon on condition she pay 4150 hereafter mentioned.
to dau Hannah Lamberth, to granddau Catherine Lambert
exrs dau Elizabeth McDowell, Frederick J. Alley
wit F. J. Alley, John Cain

428286 NC Rutherford Index to Final Accounts 1835-1940
pp.178-182, Sale Bill, estate of Charles Love, sale 25 Nov 1835, returned Jan 1836
to Thomas Wilson - Negro woman Sarah $547
to William Slade - Negro man Henry $790.50
to Thomas Wilson - Negro girl Agg [also has the tail for Aggy, but no body of the -y-, the two g's are clear] $701
to Elijah Lewis - Negro girl [?Bird, not really, maybe Sind, Lind] $640
to William Poston - Negro boy Bob $630
to Thomas Wilson - Negro [?Lindy?] child $325
to Thomas Wilson - Negro child $226

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Tyrrell Co NC Wills 1729-1811 by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.
[3 sources for Tyrrell wills: some in Secy State papers, some in will books, some originals in NC archives]
these are in Secy State papers:
Lanier Robert, planter. wr 20 Sep 1744, pr Mar 1744 [=1745 newstyle]
to my wife Sarah my negro man Jack, my negro woman Nan...
to my dau Jean...dau Elisebeth...dau Sarah...dau Annanazah the issue of my dau my dau my son my son John...
to my grandson Robert Daniel 1 female negro child Hannah
to my grandson John my granddaughter Sarah my granddaughter Mary the 2 orphans who live in my house Manly Anbrouse (?) & Micael my grandson Adam my 2 sons Wm. & John Lanier. [a section obliterated.]
Excr: My wife, my sons Wm. & John Lanier.
Wit Wm. Willis, Robert Lanier Daniel; John Lanier.

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Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wake Co NC 1785-1802 by Joseph W. Watson
H449 Woodson Daniel of Wake dd of trust to Robert Paul of Halifax VA, 25 Nov 1788, 48.16.1, sec being one horse and a negro man named Jacob. wit John Hinton, William Hinton.
Q373 Thomas Edwards bill of sale to David Daniel both of Wake, 14 Nov 1800, 260 silver dollars, one negro boy named Daniel, about twelve yrs old. wit George Herndon, Woodson Clements.

Abstract of Record of Wills, Inventories, Settlements of Estates 1771-1802 Wake co NC by Frances Holloway Wynne 1985
C-424 Bill of Sale. Reynold Allen gave to son Peter Eli Bruce [sic] a Negro girl Silva after his decease. 11 Oct 1780, recd 27 Apr 1793. Reynold (A) Allen. Wit: John Footman Harrison, John Humphs., John Gray (Jurat) [so Peter Eli is Allen's son-in-law.]
C-439 28 Feb 1793 recd 4 Aug 1793. bill of sale, John Gayle of Mecklenburg co VA to James Ray, a Negro Sue for £57 Virginia currency. Wit: Antho. Brown, Luke Ray (Jurat), John (>) Scogin. [Nathan Ray md. Lydia Brown, Anthony is her bro's namesake]

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Warren Co NC Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions by Ginger L. Chrismas Beattie
p.147=original p.137 Mon 31 Jul 1786 part of trial of negro Luke, property of William Blant of VA. wit Howell Cooper said Luke had on the coat of James Gray Daniel. [The sentence was unimaginably horrible.]

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