Slave Records in Virginia

collected by P. A. Miller

These are the slave records from my research on Virginia families.
I've generally cleaned these records out to only include names (whether they receive named slaves in will or not.
There are tax lists and other records indicating numbers of slaves only - they still represent people and can help determine ages of known slaves.
I've left in auxiliary references that might include slave names, even though I didn't take them down in my notes.
These family names, e.g. Daniel, are not all the same branch, I've noted where certain ones went to, etc.
The records are not in date order.
I've included transport records that mention "Negros" and all the names or transportees; these don't necessarily mean the transporter was the owner.
I haven't cleaned up source name abbreviations, etc., but I think they are obvious. Some sources start with the LDS film number.
My comments about the records are in [brackets]
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30212 VA Albemarle Will Book #2 with Inventories & Accounts 1752-1785
Will Book 2, pp. 94-95
Will of James Daniel, Albemarle County, VA
to my son Chisley my son Abraham my son my son Josiah my son James my son John Daniel
to my daughter Susannah Bedford four negroes to-wit: Siller, Tude [yes, could be Jude], Tom, Winne, which are now delivered
to my son Chisley Daniel four negroes to-wit: Gloster, Numman, Annica, Alice, which are now delivered to him and his heirs forever
to my sons and daughters namely, Abraham Daniel, Leonard Daniel, Josiah Daniel, James Daniel, John Daniel, Mary Daniel, Mercy Daniel, an equal shear [sic] of all my negroes when they come to the age of twenty one years or marry
I appoint Chisley Daniel, Abraham Daniel, and Leonard Daniel executors...this 30th day of October one thousand seven hundred and sixty. Jas. Daniel (Seal)
Teste: Benoni Boatwright, William (x) Boatwright, John Duglis
At a court held for Albemarle County the twelfth day of Feby 1761 This Writing was proved by Benoni Boatwright, William Boatwright, and John Duglis...on the motion of Chisley Daniel, Abraham Daniel, & Leonard Daniel, the executors therein named...certificate was granted them for obtaining a probat [sic] thereof...with John Hunter, Theodorick Webb & Abraham Childers, their securities...Teste: John Nicholas, Clk

[Abraham stayed here, was cut into and bought in Cumberland/Buckingham VA; Chesley, Josiah, James went to Lunenburg, then Granville NC; James continued on to Person NC and then to Christian and Trigg Counties KY; Leonard went to Lunenburg and died soon after; John Daniel and Susannah (Daniel) Bedford went to Charlotte VA; Mary may be the one who married Charles Edwards in Goochland and went to Granville NC; Mercy's fate unknown? Many of the slaves names here and in the inventories below, or their namesakes, are in the future tax and estate records of these children.]

30212 VA Albemarle Will Book #2 with Inventories & Accounts 1752-1785
Will Bk 2, p. 102
Pursuant to an Order of Albemarle Court we being first sworn have appraised the slaves & personal estate of James Daniel Gent Decd in Curr Money
Negro Harry - £80
Ben - £80
Mingo - £50
Cate - £60
Bob - £15
David - £15
Will - £25
Jack - £30
Dick - £30
Charles - £25
Anthony - £45
Sarah - £45
George - £60
Hannah - £60
Nann - £40
Agg - £60
Phillis - £45
Janey - £66
James Dix, John Fearn, Thomas Margin...returned to Albemarle County Court the ninth Day of April 1761 & ordered to be recorded. Tes: John Nicholas Clk

30212 VA Albemarle Will Book #2 with Inventories & Accounts 1752-1785
Albemarle Will Bk 2, p. 106
We the Subscibers...have proceeded to appraise the Estate of Capt. James Daniel decd in Lunenburg County which is as followeth with the order annexed.
Neg Slaves Bob - £60
Olliver - £80
Ned - £80
Lucey - £55
Amoy - £25
Nell - £35
Rachel - £35
Sam - £30
James Lewis, Danl Johnson, John Johnson...the 12th day of July 1761...returned to Court & ordered to be Recorded. Test John Nicholas Clk

30212 VA Albemarle Will Books 2-3
3-116 will of Martin Key 1791, my Daughter Elizebeth [sic] Daniel the three negroes she has in possession Viz Liddy, Tiller & Hannah to her & her heirs for ever...codicil added 13 Apr 1790, wit Walter Key, Mildred Watson, John Key, pr 14 Apr 1791.
3-145 inv 1791 great list
3-208 division 1794, only divided slaves between boys, no mention of daughters
[this Elizabeth (Key) Daniel was wife of Josiah Daniel (son of James Daniel of Albemarle, they were in Granville County NC by 1775.]

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Twenty One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies by Elizabeth Pryor Harper
Wil Book 3-385, will of John Pryor, wr 3 Sep 1785, pr 27 Oct 1785
to sons Richard and Luke son Phillip dau Ann Pryor
to son Samuel Pryor...Negro Man Basset...
to son Richard Pryor...Negro boy Sawney...
to son Luke Pryor...Negro Girl Judy...
to son Phillip Pryor...Negro Girl suckey...
to dau Elizabeth Timberlake...Negro Woman Lucy with her increase
to dau Mary Boling...Negro Woman Beck with her increase
to dau Ann Pryor...Negro Woman Liddy with her increase, negro Girl Sally...
...if Luke or Phillip Pryor or both die before lawful age without issue...their Negroes Equally inherited by all my Surviving Children...
exrs son in law Jno. Timberlake, son Richard Pryor
wit Richard Dennis, Marth Pyor [sic], Marth Pryor

1787 Census of VA by Schreiner, Yantis, and Love 1987
Amelia co Personal Prop Tax 1787 List A
Goode John C. 1 wh m >21, 0 wh m 16-21, 0 blk >16, 0 blk <16, 1 horse/mare/&c, 0 cattle
Goode Mary 1 wh m 16-21, 5 blk >16, 3 blk <16, 5 horse/mare/&c, 19 cattle.

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The Deeds of Amherst Co, VA, 1761-1807 and Albemarle Co, VA, 1748-1763 by The Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis 1979
[p.104=] Amherst Deed book B, p. 282 30 Jan 1768 Thos. Dannall, Ann Crawford are witnessess to 30 Jan 1768 David Crawford, Jno Crawford, Joel Crawford, Chas. Yancey, Nathaniel Barnett, Jno. Jacobs, all or Amherst, to Robt. Yancey, Nathan Crawford, both of Amherst, 2 negro children, Dick and Anakey, willed by late David Crawford to his son Wm Crawford, now dec'd, and we the above named persons defend the title.

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Brunswick Co VA Deed Bks v.5 1770-1775 by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. 1998
10-211 20 Sep 1769, 26 Aug 1771 Articles of agreement betw Brazure Cocke of Brunswick co and William Meriot of Dinwiddie co. Sd Cocke for £85 paid to him sells to sd Meriot negro man Will & the crop...; also at sd Cocke's death, negroes Pat, Chaney & Frank to go to sd Meriot; sd Meriot would support sd Cocke for lifetime; also sd Meriot would have half the stock on the plantation at sd Cocke's death. wit Richard (X) Ramsey.

0030634 VA Brunswick Wills
4-32 Brazure Cocke will wr 20 Sep 1766, pr 22 Oct 1770 to wf Frances a suitable maintainance during her natural life out the the profits arising from the Labour of the following Slaves vizt Suck, Mariah, Patt, Will and Clancy...,
to son William...slaves in his possession: Tom, Absolom, Phillis with their Increase. [Tom and Phillis are listed with William Cocke in the
Granville NC tax lists of 1767.]
to son Thomas Cocke's children: all those Negroes which I formerly gave to my said son Thomas...
to dau Elizabeth Holt...a Negro woman named Beck with her increase...a Negro girl named Amy with her increase...
to dau Fanny Oliver
to dau Mary Anderson...a Negro girl named Lucy which she has now in her possession together with her future increase also a Negro Fellow named ?Benn? which was left to her by my son James Cocke.
to dau Susannah Negro girl named Barbery...
to dau Ann Chick...a negro wench named Jenny which my son James Cocke left her by his Will also a Negro wench named Aggy and their increase...
to dau Martha Cocke...Slaves vizt Jack, Will, Mariah, ---- [not legible on my copy, probably ok on film], Frank and Charles...with their increase...also a Negro girl named [--- probably legible on film, refers to her later as Judy] now in the possession of John Oliver
Samuel Briggs gets tools
exrs friends Nicholas Edmunds and ?Benj Edmunds and dau Martha Cocke.
wit John Flood Edmunds, Bartholomew Damron, David Roper, James Tarpley. presented by -- Merritt in right of his wf Martha the Executrix therein named, proved by John Flood Edmunds and Bartholomew Damron. Richard Elliott was security for "executor' [i.e. -- Merritt].
[William Cocke, named above in Brazure Cocke's will, went to Granville NC.]

4-44 will of Nathaniel Edwards of Brunswick, wr 12 Aug 1762, pr 25 Feb 1771
to father Nathaniel Edwards
to bro William
to sis Mary Ridley my Negro wench named Hannah
to sis Rebecca Edwards one Negro Winch named Dinah and one negro Boy named Abraham
to bro Benjamin one Negro Boy nnamed Batt/?Bob
to sis Elizabeth on Negro Fellow named ?Arche?
to bro James on Negro Girl named Dorcus
Slaves to remain on my plantation till [debts paid...]
exrs father Nathaniel Edwards, bro William and Benjamin, sis Rebecca Edwards.
no witnesses in this recorded copy

4-74 will of Nathaniel Edwards of Parish of Saint Andrew, County of Brunswick, wr 29 Apr [??probably legible on film or avail in abstract form], pr 22 Jul 1771
[My copy of this will is very whited out on the right side and illegible, it's no doubt ok on the film, so many names and parentage of slaves are not in this abstract.]
to wf Jane...use of Negros Tim [I don't think it's Jim], Brandon, Jimmy (son of Sue)...after her death Tim to dau Sarah, Brandon to son Isaac, and Jimmy to dau Anna
to son Isaac...old Dom---?, Old Sue[?maybe], Dom---?, and ----? (son of Lucy, Roger, Tom, Dick, Seth, Lucy, Daughter of Nancy, ?Evans & Gordon ---- [these should be legible on film]
to dau Sarah when she comes of age: Old --- [three or four names illegible on my copy], Ephraim, Peter, Ned, Nanny, Daughter of [----, and three of four more names, same legibility], Daughter of Sue....[some qualifications re marriage or death of Sarah]..Ridley, Ned and Pegg to my Daughter Elizabeth...[more conditions] Lucy and Jimmy to my son William Edwards...
to my dau [illegible here]: Mago, Sue, Daughter of Sue, Cuffey Son of [illegible here, and some more names], Delsey, King and Cloe Daughter of Lett [more illeg]...Milly to my Daughter Mary, Ridley, Sue and Cuffey to my [----], Jona, Jimmy and Lidia to my dau Elizabeth Willis...
to son William: [--] Cuff, Clark, Moses, --- [2-3 names] son of Bess.
to dau ---: Hannah, Lucy, and Cuffee, son of [---]
to dau ?Susan?: Jimmy son of Amy and a boy named Shamper [it's really not Stamper, but]
to dau Elizabeth Willis: Yellow, Moses, Stafford and a girl called ?Clamf-ia
execs sons William and Isaac.
wit: Seymour Powell, Richard Cocke, Hinchey Mabry.

0030632 VA Brunswick General Index to Wills, etc. v.A 1732-1948
5-183 William Daniel, will wr 28 Jan 1786, pr 25 Sep 1786 by John Wright and pr 25 Sep 1786 by Thomas Daniel
to wf Anne...also lend to her negroes Jacob, Sue & Liddia
To my son John & my son my sons James & George...youngest son Ellick...Exrs John Rogers and William Barron...witnesses John Wright, Thomas Daniel.
5-483 William Daniel, inv and appr made 6 Jul 1792, written 23 Jul 1792, recd 27 Aug 1792. includes negroes Jacob and Liddie. appraisers John Gilliam, Hezekiah Davis [could this be Daniel?], Henry Hampton.
7-235 George Daniel inv 28 Sep 1807, incl negro fellow Jacob, woman Phillis. appr by James Trotter, William Palmer, Thos. A. Stroud. Signed by Amnon Daniel admr., acct sales 24 Sep 1807
7-330 [=more on the above George Daniel of 1807] Ermine Daniel purchased negro woman Phillis. returned 24 Apr 1809.
7-355 [=more on the above George Daniel of 1807] return 24 Jul 1809 by Dennis Barrow and his wife Ermine who was admx of sd George Daniel...

2024495 VA Brunswick Personal Taxes 1782-1807, 1809-1849
[I've removed other info besides owner and slave name, and I've removed distance indicators, i.e. skips in list that might separate branches of a surname, a regrettable editing move.]
Distr 1
William Daniel, Jacob
Thomas Daniel, Judy
1783 Distr 1
William Daniel, John Daniel, Jacob
Distr 3
Sterling Daniel & 1 young negro
Distr 5
Adam Daniel, Hannah, Austine, Bob
no title on district:
William Daniel, John Daniel under 21, Jacob, Sue & One young one
Upper District of Saint Andrew Parish
Thomas Daniel, Jude
Joseph Daniel
no title on district
Thomas Daniel taxable, Tho. Daniel, 1 white male tithable>21, 1 white male 16<21, 1 black>16, 0 black<10
#white [males]16<21 - #blacks >16 - #blacks 12<16
Ann Daniel, blank, 0-1-1
Thomas Daniel, Thomas Daniel, 1-1-0
Jesse Daniel, Jesse Daniel, 0-0-0
Joseph Daniel Jr, Joseph Daniel Junr, 0-1-0
Robert Daniel, Robert Daniel, 1-0-1
taxable's name, white tithables - black tithables - blacks 12 to 16
Thomas Jones district
Joseph Daniel tax free 0-0-0
Jesse Daniel 1--0-0
Joseph Daniel Jr 1-1-0
John Daniel 1-0-0
Ann Daniel 1-1-0
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Thomas Daniel 3-1-0 Dejarnett Daniel 2-3-0 [might be Dejarnell and this might be a reversal of given and surname, see next]
name white tythes - negro tythes - negros 12 to 16
Thomas Jones district
Degarne-- Daniel 2-3-0 [this time Daniel is the first name]
Thomas Daniel 3-1-0
Jos Daniel tax free 0-1-0
Joseph Daniel Junr 1-2-0
John Daniel 2-0-0
Ann Daniel 2-1-1
Robert Daniel 2-0-0
proprietors names, white male tithables - blacks over 16 - blacks 12 to16
Thomas Jones district
Ann Daniel 3-1-1
Thomas Daniel 2-1-0?
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Joseph Daniel tax free 0-0-0
Joseph Daniel jr 1-2-0
proprietors names, white male tithables - blacks over 16 - blacks 12 to16
Thomas Jones district
Ann Daniel 1-1-0
Drury Daniel 2-0-0
Thomas Daniel 3-1-0
Thomas Danel [sic]1-3-?1
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Joseph Daniel tax free 0-0-0
Joseph Daniel jr 1-1-0
proprietors names, white male tithables - blacks over 16 - blacks 12to16
Thomas Jones district
Joseph Daniel jr 1-1-0
Ann Daniel 1-1-1
Drury Daniel 2-0-0
Thomas Daniel 3-1-0
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Thomas Daniel 1-3-0
proprietors names, white male tithables - blacks over 16 - blacks 12 to16
Thomas Jones district
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Joseph Daniel 1-2-0
[Senr in front column then ]Joseph Daniel tax free 1-0-0
Thomas Daniel [maybe has (2) in parentheses after name, it's not Jr or Sr] 2-1-0
Ann Daniel 1-2-0
Henry Daniel 1-0-0
proprietors names, white male tithables - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
George Daniel 1-0-0
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Joseph Daniel 1-0-0
Thomas Daniel 2-1-0
Anne Daniel 2-2-0
Joseph Daniel Junr 1-0-1
proprietors names, white male tithables - negro tithes - blacks 12to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
George Daniel 1-0-0
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Joseph Daniel 1-0-0
Thomas Daniel 1-1-0
Anne Daniel 1-2-0
Joseph Daniel Junr 1-1-1
proprietors names, white male tithables - negro tithes - blacks 12to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
Drury Daniel 1-0-0
George Daniel 1-0-0
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
Joseph Daniel 1-2-0
Thomas Daniel 1-1-0
Anne Daniel 1-2-0
Joseph Daniel Jurn 1-0-0
William R. Daniel 1-0-0
taxable, white tithables - negro tithes - blacks 12to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
Drury Daniel 1-0-0
George Daniel 1-0-0
Robert Daniel 1-1-0
Thomas Daniel 1-1-1
Anne Daniel 1-2-0
Joseph Daniel 1-3-0 [end of this film, these lists continue]

2024496 Brunswick Co Personal Property Tax 1782-1807, 1809-1849
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
George Daniel 1-0-0
Thomas Daniel 1-2-0
Joseph Daniel 1-2-0
Thomas Danel 2-7-3 [close call on name, may not be final s probably]
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
Thomas Daniel 1-1-0
Joseph Daniel 1-1-0
Robert Daniel 1-0-0
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
Thomas Daniel 2-2-0
Joseph Daniel 1-0-0
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
Thomas Daniel 1-1-0
Joseph Daniel 1-0-1
Robert Watson's district
Joseph Daniels [it's not the Dance, but it's maybe Davr---ls] 1-0-0 [this one and a couple other names on page are "checked off"]
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
Hartwell Tucker's district
Thomas Daniel decd 1-1-1
James Daniel 1-0-0
Mabry Daniel 1-1-0 [checked off]
Robert Watson's district
Joseph Daniel [still slightly questionable, but much better than before] 1-0-0-
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
John Stith's district
Joseph Daniel Jr 1-0-1-4
Mary Daniel 1-0-0-1
Hezekiah Daniel 1-0-0-1 [yes it's Daniel]
Mary Daniel decd 1-1-0-1
[neither of these "Mary" is a "Mabry" in the writing, but one probably is Mabry]
James Daniel 1-1-0 [checked off]
Robert Watson's district
Joseph Daniel 1-0-0 [checked off]
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
John Stith's district [this list is very alphabetized so no relative locations of names possible]
Joseph Daniel 1-1-0
Hezekiah Daniel 1-0-0
Wm Daniel 1-1-0
Mabry Daniel 1-0-0
James Daniel 1-1-0 [checked off]
Robert Watson's distr - no Daniel
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
John Stith's district
Joseph Daniel 1-1-0
Hezekiah Daniel 1-0-0
William Daniel 1-1-0
Martha Daniel 0-0-0
Mabry Daniel 1-0-0
James Daniel 1-1-0
Peter Daniel 1-0-0
names, white tithes - negro tithes - blacks 12 to16
John Stith's district
Joseph Daniel 1-1-0
Hezekiah Davis[but overwritten, it's prob Daniel] 1-0-0
William Daniel 1-2-0
Martha Daniel 0-0-0
Mabry Daniel 1-0-0
Armon Daniel 0-1-0
Peter Daniel 1-0-0
1808 - no taxes collected, general assembly did not pass tax collection legislation for that year.

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Genealogical Records of Buckingham County VA by Edythe Rucker Whitley 1984
p. 5=1764 tax list "A List of All the Tithes, Lands and Wheel-Carriages in Buckingham County for the year Anno Domini 1764 (found in recds of Pr. Edward co)
list is alphabetical: tithes, acres, wheel carriages
Abraham Daniel, Christopher Baltimor (Harry, Ben, Caesar, Mingo, Sarey, Nan, Phillis, and Cate), and James Daniel 11-1120-0
[Abraham Daniel and James Daniel are sons of James Daniel of Albemarle, d. 1761. Abraham stayed in the Cumberland/Buckingham area; James went to
Granville NC, then to Person NC, and finally to Christian/Trigg KY.]

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Caroline County VA Order Book 1740-1746, Part Two 1742-1744 by John Frederick Dorman 1973
p.24=p.105=8 Jul 1743 Peter Sullenger against John Daniel, Detinue for one Negro man named Jack. Jury [named]...find that the defd don't retain the Negro in the declaration mentioned. John Wiley, foreman.

Caroline Co VA OB 1759-1763, Part 2 1760-1762 by John Frederick Dorman 1983
37=243 ctg 16 Jul 1761. trial of Daniel, a mulatto man slave belonging to John Pickett, [names justices present]. "Daniel, a mulatto slave belonging to John Pickett of this County, being commited [sic] by a mittimus from Wm Parker Gent for feloniously murdered [sic] Purton, a Negro man slave belonging to Samuel Major, Daniel pleaded not guilty. The evidence of John Beazley, Elizabeth Beazley, Wm Martin, Samuel Bowdry, Hugh Croucher, Eusebius Stone, Edward Goode and Samuel Major, together with the testimony of Sam and Easter, two Negro slaves belonging to John Pickett, Daphney a Negro woman slave belonging to John Beazley, and Ben, a Negro slave belonging to Wm Daniel Senr, together with the confession of the prisoner, and the Court considering the evidence and confession of the prisoner are of the opinion Daniel is guilty of the murder and it's ordered he be hanged 'til he be dead.
Daniel, a mulatto man slave belonging to John Pickett, being found guilty of murder, is adjudged the value of 125 current money which is ordered to be certified to the next Assembly. It appearing to the Court that Isbell, a mulatto wench belonging to John Beazley, and Daphney, belonging to the same, misbehaved on [sic] the course of this trial, it is ordered the Sheriff give them fifteen lashes each."

Caroline Co VA OB 1765-1767, Part 3 1766-1767 by John Frederick Dorman 1991
10=371 ct 14 Aug 1766 Robert Daniel v. Thomas Wortham, debt. Sherif returned upon the attachment that he srvd same on one hatt brush [sic] and two Negroe boys of the defd's est. defdt failed to appear. pltf to recover 8.1.4 1/2, to be discharged by paymt of 4.13.2 farthing [sic] w/legal interest on 4.0.8 fr Mar 1765. Ordered that Sherif make sale of the effects and keep the $ in his hands til next Court.

Caroline Order Book 1771-1772 by Ruth and Sam Sparacio
p.16 14 Jun 1771 Order William Hoard, Thomas Croutcher and Richard Ship or either two of them assign to the Widow of Thomas Daniel deceased her Dower in lands & slaves whereof the deceased died seized and that they allot to William Reynolds, who intermarried with one of the Children his part of the decedants Estate and report to Court. James Lindsay is assigned Guardian to the infant Children for the purpose of seeing the division made.

Caroline Order Book 1783-1784 by Ruth and Sam Sparacio
p.242 14 Aug 1783 Thomas Daniel v. Robert Stith, exr John Stith. Thomas wins and retains Negroe woman Frank, her two Sons, Reuben and Humphrey together with all her increase since 1770. [also retains the produce or proffits of the plantation and slaves actually received by him...but they each pay their own costs...]

Caroline Order Book 1787(#1) by Ruth and Sam Sparacio
p.470 9 Mar 1787 [William Hord est, in chancery, infants and a married dau] Ordered that James Taylor, Philip Buckner, Thomas Daniel and Thomas Alcock or any 3 ...divide the slaves mentioned and report

Colonial Caroline - A History of Caroline County VA by T.E. Campbell 1954
p.329 [apparently ~1732-174] Caroline freeholders who reg's young slaves with court with Number of reg's: ...William Daniels 3, David Daniels 1, John Daniels 1...[=alph list]
p.332 chief registrants of young imported Negroes ... were tavern-keepers, members of their families and the men who loafed in taverns, such as sailors when ashore, small-time speculators and minor office holders. ...[various tavern names]...Sneed's at Daniels' (White's) Mill...were early centers of slave trade.
p.380 some tithables fr order books: include all Negro slaves over 16, all indent. svts over 18, all free wh males over 18 in residence on the lands of the taxpayer: ... 1774 Jacob Daniels 5... [just a few examples are given]

Caroline County VA Court Records by Kimberly Curtis Campbell
[=WB 1793-1897, Will and Plat Bk 1742-1840, WB19 1814-1818]
WB19 will of Harrison Daniel: nephew Daniel Conduit, nephew James Daniel, niece Betsy Hall, Sucky Sneed wife of Alexander Sneed of Samuel Sneed who md the dau of my bro James Daniel, ...nephew Nathaniel Conduit,... to John Sneed who md the dau of my bro James Daniel, 2 nephews John and William Daniel of KY [sic on John and William]. Execs friend Daniel Conduit, James Daniel, George Alsop. wr 16 Feb 1813. wit T. Murray, Samuel T. Murray, Frans. Smith, James Murray. recd 12 Dec 1814.
names the Negroes: James, man Ambrose, Edmund, Patty, Maria, Matilda, Barton, Ursala, Polly, James, Landon, George, Winney, Lucy, Anthony, Robin, Annake, Bernard, Andrew, Lucy (very old).

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Charles City

CCC VA Recds 1737-1774 w/Several 17th Century Fragments. Benjamin B. Weisiger III 1986 p.469 of WDB 1766-1774 Carter Daniel is last in long sched of slvs in trust deed fr Hon William Byrd of Westover Esq to Peyton Randolph & Benjamin Harrison 9 Dec 1772, recd 1773. trust is to protect dower of his wf Mary. He has land on Roanoak, & Chesterfield Co & Henrico Co at the Falls of James Rv, & houses in & adjacent to Cit of Westminster in Co Msex in Kingdom of GB...

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2024507 VA Charlotte Personal Property Tax 1782-1807, 1809-1849
1782 small groups are alph, wh tithes - slaves - horses - cattle
film frame stamp 0003
Williams Pride Daniel, Jack, Yance, Capet, Delma, Tillis 1-5-6-16
film frame stamp 0009 (left side), book p. 14
slaves of Thomas Bedford Sr [Is he holding Susannah (Daniel) Bedfords? He was her guardian.] = Cuger, great Peter, L. Peter, Frank, Ned, George, Julius, Charles, Dick, Bob, Neptune, Sumerset, Lewis, Daniel, Nan, Hanna, Sall, Dinah, Calena, Jeane, Milly, Judy, Sue, Dice, Aggy, David, Jinny, Bilzer, Linder, Sam, Peter, Betty, John, Jimmy, Bob, Milam, Jerry, Sall, Beck, Trak [really not Frank], Winchen, Jacob, Ned, Harry.
film frame stamp 0009, book p. 15
Stephen Bedford, Harry, Luke, Isbell, S/Laken[?], Viney, Sarah, Davis 1-7-6-23
John Daniel, Jack, Jacob, Phil, Sam, Amey, Lyd, Nan, C/P-gy, Lucy, Squire, Harry, Milley, Jamy, Annica, Phillis 1 wh tithe, 15 slaves 5 horses 25 cattle

Twenty One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies by Elizabeth Pryor Harper
Will Book 1-219, will of Robert Pryor, wr -- Dec 1779, pr 3 Apr 1780
to wf Mildred Pryor...negro Girl Lucy
to son Samuel Pryor [underage]
I also give the remainder of my negroes and their Increase namely, Cesar, Sal, Charlotte and mill to be equally divided between Martha Pryor, Prudent Pryor, Mary Pryor, and Elizabeth Pryor daus of Samuel Pryor decd
remainder of Estate to Hubbard Williams and John Smith
exrs Samuel White and wife Mildred Pryor
wit Saml. White, James Abernathy, John Thomas

Charlotte County, VA Will Book I 1765-1791, Will Book 2 1791-1805 by Bel Hubbard Wise
2-222 will John Daniel 15 Jul 1802, pr 6 Sep 1802
wf Elizabeth Daniel slaves Old Amey and her child Gloster, old Judy, Jim, Milley, Jim Scott, Nancy and her 2 children Aggy and Frank, Billey and Anthony.
sons Samuel Daniel and Joseph Morton Daniel.
Daughter Jane Bedford slaves Major, Hannah, Gilbert and Salley,
Daughter Agness Woodson Spencer slaves Matt, Aggy and Nanny.
Son Chesley Daniel slaves Sampson, Joe, Amy and Lydia.
Son John Daniel slaves Phillis, Little Judy, Prisey, Solomon and Phil.
Son James Daniel.
Other children: Elizabeth Daniel, Martha Daniel, James Daniel, Susannah Daniel, Nancy Daniel, Samuel Daniel, Paulina Daniel, Joseph Morton Daniel and Frances Venable Daniel.
Exec sons Chisley Daniel and John Daniel, friends Stephen Bedford and Samuel F. Spencer. Wit L. Joe Morton, James Mathis, Wm. Morton.
[Note: 1 Sep 1828 Joseph M. Daniel granted admr.]
[This is John Daniel, son of James Daniel of Albemarle.]

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Some Pucketts and Their Kin by Hester E. Garrett
Will Book 1, pt. 1, p. 188, will of Mary Womack, 23 Jul 1750 [don't know if that's writing or probate date]
to son Francis Womack...negro woman Matt...
to son Thomas, to dau Judy, to dau Sarah, to dau Elizabeth Hatch, to dau Mary Man, to dau Martha Roberts, to three sons Abram, Isham, William...

Will Book 2, p.163
will of John Puckett, Dale Parish, 22 Jan 1772 [writing or probate, don't know]
to grandson John Puckett...negro boy Hampton
to grandchildren Sarah and Mary Pucket, to grandson John Reams, to dau Mary Flowers, to dau Francis [sic] Reams, to dau Amey Puckett

Some Pucketts and Their Kin by Hester E. Garrett
Order Book 1=237, Aug 1752, Peter, a negro boy belonging to John Puckett was adjudged to be 2 yr. old.

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30931 Culpeper Mixed Probate Records 1749-1870, Index 1749-1930
A231 Robert Daniel inv taken 13 Aug 1760, recd 21 Aug 1760, Negroes Pomp and Sall, personalty. by James Pendleton, Henry Pendleton, Francis B. Browning

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30737 Cumberland Will books, with inventories and accounts, 1749-1887; general indexes to wills, 1749-1975
1-199 will Thomas Watkins of Cumb, wr 4 Mar 1760 pr 23 Jun 1760.
dau Susana Woodson, dau Mary Woodson of Goochland and her husband Robert Woodson, sons Thomas Watkins, Joel Watkins, Benjamin Watkins. dau Elizabeth Daniel. grandson Stephen Watkins now living in Amelia co bequest but if he dies before he reaches 21 then to his sister Elizabeth Watkins. grandson Thomas Watkins, son of my son Thomas Watkins...
To my dauther Elizabeth Daniel, 1 Negro boy named Sam, during her natural life, and after her death, to her daughter Judith Daniel.
dau Jean Watkins, grandson Thomas Watkins son of my aforesaid daughter Jean Wakins [sic]. grandson Joseph Watkins son of my dau Jean Watkins. granddau Hannah Watkins dau of my son Benjamin Watkins. To Ann Dickens [uses this name for her several times] the use and profits of 200a...
Grandson Thomas Watkins of Goochland. I want Thomas Gibson to continue, unmolested, on my plantation in Chesterfield until 1762.
Exrs sons Thomas Watkins, Joel Watkins, Benjamin Watkins. desires estate not to be appraised. wit John Watkins Jr. Jordan Anderson, John Watkins.

30738 Cumberland Will Book 2
Wm Daniel (1775-1776)...will rec 24 Apr 1775
2-206, names 18 slaves, personalty. 22 Jan 1776

2024521 VA Cumberland co Personal Property Tax Books 1782-1807, 1809-1844 [they didn't pass legislation in 1808]
1783 alph:
whom chargeable - taxable persons - # covering ?? and p?? of ?? - ordinary lic --wheels - free tithables above 21 - slaves >16 - slaves <16 - hefers except covering herfers? cattle - amount due
Abraham Daniel - himselfe, Gener?, Rob, Widow, Jude, Nan, Sall, Lucy 7, Frank, ?Ann, ?Oabray, Del---, Phill, Harry, Ben, Charles, Peter, Fanny, Sampson, Milley, Annica, Aggay 14 - first column has "1 at 2 of" written in, -0-0-1-7-14-6-25-12.18.3 [=1 free tithable, 7 slaves >16, 14 slaves <16]
Abraham Daniel
2 free tithes >21, 7 negroes tithes-14 negroes not tithes, 7 horses 22 cattle....
Abraham 1 free, 9 negro tithes, 14 young negroes....
Abraham Daniel ...2 free tithes, 9 negro tithes, 15 negroes not tithes...

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Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City Co VA (Now the City of Hampton), Deeds, Wills, Court Orders, Etc. 1634, 1659, 1688-1702. Rosemary Corley Neal C.G. 1986 Deeds, Wills, Miscellaneous: 1688-1702
238=133 ct 18 Jul 1698 It is the judgment of this Court that Dido, negro girl belonging to Wm Smelt, is ten years old & she to be accounted tithable according to Act.

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Essex Co VA Order Book Abstr 1716-1723 (2). Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=17 Sep 1718-17 May 1720]
126=419 17 May 1720 Wm Daniels' Negro boy Dick is adjudged to be ten years of age. [next] James Lyndsey's Negro girl Judy is adjudged to be ten years of age.
Essex Co VA Wills, Bonds, Invs, Etc. 1722-1730. John Frederick Dorman
26=108 will Robert Paine of St Anns Par Essex wr 29 Dec 1724, pr 21 Sep 1725.
wf Moneca Paine, Neagore boy Samboe, furniture.
son Lawson [land].
dau Eliz. Paine all the rest and residue of my land and plantations.
exrx wf Moneca and exr Capt Thomas Wearing.
wit Danl Gaines, William Doyle, James Shippey. pr by Capt Thomas Waring exr and by James Shippey

92=370 will Nathaniel Conduit of Essex wr 3 Oct 1729 pr 21 Jul 1730.
dau Mary on Negro boy Harry.
all rest of my personall est to Susanna my beloved wf.
Sole exrx my wf. Nathaniel (x) Conduit.
wit John (x) Hampton, Thomas (x) Dorss, Jams. (x) Conduit. pr by exrx and by John Harrison, Thomas Dorse and James Conduit. bond of Susannah Conduit as exrx. 500. 21 Jan 1730, sec John (x) Conduit, John (x) Harrison. wit Mark Weekes. ackn 21 Jul 1730.
93=390 inv Nathaniel Conduit. est not valued; includes 5 Negroes. sig by Susa. (x) Conduit. ret 15 Sep 1730.

Essex Co VA Will Abstr 1735-1743. Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=WB6 20 Jan 1735-17 May 1743]
27=79 will Susanah Conduit wr 10 Feb 1736/7 pr 21 Jun 1737.
son Nathanaell Conduit 3 negroes Lucy, Judey, Sawny.
dau Mary Conduit 1 young negro boy Toby.
lend to son John Conduit my negro man Crofford during my sd Sons natural life, only I reserve this present years Service of ye sd negro to my Son Nathanaell Conduit & my will and meaning is that after my son John's deceas the negro man shall return to my other fore mentioned children.
bequests of stock and furniture to same chn.
exr Nathanael Conduit. wit Samuel Bizwell, Wm Harrison, Elias (x) Harrison. presented by Nathaniel Conduit, pr by Samuel Bizwell.

52=145 appr est Thomas Daniels, val 35.18.10. (some items being) a negro man named Sam, [furniture, clothes, stock, household].
ordered 15 Aug 1738, appr dated 18 Sep 1738, recd 19 Sep 1738. Ralph (x_ Rowzee admr. appr Robt French, John Andrews, John Atkinson.

Essex Co VA Deed Abstr 1749-1751. Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=DB24, p334-447 and DB25, p1-274]
12=24-357 bond Robert Parker of Essex to Sarah Noell wid and exrx of Bernard Noell 16 Sep 1749. Robert Parker hath some time past made a Will in writing and given a Mulato Boy slave called and known by the name of Ben to one Natha Conduit's Children, and on further consideration has destroyed the said Will and has sold the said Mulato Boy and one Negro wench called Jenny to the above said Sarah Noell her heirs in consideration of 100a of land which said land was left by Barnard Noell deced, for to buy a slave or slaves for the support of the deced's family. Now if the above bound Robert Parker shall at all times warrant the said slaves and their increase to the said Sarah Noell her heirs &c. from the claim or demant of the above said Conduit's Children, or any other person claiming under him or them, then the above obligation to be void otherwise to stand and remain in full force & virtue. wit Thomas Ayres, John Melear. 19 Sep 1749 pr by both wit, recd.

Essex Co VA Land Recds 1761-1772. Mary Marshall Brewer 2006
62=DB29-346 Bond 1 Sep 1764 John Daniel & James Daniel of Caroline Co, Priscilla Daniel, Harrison Daniel, Nathaniel Conduitt & Ann Daniel of Essex Co [that] the afsd John Daniel, James Daniel, Priscillia Daniel, Harison Daniel for himself & for Mary Daniel an infant, Nathaniel Conduitt for himself & for Thomas Farmer & Ann Daniel [will] keep to the division & settlement of James Rennolds, David Dishman & Edward Vauter [of] the estate of James Daniel decd equally amongst the afsd parties after their mother's part is assigned her out of the same & she the sd Priscilla Daniel doth hereby oblige herself to take no more than the two old Negroes George & Phillis for her part of the slaves, also to let the afsd John Daniel have the first choice of the ballance of the slaves after the two afsd are assigned to his mother & that the sd settlers (either two of them) do give up their schedule of such division.... wit James Rennolds, David Dishman, Edward Vauter, James Conduitt. pr 17 Dec 1764 by wit James Rennolds.
62/63=DB29-347 [next entry] The subscribers being named elected & chosen by Priscillia Daniel, John Daniel, James Daniel, Harrison Daniel for himself & for Mary Daniel an infant, Nathaniel Conduitt for himself & for Thomas Farmer an infant & Ann Daniel to divide equally the estate of James Daniel decd according to bonds [abstractor adds "[see above]"]...we allot:
to Mrs. Priscillia Daniel the two old Negroes George & Phillis which she has already taken as her choise during her natural life [then to heirs of James Daniel decd]
to John Daniel two Negroes named Hannah & Esther & their increase...
to James Daniel one Negro named Will...
to Harrison Daniel one Negro named Sam...
to Nathaniel Conduitt one Negro named Davy as also Bob whom he have purch...
to Ann Daniel have one Negro named Bett and her increase...
to Harrison Daniel for an [sic] on the acct of Mary Daniel an infant for whom he is guardian one Negro named George...
to Nathaniel Conduit for an [sic] on the behalf of Thomas Farmer an infant one Negro named Ben...
sig 16 Nov 1764 by James Rennolds, David Dishman, Edward Vawter. presented to court 17 Dec 1764 and recd.

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31655 VA Goochland Deeds and Wills: Deed books (with wills, inventories, etc.), 1728-1901; general indexes to deeds, wills, etc., 1728-1969
p. 422 will of Joh Eavans [=John Evans] of Saint James Northam parish & Goochland County, wr 5 May 1752 pr 19 Nov 1754
to my only son Josep [sic several times]...
to my eldest dau Elesabeth Daniel...
to my dau Cathrina a Negro Girl named Beck. ..
to my dau Mary a Negro mand named Will...
to my dau Martha a Negro Girl named Lucy...
exrs George Thompson and Samuel Weaver. wit Elizabeth Farrar, William Thompson, Mary (x) Womack).
wr 5 May 1752 pr 19 Nov 1754 by Farrar and Womack. [the 1752 is written out and is clearly two, but/and it's slightly understandable how someone might call it 1755, but not if they looked at the fifty! and if they checked the probate date.]
p. 346 is deed John Evans to son Joseph 267a...with one Negro wench named Lucy. wit Nath Lacy, Elkanah Lacy, Mary (x) Givin. wr 26 Nov 1753, recd 19 Mar 1754.
[Joseph Evans md. Susannah Lacy, their chn b. 1744-1762 in Douglass register, but there's a Joseph next to John in some early tithe lists, so this could be a grandson?]

31653 Goochland Will Books 1-3,
3-359 Will of Charles Christian of Goochland, wr 18 Sep 1783, pr 16 Feb 1784
Son William Christian...sons Walter Christian & George Christian...son Walter Christain 250 a. in Amherst Co. and negro man Will...
son George Christian...negro women Suck and her increase from this time forwards, negro girll Hannah...
daughter Mourning Christian...negro women Fanny, negro boy Ben, negro girl Judith...
Judith Woodson Danniell...
remainder of estate after just debts be paid to Charles Christian, John Christian, Elijah Christian, Elizabeth Humbin, Mary Grish, Judith Lacy & Morning Christian to be equally divided among them...
Turner Christian, Walter Christian and George Christian executors.
Wits: William Turner, Josiah Leak, Lucy Leak.

31655 Goochland Deed books [with wills, inventories, etc.], v. 6-8 1749-1765
will of Walter Leak, wr 31 Oct 1757, pr 16 May 1758
to son Josiah...[and he] to pay to Samuel Leak
to sons John and William, to sons Mask and Elisha
to daus Mary Christian, Christine Johnston, Judith Leake
to dau Elizabeth Negro Girl Agge
to wf [all else including Negros]

Goochland Co, VA Wills and Deeds 1728-1736 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III
[wills and deeds are all in the deed bks at these times]
66=111 Will of Daniel Hix wr 26 Nov 1734, rec 15 Jul 1735
All moveable es to wf Joan for widowhood and 2 negroes
To eldest dau Lucy Hix, a negro man
To youngest dau Windfred Hix, negro man
To well-beloved cousin Archer Hix, my set of troopers arms To eldest dau Lucy
To dau Winefred
Exec wf Joan, but if she dies when daus underage, then Capt. James Holman to be exec.
wit J. Williams, Henry Holman, Wilminton (x) Harris, sig Daniel Hix

Goochland Co, VA Wills and Deeds 1736-1742 by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III =Bk3
49=345 Will of Henry Holman of G=, wr 10 Apr 1739, rec 19 Aug 1740
To wf Mourning...1 negro Lucy, and her increase, if any to my son Nathaniel at 21, between him and wife my child goes with. [sic in this abstr, prob child my wife goes with]
If chn die w/o heirs, then property to my cousin James Holman, son of my bro James Holman.
execs my wf and mo bro James
wit James Barrett, John Williams, Rebeckah (x) Hix. sig Henry Holman

LDS film #31657 Goochland DBs 12-14 (with wills and inventories)
12-147 12-147 [doc] will Obadiah Daniel wr 17 Jul 1777 pr 15 Jun 1778.
to wf Sarah during life [land] and the choice of 4 negroes.
to my four sons Mosley, John, Ezekiel, Ichabud [sic] [lands] and 8 negroes.
to my dau Mary Lovell one negro man Harry. I also lend her one negroe girl names Jany and at dau Mary Lovell decease I give sd Jany and her increase to my 4 sons.
exrs two sons John Daniel and Ichabod Daniel. wit Robt Lewis, H. ?S. H-all/H pace.

12-203 [doc] appr Obadiah Daniel ret 16 Nov 1778 by John ?--kins? [not Watkins]
Silas 100
James 200
Marey 100
Rachel & Childe Jude 200
George 80
Cate 150
Lucey 125
Isabell 150
Suck 100
Robin 75
Bristo 25

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Halifax Co VA Deed Books 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 1759-1767 by Marian Dodson Chiarito
5-405 3 Dec 1764 Saml. Jones of Hal to Joseph Pulliam of same, 532.10, (for sd Jones by sd Pulliam engaged to pay to several persons hereafternamed) the following slaves &c; Dick, Gambo, Cesar, Cupit, Bridget, Mical, Sal, Nel and Eady & their increase, also 4 hd cattle...& all other estate, ...the condition of sd deed, sd Joseph Pulliam stands bound as Security for sd Jones to Chesley Daniel for 350, to be pd by 5 Dec 1767, to Thomas Robinson for 182.10, to be pd by 25 Dec 1764...if sd Jones discharge sd several sums & keep sd Pulliam harmless, above deed to be void...otherwise to stand in full force...Signed Saml. Jones. Wit Garland Terry, John Pulliam, William Wier. Rec 20 Jun 1765

Halifax VA Will Book O 1752-1773. Marian Dodson Chiarito
57=O-342 James Hill, accts current. The orphans of James Hill with Robert Wooding, gdn. Names mentioned: Agness Daniel for coming to negro Lucy, Sarah Weir for delivering her of Charles, 15 negroes (not named), Reuben Ragland for schooling two chn, boarding three chn, Simon Holt for smiths work, John Byrn for building the sd cornhouse, 4 gallons of rum for the reeping.

Halifax VA Will Book 1 1773-1783. Marian Dodson Chiarito
p.8 James Hill gdn acct Jan 1771, $ to Sarah Weir and Mrs. Daniel for delivering negro wench Lucy (still born).

31862 VA Halifax Will Books 0-2 Wills, Inventories and Accounts, Etc
1-379 will of James Daniel
wr 22 May 1781, pr 15 Nov 1781
to my beloved wife Anne...a Negro wench named Moll, also a Negro Girl named Hannah with their Increase also a Negro Boy Named Oliver...after her Deceas [sic] the Negroes and their Increase to be Equally Dived [sic] amonguest [sic] my Children hereafter named Viz Moses, Jeremiah, Hopkins, Echols, Catharine but if they Cannot agree in the division of the Negroes they shall be sold and the Money Equally Divided Amongue the above named Children
Wife Anna as also Terry Daniel and William Daniel my Brothers Executors
witnesses: Richard Daniel, Terry Daniel, Agness Daniel, Adam Winders
bondsmen for Anna as exrx: Moses Echols and Obadiah Echols

1-428 will of Richard Daniel, wr 13 Apr 1782, pr 20 Feb 1783
beloved wife also all my Slaves and all the remainder of my whole Estate during her natural life
to my Son Terry
to my beloved wife Agness a Negro wench named Jenny to her and her Heirs forever
to my son Terry a Negro Boy named Rypaun[?, abstr says Rybourn]
to my son William a Negro Girl named Sarah with her Increase
to my son Richard a Negro fellow named Cato as also a Negro Woman named Serger with her increase
to my son David a negro wench nam'd Hannah as also a negro Boy named Jesse with the increase of the said wench Except a reserve I make of the next living Child that she brings for my Son Royall, to him and his Heirs forever
to my son Royal a Negro Wench nam'd Suckey as also the next live Child that Negro Hannah brings which is mentioned as also made a reserve of in the above bequest
to my Daughter Christiana a negro wench named Nancy as also her child named Anna to her and her Heirs forever
to my Son Thomas Terry...a Negro Girl named Phillis with her increase to him and his heirs forever.
Item Its my will and desire that a negro Girl be rais'd and purchased out of the remainder of my Estate the time of Purchase at my wifes discretion, the Negro Girl to be sound and health [sic] and not younger than fourteen years of Age and the said Negro with her increase its my will that James Daniel and Richard Daniel and his wife Drusilla which is my Daughter do Enjoy and possess the aforesaid Negro with her increase during their and each of their natural lives and at their Deceases I give and bequeath the same negro Girl with her increase to be Equally Devided amonguest the said Drusilla's Children to them and their Heirs forever. beloved wife Agness and my Son Terry also my son William Executors
witnesses: Thos. Day, Mary her X mark Day, Luke Powell, Adam Winders

2-75 will of Richard Daniel wr 9 Apr 1784 pr 19 Aug 1784. [this is son of above Richard Daniel]
to mother Agness Daniel to have a negro fellow Cato and a woman Singer (?) during her life then to be equally divided amongst my bros and sisters...that is to say Terry, William, David, Drusilla, Royall, Thomas Terry, and Christianna....
exrs bros Terry and Royall Daniel. wit Thos Day, John Parker, Adam Winders. sec Thomas Day & Royall Daniel

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Patent Book 8 p.172, 20 Oct 1691
patent to Mr. John Wosham, Mr. Edward Straton, Mr. Abraham Womack...tract in Henrico, parish of Verina, on north side of Swift Creeke, begining at mouth of Cold Water Run...for importation of 18 persons: 5 negroes by Cert. granted Mr. Rich Kennon for seventy negroes by Henrico Court 1 Apr 1690, Richard Lewis, Judith Lewis, Sarah Somerseals, Clemons Proveer, John Stewart, Wm. Miggettoe, James Ruttlidge, John Bull, Eliza, Pain, Dick, Tom, Nan, Peter, negroes.

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film #2024587 Henry VA Personal Prop Taxes
1783 alph, takers indicated at left, so helps group across names
list taken by Lyon - John Daniel Senr & Negro Sam, 2 tithes, 1 wh tithe >21, 1 slv over 16, 2 horse, 6 cattle, 1.5.6
list taken by Lyon - Edward Tatum, with Jesse Tatum, Rafe and Cuse (slaves)

Henry Co VA Will Abstracts v.1&2 1777-1820. Lela C. Adams
14=I93/94 Inv and appr est John Blagg 24 Aug 1781, retd 26 Nov 1784 by Richard Tankersley, John Tarrent, Richard Daniel [N.B. OB has this as Reubin Daniel in appt of appraisers]. Incl 13 negros: Abram, Jack, Jacob, Jesse, Nann, Esther, Sally, Sophia, Prue, Frank, Jua [sic], Patrick and Obediah, furniture, family bible, 3 vols Stanhopes Works upon the Gospel, prayer book, black walnut desk, stock, plantation tools. No T. [total]

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Isle of Wight

IOW Co VA Deeds 1750-1782. William Lindsay Hopkins 1995 64=DB10-271 William Ponsonby to Sophia Lewis spinster 31 Oct 1749(?), 3 Negro slaves named Phillis and her ch Sabena and Negro man called Taffy. wit Thomas Ussell (x), John Daniel (x), William Ponsonby Jr, Charles Chapman.

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Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County VA by Ruth & Sam Sparacio
v.1 covers 4 Feb 1656-12 Mar 1661 from OB 1656-1666
101=p.173 12 Mar 1661/62 Certificate accordinge to Acte is granted unto Lt. Coll. Robt: Smyth for the transportacon of Wm: Daniell, Thomas Dawkins, Roger Shawcocke, Richd. Bostocke, Tho: Searelisby, Abra: Lawes, Jo: Kirke, Willm: Skelton, John Godfry, John Glasson, Tho: Wyneate, Geo: Davyes, Peter Bennett, Will: Hill, Will: Lary, Fran: Streete, Robt: Lee, Jo: Brownin, Hen: Ball, Tho: Rapier, Tho: Wrots, Rich: Thompsin, Robt. Whithorns, Math: Stevenson & Phill: James. Tho: Browne, Will: Morrell, Wm: Chapman, Mno Breading, Sara Chip, Mary Turner, Ann Linsky, Eliz: Clarke, Joan Morgan, Eliz: Pellington, Herman Gillett & 8 Negroes.
v.3 1666-1669
40=p.60 11 Mar 1667-68 Certificate accordinge to Acte of Assembly is granted unto Dan: Harrison for ye transportacon of ye p:sons hereafter menconed into this Countrey, vizt., Norah Mckgoll, Katheryn Daniell, Anne Chamlyn, Joane Palmer, Will: Pearle, Thomas Harwood, one Negroe woeman & John Peters.

Deed and Will Abstracts of Lancaster Co, VA 1661-1702 by Ruth and Sam Sparacio 1991
v.2 = OB 1656-1666 pp175-388
p.285-286 John Curtys to Tho: Bowler Mercht, all right and title of Six English Servts & six Negro women: Willm Hoy, Hugh Williams, Tho: Price, Tho Peirce, Jo: Watson & Tho: Reynolds, Diana, Jone, Franke, Jane, Anne, Maria. 7 May 1664, wit Tho Harwarr, John Sergeant. recog 14 Sep 1664

850107 #2 VA Lancaster Colonial Abstracts, v.1 1656-1666 [DAR]
[the film goes on to v. 2]
Lancaster County Orders 1656/7-1666
#3 p.172, 12 Mar 1661/2 court, Cert. to Lt. Coll. Robt. Smyth for the trans. of Wm. Daniell, Thomas Dawkins, Roger Shawcocke, Richd. Bostorke, Tho. Scarilisby, Abra: Lauds, Jo: Kirke, William Skelton, John Godfrey, John Blaston, Tho. Myniah, Geo. Danyers, Peter Bennett, Will: hill [sic], Will. Lacy, ffran: Streete, Robt. Lee, Jo: Brouwne [sic], hen. [sic] Ball, Tho. Rapier, Tho: Wren, Rich: Thompson, Robt. Whitehaven, Math: Stevenson, Peter James, Tho: Browne, Will: Morrell, Wm. Chapman, Geo. Breading, Sarah Chip, Mary Turner, Ann Linby, Eliz. Clarke, Joan Morgan, Eliz. Pellington, Girman Gillett & Negroes.

#3A p.30 Court 8 May 1677, Cert. to Robt. Price for the trans. of Daniell Banbury, Charles Towers hurst [sic], James Stout & one negro.

Deeds 1666-1680 [but two years omitted]
#4 p. 31 Court 10 May 1665
Shipped by Jo: Barwicke in ship Charles of Southton, riding at anchor in Charl---? Bay, bound for Va., signed James Knowles of Barbadoes, 1 Oct 1661. Isaac hill [sic] Att. of Capt. Jo: Barwicke ack. bill of Lading of Negroes & goods of 7 May 1665, Wit. Cuth. Potter & Jo: Smyth; rec'd 15 May 1665 full satisfaction of Robt. Price for goods above specified, Wit. same, Recog. 20 Jan 1667

p.70-95 = Orders 1666-1680
72 = #3A p.30 Court 8 May 1677, Cert. to Robt. Price for the trans. of Daniell Banbury, Charles Towers hurst [sic], James Stout & one negro.

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VA Lunenburg Deeds 1746-1900 [various films]

6-56 Richard Coleman of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg to William Gordon of same of the 2nd part, and Martha Coleman, Martha Vicars, Lucy and Jean Coleman of same for the 3rd part. natural love and affection. slaves, household, stock. intended for the use of Martha Coleman, Martha Vicars, Lucy and Jean Coleman, provided always that William Gordon may sell any part of the Negroes, household furniture, and stock in order to pay the debts of the said Richard Coleman. wit David Garland, Geo Walton, Chisley Daniel. recd 6 May 1760
11-274 John Jenings of Lunenburg to Rev'd James Craig of Lunenburg and Cumberland Parish 27 Jun 1768, 55, have sold Craig one Negro Girl named Nan. wit Chesley Daniel, George Tarry, Robert Moore. recd 18 Jun 1769
20-222 Horatio Winn & trustee Stephen Smith to James Mcfarland [sic] all of Lun, deed of trust sec by Winn's negro man boy Harry & 120a where Winn lives, bgt [?] of Frances Pettipool exrx of Wm Pettipool decd, Lun Co, Couches Crk. wit Thomas L. Lochhead, George (x) Daniel, Allen Hurt. recd 10 Jul 1806

Lunenburg Co VA Order Books [series of pamphlets], Bks 2-8, 1748-1762 by June Banks Evans
5-112 Sep Ct 1758 On his motion, Leonard Daniel & Bob, Dover added to tithables list
next: On his motion, Chisly Daniel & Jas Goodall, Gloster, Newman added to tithables list

Early Wills 1746-175 Lunenburg Co VA by Katherine B. Elliott
also in Lunenburg co VA Wills 1746-1825. Landon C. Bell 1972
WB1-336 [I'm including because I imagine the slaves are named in the original: James Cocke wr 1 Feb 1761, recd 1 Dec 1761; to bro William Cocke. to friend Thomas Anderson 15 acres; mentions mother but not by name; sister Susannah Coleman - negro; sister Anne Cocke - negro; sister Mary Anderson - negro; sister Martha Cocke - negro; to brother William Cocke remainder of my estate....
exr brother William Cocke and friend Edmund Taylor, wit Richard Hall, Thos Bracey, John Lynch,.

Lunenburg Deed Bks by June Banks Evans
4-337 26 Apr 1756 Robert Wooding of Antrim Par in Halifax co owes money to John Hood, merchant, in Pr Geo co. Wooding mtgs [lots of real prop, negroes, livestock], ...wit John Camp, William (x) Coventon. rec 4 Nov 1756

Lunenburg Co VA Deed Books 1-16 (1746-1795), An Every-Name Index by T.L.C. Genealogy 1992
10-230 10 Oct 1765. I Jeremiah Hatcher of Lunen, 140, sell to Edward Goode of Meck co, 4 Negroes: Hanner, Tab, Jude, & Delce. recd 10 Oct 1765
10-231 10 Oct 1765. I Jeremiah Hatcher of Lunen, 50, sell to Edward Goode of Meck co, 2 Negro Wenches, Luce and Sue. wit Antho Street. recd 10 Oct 1765.

Lunenburg Co VA Court Orders 1752-1762: An Every-Name Index to Order Books 2 1/2A, 2 1/2B 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 by T.L.C. Genealogy 1995
[I'm using 2.5 for the 2 1/2 books] 2.5A p.581 Apr 1753 On motion Wm white, following hands assist: Christopher Hudson & his 2 Negro's, John Humphris, James Tucker, Wm Bevil, Adam Winders & his Negro, James Bilbo, John Carrel, Wm Jones & his 2 Negro's, Jos Ragsdales negro, Warner Tucker, Jos Greer & his Prentice, Edwd Goode & his Negro, Jos Gill & his, Robt Hatcher

Lunenburg Co Road Orders 1746-1764 by Nathaniel Mason Paulett & Tyler Jefferson Boyd., no date
p. 61=3 Apr 1753, p. 581. On the motion of William White, It is Ordered that the following hands, to wit, Christopher Hudson & his two Negro's, John Humphris, James Tucker, William Bevil, Adam Winders & his Negro, James Bilbo, John Carrel, William Jones & his two Negro's, Joseph Ragsdales Negro, Warner Tucker, Joseph Greer & his Prentice, Edward Goode & his Negro, Joseph Gill & his, & Robert Hatcher, do assist the said White in Clearing & keeping in Repair the Road whereof the said White is Surveyor.

Sunlight on the Southside by Landon C. Bell
The 1772 list of Thomas Winn shows Robert Coleman and a note at the bottom of list saying "The slaves of Richd. Coleman were named Joshua, Betty, Chloe."

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Mecklenburg Co, VA Deeds v.1-4. TLC
60=6-293 I Ludwell Evans of Meck for divers good causes and 1000, to Edward Finch, 2 Negroes named Rachel, about 13 years old, Harry, 13 years old. Also [stock, equip, furniture, kitchenware, tack]. 28 Jul 1783. wit Henry Carleton, John Finch, Martin Daniel. recd 11 Aug 1783.

[Following are from original Mecklenburg VA Deed Bks from LDS films [email me for exact #s as needed]
Meck DB 6-472 [not in main index, in book index, see land deed below] manumission.
"To all whom it may concern Know that by an act of Generall assembly of Virginia pass [sic] in May 1782 intitled an act to authorize the manumision of slaves those persons who are disposed to emancipate there [sic] slaves are empowered so to do under restriction and when as almighty has so disposed Human even that I Samuel Holmes of Mclenburg [sic, c is superscript] County in ye state of Virginia have now in my possession and hitherto have detained as a slave Daniel supposed to be about the age of twenty five and being conscience of the injustice and criminality of such detention do hereby emancipate and set free the said Daniel declareing him intirely and fully discharged without any interuption from me or mine and he be hereafter intitled to all the previliges intered by ye said act to slaves thus liberated to all intent and purposes and feeling myself deeply interested in the future behaviour and prosperity may God of his infinite goodness and mercy so dispose his heart as to enable him to pass thro this troublesome world with tranquility and so in ye fear of God that he may have eternal life in the --world in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand an affixed my seal the 9th day of May 1785. Saml Holmes. recd 9 May 1785.
10-413 Thomas G. Taylor to (Free Negro) Daniel recd 8 Dec 1800= [see manumission above 6-472] Thomas G. Taylor to Holmese's Free Daniel, 26 Nov 1800, 25, 60a lying the north west of Amas Zode [sic very clear, but is it for Road?] bd Randolph line, "the above said Road", by James Watson on north, by land formerly known by the name of Randolph on the west, by Thomas G. Taylor on the South. wit Samuel Holmes, James Taylor Jr, Isaac Holmes.

Meck DB 13-81 bill of sale Walter Daniel to Thomas S. Allen both Meck 9 Sep 1806, 37, one Mullattoe Boy Slave named John, alias John Clayton. wit Francis Jones, Richard Brown, [proved by both wits], recd 8 Sep 1806

[The following James Daniel is the son of Chesley Daniel and Judith Christian of Tranquility Plantation in Granville NC. Chesley had died in 1814. James lived in Mecklenburg but had dealings in Granville throughout his life; he d. by 1841. His estate is covered later in this section.] Meck DB 15-244 certificate for importation of slaves, James Daniel recd 21 Feb 1814
[Where there are ditto marks or "do" I am repeating those words in brackets, except that all have ditto marks for "years old" so I put ditto marks here.]
A list of Negroes removed by James Daniel from Granville County North Carolina into Meccklenburt Virginia:
Dick 33 years old low, stout made and very black
Ned about 25 " tall spare [made and very black]
Ned 23 " middle stature spare [very black]
Mark 20 " middling tall stout and not very black
Newman 18 " middle stature stout very [black]
Charles 18 " large as Common to his age not very black
Edmund 17 " [large as Common to his age] little yellowish
Tom 16 " [large as Common to his age little yellowish]
Jordan 16 " [[large as Common to his age] very black
George 16 " [large as Common to his age] little yellowish
Theodore 14 [large as Common to his age little yellowish]
Frank 13 " [large as Common to his age] Yellow
Jim 10 " [large as Common to his age Yellow]
Henry 4 " [large as Common to his age] black
Granderson 2 " [large as Common to his age] not very black
June 37 years old above common height Yellowish complexion
Jinney about 34 " Common size not very black
Fanny 26 " [Common size] very black
June 25 " [Common size very black]
Eliza 21 " under [Common size] not very black
Mina 16 " Common size not very black
Frankey 15 " very low stout and very black
Narcissa 14 " [very] large to her age a little yellowish
Lucy 13 " Common size very black
Nelly 12 " Common size not very black
Agness 11 " larger than common not very black
Sarah 12 " smaller than comjmon to her age not very black
Salley 10 " large as common to her age very black
Amey 8 " [large as common to her age] not very black
Phebe about 8 " [large as common to her age] not very black
Sylvia 6 " [large as common to her age] yellowish complexion
Eliza 4 " large as common to her age] very black
Susanna 2 " [large as common to her age] yellow
15 males and 18 Females - 33 in all
Mecklenburg County iss. [sic?]
This 21st February 1814 James Daniel made oath before me justice of the peace for the said County the above list containg [sic] the truth to the best of his belief and that the said slaves were not brought into this State for the purpose of sale, or with intent to evade the law for preventing the further importation of slaves Given under my hnadn the day and year above written. R. H. Walker
At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 21st day of February 1814
This Certificate was presented unto Court by James Daniel and on his motion It is Ordered that the same be recorded. Teste William Baskerville Cl. Cur.

Meck DB 17-685 1819 January 14 A list of Stark Daniels Negroes brought into this State to give act of as the law decrees is as follows:
Woman Jane
do Winn
Boy Sterling
do Granderson
do Tom
do Doctor
Girl Beckey
do Salley
do Age
Boy Moses
do Rafe
do Bevely
Mecklenburg County towit [it's really not Court]
This day came Stark Daniel before me a Justice of the peace for the said County and made Oath that he did bring the above named Negroes into this Commonwealth but not for any Intention of trading or Speculating on them for his own use and further said that he had Received the said negroes and did not bring them here to avade [sic] the laws of this Commonwealth concerning the importation of Slaves or to intrude on the same Given under my hand the day and date above written. Charles Hamblin JP
At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 15th day of March 1819 -
The within List and Certificate was exhibited into [not really unto] Court by Stark Daniel, on whose motion they are ordered to be recorded. Teste [blank]

Meck DB 21-212 John Tillotson of Meck to Henry M. Daniel 12 Jan 1825, sd John Tillotson is indebted to Thomas Brown surviving partner of George and Thomas Brown for $107.53 by note 12 Jan 1825 [same day], for further sum of $1, one Negro boy Edward about 8 years of age. Tillotson to pay by 25 Dec next. wit S. V. P Pool, J. T? Keen?, John Cuthrath Jr. pr by Stephen P Pool, John T? Keen?, John Cuthrath Jr. recd 17 Jan 1825.

Meck DB 23-169 William J. B. Bedford of Meck of the first to James Daniel same of the second and Stephen Bedford of Charlotte VA and Beverly Daniel of city of Raleigh NC of the third 7 Apr 1828, [there is a huge description of the debts and dates] .... now witnesseth that sd William J. Bedford [omitted B.] desirous of securing sd Bedford and Daniel on acct of above named debts and for $1, William J. B. Bedford sells which sd William J. B. Bedford purch of John L. Field and Richard H. Walker lying on the Roanoke river in Meck [~for bds refer to deeds], the Field tract 500a, the Walker tract 600a, and the following negroes: ?Boney? [not Henry but close, or a bad Toney], anacha [sic, I think it may be trying for the sound of "Anneky"], Doctor, Weston, Anna, Dolly, Davey and the following hirelings to wit Frank, Edmund, Evans, Bob, John, Barbour, Phoeby, Agness, Lewis, Ben, Jasper, to the 1 Jan 1829, [stock, tools, crops, his Stallion called Hanoculoth?, his library, furniture, guns, household and kitchcen, and also 3/4 sections of military land lying in the state of Mississippi [description], 7 shares of Roanoke stock and all the bonds and debts due him together will his property not particularly named to the sd James Daniel. if William J. B. Bedford pays debts this to be void, if not Stephen Bedford or Beverly Daniel to sell. sigs William J. B. Bedford, Jas Daniel. wit Robert Hughes, Baxter Smith, Alex P/Beeler Sen. recd 18 Apr 18128.

Meck DB23-247 Stark Daniel to James Daniel all Meck 28 May 1828, Stark Daniel indebted to Thomas Brown surviving partner of George & Thomas Brown by note 23 Apr last $1119.40 w/interest, and Stark Daniel indebted to Henry M. Daniel & Co by note 21 Dec 1827 $271.37 w/interest, desirous of securing, for $1 to James Daniel, negro slaves Sterling a man about 20 years of age, Harmon a man about 32 years of age, Jane a woman about 40 years old, Judy a woman about 17 years old and her two children one of them about 3 years old and the other about two months old, Winny a woman about 25 years old and her child about 8 months old, Lizzy a girl about 10 years old and Sally a girl about 13 years old with their future increase, also 235a on waters of Arons in Co of Meck VA which I bought of Lewis Griffin, Robert Griffin and Milly Griffin. Stark to pay by 1 Aug next. wit Jno J. Daniel. recd 21 Jul 1828.

Meck DB23-476 Sterling Fowler to James Daniel both Meck 4 Dec 1828, Fowler indebted to Thomas Brown $165.73 by note [today's date], for $1, sells to James Daniel one negro girl named Sucky about 12 years old with her future increase, [stock with increase, furniture, household and kitchen]. Fowler to pay by 1 Jan next. wit Henry M. Daniel, Jno J. Daniel. recd 18 May 1829.

Mecklenburg Co VA Tax Lists of 1782 and 1784 by Simmons Historical Publications 1987
these are darkened photostats of orig, not the same as film 1511949

["Prince" on the lists of my Edward Goode (there's also another Edward Goode line here) was born about 1765 according to the 1850 census, or about 1753 according to the 1860 census where he's listed as 106 years old! He was passed to Edward's son, John Goode. John went for a short while to North Carolina and South Carolina. In the 1790 Rutherford census John is shown with 5 slaves. In the 1800 SC Greenville census John Goode is shown with 9 slaves. Then he went on to Trigg County. There he freed Prince and his wife Alse in 1822. Prince stayed in Trigg, married a second time and had family there, and died sometime after 1860. There is more info on Prince and his family in the Kentucky section of these records.]

1782 [lists ~alph]
name, and names of any subsequent males over 21 who were free, names of all slaves, wh males >21-number slaves-cattle-horses/mules/colts-wheels for carriages-ordinary licenses-billiard tables-amount of taxes .s.p
list of Samuel Dedman:
Goode Joseph, Phas, Winney, Abby, Isham, Ben, Lucy, Will, 1-7-15-5-0-0-0-4.13.9
skip 2, one is William Green, 36 named slaves
Goode Edward jr, Robin, Tom, Lucy, Rashel, Judy, Park, 1-6-13-6-0-0-0-4.7.9
list of Reuben Vaughan:
Goode Edward Senr, Gwin, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Isam, Nan, Jude, Sol, Bet, Philis, Amph, Simon, Prince, James, Nany, 1-16-28-7-0-0-0-4.11.0
Goode Richd, Peg, Charles, Reuben, Chansy, 1-4-5-2-0-0-0-2.15.3
Goode Thomas, Jack, Dick, 1 Dumb Negro & 2 others, 1-5-10-5-0-0-0-3.12.6
Goode Jno, 0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0.2.0
1784 alph, names and other wh males >21 and slave names, wh m?21-slaves >16, slaves<16, cattle, horse/mares/colts/mules-wheels for riding carriages-ordinary licences-billiard tables [no column for amts]
list of Roger Gregory
Goode Samuel 19 slave names, 2-19-15-79-16-0-0-0-
list of William Johnson
Goode John, 17 slave names, 1-17-22-39-13-0-0-0
list of Claverius Coleman
Goode Edward, John Goode, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Jack, James, Phillis, Nan, Jude, Lace, Bebb/Bett [dash], Prince, James, Toney, Abram, Will Nan, 2-11-7-18-8
Goode Richard, Charles, Pegg, Robin, Chany, Jude, Griss, Wm, Jim, Danl, Dick Tom, Jacob, Prisoner [sic?], Sam, Sam [another], John, Jack, Moll, Hannah, Jane, Phillis, Amy, Edy, Phebe, Isa, Pompy, Sam, Ned, Jim, Doctor, Lapney[?], Isaas, Bob, Phill, Frank, Davy, Abba, Abba [twice], Rashel, Lucy, Bridget, Lucy, Lucy [twice], Nan, Moll, Dassus, --er, Jim Fanny, 1-17-25-61-22-0-0-0
list "Added by order of May court 1784
Goode Bennett 12 slave names, 1-12-14-60-10-2-0-0

1854098 VA Mecklenburg Personal Property Taxes 1782-1805
1782 alphabetical. The book list for this year is above, and I trust its transcriptions much more than my reading!

free male >21-slaves-cattle-horses,mules,???-???;value
list of Samuel Dedman Gent
Goode Joseph, Phan?, Winney, Abby, Isham, Ben, Lucy, Will 1-7-15-5;4.13.9
list of Reuben Vaughan Gent
Goode Edwd Junr Gwin, Will, Ben, Sam, Gates [?Peter], Isam, Nan, Jude, Sal, Bet, Philos, As---t, S?i--, Prince, James, Nancy 1-16-28-7;9.11
Goode Richd Peg, Charles, Reuben, Chaney 1-4-5-2;2.15.3
Goode Thomas, Jack, Dick, 1 Dess-t negro & Esther [2 others] 1-5-10-5;3.12.6
free males >21-slaves>16-slaves <16-cattle, horses mares colts, wheels ?for any carriage?-ord license
list of James Anderson
Goode Thomas, Charles Thompson, Ben Simons, Charles York, Jack, Abram, Lucy, Nell, Agg, Lucy, Sal, Aggy, Betty, Ussup, Alce, Robin, Ab---, John Asa, Nanny, Selah, Effy, Annea, Ben, Daniel, Billey, Phil, Gloster, Peg, Moses, Eve, Nancy Adam, Sary, Judy, Dick, Molly, Ju?stinian, Lurg, Abby, Sam, Bob 2-16-24-30-18-2-0
list of Claverius Coleman
Good Joseph, Phebe, Winney? ov:16, Isham, Ann, Lucy, Will, Milley under 161-2-5-11-5-0-0
Goode Edward ?r, Tom, Rachel over 16, Jude un 16 - 2-1-15-11-2?-0
list of Roger Grigory
Goode Edward Jr, Gwin, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Jane, Nan, Jude, Sal, Betty, Philis, Jack un 16, Emp, Prens, James, Jane, Nancy over 16, 1-12-5-25-8-0-0
Goode Richard, Charles, Peg, ov 16, Reuben, Chancy, Jude, under 16, 1-2-3-8-2-0-0
list of Bennett Goode
Goode Samuel, Ephraim Ferrell, Jack, Isaac, Trul, Sam, Bristol, Jack, Darby, Phil, Ama-s, Cesar, Jenny, Hannah, Jude, Betty, Nanney, Molley, Moll, Letty, over 16, Jesse, Ephraim, Harry, Will, James, Bob, Daniel, Sam, Dick, Sam, Patty, Glora, Jenny, Nanney, Sarah, under 16, 2-18-15-85-15-0-0 Goode John, matt, Jimmy, Jacob, John, Sterling, Will, Frank, Pompey, Lyle, James, Jinny, Sall, Rachel, Silvey, Jean, Lucy, Sukey over 16, Morris, Phebe, Milley, Will, Eliza, Hannah, Leticia, Henry, Nanney, Joseph, Sam, Bath, Cela, Tom, Sam, Lydia, Ducinda?, Jeary, Lucinda, Marsha, Betty, under 16, 1-17-21-41-13-2-0
Goode Bennett, Lowhill, Tom, Lank, King, Cain, Hannah, Gloster, Matt, Abby, June, Phillis, Peg over 16, Lowhil, Molly, Robin, Bett, Matt, Jacob, Tilley, Nanney, Cenar, Lydia, Jerry, Beddy, Harry, Lucrecia under 16, 1-12-13-66-11-2-0
1784 I have from book
list of Roger Gregory
Goode Samuel, Ephraim Ferrall, [names], 3-19-5-79-10?-0-0-0
list of William Johnson
Goode John, Matt, Jamy, Jacob, Lyle, Starling, John, Will, Frank, pompy, James, Jinney, Silvia, Anaabel, Sal, Cain, Sukey, Lucy, Morris, Tom, Jo-, Sam, Phebe, Patty, Nancy, Milly, Margaret, Ly--, Abe, Lucinda, Dusinda, Mariah, Lewis, Mary, A-th, Samuel, Josey?, Rob, Lucy, one --[?Owing?] Horse that so-ess [not quite serves] at 24/the Season, 1-17-22-29-13-0-0-0
list of Claverius Coleman
Goode Edward, John Goode, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Jack, James, Phillis, Nan, Lucy, L-ll, Bett-, -amp, Prince, James, Toney, Abram, Will, Nan, 2-11-7-18-8
Goode Richard, [names], get from book list, 1-17-25-61-22
same list but a new section starts over
Goode Bennet [names]1-12-14-60-10-2-0-0
white persons >21, slaves over 16, slaves under 16, cattle, horses mares colts, no of covering B/Hoc-es and the -- for which such H--- [horse] --s and --the --, wheels for riding carriages, no of billiard tables, ordinary licenses
list of Roger Gregory
Goode Edward, Gwin, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Jane, Nany, Philis, Jude, Sall-, Bett, Anisse, Prince, Fany, Will, Abram, Jim, amey1-11-7-13-10-0-0-0-0
Goode Richard, Charles, Pegg, Austin, Chebbtm Hydem Oeterm 1-2-4-9-3-0-0-0-0
white persons over 21, slaves over 16, slaves under 16, cattle, horses mares, colts, ?working horses ---[it's for studs], wheels for riding carriages, billiard tables, ordinary licenses
list of William Johnson
Goode Thomas, [names] 0-10-12-36-9-0-0-0-0
skip 2
Goode Richard, Charles, Peg, --, Chany, ---, 1-2-3-12-8?-0-0-0-0
Goode Edward, Bob Goode, Gwin, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Jinney, Phillis, Nan, Jude, Sal, Betty, -- Amp, Prince, Jimmy, Toney, Abram, Will, Amey, Jacob, 2-11-9?-15-7-0-0-0-0
list of William Hepburn [various Goodes, I didn't take data]
didn't get list name
May 14 Goode Thomas, Edw? Simon, York, Jack Abram, Phill, Betty, Ussy, Lucy, Agnes, Em, Lucy, Gloster, Adam, Ben, Billy, Dick, Tom, Moses, Daniel, Sary, Peg, Judy, Fanny 0-0-11-12-9-31
Apr 21 Goode Edward, Robert Goode, Gwin, Will, Ben, ?Ann/Sam?, Peter, Jenny, Nanny, Jill?, Betty, Phillis, Amph, James, Abram, William, Jacob, Amey, Nancy, 2-0-10-7-9-20
white male tythes over 16, blacks over 16, blacks over 12 and under 16, horses mares colts mules, carriage wheels, ordinary licences, stud horses
1st list (Clausel Clausel certifies at end)
May 17 Goode Joseph, Will 16, 1-1-0-4?-0-0-0
2nd list
free males above 16, blacks above 16, blacks above 12 and under 16, horses
May 23 Goode Bennett (maybe means Estate after, but looks like Edw) skip a few
May 23 Goode John, Matt, John, Jacob, Jimmy, James, Will, Pomphey, Frank, Peter, Sam, Morris, Jinny, Sall, Silvia, Rachel, Jinny, Suky, Phill, Nanny, Dill, Betty, Joe, Sam, Molly, 1-21-3-14
May 12 Goode Edward, G----, Jimmy, Phillis, Nanny, Bett, Sall, Ben, Sam, Alph, Peter, 1-10-0-5
skip 2
March 12 Goode Samuel [tons]
2nd list
free males, slaves above 16, slaves between 12 and 16, horses
May 21 Goode Thomas Est tons
May 21 Goode Bennett Est tons
skip one
April 24 Goode Edward, John, Fred, George, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Jinny, Phillis, Nanny, Sal, Bett 2-10-0-5 [the John is on same line with Edward, but doesn't have last name, but on these lists the slaves more or less start on a new line, not like on the older ones]
list of Clausel Clauses
white male tythes av 16, blacks above 16, blacks above 12 under 16, horses mares colts & mules, carriage wheels, ordinary licences, stud horses, rates of Coverage ---
May 1 Goode Joseph, Phebe 16, Isham 12, 1-1-1-4-0-0-0
2nd list
free males, blacks above 16 blacks between 12 & 16, horses
June 14 Goode Thomas Est, lots
skip several
Jun 14 Goode Edward, new line for slaves: Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Nanni, Sall, Betty, G--g/y--, Jinny, Phillis, Nancy, 1-10-1-4
skip several
July 9 Goode Samuel tons
next is
Aug --, Goode John, tons, 1-25-5-16, also 1 stud horse
list of Clausel Clausel
white male tythes ab 16, blacks above 16, blacks above 12 under 16, horses mares colts mules, carriage wheels, ordinary licences, stud horses, rates of covering...
July 7 Goode Mark (Charlotte), David, Peter, John, London, ?William a6, Dice? & Jean 12, 0-5-2-0-0-0-0-0
2nd list free males, slaves above 16, slaves between 12 & 16, horses
June 30 Goode Samuel tons
July 11 Goode Thomas Est tons
skip some
July 11 Goode Edward, next line Robert Goode, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Amph, Nann, Sall, Betty, Hannah, Nancy, 2-0-1-6 Aug ?1st? Goode John, ??? [probably Starlint], Jimmy, Jinny, Matt, Ben, Solomon, Peter, Tom, Sam, Starling, John, Frank, Jacob, Morris, Will, Pomphey, Leed?, Tom, Silvia, Dell, Jenny, Jinny, Rashel, Phoebe, Sall, Betty, Sam, Lydia, Hanna, Letitia, 1-26-4-16 and 1 stud horse 29
1st list
Goode John tons
Goode Thomas lots
list of Clausel Clausel, same labels
2nd list just the 4 categories
Goode Edward Senr, Robert Goode, Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Amph, Nan, Sall, Betty, Nancy, James, 2-0-1-6
skip a couple
Goode Samuel tons
skip one
Goode Thomas estate lots
skip one
Goode John tons
list of George Hunt Bashewild? same 7 categories
Goode Samuel tons
skip 3
Goode Edward, Robert Goode, 16 Will, Ben, Sam, Pete?, Amph, Nan, Sall, Bett, Nancy, Hannah 16, N/H???, 2-10-1-6-0-0-0-0
Goode John, tons, 1-40-4?-4?-0-0-1-3
list of Joseph Banister Clausel same 7 categories
May 10 or 16 Goode John (?So Roanoke?) no slaves listed, 1-0-0-1-0-0-0
2nd list 4 categories
Goode Thomas Est lots
Goode Edward Senr, Robert, then next line is Will, Ben, Sam, Peter, Amph, Nann, Sall, Bett, Nanny, Hanner, - James [dash may bet separating James by age?] 2-10-1-6
skip several
Goode Samuel tons
Lower Distr 4 categories
Goode Robert, Amph, Hanner, Bett, 1-3-0-4
skip one
Goode Thos Est lots
skip one
Goode Samuel tons
skip 4
Goode John, tons the same as before
distr of Joseph Banister Clausel

Mecklenburg Will Books [email me for film #s]
William Daniel 1782
1-396 will of William (x) Daniel wr 21 Sep 1780, pr 14 Jan 1782,
to wf Margaret all lands (except 100a and one negro Girl Jenney allotted to my Son Thomas), and all else to wf during Widowhood, she maintaining my chn til of age.
to son Thomas Daniel 100a...
to son Thomas one Negro wench Phillis and one Negro Girl Jenny and if a Negro Wench of Mine named Betty should hereafter bare a child and it should live to age 2 the sd child I give to my son Thomas.
to son William Daniel negroes: Aggy, Newton, Betty and their increase (except a child that I have given to my son Thomas that Betty may bring) and [some furniture, stock].
to son William Daniel all the residue of my Lands being 332a.
to son John Daniel my Negro Girl Chenor and a Boy Drury, [some furniture, stock].
to dau Milley Toone 100.
to dau Sally Wall a Bond fr Peter Wall to me and what is due thereon.
all cattle and household not heretofore bequeathed to be equally divided betw sons Thomas, William, John.
exrs sons Thomas Daniel and William Daniel. wit Tignal Jones Senr, Sherwood (x) Willis, James Anderson.
1-423 appr of Personal est William Daniel, by James Anderson, Tingnal [sic] Johns jr, Samuel Wooton 26 Mar 1782, recd 9 Apr 1782. lists but doesn't name slaves.

Martin Daniel 1811
7-113 will of Martin Daniel (x) wr 19 Apr 1810, pr 15 Jul 1811,
to son Stark, dau Elizabeth Butler, dau Sarah Tillotson, son Walter, dau Milly Hamilton, [those first rec'v small $ with what they had already rec'd"],
son Wyllie [some tack],
dau Mary Daniel negro girl Suck and increase, to be hired out yearly while my dau comes of age, feather bed etc.
son Martin land whereon I now live 126a, [schooling $, stock]
bal of est to be sold and equally divided betw dau Mary Daniel and son Martin Daniel.
exrs friends Robert Williamson, Archibald Clark. wit Charles Carter, Zachariah Glascock Junr, William Wilkins, pr by Charles Carter, Zachariah Glascock Junr, William Wilkins.

James Daniel 1844 [this is James, son of Chesley and Judith Daniel of Tranquility Plantation of Granville NC.]
16-46 Inv [2.5 pp, double columns] by Joel T. Watkins, appr Samuel V. Watkins, N. C. Read, Jno L. Burwell, recd 20 May 1844
Little Dick Age 61 years $80
Jinney 66 - expence 100
Jordan 44 - 400
Aggy & child 39 - 400
Whitfield 25 - 750
Marcellus 20 - 700
Sally 17 - 600
Abram 11 - 450
Horace 8 - 400
Daniel 6 - 250
Fancy 3 - 150
Celah 7 - expence ?500?
Big Dick 54 - 250 [or 280]
Eva 53 - 100
George 81 [very clear] - expence 50
Besley/Besbey 32 - 250 [not Betsey, but totals say Betsey]
Hannah 83 [very clear] - expence 100
Lucinda 59 - expence 200
Theodore 42 - 450
Ned 52 - 300
Lizzy 46 - 150
Beverley 13 - 425
Amelia 7 - 200
Martha Jane 5 - 175
Frank 3 - 150
Jim 53 - expence 100
[total] 7350
off expence 750
[total] 6600
off for Betsey 100
[total] 6500
followed by plantation equip/tools, tools, household, kitchen, guns, furniture, cattle/hogs/etc,

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Slave records for Daniel surname from Christ Church Parish Register
I have grouped them when clear with the Daniel families, but have also repeated them as given in the Register at the bottom of those pages.

32502-3 VA Middlesex Probate Indices (Direct & Reverse) 1675-1950
Bundle1 Hopkins Price 1679
Loose Wills A10 25
will Hopkins Price of Middlesex, Apr 1679, bound for England, to beloved friend William Parrow [Parrow in index, may be Parry] of Middlesex, all my servants...with all my stock of cattle hoges and household goods. exr well beloved friend Mr. [?]Thurstun Witknoll merch in London ?residing at the sign of ye golden styll in Grubstreet. wit Edward Sutten, William Pyper, William L----. pr 31 May 1680. [I don't have the slave names, but included this here because of new surnamed owner.]

VA Patent Bks [original docs available at]
and Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nugent (=Patent Bks)
398=8-410 Edwin Thacker, Gent., 29 Apr 1695, 210a Middlesex Co; on N. side of Peyanketank Riv. Beg. at 700a of Mr. George Keible; to the Green Glade Br., &c. Granted to sd Keible, 29 Jan 1663, deserted, & granted sd. Thacker 24 Oct 1691, deserted, & granted to John Everitt, 24 Oct 1694, who assigned to sd. Thacker, 3 Dec 1694; now granted by order, &c. Imp. of 5 pers. 4 Negroes by Capt. Wm. Daniels' certif.

VA Patent Bks [original docs available at]
Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nugent (=Patent Bks)
3=9-10 Mr. John Smith, Senr 25 Oct 1695, 228a Middlesex co. Beg. at the Blockhouse land (now Capt. William Daniel's), near the Bridge Road; to land of John Custis, dec'd; & land of Mr. Alexander Smith, formerly Potter's. Imp. of 5 pers: Moria, George, Robin, Betty, Meg.

Msex Co VA OB Abstr 1694-1697. Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=end of OB2, Pt 1 of OB3].
77=128 11 May 1696 George, a Negroe belonging to Capt. William Daniell, is adjudged nine yeares of age. Billey a Negroe belonging to Capt. William Daniel, is adjudged six yeares of age.

Msex Co VA OB Abstr 1697-1700. Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=OB No. 3 1694-1705, pp 170-336, 1 Mar 1696/7-1 Apr 1700]
43=233-242 [and beyond] along case against Samuell Gray, possibly suspect of manslaughter in death of his Mullato boy Jack, tons of informative depos, etc. Robert Daniell on Jury 4 Sep 1698: Wee Jurors being sumoned by vrtue of an Order of Mr. Mathew Kemp, Corroner for the County of Middlesex, the 4th day of July Ano. Dom: 1698 to meet at the House of Mr. Samuell Gray, Minister, then and there to make Inquest on how a Mullatto boy called Jack, a Servant belonging to the said Mr. Samuell Gray, came by his death. In Obedience whereunto wee Jurors whose names are hereunder written have made enquiry after the said Mullatto boy, his deth, and doe returne this Verdict; That wee doe finde that the said Mulatto boy called Jack came by his death by the Stripes and Blowes he reced. upon his body and head; Given under our hands and seales this 4th day of July Ano. 1698. [more depos follow].

Msex Co VA OB 1707-1708 Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=OB4 1705-1710 pp103-220, 5 May 1707-7 Feb 1708/9]
30/32=4-137 26 Aug 1707 Robert Daniel on jury given case of Carrolina Tom a Negro slave belonging to Colo. Robert Carter, Esqr., and Jack Rascow, a Negro man slave belonging to William Churchhill, Esqr., and more particularly for ye Negroes breaking open the House of William Churchhill, Esqr., and feloniously stealing sundry goods to ye value of twenty pounds sterling in the County of Middlesex. Rascow was arraigned, indicted, found guilty, valued, ordered to be executed. Carrolina Tom indicted, tried, evidence against him "does not amount to take away his life", but he's guilty of several felonys in Gloucester and sent there.

Msex Co VA OB 1710-1712 Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=pp1-102 of OB 1710-1721, 6 Mar 1710/11-13 Oct 1712]
96=5-91 24 Jul 1712 Robert Daniell in list of justices to examine case of Tom and Cramwell, Negro men slaves belonging to Christopher Robinson.
105=5-100 11 Oct 1712 Robert Daniell as justice examining case of Tom, a Negro man belonging to Christopher Robinson Gent, and Jack, a Negro man slave belonging to Sr. William Skipwith Barronett.

Msex Co VA OB 1712-1714 Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=pp102-208 of OB 1710-1721, 2 Dec 1712-6 Oct 1714]
25=5-124 124 2 Jun 1713 Upon the Petition of William Daniell it is ordered that his Negro man, Cramwell, be Levy free for the future.

Msex Co VA OB Abstr 1719-1721 by Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=OB 5 1710-1721 pp427-535 5 May 1719-4 Jul 1721, and OB 6 1721-1726 pp1-22 1 Aug 1721-2 Feb 1721]
41=5-482 7 Jun 1720 Upon the Petition of Richard Daniel his Negro woman, Judy, is excused from paying any more Levys for the future.

Msex Co VA OB Abstr 1721-1724 Ruth and Sam Sparacio [-OB6 pp22-143, 6 Mar 1721-5 Jan 1724]
49=6-78 2 Jul 1723 Mingo, a Negro boy belonging to Margarett Daniell, is adjudged to be ten years of age.

Middlesex Co VA OB Abstracts 1732-1737 [no OB#]
87=80 8 Apr 1737 Ben a Negro belonging to William Daniell was by the Court adjudged to twelve years of age.
94=85 6 Jul 1737 Judy a Negro belonging to William Daniell was by the Court adjudged to be nine years of age.

Msex Co VA Order Book Abstracts 1740-1745 [no OB#, but this is pp133-281] 83=234 4 Oct 1743 Mango a Negro Boy belonging to James Daniel, Junior, is adjudged eight years old.

Msex Co VA Recd Bk Abstracts 1721-1813 by Ruth and Sam Sparacio
[described as ~"The Deeds in this bk dated before 1736 are from Deeds Mses 1687-1750 and Misc Recds 1752-1831. Remaining Deeds are fr DB 1736-1739, Reel 4, VA State Lib"~]
64=194-195 17 Oct 1788 articles of agreement betw Robert Spratt and John Daniel, both of Msex. John Daniel will be overseer for year...and do his best endeavour to make a crop of Tobacco, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Peas or any other grain which may be planted or sown, to be tended by the said John Daniel and the following people, Jack, Jesse, Wilcox, Daniel, Sam, Peter, Aggy, Tilla, Judy, Sukey and Polly...John Daniel will take care of [animals] and plantation tools, etc, render account. Robert Spratt will pay John Daniel 1/8 part of the crops, 1/8 part of the Cyder which may be made, and 400 lbs Pork, 5 barrels Corn, 1/4 any beef if any should be killed on the sd Plantation for the use of sd Robert Spratt. wit Edmd. Berkeley, Will. Churchhill.

70=205-208 14 Nov 1790 deed of trust fr James Lee of Msex to Overton Crosby of Urbanna Msex (for himself and others named in this Indenture). to Overton Crosby and James Gregorie as Surviving Partners of James Mills & Co., then bunches of other names in bonds, etc. for various tracts of land, first one bd Thos. Segar, John T. Corbin, John Lewis, Betty Kemp, Ralph Watts, Francis Allin, Benja. Steward, John Jackson, James Crisfield, Henry Vass, John Daniel, Jno. Cornwell. [then another tract, different bd names] and slaves Francis, Amy, Judy, Rachel, Winney, Hannah, female slaves; Harry, James, Dick, Phil, John, ( ), Tom, male slaves. also animals and household stuff. wit Jno. Segar, Staige Davis, W. Spratt. recd Mon 27 Jun 1791.

71-73=211-216 24 Mar 1794 deed of mortgage George Daniel, Gentleman, of Par Christ Church Msex, to Samuel Klug, Clerk, Overton Cosby and James Ross, exrs of Doctor Robert Spratt decd of Christ Church Msex. 370.12.2 half penny with legal interest thereon from 14 Jan 1785, 180 lbs tobo, and 1 sh 6 p costs as per Judgment obtained in Msex Co Ct. And the further sum 279.6.6 due the sd Robert Spratt decd, both sums the sd George Daniel is justly indebted to est of sd Robert Spratt decd, and for and in further consideration of 216.16.6 advanced him in cash and paid in hand by the exrs aforesaid. George Daniel sells for use and benefit of est of Doctor Robert Spratt, land whereon sd George Daniel now lives which he purchased of Revd. Thomas Smith & Gregory Smith, land in Msex, bd Ralph Wormeley, Cary Kemp, 516.5a and another tract 150a being the residue of a tract purch of Thomas Wortham and bd by Ralph Wormeley & John Wortham. Also the following Negro slaves, to wit, Mingo, John, Sam, Godfry, Nelson, Monear, Jessee, Edmund, Red, Betty, Anthony, Dick, James, Mennow, Gloster, Jeffry, Sam, Sambo, Frank, Tom, Jacob, Jeffry son of Caty, John Jr., Archy, Nash, Cate, Onicky, Winny, Dolls, Judy, Hannah, Caty, Nannie, Anna, Molley, Martha, Jane, Lena, Judy, Aloyia, Charlotte and Dinah with the future increas of the aforesaid female slaves also Lucy with her future increase. wit Ben. Dabney, Staige Davis, Sam. Blake. recd 27 Oct 1794.
[Followed by]
indenture 25 Mar 1794 Samuel Klug, Clerk, Overton Cosby & James Ross, exrs of Robert Spratt decd to Philip L. Grymes, trustee for Frances Daniel wf of George Daniel. George for several sums of money sold them several tracts and 48 slaves, indenture to be void if George Daniel paid back the money. The parties had also agreed to settle on Trust for Frances Daniel wf of George Daniel, for her sole support & maintenance during her life if she survived George Daniel, the slaves named. So Klug, Cosby, and Ross sell to Philip L. Grymes during the life of Frances Daniel: slaves Edmund, Jeffery, Jeff, Anthony, Gloster, Charlotte, Sarah, Nanny (the remainder of those named not readable) for and during the life of the said Frances Daniel, upon trust...that Grymes or his exrs, admins, assignees, after the death of George Daniel apply and appropriate the services of the aforesaid Negroes their future increase to ye sole support and comfort of sd Frances...that Grymes shall be answerable to Frances. no wits. recd 27 Oct 1794 at Urbann [sic]. [the will of the above George Daniel is abstracted later in this section.]

film #32460 VA Msex Orphan's Book 1760-1820, Marriage Returns 1785-1826 Pt.1
p.158 acct Bathsheba Daniel orphan of John Daniel decd, 1781-1782, incl $ paid her for hire of negro woman Sarah. gdn James Lee, recd 26 Aug 1782.
p.159 acct Overton Daniel orph of John Daneil decd with gdn James Lee 1781-1782, incl $ to Francis Oliver for making a Coat, $ to acct by hire of negro fellow Sam. recd 26 Aug 1782

Middlesex County, Virginia Wills and Inventories 1673-1812 and Other Court Papers by William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989
Wills 1675-1798, pts 1 & 2 (made up from loose court papers)
p.77 will of John Wortham, wr 6 Jun 1692, pr1 Aug 1692.... Son George Wortham 200 acres. Son Oswald Wortham the rest of my land. Daughter Elizabeth Wortham. Wife Jane Wortham. "My own children". A negro named Boy belonging to the children of Roger Shackelford, decd. Exor: son George Wortham. Overseers: Capt. William Daniell and Mr. Richard Robinson. Wit: William Downing, Sr., William Downing, Jr. and Robert Humphery.

32456-7 VA Middlesex Wills etc. 1675-1798 [I may not always be accurate on which of the two films, maybe]
Will of William Daniell, wr 8 Oct 1694, pr 3 Oct 1698
to my Loving Sone William Daniell...& one man servant Named Wm. Wood, ye which he Is allready possessed...
to my Daughters Agatha; Catherin; Elizabeth and Ann Daniell & their heirs for ever.
to my Sone Robert Daniell one Negro woman Named Jugg
my Loving wife Jocebed Daniell...shall keep & Imploye ye Negroes & servants I am now possed [sic] of...
to my Loving Sones Richard & James Daniel [sic] & my Loving Daughters Agatha, Katherin, Elizabeth, and Ann Daniell
to my Said dear wife a Negro woman named Anatto
to Benj. E. Thatcher...In Remembrance of me.
my Dear wife Jocebed Daniell Execorutrix [sic] : & my Sones Richard & James Daniell Executours
my Loving friends Moris Cock & John Smith Sen overseers of this my will & testament to See It performed
wit: Wm (his X mark) Saddler, John (his X mark) Walker, Benjamin Thatcher, Thomas Vaux, Wm. Downing
codicil, pr 3 Oct 1698
my Loving wife being dead since y's will wase made Leaving her a negro woman named Anatta, I give & bequeath this sd negro to my Loving daughter Katherine Daniell to her & her Heirs in part of her portion. The ten shillings I gave Benj'n Thacher he being dead, I Recall back a gine. I propose my two Sons Will & Robt. Daniell overseers with Mr Jno Smith Sr of this my Last will & testament & witness my hand
wit: William (x) Brooks, Wm Lyall, Arthur Hancock

32457 VA Middlesex Will Book 1713-1734
p. 44 inventory of of goods that came into the hands of Richard Daniell , by Richard Daniell one of the Execs. of the estate of William Daniell filed 4 8ber 1715
to one negro man named [Coney?] 25.00.00
[immediately followed by a similar inventory of goods that came into the hands of James Daniel of the Estate of William Daniell
to one negro mand named Jack 55.00.0
to one Negro man named Jorge 25.00.0
to one Negro woman named [?]- atow 25.00.0

Will of Robert Daniell, wr 23 Dec 1720, pr 7 Mar 1720 [oldstyle, =1721]
to my son Robert Daniell one Negro girl named Frank with all her increase
to said daughter Jane Segar one Negro boy named Wingo
to my son Harry Daniell one Negro Ben to him and his heires forever when he shall attain the age of one & twenty years
to my Son Garrett Daniell Negro man named Jack
to my son James Daniell one negro girl named Phillis with her increase
to my said Dear and Loving wife Margarett Daniell
my children herein after named that is to say Margarett Ware, Jane Seagar, Harry Daniell, Garrett Daniell & James Daniell.
wife Margaret Daniell and my son James Daniell Joynt Executors
wit: Jno. Bryant, Mary Hunt, John Owens.
[The inventory of Robert Daniel does not name the slaves, its lists: 3 Negro men, 3 Negro women, 6 Negro children]

WBB-267 Will of William Daniell wr 27 Feb 1722, pr 2 Jul 1723. but says recd 4 Jun 1723.
to son Willm Daniell [land, etc.] and for want of heirs to Eliz, Sarah, Mary, Ann and agatha [sic] Daniell my Daughters & their heirs
to sons Mosely, John, Robert, Obadiah Daniell [land, etc.] and for want of heirs to above named daus and their heirs.
to dau Eliz'th Daniell a young Negro boy called Ben
to dau Sarah Daniell
to Mosely, John, Robert and Obadiah Daniel a Negro Woman Called Kate w/her incr.
that my three youngest daus Mary, Ann, and Agatha Daniell live at Jemeco upon their brothers plantation till married & the Negro Wench that their unkle [sic] John Moseley byes for them to have around to work upon to make [Caxion?] for their Maintenance with the help of their brothers.
exrs sons William, John, Robert and Obadiah Daniel. wit David ?D? Gorge [sic], John George, Ann A. Gardner

WBB-270 Will of William Daniel wr 16 Aug 1723, pr ? Dec 1723.
to son James Daniel all my Land...
to son James Daniel one negro man Jack...
to eldest dau Jean one Negro Girl Nan w/incr...
to youngest dau Constant Daniel one young Negro Girl Kate w/incr...
to my three chn James Daniell, Jane Daniel & Constant Daniel one Negro Wench Judy w/incr Equally to be divided amongst the three chn aforesd.
exr my Loving Cousin Robert Daniel
wit Garrett Daniel, Elizabeth Daniel, Jos Hanlee.

32445 VA Middlesex Orders 1732-1737, 1740-1744, 1782-1783. Also Deed Book 1736-1739
p.80 ?5 Apr 1737 Ben a Negro Boy belonging to William Daniell was by the Court adjudg'd to Twelve years of age.
p.85 2 Aug 1737 Judy a Negro Girl belonging to Willm Daniell was by the Court Adjudg'd to Nine Years of Age.

[LDS FHC refers to this as DB1, sort of, but none of the general index entries are there, there's another DB1 and this book has its own index. I call this one "DBa" in my records]
DBa-117 Constant Daniel of Msex, natural love and good will & affection to dau Frances Mitcham Daniel, negro girl slave named Hanah. 26 May 1742. Constant (x) Daniel. wit James Daniel, Ann (x) Wheeler rec 7 Dec 1742
DBa-211 4 Mar 1794 George Daniel Gent of Parish of Christ Church Msex to Samuel Klug, Clerk Overton Cosby, and James Ross, exrs of Doctor Robert Spratt, where George Daniel now lives [Msex], also slaves Mingo...Gloster...Cate, Annikey, Venus...Judy...Dinah...47 in all]. wit Ben Dabney, ?St--ge Davis, Saml Blake. recd 27 Oct 1794.
[it's a deed of mtg fr George Daniel to Overton Costy and James Ross exrs of Robert Spratt.
followed by deed of Trust 25 Mar 1794 making over and settling in trust for Frances, wf of George Daniel, for her sole support & maintenance during her life, 22 Negro slaves so as aforesaid in said deed. then it gives to her during her natural life: Menew, Edmund, Jeffry, ---, Anthony, Margery, ---, Anukey, Molly, Tom, Jacob, ---ly, Almira.

DBa-261 will of George Daniel of Christ Church Msex. wr 22 Jun 1785 [1788?], pr 28 Jul 1794?.
to wife [not named]...
nephews Nelson Daniel and George Daniel Spratt son of Doctor Robert Spratt...his two bros Robert Beverley Spratt and William Spratt.
after the death of my wife I give to the sd Robert Beverley Spratt a negro named John.
after the death of my wife I give the chn of my sis Mary Shepherd...that is to say Henry Shepherd, Robert Shepherd & George Shepherd, 50.
Whereas upon the death of my stepmother I am entitled to a fourth part under the will of my Father of Sundry Slaves which are at present in her possession I give and devise my Remainder of the said to be equally divided betw my half bro and sis Robert Daniel & his heir [?it's not wife] Rachel Price, the present wife of John Price, ...
and as my brother in law Robert Daniel is not alive I give that half of the negroes now in possession of my step mother to be equally divided betw the heirs of my bro in law Robert Daniel.
wife execx and my friend Robert Spratt and Nelson Daniel exrs.

film #2024835 VA Middlesex Wills Vol B. 1698-1754, pp1-107
p.51 will of Mary Bristow 2 Apr 1741 pr 6 Nov 1744. dau Mary Ammon two negro Girls named Jany & Letty, to grandson William Daniell my best bed and furniture belonging to it. to son Jedediah Bristow all the rest. exr sd Jedidiah Bristow. wit James Campbell, John (x) Price, Mary (x) Carter

p.68 will of William Daniel wr 17 Nov 1746 pr ?? Feb 1746[7].
to my son in law Robert Daniel my negro Man Peter which he has now in Possession & 50.
to my dau Lucy Daniel my Silver watch.
to my son Josiah Daniel [land], also my negro Man Jack, [lots of personalty, cattle, etc.],
to dau Agatha Daniel [land], and my negro Girl Dinah, 100 to be pd when she comes to ye age of eighteen or marrys,
to dau Sarah Daniel my negro boy Jimmey, 100 when 18 or marrys,
to dau Rachel Daniel my negro boy Sharper [?] and 100 when 18 or marrys,
to dau Ann my negro Girl Sue and 100 when 18 or marrys,
to dau Frances Daniel my Negro Girl Annica and 100 when 18 or marrys,
to wf Ann Daniel my negro Man Ben, my negro man Charles, my negro man Frank, my negro woman Sue, my negro woman Judy & all the rest of my Personal Estate...during natural life except she should marry....
mentions and other legacies: my Brother Richd Daniel, Edward Bristow, & James Cole, my sis Jochebed Jefferson, my sons Josiah Daniel & Robert Daniel
if any of the slaves I gave to daus should dye before they come to age 18 or marry then to have their choice out of ye slaves of my wife.
at decease of wf all remainder to my dear chn, to Robert Daniel, Josiah Daniel, Agatha Daniel, Sarah Daniel, Rachel Daniel, Ann Daniel, & Frances Daniel, to be equally divided.
exr sons Josiah Daniel and Robert Daniel. wit Henry Thacker, Jas Strachey, Judith Wortham [smudged], Ann (x) [may be Street].

p.77 will of James Daniel, wr 18 Sep 1747 pr 4 Oct 1748.
to dau Rachel one Negro woman Bess, [stock, personalty].
to son Peter [stock].
to son Charles [stock, personalty. to my dau Margaret [furniture] and half of my Negro woman Called Jinney which I have deliver'd to her, & it is the whole of my Estate I intend for her.
to dau Susanah [sic] the other half of my negro woman Jinney already deliver'd her and [furniture], other legacies to: my grandson James Mickleburrough; my grand daughter Margaret Mickleburrough.
to my sons James and Vivion, after the Death of my Loveing wife Margaret, my Negro Man Jack, to be valued by three Indepenent [sic] persons, and my will & Desire is that my Two sons James & Vivion may Draw Lotts who Shall have him, after paying half the valuation.
I also give to my son James my Long gun and I give to my Son Vivion one young man Caled Slye, it being all the part of my Estate I intend for them.
to my son John my Mill & Mill [sic] & [tools,stock].
to my dau Phebey [furniture, stock].
to my Grandson Charles Daniel [school $].
and all the Rest of my Est I give my Loveing wife Margaret Daniel, to be Dispos'd of as she Shall think fitt, I haveing Dispos'd of my Estate as above.
sole exrx wfe Margaret with no sec and no appr. wit Jos. Eggleston, Thomas Laughlin. pr 4 Oct 1748. exrx Margaret Daniel qualifies.

film #32457 WB [C] 1740-1748
C74 inv and appr Robert Daniel 29 Sep 1742 by Willm Daniel, Robert Daniel [listed in one column], George Chowning, John Jones, William Jones [listed in next column, i.e. the appraisers]. recd 7 Dec 1742. [personalty, etc.] and
To 1 negro Wench named Jude 28.00.0
To 1 negro Wench named Avey 25.00.0
To 1 negro Girl named Amy 25.00.0
To 1 negro boy named Peter 10.00.0
To 1 negro boy nam'd Sampson 6.00.0

C255 inv Garrot Daniel, order of 7 May 1745. by Clary Daniell. also by [i.e. the appraisers] John Jones, William Jones, Massey Yarrington. [personalty, etc.] and
1 Negroe man Jack 10
1 Negroe woman alce [sic] 20
1 Negro woman Hanner 30
1 Negro woman Judy 30
1 Negro woman Betty 30
1 Negro woman Kate 30
1 Negro boy Jack 30
1 negro boy James 25

C341 is the recorded copy of William Daniel's will, similar to what is above, wr 17 Nov 1746 pr ?? Feb 1746[7]

C401 division of est of Josiah, Agatha & Ann Daniel. 6 Jan 1747.
to Mrs. Ann Daniel their mother negro girl Dinah and stuff.
to Robt Daniel stuff and cash.
to Sarah Daniel cash.
to Rachel Daniel negro girl Sue and cash.
to Frances Daniel cash.
pd by estate of Josiah Daniel, estate of Agatha Daniel, estate of Ann Daniel.
ordered 3 Nov 1747. divided by Henry Thacker, Ralph Wormley, Alexdr Frazier. recd 2 Feb 1747.

C432 is the recorded copy of will of James Daniel wr 18 Sep 1747, pr 4 Oct 1748, similar to what is above.

C438 inv of James Daniel, by Margreat [sic] Daniel. Negro man Jack, Negro woman Han, houssehold, cattle, tools... recd 1 Nov 1748.

32458 VA Middlesex Will Bks D-E 1748-1772
D120 will Charles Bristow, wr 22 Mar 1748/9, pr 3 Jul 1750.
to two sisters Michel Bristow and Ann Daniel one negro boy Ben to be Equally divided as they shall agree which Negro was left to me by my Loving Father after the death of my dear mother.
all rest of est to my Loving bro William Bristow.
exr bro William Bristow. wit Charles Daniel, Vivion Daniel, Nicklos (x) Jacobs.

D152 inv Margret Daniel. order 2 Oct 1750. incl 1 old negro wench named Nan 10, cattle, household, etc. by Tho Laughlin, John Wortham, Wm Bristow. exr Vivion Daniel. ret and rec 4 Dec 1750.
[Her will is D138, wr 27 Aug 1750, pr 2 Oct 1750, but she doesn't mention any slaves.]

E300 will of Henry Daniel, wr 17 Mar 1764, pr7 Jul 1767.
son George Daniel plantation where I now live, slvs Bristol, Winney, John, Dellar and incr;
son Robert Daniel plantation purch of Capt William Montague, slvs Frank, Jesse, Little Jone, Jane, Peter & incr;
son Henry Daniel plantation purch of Mr William Moulson, slvs Lucy, Jemima, Isaac, Mingo & inc.
dau Mary Shepherd 60.
dau Rachel Daniel slvs Jacob, Edy, Little Jude, James, Avey & inc.
Grandson Nelson Daniel 35 when 21.
wife Betty Daniel [riding chair, etc.], slaves not mentioned; at her death to be div betw chn George, Robert, Henry and Rachel.
if either of my three [yes, three, meaning by his second wife Betty] chn Robert, Henry or Rachel die w/o lawful heirs or come to age 21, their part to be divided between other two.
Exrs Wife and frd Lewis Mountague. Wit George Davis, Charles Lee and John George. presented by Betty, heir at law, George Daniel decl he had nothing to object, pr by George Davis and John George, Betty Daniel's sec is Robert Daniel Gent. reserving Liberty to Lewis Mountague the other exr named to join in the Probat [sic] thereof when he shall think fit.

32459 Middlesex WBs F and G
F60 will Henry Daniel of Urbanna, wr 5 Apr 1775, pr 24 Apr 1775.
to mother Betty Kemp during her life negro boy Isaac, then to my bro Robert Daniel and sis Rachel Price to be equally div.
to Nephew Nelson Daniel 5.
all rest to be equally div betw Bro George Daniel (if he dies w/o heirs his part to my bro Robert and sis Rachel Price), bro Robert Daniel and heirs, and sis Rachel Price (after her death this and all previous legacies to her chn now and to come).
Exrs Bros Robert Daniel and George Daniel. Wit James Gregorie, William Chowning and William Meacham.

F69 will of Henry Shepherd wr 17 Feb 1775, pr 22 May 1775.
Son Henry Shepherd plantation where I now live and negro boy John.
Son Robert Shepherd negro boy Reuben.
Son George Daniel Shepherd negro girl Lidia and her inc.
Dau Katy Shepherd negro girl Patty and her incr and bed and furniture.
If any of my chn die before 21 their part div betw others.
Wf (not named) all the rest of my negroes not mentioned and that she may dwell and work her Slaves on any part of the Land she shall think proper w/o any interruption whatsoever and at her decease the Slaves and their inc to be equally div betw my four chn Henry, Robert, George, Katy.
My son Henry Shephard shall pay to each of my chn Robert, George, and Katy 25 at my wife's decease.
Exrs Nelson Daniel, Thomas Segar and Thomas Gardner. Wit Milley Shepherd, William Shepherd and John Shepherd.

F206 will or Robert Daniel wr 26 Dec 1780, pr 26 Feb 1781.
to son William Daniel 1sh and no more.
to Grandson John Daniel 1sh and no more.
to Son Christopher Daniel all my hous hold [sic] Goods, stock, in case my dau Mary Stamper or her Heirs should not return, & if in case she should return or her Heirs, then half the aforsd Houshold Goods be given to the sd Mary Stamper or her Heirs.
to Son Robert Daniel all my land and Plantation, and my Negro woman Susan.
to Wf Elizabeth Daniel all est not mentioned during her life.
Exrs Wf Elizabeth and son Robert Daniel. Wit Robert Daniel and Robert McTyre.
[The original will indicates a son William Daniel who is not listed in Hopkins' abstracts.]

film 2024836 VA Middlesex Wills
[=Vol C pp1-96 1754-1774] actually starts at p.55, continued from 2024835 p.59 will os Henry Daniel of Msex wr 17 Mar 1764, pr 7 Jul 1767, same as E300 above.

p.81 will John Daniel of Town of Urbanna Msex wr 24 Apr 1772, pr 25 May 1772
that my houses and Lotts in Urbanna be sold to pay my debts, if not sufficient, then sell my Negro Man Bob.
to my Loving wf [land] during her Natural Life and after her decease to my son John Daniel. My will & desire further is that there be a Dwelling House & other Necessary Houses Built by my Exrs for my Wife to live on on the said Land.
after debts paid, all the rest to be kept together by my Wife & that my Chn be Educated & maintained of the profits of the same till my youngest Child come of Age, then to be equally divided betwe my wf & all my Chn and after my wfs death her part equally divided amongst all my chn.
my wearing apparel to be equally divided amonst all my sons.
exr Messrs James Gregorie and George Lorimer. wit Thomas Segar, Zach Shackelford, John George Jur? [not jurat, pretty sure it's for Junior. pr by Thomas Segar, Zachariah Shackelford and John George Junior.

next book on same film, no vol. name, 1775-1798, pp1-145
p.7 will Henry Shepard wr 17 Feb 1775 pr 2 May 1775, as above in F69
p.8 will Henry Daniel wr 5 Apr 1775, pr 24 Apr 1775, as above in F60
p.54 will Henry Mickelborough wr 24 Dec 1782 pr 23 Jun 1783.
give to my Dau Elizabeth Batchelder,the following slaves Viz Moll, Anekey and Charles to her and her heirs forever, sd slaves in possession of sd dau. to my grand chn, John, Henry, Robert, Frances and Nancy, chn of my son Edmond Decd, the following slaves Viz Newman, James and Will, to be equally divided among them and their heirs forever.
give to my son Henry Mickelborough, the following slaves Viz Sarah hanah [sic] & Glasgow, said slaves now in possession of said son, except Glasgow, to him and his heirs forever...also one bed and furniture...
give to my Grand chn Elizabeth, Henry, James, Lewis and Montague, chn of my son James Decd the following slave Cusit [I say it's Cupit/Cupid], also one country striffeket [~sic] valued at forty-five pounds. To them and their heirs forever, to be equally divided between them.
give to my daughter Margaret Street the following slaves Viz Anepnny [--an penny], Jane, Lewis, James, Tom, Doll, Judah and Billey, to her and her heirs forever, sd slaves in possession of my son-in-law, Rich [Richd] Street, except Billey.
give to my daughter, Mary Daniel, the following slaves Viz Sam, Lucy, Beck, Phill, George and Roben to her and her heirs forever, sd slaves in possession of my son-in-law Christopher Daniel, except Roben.
lend to my daughter, Susanna Tuggle, the following slaves Viz Phil, Doll, frank, Abner, Jack, Garvin [it's Gawin] and abe [could be alie] and at her death to be equally divided among her children, to them and their heirs forever. Also one cow and calf. The above slaves now in possession of my son-in-law Nicholas Tuggle, except Frank.
lend unto my daughter, Sarah Cloudas, during her life, the following slaves Viz lewis, Ave-, Mathew, Jane and James in Case she will maintain her children out of the Profits of them but if she Refuses to maintain the Children that she had by Robert Daniel, my Desire is that the sd Slaves may be hire [sic] out and the money aplied [sic] to maintain ye sd Children till her Death and then I give [them, almost could be y'm, but it's not them] to be Equally Divided a mong [sic] all her Children to them and their heirs forever the negroes now in possession of my son in law Abner Cloudas.
give to my dau Jane Young, the following slaves Viz Kingston, Betty, Judy and fanny and one bed and furniture and one Walnut Table to her and her heirs forever. the sd slave now in possession of my son in law, Wm. Young, except Kingston.
give to my Grand son Henry Street, one cow and calf, to him and his heirs forever.
further my will and desire is that if the above slaves should Increase before my death that the Increase should be the property of the legatees to whom they belong to them and their heirs forever.
give to my Grand son, John Mickelborough, son of my son Edmond decd, my son Henry Mickelborough, my daughter Elizabeth Batchelder, my grandson Henry Mickelborough, son of my son James Decd, my son in law Richd Street, my son in law Christopher Daniel, my son in law Nicholas Tuggle, my son in law Abner Cloudas, my son in law Wm. Young all my Part of them [sic, but could be and probably is "those"] slaves given to me by my fathers will after the death of Robert Mickelborough to be Equally divided between them Provided they or their heirs give bond and security to pay an Equal Part of the Expenses that will arise in procuring [it's really percuring] the same but In case any neglect or refuse to Bear a part then their Part to be divided among them that do so. To them and their heirs forever.
rest of estate not mentioned to be equally divided among the legatees only alowing Each family of Grand Children one share which share to be Equally divided among the Seperate families of Children to them and their heirs forever.
exrs Richard Street and Wm. Young. Henry Mickelborough (X his mark). wit W. Curtis, Chas. Curtis, Thomas Willis.

film #32453 Msex Co VA Orders 1758-1767 Pt.1, Pt. 2, End of film has wills 1794-95 and Estrays 1775-1782. The records below are taken from the wills and inventories 1794-95 at end of film.
p.19 Inv of est Lunsford Daniel decd taken 16 Jun 1794, includes:
1 Negro Man named Will, 1 do named Sonny, 1 do Woman named Judah, 1 do named Patty. by Lydia Daniel admin. recd 28 Jul 1794
appr of est of Lunsford Daniel decd, per order 24 Apr 1794, lists stuff and:
1 Negro Man named Will 40.0.0
1 Negro Man named Sonny [val torn]
1 Negro Woman named Juday [val torn]
1 Negro Woman named Patty [val torn]
by Thomas Segar, Agrippa Dunn, John Jessee, recd 28 Jul 1794.
p.64 acct of sale of est Lunsford Daniel 25 Jun 1794. buyers include:
Mrs. Lydia Daniel [bought Negro Will for 73.1.0, but I didn't check for other slave names]

film #32459 item 3 Msex Co VA Wills, etc. 1795-1798 [after Bks F & G]
p.20 appr est Colo George Daniel, order 22 Jun 1795. by Cary Kemp, Chas Custis, Philip L Grymes
Negro Man John 30.0.0
do Nelson 70.0.0
do Jessee 70.0.0
do Manson 70.0.0
do Edmond 70.0.0
do Jeffrey 70.0.0
do Ned 70.0.0
do Billy 70.0.0
do Godfry 30.0.0
do Dick 70.0.0
do Anthony 70.0.0
do Jimmy 60.0.0
do Minard 60.0.0
1 Woman Lucy and child Lewis 60.0.0
do Hannah 35.0.0
1 Man Sam 30.0.0
do old Ben 0.0.0
1 Woman Anica 20.0.0
do Winny 15.0.0
1 ?Ransom? child Jacob 20.0.0
do Dillon 15.0.0
do Judy and Child Noah 60.0.0
do Katy and Child Bob 60.0.0
do Charlotte and Child Nelly 60.0.0
1 Girl Judy 60.0.0
do Aggy 55.0.0
do Dinah 45.0.0
1 Boy Armistead 45.0.0
Amt carried Forward 1390.0.0
Amt bro't up 1390.0.0
1 Boy Gloster 40.0.0
do Johnny 40.0.0
1 Girl Amy 35.0.0
do Philitia 35.0.0
do Molly 30.0.0
do Margay/Margery 27.10.0 [yes 10sh]
do Martha 20.0.0
do Sinthy 15.0.0
1 Boy Sam 25.0.0
do Saner 25.0.0
do Frank 25.0.0
do Archa 30.0.0
do Tom 20.0.0
1 Girl Lucy 25.0.0
do Almira 20.0.0
1802.10.0 [or ?1502.10.0]
then long list of stuff. ret 25 Jan 1796. Test Will Churchhill Clk p.385 est Robert Daniel, Charles Lee exr:
23 ?Nov? [cut off] $ in by Sale of Jane a negro upon 6 mos credit 87.0.0
26 ?? [cut off] $ in by Sale of Dick [1/2 credit, 1/2 money] ?42.0.0
same date, $ in by Sale of Jerry --tted 26 Dec 1784, --- 50.10.0
19 ?? [cut off] by Sale of Lucy & child, ready money 35
same date by d'o Betty [can't tell amt]
same date by d'o Nancy 15.0.0
same date by Sale of Biddy omitted 8 Dec 1787 16.0.0
13 Jan 1790? by sale of Celia 8.0
2 Sep 1795 by Sale of Joan & her child Edith 40.2.0
same date by d'o of Jenny 18.?.?
same date by d'o of Betty 18.0.0
20 Oct [in 1795 year list] by sale of Reubin 43.0
examined, exr Charles Lee still owes.
1st That the negro woman Judah was sold for ready money upon the 30th of Sept 1785 when there was money in the hands of the Executor... 2nd That Dick was sold upon the 26th October 1786 without having been advertised and that there was no necessity for selling the said negro at that time and that the money arising from the sale was not applied to the use of Robert Daniels estate.
3rd That the negro Lucy & Child and Dicey was sold upon the 19th day of November 1789 for ready money and for a greater sum than is accounted for by the said Charles Lee and that he afterwards agreed to take the sum which he has accounted for. And that Nancy who was sold upon the same day was sold for ready money when the situation of the estate did not make it necessary.
4th That the negro Girl Biddy was sold upon the 8th day of December 1787 for ready money when she ought to have been sold upon credit.
5th That Celia was sold upon the 13th Jany 17u90 (without having been advertised) for ready money.
6th That the negroes Joane Edith, Jimmy and Betty were sold upon the 2d Sept 1795 at three fourths of their appraised value to satisfy Thomas Cookes Execution when the Executor was considerably indebted to the estate.
7th That Reuben was sold upon the 20th of Octo 1795 for ready money to pay the balance of Thomas Cookes Execution when the Executor was indebted to the estate more than that balance.
sig Lyne Shackelford, Wm Flick, John Quarles. ret and ordered recd 23 Sep 1798

film #32494 WB2 1799-1812 2-23 will John Daniel wr 3 Mar 1799, lend to wf Elizabeth during her natural life or widowhood and at her death or marriage, my negroes shall be hired out until my dau Elizabeth arrives at 21 or marry at which time them and their increase shall be equally divided betw my three daus Nancy Frances & Elizabeth to the only use of them and their heirs forever. to my son Carter [land]. to my son Mickelburrough Daniel [land]. exrs wf Elizabeth Daniel and my brother in law John Street. wit John Thruston [sic], William Montague, Josiah McTyr. pr 22 Jul 1799. secs for Elizabeth exrx are William Montague, Travis Daniel, Beverly Cloudas [is it Henry?]. [Travis is John's first cousin]
2-59 appr John Daniel, 29 Aug 1799, not a big list, slaves not named, 1 Negro woman 50, 1 Negro Girl 60, 1 small Negro Girl 30. by Lewis Montague, John Clarke, Philip Lee. ret and recd 28 Apr 1800.
2-79 Gloucester 25 Jan 1798 We the Commissioners named in a decreetal [sic ] order of Middlesex Court, which is hereunto annexed, have this day met at the Dragon Ordinary, where William Brooking Executor of Betty Kemp decd delivered to us the following Negro's (Viz)
Sylvia and her Children Rachel, and George. Judy. Agatha. Winney and her child Jacob, Ben, Jane, Fanny, Alice, Nancy, Ann and her Child George, Diana, Sally - which we divided as follows:
To Charles Lee Executor of Robert Daniel:
Sylvia and her Children Rachel and George 90.0.0
Judy 45, Agatha 25. =70.0.0
Received too much 1.10.0
To Thomas Roane admr of George Daniel:
Winney and her child Jacob 60.0.0
Ben 68, Jane 30 = 98.0.0
Received too l ittle 10.0
To Overton Cosby Admon &c of Henry Daniel
Tonny [not quite Fanny, but] 65.0.0
Alice 50, Nancy 45 = 95.0.0
Received too much 1.10.0
To Overton Cosby admin of Henry Daniel [yes, Henry]
Ann and her child George 70.0.0
Diana 46
Sally 40 = 86.0.0
Received too little 2.10.0
Total Value of the Negroes 634.0.0
Each ones Part 158.10.0
Number of Parts - 4 = 634.0.0
We have settled and account with the said Brooking Executor aforesaid, for the hire of the said negros, and he, not having produced any Bonds for the same, is charged with the amount due, which, including Interest makes the sum of 160.16.1
Deduct for his commission on the gross amt of the hire 8.4.2
?Meet? amt of the Hire = 152.11.11
We have valued the three Barrels of Indian Corn to be delivered for each negro to 32.8.0
Total amount 184.19.11
Deduct for mantaing [sic] one old Negro from this day forward, which Robert Ware has engaged to old, the said Executor is therefore to pay him the sum of 13.10.0
Neet amt to be divided [must mean net] 171.9.11
Which sum of 171.9.11 we divide as follows:
To Charles Lee, Exr of Robert Daniel, the sum of 41.7.5 3/4
To Thomas Roane Admor of George Daniel 43.7.5 3/4 [yes 43]
To Overton Cosby Admor &c of Henry Daniel 41.7.5 3/4
To Overton Cosby Admon of Henry Daniel 45.7.5 3/4 [yes 45]
Given under our hands....Wm Custis, Christopher Garland, Peter Wall?. ret and recd 28 Aug 1800.

Middlesex County, Virginia Wills and Inventories 1673-1812 and Other Court Papers by William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989
WB2, p.76 [this is recorded in between other docs of 1800-1803]
Gloucester CO Court on 25 Jan 1798 accepted delivery of some slaves from the estate of Betty Kemp, decd., for Charles Lee, exr of Robert Daniel, Thomas Roane admr of George Daniel, and Overton Cosby admr of Henry Daniel. [see above for slave names]

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New Kent

VA Patent Bks [original docs available at]
and Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nugent (=Patent Bks)
143=6-502 Mr. Tho. Hall & Jno. Pigg 18 Feb 1673/4, 3831a on NE side of Mattopony Riv. above the tides flowing in New Kent Co; about 40 paces above an Indian Weire, &c. Trans of 77 pers: James Meate, Hen. Jack, Ann Akin, Alexdr. Logan, Cha. Jack, And. Jack, Ja. Coggill, Mary Coggill, Jno Russell, Tho. Shory, Eliza. Gray, Sa. Williams Wm. Thorne, Samll. Peachy, Jno Sheppard, Abra. Robinson, Jno Jones, Mary Smith, Sarah Smith, Jno. Overbury, Wm. Clopton, Hen. Rider, Fra. Hatton, Samll. Moody, Hum. Moody, Math. Huberd, Sarah Fenn, Jno. Gillett, Robt. Shokey, Richd. Price (or Prin), Robt. Purvis, Tho. Parker, Wm. Daniell, Mary Daniell, Ann Cowthorne, Rich Simins, Robt. Bishope, Wm. Gray, Susan Smith, Jennett Bough, Hen. Turner, Samll. Talke, Jno. Hawford, Tho. Conny (?), Jno. Underhill, Thos. Smith, Jno. Dowglas, Daniell Frizell, Danll. Sanders, Mary Bough, Jno. Gilam, Robt. Holme, Eliz. Montague, Wm. a boy; Wm. Brate, Eliz. Parr, Mar. Luckett, Rowland Graham, Richd. Fitzee, (or Fichee), Tho. Browne, Mary Hayes, Edwd. Drapier, Richd. Reade, Robt. Jennings, Robt. Lee, Abra. Browne, Robt. Prior, Robt. Lambo, Ingoe.....; & 8 Negroes.

Genealogical Abstr fr 18th-Century VA Newspapers. Robert K. Headley Jr 1987
pp85-86 William Daniel, Negro, b. in Wmsbrg, he and his wf Sarah who was b. in PA, claim to be free; jailed in New Kent Co. VGGA 12 Jan 91.

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Cavaliers & Pioneers. Nell Marion Nugent
v.2 p.66=Bk6-259 Lt. Coll. Wm. Kendall 28 Oct 1669, N'ampton Co...for trans 19 pers: Kath. Legardo, Jno. Daniell, Wm. Shore, Jno. Shellivan, Jude Bernard, Ann Hodge, Judge (a) Negro, Wm. Biggs, Jno. Abram, Tho. Sumersett, Jno. Watts, Tho. Coleman, Danll. Donahan, Rebec. Cole, Tho. Smith, James Burketan, Samll. Grinnall, Wm. Kenede (or Lenede), Rich. Whitehair.
v.2 p.98=Bk6-375 Morris Lisson 3 Oct 1671 N'ampton Co...for transp 8 pers: Cornelius Swillivan, Robt. Brinson, Susanna Milse, Wm. Lawrence, Mary Daniell, Geo. Brookes, Margt. Barr, Tony a Negroe.
v.3 p.v.3 6=9-34 John Washbourne 29 Oct 1696 N'ampton...for imp 13 pers: Eliza. Grimshaw, Alice Daniel, Wm. Waterford, Arthur Goaled, Michael Fadler, John James, Phil. Ferne, Jack, Mary, Mary, Sith, Dott, Tom, Negroes.

N'ampton Co VA Record Bk, Orders, Deeds, Wills, &c v.6 and 7-8 1655-1657. Doctor Howard Mackey and Marlene Alma Hinkley Groves, CG 2002 v7 fol 19 ct Knowe all men by these prsntes That I Francis Payne of Chirrystone Creeke free Negro; doe hereby fully, freely, & absolutely give & grante unto my welbeloved wife, Amye Payne the wthn specifyed Mare, wth her increase. both from Mr John Cornelius Coullard Baye, & aged about eight yeares To inioye (enjoy) the sd Mare wth her increase; for her & her heyres, Exres Adres or Assignes for ever, promissinge. hereby for ye better confirmacon of this my Act & Deede to acknowledge ye same (n [sic] open court) for this County. To bee recorded in ye Register booke, to stand irrevocable for ever; whereunto I bynd mee my heyres, Exres Admres or Ass: this 13the of September 1656. Francis Payne (x) his Mrke. wit John James, Jno Daniell. ackn 30 Sep 1656, recd 4 Oct 1656. [this is followed by Jane Eltonheade of province of MD widdowe, 7 Nov 1656 ackn recpt of 3008 hundd powndes of tobacco & caske, discharges him of all debtes, Claymes or demandes...Teste W. Kendall, wit Jno Bateman. recd 19 Nov 1656.]

Abstr of the Wills and Admins of N'ampton Co VA 1632-1802. James Handley Marshall 1994
p.169 will of Thomas Harmanson Sr Gent wr 26 Mar 1696 pr 28 Nov 1702.
To wf Elizabeth n. man Daniel during her life, and then Daniel to be at his own liberty paying 200#t [sic] per year during his life to my son-in-law William Waters and Isabell his wife my dau.
To wf Elizabeth during her life n. woman Betty and then to my son Benjamin.
To wf n. woman Nann [names housewares].
To eldest son Thomas n. man Robin [furniture]
and to his son Thomas Harmanson n. woman Mary.
To my granddau Elishe Harmanson the dau of my son Thomas the youngest child of n. woman Mary.
To son William Harmanson n. man Poppaw Jack.
To son John n. man Toby.
To son Henry n. man Dick.
[land devised]
To son Benjamin [land, etc.] and n. men Covett and Reuben already given him by deed.
To dau Elitia wf of Thomas Savage [personalty], n. girl Mary.
To dau Isabell Waters [personalty], n. boy Ned.
To my great grandson Jacob Clay the son of Thomas Clay and Margaret his wf [some livestock].
To my friend (Maj.) John Custis...
Remaining est in America or elsewhere to be eq divd by my 6 sons and 3 daus.
exrs wf and 6 sons. wit Thomas Shepheard Sr (x), William Shepheard (x), Argoll Wilkins (x), Nathaniel Littleton, William Waters, Mathew Moore. fr
Order, Wills, etc XVIII, No.14 1698-1710, p. 112. Codicil 19 Oct 1700
To wf Elizabeth. To son Benjamin.
To son Benjamin in lieu of n. Reuben (now decd) previously given to him, n. man Reignald [sic].
To son Thomas n. woman Mary.
To son Benjamin n. woman Betty bought of (Capt) Joshua Brodbent.
wit Joseph Bath, Stephen Harnage, William Waters.
(Note: Thomas Harmanson is described as a German b. in Brandenburgh 1680-1692 p.168).

p.184 will of (Maj) John Robins Sr Gent wr 5 Dec 1707 pr 28 May 1709
to eldest son Obedience Robins [land], To son Obedience n. woman Betty Vembo and mallatto [sic] girl Sarrah the dau of Hannah. These legacies to Obedience for his maint during his life then to my son John if he provides adequately for my son Obedience.
To son Edward Robins [land], To son Edward n. man James, n. woman Purhorah, mallatto boy Charles son of Hannah (which said boy is now on myh part of Jengoteague Island).
To son Littleton Robins [land], To son Littleton n. girl Jinney.
To son Thomas Robins [land] and n. man Nedd.
To dau Esther wf of Arthur Denwood of Sumerset Co Maryland.
To each of my 6 grchn Esther, Levin, John, Prissilla, Arthur, and Betty Denwood (sons and daus of Arthur and Esther) a silver spoon.
To son-in-law Hillary Stringer and wf Grace my dau, n. woman Naney, n. girl Hagar dau of sd Nancy.
To my dau Elizabeth Robins mallatto boy William son of Betty Vembo and n. girl Mary....
To son John n. man Aminidab, mallato servant named Beck during time of her indenture to me as will appear by the register of Accomack Parish and white servant boy John Smith during his time as will appear by N'ampton recds.
To goddau Margaret Waters dau of (Col) William Waters.
To the four eldest chn of kinswoman Frances Powell wf of Samuel Powell.
Remaining est to be eq divd by my 8 chn. [land]
To my 5 sons Obedience, Edward, Littleton, John, Thomas - my land on Jingoteague Island purc of William Kendall decd (where my man and woman George Blake and Hannah look after the stock).
Exrs my 5 sons above named. My friends (Col) William Watters, (Capt) Thomas Savage, George Harmanson and Hillary Stringer to advise them. wit Nathaniel Willkins, Thomas Savage, John Savage, Francis Steel.
fr Deeds, Wills, etc. XIX No.19 1708-1717. Codicil 1 Feb 1704/5
To Nathaniel Littleton bro of my kinsman Bowman Littleton decd and to Richard Waters (bro-in-law to Bowman Littleton) [land] But for want of their heirs to Southy Littleton bro of Bowman. wit William Waters, James Ansell (x), Benjamin Baynton, Thomas Savage.
Codicil 25 Mar 1709 Both I and my son John Robins being now very sick, in case my son John predeceases me, [this codicil is all about land changes if necessary, no slaves named]

p.222 will of Littleton Robins wr 19 Jan 1718/19 pr 17 Mar 1718/19.
To my son John [land], To son John n. man Tom and n. woman Jenny.
To my nephew John Stringer son of Hillary Stringer....
My wf's clothing to be divd by my sis Katherine Robins and her 2 daus and Mary Mellichop.
Son John resid. legatee and exr. My bro John to act as gdn of my son John until of lawful age. wit John Marshall Jr, Mary Marshall, Grace Stringer, Hillar Stringer. fr Deeds, Wills, etc. XXIII-R 1718-1725.

p.306 will of John Robins Sr wr 13 Dec 1739 pr 8 Jul 1740.
To my son Edward [land].. All the remaining part of my home plantation, and lease from the Secretary, for the use of my loving wf Katherine during her life and then the entire 950a to my son Edward.
To son Edward [land]. To my grandson John Robins (under 18) [land].
To my son Edward my part of Gingoteague Island given me by my fa, and 1/2 the parts of Gingoteague ns. [negros] and animals given by my bro Littleton to my bro Obedience and me.
To grson John Robins that part of Gingoteague Island given by my fa to my bro Obedience. If both my son Edward and my grson John Robins should die w/o heirs, then the lands given them in N'ampton Co to my daus Margaret and Esther, and my Gingoteague land to my grdau Sarah Robins. To my bro Obedience a reasonable maintenance during his lf to take care of him to be taken out of what I give to my wf.
To son Edward [personalty], mulatto boy Kit.
To grson John Robins n. boy Tom.
To my grson William Water n. boy Daniel, and if he dies under 18 then to my dau Margaret Burton.
To grdau Sarah Robins (uner 18) n. girl Bersheba.
To my grdau Margaret Burton n. girl Belinda.
To my dau Margaret Burton n. wench Phillis and n. boy Luke.
To my dau Esther Pugh n. girl Sarah.
To dau Margaret Burton personalty.
To my loving wf Katherin a servant woman Jane and all her gold rings. To Jonathan Roberts.
My wf to pay all my debts except those due my son Edward and my dau Esther Pugh on acct of their cousin John Robins' est. To wf and son Edward.... My son Edward and William Burton to oversee my grson John Robins' est according to his decd fa's will until he is 18. If my grdau Sarah should die w/o heirs, the the ns. that she shall receive at the div after my wfs decease to go to her bro John Robins. Resid. legatees my wf, son Edward, dau Margaret Burton, dau Esther Pugh, and my 2 grchn John and Sarah Robins. Wf and sons Edward Robins and William Burton exrs. wit George Lynch, John Wheeler, Elizabeth Milling, John Williams, Major Guy (x), Francis Sampson, John Wilkins Watts, Peggy Sampson (x). fr Wills & Invs XXVI-R No.18 1733-1740. Probate - The testr is further identified as John Robins Gent.

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My Ingram Family 1651-1925 by Iona May Ingram Sowa 1992
p.25 Northumberland Record Book 1738-1743, p.125
deed 8 Jun 1741, recd 8 Jun 1741, Charles Ingram of Parish of Wicocomoc, county Northumberland, for love and affection to son Charles Ingram of same [son about to be married] man Toma, negro woman Phillis...
wit John Coppi--, John Pope, Morley Mott

p.25-26 Northumberland Record Book 1743-1749
[page not given] deed recd 9 Apr 1744, Charles Ingram of Parish of Wicocomo, county Northumberland, to son George Ingram of same, for love and affection, land ...eight Negroes, Harry, Dobin, Old Sarah, Young Sarah, Grace, Sinah, Frank, Judes...
wit George Bell Jun., John Waddy, Frances Timberlake, John (x) Iron

p.26 Northumberland County, VA, Record Book 1753-1756
Bk3-267 estate of George Ingram, adm by Elizabeth Ingram with John Ingram and Josias Gaskins sec. 8 May 1749
Elizabeth Ingram allotted her dower, dated 16 Dec 1755, recd 9 Feb 1756:
Bob £45
Sue £10

p.27 Northumberland County, VA, Record Book 1753-1756
Bk3-84 bill of sale 9 Apr 1754, recd 9 Apr 1754, John Ingram of William Berry and Grace his wf, for $#163;100, Negroe slaves Sam, Hannah, Davy

p.29 Northumberland Record Book 5-174
will of Charles Ingram, wr 10 Aug 1754, pr 11 Feb 1760
to son George's heirs...what negroes and stock he died possessed with...
to son Charles Ingram...what negroes are now in his possession...
to son John Ingram...says what stock in his possession...
to granddau Thompson Gill...negroe fellow Dick...
to dau Grace Edwards...what negroes and now in her possession during her life, then to descent unto her grandchildren by Charles Edwards [sic on grandchildren, but...]
to dau Mary Love...all the negroes and stock now in her possession...
to son Joseph Ingram...what negroes his is possessed of...
to sons Bartholomew Ingram and Benjamin Ingram...
to Bartholomew Ingram...negroes Cate and Harvey...
to son Benjamin Ingram...negroes Frank, Peter, Lettie, Manuel...
to wf Mary Ingram...negroes Robin, Jacob and Sebace (?)...during her natural life, then to sons Bartholomew and Benjamin.
exrs two eldest sons now living Charles and John Ingram
wit John Heath, James Waddy, Joseph Mott

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Deed Abstr of Orange Co VA 1759-1778. Ruth and Sam Sparacio
[=DB13 1759-1765, DB14 1765-1768, DB15 1768-1772, DB16 1772-1778, and Tithable List of Benjamin Cave's Pct 1756, Org Co Land Tax Bk 1782 (p.200)]
7=13-76 Catherine (x) Haley for love to son Benjamin, Negro James (also 3 other Negroes) now being my property in consideration that he doth oblige himself to maintain his Mother Catherine Haley during her life in a Desent and comfortable manner. 14 Jan 1760. wit Benja Cave, Reuben Daniel, John Cave. recd 24 Apr 1760
13=13-132 To all to whom...I Elizabeth now going to intermarry with Reuben Daniel by good will of Reuben Daniel before marriage...I do for lov I have and bear towards my youngest son, James Merry...grant one Negro girl named Lett, that is of my own purchase and if James Merry shall die without lawful heirs...said Negro girl shall return to Reuben Daniel, his heirs forever...after marriage solemnized...if Reuben and Elizabeth shall have no heirs, after death of Elizabeth and Reuben...the said Negro and her increase shall return to the estate of Reuben Daniel's former heirs forever...have interchangeable set our hands.... sig Reuben Daniel, Elizabeth (x) Merry. wit Elijah Morton, Stephen I.K. Smith, Samuel Kerchevall. recd 23 Oct 1760. Del'd to Wm. M. Daniels Jany 1796. [sic on years]

52=13-471 Catherine (x) Haley, Widow, Orange, for affection, to dau Elizabeth Christopher of Culpeper, one Negro woman named Rose and all incr...only the first child shall have to live to be one yr old, and sd child shall be delivered unto my son David Haley. Sd Negro Rose no in my possession so long as I live and after my decease to go to Elizabeth. 29 Jul 1764. wit Reuben Daniel, Wm Haley. recd 23 Oct 1764.

60=14-10 Mary (x) Howle to son Malachi Chiles 7 Jun 1765, for love, certain slaves left by will 29 Apr 1718 [sic] to her (then Mary Chiles) by Henry Chiles fa of Malachi Chiles, which Malachi has in possession, in consideration of paying his mo Mary Howle 22.10, 15 Negroes. wit Richd Thomas, Vivion Daniel, James Daniel. recd 27 Jun 1765.
[I include this because I think the names will be findable in Chiles records.]

146=16-1 We Reubin Daniel, Thomas Merry and Prittyman Merry for natural love we bear James Merry, son to Thomas Merry decd, give a Negro named Bob. 31 Dec 1771. wit Andw Manning, Caleb Lindsay, Richard Graves, John Brockman, Richd (x) Bradley. Deed of Gift recd 27 Aug 1772.

160=16-157 Reuben Daniel and wf Elizabeth of Orange to James Robb & Co of Fredericksburg 3 Sep 1773, witnesseth Reuben and son Robert sometime ago did conv sundry slvs in trust to secure pymt of 4050, also 2 tracts in Orange and Augusta. Reuben and Elizabeth hereby relinq their right to land in Augusta and Negroe girl Tamer, for 5sh pd by James Robb and Co, grant land in Orange 250a bd lands of Robert Daniel, Prettyman Merry, William Hutcherson, Edward Herndon, James whereon Reuben and Elizabeth now live. wit Thomas Allen, William (x) Proctor, Robert Daniel. [only Reuben sig]. Deed of Trust recd 26 Nov 1773. Exd & Deld to Jas Robb Jun 1783.

Deed Abstr of Orange Co Va (1778-1786). Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=DB17 1778-1781, DB18 1781-1786]
4=17-43 [text as Sparacios wrote] There has been doubts between my son, Robert Daniel and myself which...proper title to Twelve Negroes I recovered of Mary Breedlove by a suit in General Court in my own name as Administrator and his name as Wit Cate a woman, Frank a woman, Alice a woman, George a lad, Agnes a woman, Humphrey a man, Ben a lad, Dick a lad, Delphy a girl, Jenney a girl, Cate a girl and Simon a end all disputes...I agree with my son to myself, heirs...that neither they nor myself shall ever claim title to above named old Cate, Frank or their future increase, also Humphrey, Ben and George in consideration this my son has given up to me the remainder...Alice, Agnes, Delphy, Jenny, Young Cate, Dick and Simon...16 Nov 1777. wit Joseph Hawkins, Laurence Egbert. recd as Deed of Agreement from Reuben Daniel to Robert Daniel, 23 Jul 1778.
4=17-44 [next, text as Sparacios wrote] Whereas...doubts between my Father, Reuben Daniel, and myself title to twelve Negroes my Father recovered of Mary Breedlove by a suit in General Court in my name as heir at law and his own name as Administrator...(names 12 Negroes)...I agree with my Father neither my heirs of myself shall ever hereafter claim title to (names Reuben's seven Negroes) consideration that my Father has given me the remainder...(names his five Negroes)...16 Nov 1777. wit Joseph Hawkins, Laurence Egbert. recd as Deed of Agreement, 23 Jul 1778.

18=17-248 John Hardy of Stafford and wf Hannah to John Hedgmen of sd Co Gent, son of sd Hannah 9 Aug 1779...whereas Peter Daniel late of sd co decd did by his LW&T recd in sd co, give to Hannah by the name of his beloved Daughter, Hannah Foote, after the death of his wife 600a on Rockey Run in Orange, with 2 negroes Esther and Charles, and whereas by Act of Assembly since made all intails have been which means sd Hannah is seized of sd land and slvs. John Hardy and Hannah in consideration of natural love and 1000, 600a in Orange and sd slvs, after death of his Grandmother, wid of Peter Daniel. wit Travers Daniel, John Cooke, Travers Daniel Junior. recd 28 Oct 1779. Exd & Deld to V. Daniel Sep 1780.

23=17-303 Bond, James Divers of Rockingham Co VA obliged to pay to Elizabeth Daniel, John Conner, Nancy Daniel, Frankey Daniel, William Merry Daniel, 100,000...9 Feb 1780. wit James Coleman, Edmund Dear. Condition: whereas James Divers claims a part of the negroes belonging to Reuben Daniel decd by marrying his dau, Negroes Reuben recovered by law came by his wife, Penny, and Mother to Robert Daniel, Molly Seager and Betty Diver, now wf to above Diver. Above Conner and Daniel [sic singular] have agreed to give Diver negro boy named Major, discharge Conner and Daniel fr all claims relating to sd Negroes. wit Edmund Dear, James Coleman. recd 23 Mar 1780

25=17-334 Bond, James Divers of Rockingham Co bond to Robert Daniel of Orange, 100,000, 8 Feb 1780. condition: article of agreement 30 Jun 1773, Robert Daniel to deliver up to James Divers half of all Negroes before sit in chancery was determined, brought by James Divers v. Reuben Daniel in Orange now decd and others. James Divers agrees will no claim any slvs given up by will or received by Robert Daniel in sd suits mentioned, of that line of negroes received of Mary Sea or William Breadlove by Reuben Daniel and Robert Daniel. wit John Conner, William Daniel. recd 25 May 1780

25=17-335 [next] bond James Divers to Robert Daniel, 50,000, 8 Feb 1780. condition: shall dismiss all suits in law v. Robert Daniel or raise any controversies over negro Cate and her incr that Reuben Daniel recoverd of Mary Sea and William Breedlove in General Court at Williamsburt 1753 or 4 Reuben Daniel Administrator and next friend of Robert Daniel...being heir at law to sd Negroes...Robert Daniel giving up to James Divers one negro boy George about 12 yrs old and Robert oblige myself never lay any claim agt George if Divers complies with intent above written. wit John Conner, William Daniel. recd 25 May 1780

Deed Abstr of Orange Co VA 1791-1795. Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=DB20, all]
98=20-343 Henry (x) Chiles of Orange to Andrew Shepherd and Alexr Shepherd same 1 Aug 1794, 77.3.4, 80a whereon I now live which was willed to me by my Fa and the balance bought of my bro James Chiles, adj John Brockman, James Daniel, John Stevens, Mrs. Frances Burrus, also Negroes Peter & Sam, men, & Anarchie, woman and her child Jessee, with inc. mtg, Henry Chiles to pay 113.9.2 with interest fr 1 Aug 1794, due 1 Nov 1797. wit Wm Banks, Benjn Porter, Charles P. Howard, Andrew Shepherd Jr. recd 22 Dec 1794. Exd and Deld to Alexander Shepherd Nov 1797

Orange co VA Will Bks 1-2 1735-1778 by John Frederick Dorman
1-108 will of William Smith wr 14 Sep 1739, pr 25 Oct 1739
names chn, wf Eliza Smith, grdau Mary Ann Bryant (one Negro girl named Bess. daus Eliza and Ann....
wit: Zachary Taylor, George Nettles, mark [x] Thornton. .

Orange Co VA WB 2 1744-1778. John Frederick Dorman
9=56/60 est acct Thomas Stanton 1741, exr Henry Field, ret 23 May 1745. $ to ...Peter Daniles...

48=230-232 will Thomas Merry of Spots Par St George wr 21 Jun 1754, pr 23 Sep 1756.
to my 2 sons Thomas and Prettyman Merry my land in Orange be div when son Prittyman comes of age...
to my 3 daus Ann Merry, Elizabeth Merry and Marry Merry my Negroes young Judy and all her chn, Cloey and all her chn, Jeney and all her chn, Truelove and all her chn, when either marrys or comes of age to receive her part and the other two parts to be kept together till one of the other daus marrys or comes of age. If either should die then there part div betw the two other daus.
to my loving wf my land I now live on, [personalty]
All the rest of my est, my land wh I bought of William Hawkins excepted, to be equally div betw my loving wf and my 3 sons Thos Merry, Prittyman Merry and John Merry when my son Thos Merry comes of age.
to my son John Merry [land]
exrx my loving wf Elizabeth and exrs Owen Thomas and William Smith. wit John Carter, Thos Estes, John Estes. produced by Owen Thomas and William Smith. pr by John Estes. The said will is all in the handwriting of the testator. Owen and William with sec John Goodall and Reuben Daniel entered bond. Eliza. Merry the wid declared she would not join the probate and would not take any legacy bequeathed thereby and did renounce all advantages.

100=478/9 will Roger Bell of St Thomas Par Orange wr 3 Dec 1773. "I have Negro girl named Dinah which is helpless and void of sences. Whichever of my children hereafter mentioned shall take the said Negro girl and fine her plenty in bread shall have a Negro woman named Janey for their charge and Janey not to be accounted in the other part of my estate."
gr-dau Lucy Wisdom 3 at age 18. gr-dau Frankey Wisdom 3 at 18 [legacies to be taken out first before est divided].
son Thomas Bell [land]
All my other land to be sold and $ and my Negroes and all my other est be div amongst chn: John Bell, William Bell, Joseph Bell, Henry Bell, Thomas Bell, Betty Leek, Mary Brockman, Ursula Bowling, Ann Linney.
exrs my son Joseph Bell and my son Henry Bell. wit James Atkins, Thomas Oak, Thomas Burrus. 24 Aug 1774 presented by Joseph Bell, pr by James Atkins and Thomas Oaks. Joseph Bell with Vivion Daniel and William Pollock secs bond 2000. next is inv 5 Sep 1744 [sic here] ret 22 Sep 1774 by John Vivion, John Vivion junr, Thomas Burrus.

Orange Co VA Will Abstr 1778-1821. Ruth and Sam Sparacio [=WB3 1778-1801 and WB4 1801-1814 and WB5 1814-1821]
1=3-3 will Reuben Daniel of Orange wr 2 Jan 1779.
to son Reuben Daniel one negro girl Delpha and incr, stock.
to dau Nancy Daniel, one negro girl Jenny, stock, furn.
to dau Lucy Conner on negro boy Dick.
to son William Merry Daniel on negro boy Simon, stock, furn, other, also land in Orange..., if he dies before 21 his share to be eq div betw mmy 2 daus Nancy Daniel and Frankey Daniel and my grson Reuben Conner, if grson dies before 21 his mother, my dau Lucy Conner shall receive....
to my dau Betty Davers, in case her husband James Davers doth not recover anything fr my est by a lawsuit, one negro girl Isbell and bed and furn already received.
to wf Elizabeth Daniel the bed and furn she now lies on and lend her during natural life the remainder of my estate, after her dec the land and plantation I now live on to be eq div betw my 3 chn William Merry Daniel, Nancy Daniel, and Frankey Daniel. at wfs death all remainder to (the same listed) and dau Lucy Conner.
I have already given my son Robert Daniel full proportion of my est and cannot in justice to my other chn give him any thing more and should not have mentioned him in my wil only that it might not be thought I had forgot or neglected him.
exrs friends Mr William Smith and Mr Edward Herndon of Spots. wit William Plunkett, James Coleman, Thomas Merry, Jos Hawkins. pr 25 Feb 1779, pr by all 3 wits, alterations pr by John Collins and John Hobday. Robert Daniel had no objection. sec on bond James Madison, Thomas Barbour, James Coleman [doesn't name who took bond out]

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Abstr of Pittsylv Co VA Wills 1767-1820 by Lela C. Adams
Bk5-416-418 will of James Hix, wr 18 Jan 1776, pr 23 May 1776
lend wf Frances HIx 4 working negros viz: Andrew, Hannah, Sarah and Peter
Son Miles when he comes of age
other surviving chn and their heirs: Nancy Hix, Elizabeth Hix, Patsy Hix, Franky Hix, Dolly Hix, the daus of the sd James Hix.
To son Miles Hix, negro boy Abraham....residue of negros Andrew, Charlotte, Tazzy, Ben, Amea.
execs wf and brother Benjamin Hix of Brunswick co.
wit John Salmon, Elisha Harbour, David Lanier, Thomas Jamison.
Sec for execs: John Salmon, James Shelton, Jesse Chandler, David Lanier

[The following will is recorded in Person Co NC. This Matthew Daniel lived in Person for a while.]
Person Will Book 10-168 will of Mathew Dannill of Pitsilvanyney [sic] County VA, wr 8 Jan 1825, pr Sep 1825
to wife a gartha [see Agartha later] Danell the tracks of land whereon I now live and in Rockingham County and the tracks of land lying in Person County No Carolina...& I do further relinquish all ?her? old stock of negroes to be disposed of as she may think propper after the death of my wife Agartha
son John Danell & also Ezchel Bob & Charlott and his heirs for each
to my son Green Danell...a negro boy named Jude and Frank.
to my dau Lucy Griffith a negro woman Eliza and her son Jackson and her increase.
to Mathew Dannell Griffith a negro boy Moses.
to the children of my son Mathew Dannell by his present wife two negroes Dinah? and ?Luthena-d and there increase... and its to be understood when the youngest child arrives to the age of 21 the said Negroes are to be equally devided between them.
to my dau Jean Wallice one Negro woman Molly and her four children Biddy Russell Henry & Eliza and there increase.
to...Robert & Jean Wallice
son John Danell Green Danell my dau Lucy Griffith and the Heirs of my son Mathew Danell.

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Powhatan Co VA Tax Lists 1782 & 1784. Don Simmons
[these are those great ones with pix of real list, enlgd, darkened, etc]
Cox (Henry, Henry Jr, George Senr, John, William), then Richard Crump, then:
William Daniels, adult slaves: Pompy, Ned, Sam, Stepny, York, Warwick, Lilly, Bellar, 1 free male, 8 slvs, 0 wheels, 3 horses, 16 cattle, 0 ordinary licenses
37=1784 Daniel William, Ned, Sam, Luller, Bellow, Step, York & Warwick, 1 m>21, 0 m16-21, 4sl >16, 3sl <16, 4 horses, 13 cattle
38 [next to William] Daniel Henry, Thomas Morris, Stephen Daniel, Wm Daniel Junr, Tarlton Cox, Haron, Simon, Joe, Shadrach, & David, 2 m>21, 3m 16-21, 5 sl >16, 0sl <16, 5 horses

Powhatan Co VA Wills 1777-1795. Benjamin B. Weisiger III
22=1-135-136 will of Ann Harris wr 15 May 1779, recd 15 May 1787,
son Joseph, son Benjamin, son Francis Eppes [He's Francis Eppes Harris as wit on Henry Cox will], son Richard (underage), unmarried daus
son Joseph, negro man Peter
son Edward, negro man Caesar
son Francis Eppes, negro man Ludlow
son Richard, negro boy Jamy
dau Mary, negro woman Jenny
dau Anne, negro woman Rose
dau Martha, negro woman Doll
dau Tabitha, negro girl Nancy
son Benj and dau Sarah I have given none as they already have been given some as gifts of friends
exrs son, wit Wm Daniel, Langhorn Tabb, Jacob McGehee, Chs. Worsham
31=1-197 will Henry Cox of Powhatan, wr 29 Jul 1790, recd 16 Jan 1791
son Richard, slaves Henry, Warwick, Will, Pegg, Agg, Jane and her child Doll
son Tarlton, lands, plus slaves Sam, Joe, Lidda & her child Fan
to Langhorne Tabb
to Richard Moseley, slaves Frank, Shadrach and Bess
to grandson Henry Daniel, negro boy Surry
to granddau Judith Daniel, negro boy James
to grandson Peyton Cox...but if he dies under age, to grandsons Henry Cox and Vincent Cox.
exrs sons Richard and Tarlton
wit Francis Eppes Harris, Harrison (x) Jones, Thomas Coverley
41=1-284 inv William Daniel by court order of Oct 1793. Incl negroes: Ned, Sam, Stephen, Warwick, Lilly, Bellow, Nan, Pegg and Sophy. Value of est 596.12.0, taken by Jacob Salmons, Jno Nunnally, Edw'd Harris. recd 19 Dec 1793
44=1-303 [included because inventory next names slaves] will George Cox wr 31 Oct 1794, recd 15 Jan 1795 son John, dau Martha Cox, son Robert, son Bartlet, land, slaves and stock (except horse given to Martha) to be sold and $ to: son George, son John, dau Martha Cox, grandson George Thompson in lieu of my dau Sally Thompson, son Robert, son Bartlet, dau Judith Daniel. rest to be divided among all my chn except Sally Thompson, with her part held at interest for her son George until he is 21. My chn are as follows: Henry Cox, George Cox, Richard Cox, John Cox, Martha Cox, Sally Thompson (George standing in her place, Robert Cox, Bartlet Cox, Judith Daniel and Abraham Cox. Household furniture divied equally to all my chn exrs Josiah Thompson, Henry Daniel and my son John Cox wit Jno Nunnally, Amy Nunnally, Edward Mumford
46=1-318 inv George Cox incl negroes Jane, Isbel & Dinah. val est 310.9.8, wit Jno Nunnally, Richard Cox, William Clement. recd 16 Apr 1795

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Prince George

Prince George County VA Records 1733-1792, "Abstracts of the remaining county recd bks for the above period plus miscellaneous wills" by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1975
[=1737-1740 Ct Order Book; 1759-1760 Will and Deed Bk; 1787-1792 Will and Deed Bk (2 vols); Manuscript wills in VA St Lib Arch; and a 20p fragment of a 1733 Will and Deed Bk]
1737-1740 Ct Order Bk
128=337 5 Nov 1789 Rachel Gee of Martins Brandon Par Pr Geo to John Holloway Daniel of Bristol Par Pr Geo, 200a, bd by William Bonner, Abraham Heath, Samuel Accory, John Daniel; also 3 negroes Patt, Beck, and America, also livestock and household items. wit H. Watkins, John Gee, Ann Chapman. recd 8 Dec 1789
142=438 5 Nov 1790 John H. Daniel of Martins Brandon par Pr Geo to Rachel Gee of Bristol par Pr Geo, 200a, bounded by William Bonner, Adam Heath, Samuel Accory, John Daniel Jr., it being all that tract John H. Daniel and Anna his wife now live on; also three negroes Patt, Beck and Amarica [sic] also livestock and items that was given to me in her deed. (wife called Anna in deed but signs deed Nancy). wit Williamson Bonner, Herbert Holloway, Joel Simmons. recd 14 Dec 1790
149=500 acct of est Thomas Cureton
Negroes: Prince, Judy, Milly, Rose, Ailce, Ned, Sarah, George, Alice, June and her children, Jinne, Chloe, Dvie, Charles, Ephraim, Charlotte.
examined by Pleasant Hunnicutt, William Glover, Herbert Holloway, Feb. 1791, recd 12 April 1791
155=548 acct of Sales of est of Peter Moody by Peter Williams and Joseph Kirkland, ordered April 25, 1788
Lewis Parham, Edmund Perkins, Peter Williams, John Wilkerson, Thomas Daniel, William Ledbetter, Hea. Kirkland, Herbert LEdbetter, John Crews, Daniel Davenport;
Slaves: Frank, Amacy, Anthony, Sall, Doctor, Patt and child Silva;
Jones Bonner James Burge, Jr., John Bonner, Henry Bonner James Leath, Signal Pace, James Clemonds, Littleton Raines, John Cate, Stephen Temple, William Ledbetter for boarding Peter Moody's chn James and Henry Moody",
Legatees: Leah Perkins, Benjamin Moody, Henry Moody, James Moody.
recd 10 May 1791

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Old Rappahanock

(today Richmond and Essex)

VA Patent Bks [original docs available at]
and Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nugent (=Patent Bks)
32=6-115 Major Generall Robert Smith 20 Mar 1667, 1900a Rappa. Co., in the freshes & S. side the river, about a mile from the river or bay side of Potobago [Port Tobacco]. Beg. neere the head of the Eastermost br. of Potobago Cr. ...trans 38 pers: Wm. Danyell, Thos. Dawkins, Roger Shawcocke, Rich. Bostocke, Tho. Sealeby, Abra. Lawes, Jno. Kirke, Wm. Skelton, Jno. Godfrey, Jno. Blasson, Tho. Wingate, Geo. Davyes, Pet. Bennett, Wm. Hill, Wm. Lacy, Fra. Street, Robt. Lee, Jno. Brownen, Hen. Ball, Tho. Rapier, Tho. Wroth, Rich. Thompson, Robt. Whitehorn, Mathew Stevenson, Xpofer. [sic] Jeames, Tho. Browne, Wm. Worrell, Wm. Chapman, Geo. Breeding, Charles Chipp, Mary Turner, Anne Lynbey, Eliz. Clarke, Jno. Morgan, Eliz. Pellington, German Gillott & [?2] Negroes.
[Smith's entry just before this is in Lancaster co]

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Wills and Administrations of Surry County VA 1671-1750 by Eliza Timberlake Davis 1955
Bk 7 p. 389 will of William Edwards wr 9 Jan 1721/22, pr 21 Feb 1724 [I'm not giving all this abstract, it's long] son Micajah Edwards: various lands including Plantation on Nottoway River where my negro, Frank, now lives...
gives unnamed Negros to other children.

0034104 VA Surry Deeds Wills Etc. 1738-1754
p.496 will of William Edwards, of Surry in the Parish of Southwark, wr 10 Feb 1744/5 pr 20 Mar 1744
to wf Sarah Edwards my Mulato Wench Betty
to dau Mary my Negro Girl Martha
to dau Elizabeth my Negro Girl Lucy,
to dau Hannah my Negro boy David,
to dau Sarah my Negro Girl Lid,
[all other slaves to be "continued in the Care of my Executrix" until youngest dau Rebecca come of age or is married, then sold, Rebecca gets 20, rest split between wife and 5 daus]
excx wf Sarah. Witnesses William Holt, Thos Warren, Lewis G. Thompson.

Surry Co VA Court Records 1749-1751 Bk10 by Weynette Parks Haun 1997
p. 278 Jul 1751 It being represented to the court that Elizabeth Lucy Janey David Martha & Lydia Garns are detained in Slavery by Sarah Edwards, Lucas Powell & John Powell not withstanding as it is Urged that they are free persons it is ordere'd that the said Sara Lucas & John be summoned to appear at the next [sic] to answer the presmisses [sic].
p. 299 Aug 1751 Elizabeth, Janey, David, Martha & Lydia Gerns Compts. against Sarah Edwards, John Powell & Lucas Powell defts: It appearing that Elizabeth one of the Complainants is forceably removed out of this county by the defts. It is therefore ordered that the defendts do bring the said several Complants. to the next court in order for them to make out their allegations to their freedom.

Surry County VA Deeds and Estate Accounts 1756-1787 by William Lindsay Hopkins
8-156 21 Aug 1762 Mary Starke of Broadway and Prince George County to her son, Richard Starke, for Love and Affection....two Negro slaves named George and Dick. wt John Cocke. recd 21 Dec 1762.
8-205 20 Feb 1764 Mary Starke of Bristol Parish in Prince George County to her daughter, Rebecca Cocke of Southwark Parish in Surry County for Love and Affection...four Negro slaves named Sue, Harry, Will and Annaky. wt William Short and Daniel Fisher. recd 21 Feb 1764.

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Westmoreland Co VA Deeds and Wills No. 3 1701-1707. John Frederick Dorman 1967 94=391-93 10 Dec 1705. Laying the County Hugh Daniel 2 days' attendance about Negro Tom, 120 [not labeled but clearly lbs tobo]

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