Slave Records in Kentucky

collected by P. A. Miller

These are the slave records from my research on Kentucky families.
I've generally cleaned these records out to only include names (whether they receive named slaves in will or not).
There are tax lists and other records indicating numbers of slaves only - they still represent people and can help determine ages of known slaves.
I've left in auxiliary references that might include slave names, even though I didn't take them down in my notes.
These family names are not always all the same branch, I've noted where certain ones came from or went to, etc.
The records are not in date order.
I haven't cleaned up source name abbreviations, etc., but I think they are obvious. Some sources start with the LDS film number.
My comments about the records are in [brackets]
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N.B. The Prince Goode in many of these records, owned by John Goode, is first listed in the tax records of John's father Edward in Mecklenburg VA .

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[N.B. Trigg County was cut from Christian, some of this family information continues in the Trigg section below.]

The James Daniel in these records came from Person NC.
The John Goode family came from Mecklenburg VA through Rutherford County NC.

0461749 Christian Deeds F-G
G82 affidavit of James Daniel recd 2 Sep 1816: I James Daniel do swear that my removal to the St of Ky was with an intention to become a Citizen thereof and that I have brought with me no slave or slaves and will bring no slave or slaves with an intent of selling them. James Daniel (seal)

Christian co Ky Tax Lists 1804-1823. [4 books, 3-4 yrs each] by A. B. Willhite
The James Daniel listed here came from Person NC in about 1814, settling in Cerulean Springs. He brought his sons, some of whom (Elijah, George, John) are listed below. Two of James' slaves, Bob and Rachel, are listed in his will below.
The Elijah Daniel listed here is one of James Daniel's sons; he died in Trigg County in 1822 and his estate (included on this page) names his slaves.
There was also another James Daniel family in Christian/Trigg who arrived earlier than the James Daniel covered in these records. They settled in the southern area at Roaring Springs. Because they are so easily distinguishable from my James Daniel I unfortunately did not take their info from these lists.

[I have included here only the wh m >21 - blk m >16 - total blks]
1810 Daniel Elijah 1-2-4
1811 Daniel Elijah 1-5-9
1812 Daniel Elijah 1-3-9
[skip in names]
1812 Daniel McMorgan 1-0-0
1813 Daniel Elijah 1-3-7
1813 [next] Daniel Jas 1-2-2
1813 [next] Daniel George 1-0-0
1814 Daniel Jas 1-2-2
1814 [next] Daniel Elijah 1-5-11
1814 [next] Daniel John 1-1-2
another name much later Joel Daniel no land listed
1815 Daniel John 1-1-1
1815 [next] Daniel George 1-0-0
[skip 1 name]
1815 Daniel Jas 1-2-2
[skip 2 Dunnings]
1815 Daniel Elijah 1-6-12
[skip 1]
1815 Daniel Wm. 1-2-9
1816 Daniel John 1-2-2
1816 [next] Daniel Geo 1-0-0
1816 [next] Daniel Jas 0-2-2
[skip 1]
1816 Daniel Elija 1-5-11
1817 Daniel John 1-1-2
1817 [next] Daniel George 1-0-0
1817 [next] Daniel Elijah 1-5-12
1817 [next] Daniel Jas 1-2-2
[skip in names]
1817 Daniel Jas 1-6-12-3 horses-4acres near Hopkinsville [this is the other James Daniel from the southern section, hes built a house in town, probably]
1818 not in these books
1819 Daniel John 1-2-2
1819 [next] Daniel George 1-0-0
1819 [next] Daniel Jas 1-3-4
1819 [next Daniel Elijah 1-5-11
1820 no Daniel [They have been cut into Trigg now.]
1821 no Daniel
1822 Daniel Lewis 1-0-0 [this and next are from the other family]
1823 Daniel Louis 1-3-5
N.B. These people are continued in the tax lists of Trigg County below.

Christian co KY Tax Lists by A. B. Willhite, years covered in four books: 1804-1809, 1810-1813, 1814-1817, 1819-1823.
[I added to the above book info from LDS films 7926 and 7927. For this page I've removed the stock and personal property numbers.]
[John Goode freed Prince Goode in Trigg on 10 April 1822, the day before he wrote his will. I decided to include these tax records because it is possible to trace Prince through them and watch the manumission, etc. Unfortunately, when I was extracting these records I stopped taking the numbers for all but my direct ancestor so Prince's children are not determinable from my notes. I have included the names even if they had no slaves, because some of them inherited slaves named in the wills later. I've also included acreage and watercourse to help locate the families.]
[I also have available the Coy slave data from these lists and some from Hardin and Caldwell counties, but have omitted as I have not identified slave names for the family.]

Goode Robert - 1 wh male >21, 3 blacks >16, 8 total blacks, 106a on Horse Creek.
Goode, Edward 1 wh male ?21, no land listed
[signed 11 Nov 1809]
Goode John 1 wh m >21, 6 blk males >16, 12 blks total, no land listed
[N.B. Peter Goad clear in all these lists]
Good Thomas 1 wh m >21, no land listed
Good Edward 1 wh m >21, no land listed
Good Robert 1 wh m >21, 3 blk m >16, 8 blks total, 130a M Fk [=Muddy Fork]
Goode Thos 1 wh m >21, 1 wh m 16-21, 2 blk m >16, 6 blks total , 147.5a Little River
skip in names
Goode John 1 wh m >21, 5 blk m >16, 11 blk total, 350a MF [Muddy Fork]
[next to John] Thos Goode 1 wh m >21
skip in names
Goode Robt 1 wh m >21, 3 blk m 16-21, 5 blk total, 100a MF
[next] Edward Goode 1 wh m >21, no land listed.
Goode Edward 1 wh m >21, 1 blk total, 100 MF
[next] Goode Robt 1 wh m >21, 3 blk m >16, 5 blk total, 100a MF
skip in names
Goode John 1 wh m >21 6 blk m >16, 11 blk total, 160a MF
Goode Robt 1 wh m >21, 3 blk m >16, 6 blk total, 90a MF
[skip one name]
Goode Thos Jr, 1 wh m >21, no land listed
[skip in names]
Goode Thos 1 wh m >21, 1 blk m >16, 4 blk total, 147.5a Dollison Cr. [then it has a blank listing under his name except for another 147.5a ditto for Dollison Cr.]
Goode Edward 1 wh m >21 80a MF
[skip in names]
Goode John 1 wh m >21, 7 blk m >16, 10 blk total, 210a MF
[skip 3]
Goode Thos 1 wh m >21, no land listed
Goode Robt 1 wh m >21, 3 blk m >16, 6 blk total, 94a MF
[skip in names]
Goad [sic] Thos 1 wh m >21, 2 blk m >16, 4 blk total, 147 a LR [Little River] [then it has the same blank as described in 1813, with second 147a listed]
Goode Edward 1 wh m >21, 80a MF
[next] Goode Thos 1 wh m >21, 75a MF
[skip 1]
Good John Sr. 1 wh m >21, 7 blk m >16, 10 blk total, 210a MF
[skip in names]
Goode Robt 1 wh m >21, 3 blk m >16, 6 blk total, no land listed
[skip in names]
Good Jos 1 wh m >21, 1 blk total, no land listed
Goode Robt 0 wh m >21 [yes it says 0], 1 blk m >16, 2 blk total, no land listed
Goode John 1 wh m >21, 8 blk m >16, 8 blk total, 100a H. Creek, 30a H. Creek, 30a H. Creek, 50a H. Creed
[next] Goode Thos 1 wh m >21, no land listed
[skip in names]
Goode Edward 1 wh m >21, no land listed
[skip in names]
Goode Thos 1 wh m >21, 2 blk m >16, 3 blk total, no land listed
Goode Robt 1 wh m >21, 2 blk m >16, 6 blk total, no land listed
[skip in names]
Goode Edward 2 wh m >21, 20a SF [Sinking Fork]
[skip in names]
Goode Edward 1 wh m >21, 20a LR [Little River]
there's no 1818 in these books
Goode John 1 wh m >21, 5 blk m >16, 7 blk total, 300a MF
[skip in names]
Goode Wm [no humans listed], no land listed
1820 no Goode [now it's Trigg!]
1821 no Goode
1822 no Goode
Good Wm. H. 1 wh m >21, no land listed
[next] Goode John 1 wh m >21, 1 blk m >16, 2 blk total, no land listed
N.B. These people are continued in the tax lists of Trigg County below.

Christian County Will Books
C308 will of James Daniel, wr 9 Mar 1820, pr May 1820
to wife Sarah Daniel...One Negro man named Bob, a negro Woman named her Death the same property to be equally Divided Between my five Youngest Children Namely Elizabeth McCane, George Daniel, Susan Daniel, Sally Miller, Margeret Daniel
exrs Son George Daniel and Isaac Miller
wit. Wm Johnson, Evander (X) Johnson

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828246 Ky Henry Wills, v. 1-2 1800-1820
will of James Haydon, wr30 Oct 1812, pr Mar 1813
to wf Elizabeth one negro woman called Rachel, one negro woman called Judah and her child Harriot....said Juda and Harriott shall decent to and belong to my said [son] Jno Haydon with their increase forever...
[wf Elizabeth also gets all the estate, then upon her decease:]
to son Francis Haydon
to dau Nancy Negro woman named Lucy, with her increase...
to dau Sally Forbis..One Negro Girl called Lydia
to dau Elizabeth Edson...One Negro Man Called Charles...
to dau Martha Slaughter Roberts...One Negro Girl Called Priscilla and her increase...
to son Negro Boy [?-ad?, possibly B-d?]
to son Cary Allen Haydon...One Negro boy called Scipryear
exrs wf Elizabeth, son James Haydon, and Isaac Forbis, John Edson
wits Thomas S. Wingate, Will Neale, Elijah Vandegriff, Hannah Bryant

Will Bk2 p.37-40
appraisal of estate of James Haydon, 16 Apr 1813
One negro man named Moses, $250
One negro woman named Rachael, $175
One negro woman named Juday, $300
One negro Girl named Harriete, $65
One negro Girl named Lydia, $80
One negro Boy named Ben, $300
One negro woman named Cyller, $275
One negro woman named Lucy, $[??]
One negro man named Charles, $450
One negro Boy named Sciepio, $200

Will Bk2 p.40
appraisal of estate of Samuel Prior, 29 Apr 1813
One negro man Bob, $3-5
One negro man Gude[?], $500
One woman Barbara, $50
One woman P-- [probably, $300 Prissey?]
One woman Jinney, $350
One negro Boy Joe, $250
One negro Boy Lewis, $100
One ditto Martha, $100 [it's clearly Martha despite the ditto for "Boy"]
One ditto Lucey, $50

828246 Ky Henry Wills, v. 1-2 1800-1820
Will Book 2, p. 449-450 Appraisal (Jul 1819) and Sale (Oct 1819) of Estate of Edward Eidson:
Negro woman named Jane
Negro Boy named Ben
Negro Boy named Bill
Negro named Adam
Negro Girl named Harriet
Negro Boy named Stephen
Negro Boy named Tom [John Eison (Eidson) bought Jane and Harriet, Landon Sneed bought Tom, Bill, Adam, Stephen, and Tom]

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0482724 KY Nelson Deeds [from original books]
9-184 This is to Certify that Joseph Coy is a free man, that is his mother is free born, and that the said Joseph came with me to this county and that when he started with me had had a free pass which he got from the county court of Powhatan Virginia. 23 May 1811. Samuel Marshall Senr. wit Samuel Marshall Junr. then clerk's: This day the within named Joseph Coy (a man of color) produced to me as Justice of the peace for said County the within certificate in order to procure my certificate which I with willingness do certify that he has lived for about three years as a free man in and about Bardstown & no claim of whatever kind has been set up for him by any person or persons whatever to my knowledge. 22 May 1811. B. Meason J.P.N.C.

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Trigg Co KY Will Books vol 2 1835-1841 by Don Simmons
B98-100 will of Robert Rogers wr 30 Sep 1820, refers to at death of his wife Ann and "at the day of sail [sic], should John Goode or any of his sons be the highest bidder for my negro boy Phil, it is my will and desire that they should have twelve months longer indulgence than any other bidders, that Phil may go to the Goode family again...". pr 27 Sep 1839

Trigg Deed Bk A265, John Goode to Prince, "To all whom it may concern, be it known that Prince having been a faithful servant and also in consequence of a sum of money paid by said Prince, that I have set him free, together with Alse his wife and do recommend him as an industrious honest person. Given under my hand this 10th day of April 1822. John Goode.
witnesses John McAtee, John McAtee [yes, two], Jane Goode, Obadiah W. Goode

Trigg Court Order Book A, p. 97, 21 Oct 1822:
John McCaughan, Executor of the last will and testament ofJohn Goode produced to the court an instrument of writing executed by the said John Goode in his lifetime setting free a Negro Slave named Prince and his wife named Alse. Said instrument proved on oaths of Jane Goode and Obadiah W. Goode. Court appointed said McCaughn to keep said slaves from becoming chargeable to County. Said McCaughan made bond with Obadiah W. Goode as security.

Trigg Deed Book J113 - 1848 to Mildred Ann Coy from father William Coy, a negro girl slave Lydia about eight years old.
Mildred shows up in the 1850 and 1851 tax lists of Trigg:
Coy Mary - 1 slave >16, 1 total slaves, slave value 350, no other taxable property listed, total value 350
Coy Mildred A. - 1 total slaves, value 300, total 300
Coy Mary 1 slave >16 val 400
Coy M. Ann 1 slave val 300

0321328 KY Trigg Probate Records Vols. A-B 1820-1843
A14 will of John Goode I have, wr. 11 Apr 1822, pr 17 Jun 1822
to wf [later named as Jane Goode] three negroes, Thom, Jack and Zack...during her lifetime
wf and exr to exchange Jack as soon as possible with Benj. Ladd for his wench named Morning and her child Roda...if said exchange not made then Jack to be sold to enable them to get a good house wench...
to son Woodson, to sons John Hopson, Henry Wood, ...
to six youngest children John Hopson, Henry Wood, Harriet, Oneady, Narcissey, Nancy,
to oldest dau Margaret Goode in Jefferson County AL,
to sons Benjamin Morton, Obadia Woodson, and dau Eliza...the price of my two Negro men Abraham and Jose which I desire my exrs to sell.
again directs for the purchase of a house wench to help wife...

[The 1810 census of Christian shows John Goode with 9 slaves.]

A116-118 Estate Accounts of John Goode
Lists the debts paid by the Execs est John Goode:
Cash paid to Richd. C. Faulkner's part of a negroe woman's price as per the direction of the will $40
to Negro Prince's a/c for keeping old Negro Nancy who is blind $60
Given under our hands this 29 Jul 1826. George Daniel, Charles Jones, Joseph Caldwell.
A127 further Settlement of execs of est John Goode. no date, turned in Sep 1827:
to Prince Goode as per act for providing for Negroes $20

[Immediately following the above, on A128 is the will of Thomas Humphres. I only have the first page, so no info on the dates, but it's likely going to be in the 1827 range. Below is what is available on the first page.]
will of Thomas Humphres of Trigg
wf Mary...Negro woman named [illeg on my copy]
dau Ally Skinner,
son negro girl Rachal with her increase of children from this date...
son negro Boy Rubin...
dau Betsy Young...Negro woman named Jen???
dau Sucky negro girl Cinthy [and any of her future children]
my dau Betsy Young shall take care of my negro woman Diana after the decease of my wife...
my dau Sucky Mills will take care of my negro woman Chania[?] after the decease of my wife...
[my page stops during the naming of sons-in-law]

KY Trigg Will Book A pp. 48-49
Appraisement of the Estate of E. Daniel Decd returned 14 Nov 1822
Agreeably to an order of the Trigg County Court at their Oct Term 1822 We the undersigned Met at the former Dwelling house of Elijah Daniel Decd, and after being first duly Sworn proceeded to Value the following Items of property Exhibited to us as part of the Estate of the deceased &c viz
One negro Girl named Mary Recd by Benj Goode is worth $400
One negro Mariah is worth $350
One negro girl Tilla is worth $375
One negro Boy Henry is worth $350
One negro girl Phillis is worth $350 [actually says 25. ]
One negro Woman Judy is worth $450
One negro boy Anthony is worth $200
One negro Woman Scilla & child is worth $600
One negro Girl Cathy is worth $500 [this is probably the Leathy given to Green Daniel below, the settlement docs also call her Leathy, so my transcription here must be wrong]
One negro Man Sam is worth $700
One negro one [sic] Man Dave is worth $650

Estate of Elijah Daniel continued...
Dec 1825 re Division of estate of Elijah. on motion of John Daniel Jr, one of the heirs and of George Daniel, guardian. John McCaughan, Samuel Goodwin Sr, William Hopson, Seth P.Pool, Joseph Caldwell or any three to divide slaves and personal estate and to settle with George Daniel as guardian. 28 Dec 1825 all took oath to discharge duties.
Negro property valued at $4650.
to John Daniel (negro man Dave),
to Agnes Rite, formerly Agness Daniel, (negro woman and child Sillar and Malinda),
to Green Daniel (negro girl Leathy), [this is probably the Cathy listed in the inventory above, the settlement docs also call her Leathy, my transcription as Cathy above must be wrong.]
to Lucy Daniel (negro girl Morriah),
to Lewis Daniel (negro boy Henry),
to Jacob Daniel (negro man Sam),
to Susan Daniel (and her guardian Susan Cypher [the others just say to his/her guardian]) (negro girl Tiller),
to Frances Daniel (negro Jude),
to Joshua Daniel (negro Philis and Anthony).
N.B. We would just observe to the court...the guardian stating to us, that it was the desire of the deceased parents and also his own wish and also that of the heirs relations in general, to keep the heirs together from being bound out...recd 16 Jan 1827.

Elijah Daniel Decd-Settlement with admr-Exam'd & filed
We the undersign'd commissioners, agreeable to the order of the Trigg County Court at the Decr term 1824, met at the house of Zadock Thomas in the town of Cadiz on the 17th day of Decr 1825 in order to discharge the duties enjoined on us in said order, and after being first duly sworn , do make this our report, to be returned on the 19th of Inst....[the full amounts on this page are cut off]
The amount of hire for negroes for the year 1823 -120.??
The hire of negroes for the year 1824 -127.??
The hire for negroes for 1825 is not due

Agreeable to an order of the County Court of Trigg at their December term 1825 for the division of the negro property and personal estate of Elijah Daniel deceased amongst the heirs of said Estate, also of a settlement with George Daniel as guardian for the said heirs, We the undersigned commissioners met at the dwelling house of George Daniel in the County of Trigg on the 28th day of December 1825 and after first being duly sworn proceded to discharge the duty injoined in said order and finish on the 19 as is here represented in the following Exibits and accompts which we referd to each accompt as part of our report &c &c.
Amount of negro property as valued by us - $4650.00
Amount in the hands of the guardian which was due the estate by him when acting as administrator on settlement - 679.01 1/4...
Amount of rents, negro hire &c for the year 1825 - 461.25
The amount of the negro and personal property as here stands - $5719.72 1/4
The ninth part is $635.53 of the negro property and personal estate which is each heirs share of said estate - which is settled and disposed of agreeable to accounts.
John Daniel, Credit by his share of the Estate of E.D. - $635.53, To one Negro man, Dave
Agnes Rite, formerly Agness Daniel, to Credit by her share of estate $635.53, To One negro woman and child named Sillar & Malinda
Green Daniel, Cr By his share of the E.E.D.D. - $635.53, To one Negro girl Leathy
Lucy Daniel, Credit by her share of the Estate of E.D.D. - 635.53, To one negro girl Morriah $400
Lewis Daniel Cr By his share of the estate E.D.C. - $635.53, To one Negro boy Henry $400.00
Jacob Daniel Cr By his pt of the estate - 635.53, To negro man Sam $650
Susan Daniel Cr By her share of the Estate - $635.53, To negro girl Tiller $500
Francis [sic, Franky is a daughter] Daniel - 635.53, To negro Jude @$400
P.S. the foregoing a/cs of John & Susan Daniel is defaced & [-rang-] a second line occasioned by a Subsequent change of the negro property Between them two heirs by consent, after the first divison had taken place.
Joshua Daniel Cr - $635.53, To Negroes Philis and Anthony $550

Trigg Will Books
C330 will of William McDaniel, wr 12 Oct 1847, pr 13 Dec 1847
to wf Isabella...bro Alexander McDaniel Hines of TN...sis Jane O'Neal of IL...bro Samuel McDaniel if living or to heirs lvg near Murfreesborough TN...bro James K. McDaniel of Boon co Missouri,
to Mary Coy wife of Wm Coy of Trigg co KY and to the heirs of her body my negro woman Dicy and fifty dollars
to Robert Coy son of Wm Coy Mildred Ann Coy dau of Wm Coy Sr...
to Rebecca Jane Wall wf of Matthew W. Wall of Caldwell co KY and heirs of her body [names several negros]...
to Nancy Groom wf of Joseph Groom of Clay co Elisabeth PPool wf of B. PPool of Charles Faulkner and Martha his dau of Robert Gray of J. B. Wall of Trigg
execs friends Stephen W. Gray & Mathew Mays
wit Joseph Wall, Benjamin Hobson.

1944280 Trigg Ky Estray Book #1, 1820-1930
[chronological, no index, I read through]
21 Dec 1829 Prince Goode, a coloured man, living near the Rocky Ridge....
1- Dec 1840 Prince Goode living 5 miles east of Cadiz on the Eddyville Road...

Trigg Deed Bks
[I don't have the details but in 1831 Prince Goode bought land (mortgage)]

Trigg Deaths
Delia Goode ae 40 fem, md. farmer's wife, res Trigg, b. VA Halifax, d/o Sarah. d. Trigg 1 Jan 1853, cause Dropsy, remarks - free black
[This is Delia who was listed as 44 in the 1850 census with Prince Goode, age 85. Prince and Delia Goode are said to be buried in Kerby Cemetery in Trigg, there are no stones.]

Trigg co KY Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts v.1-9 by Don Simmons
v. 9 p. 24 1908 - oldest person in county and perhaps the state - Celia Greenwade, lives near Roaring Springs, totally blind. age not known but several years over 100. came to Trigg 1814 with old mistress Mrs. Thomas from Lexington KY. given to Mrs. John Greenwade to nurse her oldest child Matilda, who md. 1835 A. B. Daniel

0321343 Wallonia Christian Church, Rolls and Records, v.1-2, from 1849
Ellen Wall (colored), joined Aug 1865, joined by Con. & Baptism, [remarks] Removed without letter.

Trigg County Handbook: Gateway to the Jackson Purchase by Eurie Pearl Wilford Neel
p.421 Kenady Cemetery on the Jim Nicholas Place Now Owned by Smith Broadbent
[burials here include Kenady, Canughan, Oliver, Coy, Blakley, McCaine, Burt]
Mary Hall, colored
Herb Hall, grandson
Ella Hall, da. [daughter]

Tax Lists for Trigg - Goode and Daniel entries
N.B. Trigg was cut from
Christian County in 1822 and these tax lists continue the info as shown in that county's data.
[I decided to include these because it is possible to trace Prince Goode through them and watch the manumission, etc. Unfortunately, when I was extracting these records I stopped taking the numbers for all but my direct ancestor so Prince's children are not determinable from my notes. I have included the names even if they had no slaves, because some of them inherited slaves named in the wills later. I've also included acreage and watercourse to help locate the families.]
[I also have available the Coy slave data from these lists and some from Hardin and Caldwell counties, but have omitted as I have not identified slave names for the family.]

Trigg Co Ky Tax Lists 1820-1821-1822. Don Simmons
[I've added from the original tax lists. I did not take data on the "other" Daniel family of Trigg, the ones settled in the south at Roaring Springs.]
(wh m >21-blk >16-total blk-horses-acres and water) [this legend doesn't say blk MALE >16, but...]
Goode John 1-6-9-10-400a Horse Cr, - Blain, - Blain, R. Goode
Daniel John 1-2-3-4-100a Muddy Fk + 2 town lots
Daniel Elijah 1-4-11-9-300a Horse Cr + 1 town lot, 40a Horse Cr, 9a Horse Cr, 220a Horse Cr Daniel George 1-5-7-5-125 Muddy Fk
Goode John, Sr. 1-5-6-10-400a Horse Cr, B. Cain, B Cain, --
Goode John 0-0-0-2-under age
(wh m >21-blk >16-total blk-horses-scholars-acres and water)
Daniel John 1-3-3-4-0-236a MFLR [Muddy Fork Little River?]
Daniel George 1-5-8-4-0-115a MFLR
Daniel Elijah 1-3-10-8-0-300a, 40a, 9a, 170a, 167a, all MFLR
Goode Jane 0-3-5-4-5-350a Horse Cr, no entry names
Goode Benj. M. all dashes, not even zeros, 86a Horse Cr, no entry names
Goode John 1-0-0-2-0-no land listed, no entry names

0008245 KY Trigg Commissioners Book of Taxable Property
[I added to book info first, then started here]
Landon's Company:
Daniel George 115a and 2 town lots in Cadiz, 1 in Gainsboro, slaves
skip 2
Daniel John 136a, no tithes listed
skip 15
Daniel Elijah 0 m >21 [no tithes], 4 blk >16, 10 total blk
Goode Obadiah W., land originally surveyed for John Goode, patented to John Goode, 1 wh m >21
no other Goode!
only Obadiah W. Goode 86a!
Daniel Elijah - est same as above, no tithes, slaves, horses
Goode Obadiah
Goode John
Goode Wm H.
Goode Benjamin, Wilson's Company, no land, 1 wh m >21, 1 blk >16, 3 total blk
Goode, Prince a free man of Color
Daniel Elijah - estate still there
Goode Prince
Goode Woodson C. 86a
Goode John
Goode William
Goode Benjamin 26a Trigg, Horse Creek, 1 wh m >21, 1 blk >16, 2 total blks
no Elijah Daniel estate
[the Daniel children begin appearing with slave numbers, but my Nancy had married Benjamin Goode, so I didn't take even their names...]
Goode Benjn no land 1 wh m >21, 1 blk >16, 2 total blk
Goode Will
Goode Prince
Goode Sophia
Goode John
Goode Sophia
Goode Prince
Goode William
Goode Benjamin M. no land, 1 wh m .21, 1 blk >16, 2 blk total
Goode Benjamin no land 1 wh m >21, 2 bl >16, 2 total blk, 5 horses, 1 chn 4-15, $850
Goode Benjamin no land 1 wh m >21, 2 bl >16, 2 total blk, 1 chn 4-15
Goode John
Goode Prince
1830 [doesn't list chn 4-15]
Goode Benjamin 56a Horse Cr, 1-2-3-2
Goode John
Goode Prince
Goode Sophia W.
Goode John H.
Goode John
skip 8
Goode Benjamin 57a Horse Ck 1-2-3-3-
1832 no tax book found
Goode Benjamin 214a Muddy fork,no entry names but scratched out is "No patt [sic] as is apping [sic] for certificate", 1-3-5-7
later is Goode Prince
Goode John
Goode Prince
Goode John
[some skips], skip 6 then:
Goode Benjamin 214a Muddy fork, no entry names, 1-0-0-2-4
Goode John C.
Goode Prince
Goode Benjamin no land 1-0-0-4
Goode Benmn M. no land 1-0-0-4
same as administrator of:
John C. Goode decd 100a Muddy fork
Goode Prince [has 80a, but I didn't check before, this may not be first listing with land]
Goode Benjamin M, no land, 1 wh m >21
same as administrator of:
John Goode decd 100a, $700, no tithes, blks, animals
Goode Benjamin M 66a Muddy fork $330, 1 wh m >21, 1 eligible to vote,
Goode Benjamin no land, 1 wh m >21
same as admr of: John C. Goode 66a $396, no people/animals
later is Prince Goode
Goode Benjamin 35a Muddy fork $350, 1 wh m>21, 4 chn 7-17
same as exect of J. C. Goode Decd, 66a, no people/animals
Prince Goode later
Goode Benjamin 33a Muddy Fork $330, 1 wh m >21, 4 chn 7-17
same as Guardian for:
John Goode Junr then the 66a
[1st list doesn't have Muddy Fork, there'second list]
Goode none!
1843 second list
Goode Benjamin M. 139a Muddy fork $834, 1 wh m >21, 4 chn 5-16, $1114
same for the Heirs of:
John C. Goode, but no land
Goode Benj M. 69a [prob Muddy fork] $414, 1 wh m >21, 4 chn 5-16
same as Guard for J. C. Goode Hrs 66a
1845 second list
Goode John
skip 21
Goode Benjamin 73a Muddy fork $389, 1 wh m >21, 4 chn 5-16
no more adm/exec/guard for John C. Goode
1846 second list
Goode Prince is back or I was possibly missing him in 1842-45?
Goode John
Good [sic] Benjamin M 73a Muddy fork $389, 1 wh m >21, 4 chn 5-16
same as Guard for the Heirs of John C. Good Decd 60a
Good Elijah D.
1847 second list
Goode Elijah
Goode B. M. 1 qualif voter, 69a Muddy Fork $300, 1 wh m >21, 3 chn 5-16
same as Guard for the Heirs of J. C. Goode decd 66a
Goode Prince later
Goode Prince
Goode John
Goode Benj. M. 1 voter, 69a Muddy Fork $300, 1 wh m >21, 3 chn 5-16,
Goode Benj. M. 73a Muddy Fork $293, 1 wh m >21
same for J. C. Goode's Heirs 66a
later is John Goode
end of roll

Census KY Trigg

1830 p. 17, Prince Goode is free colored: 1 male 55-100, 1 female 24-36

1840 I've never found Prince Goode independently in 1840 and he doesn't seemed to appear as a free colored with any of the Goode families.

1850 District 1, p.305, dwelling 226, family 227 [all listed as black]
Prince Goode 85 b. VA, farmer, property $300, can't read/write
Delia Goode 44 b. VA, can't read/write
Saluda Goode 15 b. KY
Reuben Greene 9 b. KY

1860, p. 88, P.O. Cadiz, dwelling 652, family 652 [all listed as black]
Thomas Tinker 69b. VA, farmer, real estate $500, personal $250, can't read/write
Lucy " 40, can't read/write
Betsy " 16
Sally " 12
Thomas S. " 10
Mat " 6
Susan " 4/12
Prince Good 106 b. VA, blind
[Thomas Tinker and Lucy Baker his wife apprenticed their young daughter Mary in 1854 to William Coy and she is living with them in 1860.]

1850 Slave Schedules Trigg
Distr. 1
James L. McCain mb40, fb28, mb15, fm12, fm12, fm1
John A. McCain mb32, fb22
John Daniel: 1fb-34, 1fb-13, 1fb-8
John McAtee mb36, mb34, mb32
Rhoda P. Daniel fb50, fb20, mb5
p. 233
James M. McCain fb70, fb20, mb18, fb15, mb8, mb6
Joshua H. Daniel mb27, fb26, fm12, mb3, fb3/12
Wm. Coy fb47, fb9
Levi Dunning lots (14)
Green P. Daniel fb47, fb10
NB no Goode

1860 Slave Schedules Trigg
Dunning, Jabez Bingham (lots), McCain, Blakely, Ladd, Sarah McAtee, Sukey Jones
p. 11 Nancy Daniel: 1fb-43, 1fb-20, 1fb-6, 1fb-2, 1fb-6/12
p. 14 W. T. Danial fb26, fb9, fb6, mb1
p. 14 R. P. Daniel fb60, fb30, mb15, fb10, fb7, mb1
p. 26 Joshua Hopson [Daniel? oops] lots

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County Unindicated or Unknown or Single Mentions

The Kentucky Gazette 1787-1800 by Karen Mauer Green
v.1 p. 241=v. XII #667, 4 Jul 1799: William Sutton and John Sutton jun., regarding runaway slaves named Phill Burley and Peter Robinson.
v.2 p.88=v.XX #1084, Thurs 16 Oct 1806: William Sutton, lvg in Scott Co 3 mi fr Georgetown, re runaway slave Phill

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