Slave Records in Georgia

collected by P. A. Miller

These are the slave records from my research on Georgia families.
I've generally cleaned these records out to only include names (whether they receive named slaves in will or not).
There are tax lists and other records indicating numbers of slaves only - they still represent people and can help determine ages of known slaves.
I've left in auxiliary references that might include slave names, even though I didn't take them down in my notes.
These family names are not always all the same branch, I've noted where certain ones went to, etc.
The records are not in date order.
I haven't cleaned up source name abbreviations, etc., but I think they are obvious. Some sources start with the LDS film number.
My comments about the records are in [brackets]
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Elbert Co GA Deed Bks A-J 1791-1806. Michal Martin Farmer
A68 William Daniel to Samuel Blackburn both Elbert 21 Apr 1792, 30, a negro boy named Charles about 12 yrs old. wit John Mathews, M. Woods JP.
B8 William Daniel to Allen Daniel both Elbert 28 Jun 1793, no $ here, a negro boy Buck about 14 yrs old. wit J. Davis. recd 15 Jul 1793. See
Madison for Buck in later years.
C46 William Daniel to Elizabeth Daniel both Elb 26 Jul 1795, 25, a negro girl Betty about 6 yrs old. wit Jos Haney (torn) [no recd date here]
E10 William Daniel Senr of Elb to William Daniel Jr, $350 Spanish Milled, a negro boy Saby about 17 yrs old. wit Thos Hanay, Aaron Johnson. pr by Johnson 24 Jan 1798. No recd. [sic]
F118 Jeremiah (x) Walker before James Banks JP of Elb. Walker said sometime in the Winter of Spring of 1781 or 1782, he was at the house of Mr. William Daniel in NC near Salsbury town & was present when sd Daniel called in a little negro girl named Rachel & did give & deliver negro to his daughter, Agnes Daniel, for her own property. Negro is now in possession of Thomas Keys, husband of Agnes. 18 Feb 1800. recd 4 Mar 1800.
J53 John Daniel to Ralph Banks both Elb 29 Apr 1804. Daniel mtgs to Banks the following negroes: a man named Will, a woman named Hagar, a boy named Daniel, a girl named Creesee, boys named David & Hardy, a girl named Rachall, & child named Will. For sec of pmt of $1132 due 10 May next. ackn, recd 12 Jun 1804.
J53 John Daniel to Ralph Banks both Elb 29 Apr 1804. Daniel mtgs to Banks the following negroes: a man named Will, a woman named Hagar, a boy named Daniel, a girl named Creesee, boys named David & Hardy, a girl named Rachall, & child named Will. For sec of pmt of $1132 due 10 May next. ackn, recd 12 Jun 1804. [This family and these slaves came from Granville NC.]

Elbert Co GA Deed Bks K-R 1806-1819. Michal Martin Farmer
8=K38 William Daniel Sr of Elbert to dau Nancy Gaar 22 Mar 1798, for love & goodwill, a negro boy Isaac about 9 months old. wit Thos Haney, William Daniel Jr. pr by Haney 12 Nov 1806. recd 15 Nov 1806.
O82 Robert Cosby shff to Edmond Shackleford both Elb 16 Apr 1805. Writ of firia facies issued fr Inferior Court of sd co., Ralph Banks, Esq. against John Daniel. Seized 2 negroes named Hagar & Will owned by John Daniel. 5 Mar. last, at courthouse of sd co, exposed negroes to public sale & Edmond Shackleford was the highest bidder, for $175. sig R. Middleton for E. Cosby, shff. wit R. Hunt, E. Owens who saw Robt. Middleton sign. Bill of sale pr by Richardson Hunt 19 Oct 1812, J. Banks J.I.C. recd 19 Oct 1812.
M70 Samuel Patten Esqr, JP, 28 Sep 1809 issued execution agst prop of Edward L. Wails at instance of Allen Daniel for $6.76. Levied execution on a negro boy named Harry as property of Wails. Exposed negro to public sale 13 Octr 1809, and Philip Shackelford was the highest bidder, for $5.50, 2 Dec 1809. sig A. Moon, constable. wit John Blake, Saml Patten JP. rec 13 Dec 1809. Elbert Co GA Deed Bks S-W 1820-1835. [=v.3] Michal Martin Farmer 1997-98
165=V3 Edmond Shackleford (x) to John A. Heard both Elb 25 Jan 1828. Shackleford owes Heard $1084.14. Sec is 700a on Cold Water Ck Elb, adj David Daniel on W, Joseph Terry and Abner Ward on NW, William Ward on SE, Samuel N. Baily on S, it being plantaion where sd Edmond now lives, incl a grist and saw mill on ck. Also 5 negro slvs: Zachery [sic] a man about 23, Fanny a girl about 11, John a fellow about 50, George a fellow about 25, and Hagar a woman about 50. Also [oxen, carts], in fee simple. Due date 1 Mar to void this mtg. wit Benajah Houston, Thomas C. Wilhight, Z. Smith JP. recd 16 Feb 1828.
V147 Martin Deadwyler sher Elb to Thomas J. Heard and Singleton W. Allen admrs of est of John A. Heard 24 Sep 1829. writ of Fieri Facias issd fr Inf Ct Elb at suit of James Clark for use of James Rucker agst Edmond Shackleford. Sher seized 5 negroes: Zachary, John, George, Hager [sic], Fanny, property of Shackleford. 6 May 1828 exposed to public sale, John A. Heard highest bidder $722. wit James Edmonson [sic], Thomas C. Wilhight, David R. James JP. recd 27 Apr 1830.

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Twenty One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies by Elizabeth Pryor Harper
will of Robert Prior, wr 10 Oct 1820, pr 1 Jan 1821
to son Dmon Prior...on Negro man named Dubor, one Negro woman named Tobithe and Till a Negro girl and a Named [sic] Penny and a Negro girl named Caroline and a Negro boy named Jeff Also one Negro boy Named Abraham.
to son John Prior...four Negroes vs Daniel, Jude, Peg and Her Child Ailphallo...
to dau Salley Livingston...two negroes vs one Negro man Named Moses Also one Negro Woman Named belly also one Negro boy named Jorey
to Nedam Negro Woman Tenor
to dau Elizabeth More...three Negroes vs Dabney and her two Children Ben & Rose
to Rachal Travis...a Negro girl named Lucy being on the the aforesaid Dabney Children
to Rhody Travis...a Negro boy Named Charles being also one of the above Dabneys Children
the above two negroes to Remain Continue and be as the lawfull property of the aforesaid Rachel and Rhoda Travis During there Natural Lives then the above Lucy with her increase if any to Decent to the Natural heirs of the body of the above Rachel Travis and the above Charles to Travis in any if None for the above Lucy with her increase and the above Charles to Return to the Estate of me the said Robert Pior [sic] and the above five negroes Namely Dabney and her four Children vs Ben Ross and Lucy and Charles being all and the only legacy they the above Elizabeth Moor Rachel and Rhoda Travis them or their heirs are to attain of the Estate...of me Robert Prior.
to Benjamin, Joel, and Willis Dausey...four Negroes vs any [it's Amy later] and her three children Noe [now] in possession of the above Benjamin Dausey [they to pay $ based on the prices of the said Negroes to their sisters Betsey McDanile and Catey Dausey]...
rest divided to [sic on spelling of Pior]: Nancey Pior and her four children, Arrenoy Willanty Hezekial and Raucisas Pior. Also Edmon and John Pior and Sally Livingston.
exrs Pryor John Way and Ely Johnson
wit John Blackstone, Mossess Brinson Junr.

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The slave Buck can be traced back to Elbert County and William Daniel.
351759 #2 GA Madison Invs & Apprs, Bills of Sale Book B1829-1834
B44 An Appraisement of Allen Daniels property...Negroes: Ben 300, Buck 150, Grace 350, Rachel 250, Albert 225, Sally 175, Levina 150, Silvey 100. called est of Allen Daniel a lunitic, goods as shown by James Daniel gdn. 30 Jun 1832. appr A Crawford, Benjamin Brown, W. C. Carrethers [sic]. recd 18 Feb 1833
351759 #3 GA Madison Invs & Apprs, Bills of Sale Book C 1834-1841
C111 appr General Allen Daniel decd, 10 Jan 1838, ...Negro man Ben 600, Negro Woman Grace 500, Negro Girl Levina 450, Negro Girl Sally 475, Negro Girl Silvey 300, Negro Boy Jack 225, Negro Boy William 150, Negro Girl Rachel 600, Negro Buck 00 [zero]
C140 inv of hiring of negroes of est Gen. Allen Daniel Jan 1838-Dec 25. James Daniel rented the plantation $88.75. Mary Daniel hired Sally $5, James Daniel man Ben 75, Ephraim Strickland girl Rachel 56, Allen Porterfield girl Levina 20.50. Negro woman Grace & three chn offered & nothing bid, Also negro man Buck. Grace & three chn then was put to the lowest bidder for their board & clothing until 25 Dec 1838 and was bid off by James Daniel $30. Buck was then offered on the same terms and was bid off by Elisha Ware $13. returned 30 Jan 1839 by Elisha Ware admr, recd 30 Jan 1839.
C142 Sale bill of slaves belonging to est Genl Allen Daniel decd, sold 1st Tues Jan 1839: 223a land more of less the late residence of said decd - James Daniel $1000, negro man Ben - Mary Daniel 552, negro Woman Gracy & child - Mary Daniel 550, " girl Rachel Wm. S. Sorrells 800, " Sal - Mary Daniel 526, " Lavina - James R. Griffith 680, " Teilva [this is really not his S, but it's probably Silvey?] - Ephraim Strickland 519, " Boy Jack - James R. Griffith 510, " boy Billy - Ephraim Strickland 381, " man Buck - Wm Hodge 25, also some personal property listed and sold here. ret 5 Feb 1839 by Elisha Ware, recd 11 Feb 1839.

0351770 GA Madison Deed Bk A 1812-1905
F17 [not in main index] Allen Daniel Senr to Allen Daniel Junr, 12 Jul 1831, for natural good will and son Allen C. Daniel...certain negro girl called Darcus about nine or ten years of age. Test Dudly M. Jamess. pr aand recd 15 Jul 1831.

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Twenty One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies by Elizabeth Pryor Harper
will of John Prior, wr 9 Jun 1821, pr 2 Jul 1821
to wf [Elizabeth]...all my Negroes during her life or Widowhood viz Abram, Mariah, Fanny, Arter, and Jacob....
to eldest dau Nancy F. A. Ellington...Negro girl Fanny...
to eldest son Haden P. Prior
to six youngest children Haden L. Prior, Eliza C. Prior, Mary P. Prior, Robert A. Prior, Garland H. Prior, Felix W. Prior.
exrs Asia [?] Prior and my wf Elizabeth Prior
wit William Weaver, William Campbell, Samuel Harris

Twenty One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies by Elizabeth Pryor Harper
will of Elizabeth H. C. Prior, wr 12 Nov 1841, pr 5 Jul 1852
to son Felix W. Prior...Negroes Jack, a boy about 14, and George Pellow, a boy about 8
to son Garland I. H. Prior...Negro Washington, a boy about 12
exr Relix W. Prior
wit William Lambert, Seaborn C. Garrett, Lumpkin I. Garrett, J.P.

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Oglethorpe Co GA Abstr of Wills 1794-1903. Fred W. McRee Jr. 2002
B132 will John Andrews 10 Apr 1816, pr 11 Nov 1816,
wf Nancy
oldest son Marcus
granddau Mary Ann Daniel one negro girl Fanny to be deliv at 18 or marr and to have no further interest in my est.
son John G., 1/3 of my land. son Garnett 1/3 land. son Jarris 1/3 land.
son Daniel M. cash equal to real est of other sons.
daus Sarah, Elizabeth, Emily.
my will that my negroes shall remain on the plantation and kept together under the direction of my exrs and that if any of my heirs should die w/o issue of children (except Marcus) then his/her or their legacies to return to my est and be div among the survivors (except Mary Ann Daniel).
exr Jesse Mercer, William Watts, Marcus Andrews, Nancy Andrews. wit James Daniel Jr, Daniel Haines, Joshua Mercer.
D446 will or Woodson Daniel 14 Aug 1861, pr 9 Nov 1861.
wf [lands]
to wf during life [household, stock of her selection, tools, wagon, tack, grains], also the following negroes to wit Ben, George, a girl called Puss and Dicey, all above prop during her life.
then to two chn equally, dau Martha Ann Lester, son John Chesly Daniel, then to their chn.
exr John Chesly Daniel. wit Fielding Dillard, Mordecai Edwards.

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Early Records of Georgia, Volume I and II, Wilkes County. Grace Gillam Davidson 1932
v.1-241= DB AA 1785-1787 (No index): p.9 William Baldwin to James Danilly [Danilly], 3 Dec 1785, exchange of slaves, July and Sumer. J. Appling, P. Clyma, Test.

v.2-128= WB HH-124 will Isham Chaffin wr 23 May 1822 pr 3 Mar 1823. [I only took slvs and land]
To wf Patience
To son John, slv Cezar
To dau Catherine Phillips slv Biddy
To dau Patsy Malone slv Nite
To son Lemuel, Lot #156 Morgan Co whereon he lives and slv Willis
To son Thos land whereon I now live on Kettle ck adj Geo Smith and others, slv Martin
To dau Elizabeth Malone slv Jenny
To dau Nancy Montgomery slv Rose
To dau Rebecca Chaffin slv Nancy
To dau Alatha Chaffin slv Lucy
To dau Harriett slv Sally
Slvs Kitt, Milly and Anthony to be in charge of son Thos for benefit of his mother for life, final division to all daus. Some of chn by last wf unmarried
exrs sons Lemuel and Thos, wit Wm Evans, Thos Daniel, Joel P. Leverett

v.2-219="Original papers, saved by Sarah Quinn Smith in old and new cthses:" William Daniel decd, Mercy or Marcy Daniel appt excx. Jos Echols exr 7 Apr 1791. Jos Echols hire of two young slvs till 1799, Nance and Joe willed to Daniel Tibs by Wm Daniel decd. Returns of Jos Echols and John Tarver, excrs 1802 hire of two young slvs.
v.2-219="Original papers, saved by Sarah Quinn Smith in old and new cthses:" Richard S. Daniel decd est. Petition of Cunningham Daniel admr to div the est 1 Jan 1821. For Wm S. Morgan slaves Reddick, Aggy and Spencer and $200. To Frances E. Daniel slvs Scott, Berry and Flora. [There are guardian returns for Frances as late as 1829.]

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