The Mason Family of Frederick County, Virginia

Looking for the Parents of Reason, Bingley, and Andrew

This main goal of this page is to collate records to help in identifying the progenitor and origins of the Mason family of Frederick County VA, the one that includes Rezin, Bingley, and Andrew Mason. If you have records and ideas to contribute please contact Pam at

About this site:
Comments on the data pages by contributors are in italics.
All Mason info from Frederick Co is included, but the focus of study is the family of Rezin (Reason), Bingley, and Andrew.

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Updated 8 Feb 2013
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In memoriam: Lester "Bud" Mason passed away on 2 December 2008. We lost a great Mason searcher and correspondent; our thoughts go out to his wife Jo and all his family, he will be missed.

Contributors to this site:

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Francis Mason, descendant of Bingley Mason and "Babby" (Barbara) Free
Pam Miller, descendant of Reason Mason and Hannah Light

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