Marriage Records of Frederick Co VA

These are incomplete extractions from the sources named.
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Note: Bingley Mason was married in Baltimore to Babby Free on 22 Oct 1792 (bond was 19 Oct 1792), but he raised his large family in close proximity to his two brothers, Reason and Andrew, in Frederick County. The image shown here is of the index entry for the bond and return; the film said it included the bonds, but it only had the index. I will be checking it again in July of 09 and looking for the bond.

from Frederick County VA Marriage Bonds by Joan D. Hackett & Rebecca H. Good
8 Apr 1800 Rezin Mason & Mary Werr. Bd Joseph Weer
17 Mar 1818 Rezin Mason & Hannah Shehin, widow of Wm Shehen, decd. Bd Andrew Mason
14 Nov 1821 Reson Mason & Mary Dick, daughter of Peter Dick of Frederick Co, the bdsman.
13 May 1829 Andrew Mason & Margaret Shane, stepdaughter of Reason Mason, the bondsman.

13 Sep 1800 William Sheehon & Hannah Light, daughter of Frederick Light of Frederick County, the bondsman
9 Apr 1801 Frederick Light & Mary Oubry, daughter of Henry Oubry the bdsman.
29 Oct 1806 Moses McDonald & Catharine Light. Bd Peter Light
11 Nov 1817 Abinago Page & Elizabeth Shehen, daughter of Hannah Shehan, widow of William Shehen dec. Bd Rezin Mason

from Frederick County Marriages 1738-1850 by John Vogt & T. Wm. Kethley Jr., 1984

11 Dec 1786 Abraham Mason md. Elizabeth Grove; min Christian Strait
9 Oct 1787 Hephzebah Mason md. William Collins. min Christian Strait
6 Jan 1789 Elizabeth Mason md. Adam Gardner. min John Montgomery
8 May 1791 Mary Mason md. Silas Crispin. min Elisha Phelps
26 Dec 1792 Mary Mason md. Jonathan Potty. min Nash Legrand.
17 Dec 1792 William Mason md. Sarah Shackelford. min Christian Strait
27 Dec 1794 Andrew Mason md. Mary Everett. min Alexander Balmain
    [Andrew's marriage date listed above is different from a variety of other sources which declare the year to be "1796". -- from Francis Mason]
31 Jan 1799 Ann Mason md. John Russell Crofton. min Alexander Balmain
24 Feb 1803 Jacob Mason md. Hannah Cogill. min Wm. F. R. Davis
24 May 1809 Armistead T. Mason md. Eliza Parker. min Alexander Balmain
10 Oct 1815 Elizabeth Mason md. Ignatius Windsor, bd Bingledy Mason
17 Mar 1818 Rezin Mason md. Hannah Shehin, bd Andrew Mason
29 Dec 1820 Jane Mason md. Christopher Goodnight, bd Andrew Mason
20 Sep 1821 Catharine Mason md. John Shane, min Joseph Dalby
14 Nov 1821 -- Mason md. Mary Dick, bd Peter Dick [This is Reason Mason s/o Bingley.]
20 Mar 1822 Jonathan Mason md. Helen Braithwaite, min Joseph Dalby (bond 18 Mar 1822)
3 Dec 1823 George Mason md. Nancy Lawyer. bd Abner Clark.
5 Jan 1826 Isabella Mason md. John Grove, min Joseph Dalby
29 Mar 1826 Elizabeth Mason md. James Wright. bd Wm Elliott
27 Mar 1826 Rebecca T. Mason md. John (Jr) Kern. bd Samuel H. Davis
2 May 1826 James Mason md. Elizabeth Light. min Joseph Dalby
30 Dec 1827 William Mason md. Mary Cameron. min James Walls
12 Feb 1828 Elizabeth Mason md. David Timberlake. min Thomas Kennerly
14 May 1829 Andrew Mason md. Margaret Shane, min Joseph Dalby
23 Dec 1830 Susannah Mason md. Henry Collins. min Herbert Coole.
22 Oct 1833 James William Mason md. Martha Cook. min Wm Broadus
4 Aug 1834 William Mason md. Malinda Butler. bd Aaron E. Orem
9 Oct 1834 Susan Mason md. Jacob Wright. min Herbert Cool
6 Aug 1840 Jane Mason md. James W. Timberlake. min Thomas Buck Jr.
8 Dec 1844 James Mason md. Margaret Jane Ritter. min John Grove
16 May 1845 Garard F. Mason md. Isabella Stephenson. bd George Hammond.
18 Mar 1847 Mary H. Mason md. James Light. min John Grove
22 Apr 1847 William Mason md. Elizabeth Kerns. min John Grove
5 Aug 1847 Anna M. Mason md. John Ambler. bd Wm B. Ambler

other marriages of interest:
30 Jan 1787 John Carn md. Elizabeth Light. min Christian Streit
31 Jan 1792 Peggy Shehen md. Michael Frager, min Wm Harvey
18 Jan 1827 Nancy Shane md. Amos Burton, min Joseph Dalby
20 Nov 1817 Elizabeth Shehen md. Abednigo Page, min Ezra Grover
1 Nov 1806 Moses McDonnell md. Catherine Light. min James Walls
22 Apr 1814 William Braithwaite md. Alena King. bd. Mingley Mason
30 Aug 1814 Jesse Hutchison md. Elizabeth Everett. bd Andrew Mason
18 Apr 1835 James Daily md. Margaret Everett, grdau of Andrew Mason, bd

from Frederick County VA Marriages 1771-1825 by Eliza Timberlake Davis, 1975
8 Jun 1773 John Mason md. Hannah Frost. sur John Frost, father William Frost
11 Dec 1786 Mason Abraham md. Elizabeth Grove
9 Oct 1787 Hephybeth Mason md. William Collins
6 Jan 1789 Elizabeth Mason md. Adam Gardner
8 May 1791 Mary Mason md. Silas Crispin [there's a Silas Crispin in land deeds with a John Mason in PA]
17 Dec 1792 William Mason md. Sarah Shackelford
26 Dec 1792 Mary Mason md. Jonathan Potty
27 Dec 1796 Andrew Mason md. Mary Everett
24 Feb 1803 Jacob Mason md. Hannah Cogill
24 May 1809 Armistead T. Mason md. Eliza Parker
20 Dec 1821 Catherine Mason md. John Shane
20 Mar 1822 Jonathan Mason md. Helen Braithewaite

30 Jan 1787 Elizabeth Light md. Edward Carn
13 Apr 1791 Mary Light md. Elisha Everett
31 Jan 1792 Peggy Shehan md. Michael Frager
29 Dec 1796 Adam Light md. Hannah Martin
16 Sep 1800 Hannah Light md. William Sheehan
9 Apr 1801 Frederick Light md. Mary Oubry
1 Nov 1806 Catherine Light md. Moses McDonnall
20 Nov 1817 Elizabeth Shehen md. Abednigo Page
23 Mar 1820 Elizabeth Light md. Henry D. Dehaven
4 Jan 1821 Elizabeth Light md. Samuel Christy
22 Mar 1821 Catherine Light md. George Shutt

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