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10 November 2015:

My ISP dropped web page service, so my site has moved. Glad you found me again!
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If you know you've linked to my site, please, please change the domain info in the url from OR
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The Braddock DNA Project
All male Braddocks are encouraged to participate.
We can answer so many questions!

The Adair DNA Project
All male Adairs are encouraged to participate.
We can answer so many questions!

DNA of the Daniel Family of Middlesex
Tracking tests, finding answers!

The Mason Family of Frederick Co VA
A collaborative site hunting the parents of
Rezin, Andrew, and Bingley Mason. Join us!

Family Trees

Clicking on a name takes you to that person's family group sheet.
The arrows take you to the previous or next tree.


Click on a person's number at the left to go to that person's child.
Click on the name to go to that person's father (followed by mother).
Click on the word "fgs" next to the name to go to a family group sheet for that couple.
There are return buttons from the family group sheets to your place in the ahnentafel.

Every Name Index

This index takes you to the associated family group sheets for the names.


People, Graves, Signatures and Marks, Land and Homes, Towns, Miscellaneous, etc.
From the pictures you can go to the associated ahnentafel or family group sheets.
Pictures may also be accessed from the family group sheets.

Documents and Records

Narrative Accounts of Ancestors

The Elder House
a poem by Matt, one of my 8th grade students

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