Probate and Other Death Records

LDS film 31347 Frederick Co Index to wills v. 1 1743-1917 (incl inv, apprs, accts of est)
**entries are abstracted below.
**Mason Rezin 1839, Inv 20-253, Sale Bills 20-254, Accts 20-403
**Mason Andrew 1845 Will 21-513, sons Josephus, William, daus Sarah, Susannah, Jane
**Mason Seth 1846 22-80, 22-131, 22-133, 22-382, 23-51
**Mason Jonathan 1861 26-515, 29-83
**Mason George 1873 31-124
**Mason William Jr 1881 34-54, 34-55, 35-505
**Mason Sarah 1881 34-88, 34-461, 34-463
**Mason Josephus 1883 34-507, 34-508
Mason George T. 1897 41-195, 40-401, 40-402, 41-55
James H. Mason 1901 41-454, 41-455, 41-458
Mason Margaret D. 1907 43-438
**Null Jacob 1846, 22-39
Shine Michael 1759, 2-342

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Abstracts of Will Books

LDS film 31357 Va Frederick WBs 20-21
WB20-253 15 Sep 1837 Appraisement of personal Estate of Reason Mason by Jacob Fineas and Wm Clark. ??Sep 1837, recd 6 May 1839
Sale bill of estate of Reason Mason, Mathias Rutter admin. Buyers: Alexander --, John L. Clark, Thomas Ferral, George Aikins, William Bunn/Burns, John Lewis, Benjamin Webber, Patrick Mouldin, Isaac De(b/h)a(b/n)er, William Clark, M-- Lewis, Martin Fries, W. Wood, Jacob White, Jonathan Mason, John Lewis Sr & Jr., B. Wheat, Alexander Roe, Mordecai Ferrall, Jackson Mason, Robert L. Baker, Elias Jones, Christopher Bonecutter, Elias Smith, William S. Mason, Benjamin Wheat, Richd Flowers, E. Hawkins, John Lewis (of Edwd).
WB20-403 3 Mar 1840 Acct of estate of Rezin Mason, admin Mathias Rutter, monies pd: Robert Lewis, Wm Towers, James M. Wheat, James Crawford, Land Tax, William Wood, John Jenkins, John Lewis, John Bonecutter, Enoch Fenton, Fee bills, Peter Kramer/Kierner, John J. Fenton, Wm Dawson, -- Bailey, Mathias Rutter, Bingley Mason (Judgmt), John Clark, Dr. Gray, Nathan Hanies/Ha-ies, A. S. Tidball.

WB 21-513
will of Andrew Mason: 26 Feb 1842 "After mation [sic?] and long deliberation I conclude that while I am in my right mind I will bequeath my property to my children in a way that meets my approbation more fully than the provision made by law for the division of property among heirs of a deceased person and in pun---nce of this conclusion I bequeath to my son Josephus two hundred acres of the tract of land on which I now live to be laid off in the following manner Viz: commencing at Boyds tract which joins this on the north side, and to extend southward to be laid out of an equal breadth at both the east and the west ends, this together with all the moveable property that shall belong to me at my death. To my son William I bequeath two hundred acres of land including fifty acres of land which was purchased by me of Moses Wilson in the Parker tract, and which formerly belonged to this tract to be laid off in the following manner Viz: To extend north from Len Burtons tract till it reaches fifty acres to be laid off for Sarah, which piece of Sarah's is to be included by a line to run parallel to the line that divides Josephus' two hundred acres from the rest of the tract. To Susannah I bequeath one hundred dollars to be paid by Josephus out of his part or out of any other moneys he may have. To Jane I also bequeath One hundred dollars to [be] paide by William to her out of his part or out of any monies he may have. To Sarah I bequeath fifty acres of land which is to be laid off by parallel lines on the sides next to Josephus and William. The boys may pay the girls if they see fit before my decease. But if they should not pay before, they must pay Susanna and Jane in twelve months after my decease. In Testimony of the above being my last Will & Testament I hereunto [?anex] my mark the date above written." Andrew Mason (x). wit James Daily Junr, Wm. D. Engle. pr 2 Jun 1845 by oath of James Daily Junr and William D. Engle.

LDS film 31358 Frederick WBs 22-23 with inv & accts WB 22-39
estate Jacob Null, admr John Heironomous. dates 1 Jan 1843 to late 1845, $ to: ...
[I didn't take names]. Distribution: Jacob Null ?? intestate decd in 1832 leaving five children to wit David, Jacob, Polly the wf of Sam Wright, Catherine wf of George Puffenburger and Susanna wf of John Evert, he had another dau who was wf of Jno Heironimus the admr, she died before her father leaving two chn to wit: Fredk and Henry Heironimus. Jacob Null having received his portion of his father in his life time approves by his receipt a copy of which is hereto appended. The fund is there to be divided into 5 shares which the comm'r proceeds to do charging the heirs with advancement & payments the whole fund as above stated [$1772.15]. then shares receipts, the other dau is named as Eliza Heironimus. [lots more could be noted from this estate]. recd 2 Feb 1846

22-80 will of Seth Mason: wr 12 Dec 1838 "I Seth Mason being now more than 72 years old"... son James W. Mason to be and act as exr. exr to sell my house and lot at White Port, my land near Front Royal bought of and conveyed to me by Alexander S. Tidball, as trustee also the farm recently owned by George Kendrick & conveyed also by sd Tidball, also all my perishables ??? [almost "oct", but it's underlined by examiner or a later reader] severally subject to sale except my household furniture, books & the land to be sold on such terms as he think best and if such sale shall not amount to $10000 [instructions re paying just debts to creditors]. Whereas my old man James has been a faithful and trustworthy servant I have trusted him frequently with untold mony and am not convinced that he has ever told me a lie or concealed the truth, and being now he ?would not be better off on my ??? to be f?? I direct that he may choose among all my children whom he prefers to spend the remnant of his days with and I give to said child and his or her heirs without valuation or amount his wife Cate and their youngest child Sandy [more terms, they to have no lack of food, etc...]. Having adoped into my family soon after marriage Robena R. Parkham a relation of my decd wf and she having in all her deportment been a child to me and a sister to our children I hereby bequeath to her during her natural life the sum and benefit accruing from $1500 any part or the whole of which she may have allotted in negroes or other personal property or retained in money in the hands of my exr [clause that it's not an absolute gift, principal to return to his chn or their heirs or such of them as she may will it to, if she doesn't will it to one, it's to be distrib as part of my estate], but a bed and furniture now called hers is not to make part of the $1500 and the bequest is to be taken in final settlement of my acct as her gdn the acct having a small balance due her. To my son Seth and each of my single or unmarried daus a bed and furn and such chests Curtains trunk & as are known and called theirs and request that all the balance of my household furn and books be div among all my chn that may outlive me. Exr to pay to Bank at Romany? if unpaid at my death a note for $1000 which I endorse then for ?John Kern...[some terms about it leading up to:] I will and bequeath to my dau Rebecca J. Kern during her life the use and benefit of 1/7 part of my estate and at her death div to her chn or their desc, it being intended that Rebecca is only to use the interest or use of property during her life. To my dau Lucretia the negro girl Maranda, to dau Jane the girl Mary, to dau Ann the girl Judith to be taken at valuation as part of their map--tion? share of my est. Whereas my land on which I reside together with the tract bought of ?---- and Garmong or rather of Colo Earls make up so large a portion of my est I cannot will it to my sons that I should be glad if one or both of them could possess it and my will and desire is that ---[--ten] my chn can make an arrangement among themselves for the boys. J. W. Mason and Seth Mason to hold it in equal shares [to be sold to highest bidder], [more stuff that it's better than dividing it], [bottom of page is too dark to read], ...that all the rest and residue of my est be eq div'd among my seven chn or or heirs, the negroes to be distributed by persons appointed by the distributees without the notion [not really motion] of the court. to granddau Jane Ellen Kern if she live to 18 twenty six? shares of Winchester and Potomac Rail Road stock, if she dies it's to her sister Mary Jane, it shall not be sold or transferred till they come of age. Whereas some negroes now in my possession to wit Dick, Ned and Cate Jr and her chn as well as several which I have sold were willed to me only during my life and then to go to my chn, now I do hereby [terms to make an equal distrib to chn]. [describes this writing as being on two sheets of paper]. no wits named here.
codicil 12 Jul 1845: the house and lot in Romney bought of Wm Throckmorton and on which my son in law Jno Kern lives shall descend to my dau Rebecca and her chn as part of her share of my est and on the same term and condition as is provided in the will attached hereto. And I add that having carefully reviewed the will and made several erasures which death and other circumstances rendered necessary I wish it executed so far as it can be, the advances made to my chn are also written on this paper instead of the strips of paper mentioned and a tract of land purchased of David Funston adj my farm as it was in 1838 when the will was written is to be considered a part of the land on which I live and to be evaluated as part thereof on the disposal made of my home tract. 12 Jul 1845.
notes on advancements:
Advance to David Timberlake who md my dau Elizabeth made prior to Dec '38, slaves: Loann? $400, Lewis Waring $400, Abram $600, Frank $500, Isabel and 2 chn $200, Horses, cattle, sheep &c. $250, all other things except a bed and furn $300, total $2650.00.
Advance to Rebecca J. Kern: House and lot at Romney 1700, note to Bank in Romney 800, Thornton sold for 1700, Fanny worth 500, Carryall & other things except a bed and furn 100 these last two braced and total says 1300], total $3800.
Advance to James W. Mason negroes 3800, horses 300, cattle sheep and hogs 350, all other things except a bed and furn 300, payment made for going? land by Mr./Mrs? ??? 3000, total 7750.
Advance to Seth Mason: two horses 200, extra cost of board and schooling clothes &c before he was of age 1200, charge for boarding rect? and horses? and clothing and money [braced with] spent for eight years at 200 per year 1600, total 3000.
he having given no filial regard to my ???? [not care/need] and comfort or to the welfare of the fanily notwithstanding my own affliction and almost helplessness for the greatest part of the time.
Advance to James W. Timberlake who md my dau Jane: Israel 400, Eliza 300, Robert 400, Frank 250, Charles 150, Polly 150, Anna 100, Eliza 100, [last name isn't Thomas, but] T Ho--- 150.
proved 4 May 1846 as handwriting of Seth Mason decd by oath of David W. Burton[?] and Alexander S. Tidball. James W. Mason grtd prob w/sec David Timberlake, James W. Timberlake, Seth Mason Senr, Alexander S. Tidball, Williamson Gilkin? and Giles Cook.

22-131, appraisal of prop of est of Seth Mason [I only took slaves]
Negroes: David 500, Willis 225, Cate 60, Maranda [but there may be a dotted i in there] and 3 chn Frank, Cha? Milley? 575, Philip 275, Burtley? 400, John 550, 25 Dec 1846 Chaner? 425, Betsey 400, Henry 400, Nelson 275, Fredk 200, Burnet? 100, Cyrus 175, Cat (little?) 150, Jordan 200, Alfred 50, Horace 325, Isam 275, Thornton 500, Sandy 400, Judy 400, Mary 500, Dorcas 300, Edmond 500.
The following negroes are claimed by Seth Mason Jnr but are under the control of exr make? this claim ?? ??: Lucy 200, James 200, Wyatt 100, George 450, Cynthia 275.
appr Thos Kennedy, Henry ?Catt--, E. H. Thurston, J. S. Bunn?. returned 4 Jan 1847.

22-133 sale of personal prop of Seth Mason made by James W. Mason exr 7 Aug 1846, buyers: ... Seth Mason...J. W. Mason...R. Timberlake...[lots more names I didn't take.]
slaves sold: Negro boy Thornton to Frances M. Kern 500, Henry to [blank] Kemp 475, Horace to Geo W. Ward 300, Isam to David Timberlake 265, Edmond to David Timberlake 500, Willis to Wm Howard 291, Dorcas to Gabriel Neville 254. return 4 Jan 1847, ordered recd.

22-382 accts est Seth Mason in acct w/James W. Mason exr, $$ paid to and recd of...[I'm not taking but it's 4+ pages, obviously lots of business and creditors], dates fr Apr 1846 to Apr 1848. returned 2 Oct 1848.

23-51 accts est Seth Mson in acct w/James W. Mason exr, $$ to and fr...[3 pages] dates fr May 1848 to May 1850. returned1 Jul 1850.

LDS film 31360 VA Frederick WB 26-27 and film 1930113 WB 28-29
26-515 inv and appr Jonathan Mason 10 Jan 1861, by H. H. Baker, T. E. McCire?, Wm Bruin. hard to read, 2 half columns, no big ticket items, no slaves.
26-515 list of salables of Jonathan Mason, but it has buyers so it's a sale bill:...Whitacre [several different ones], William Braithwaite, B-ns?, Joseph Bathwait [sic], Fletcher, Buth--d, Washington Kerns, Smith, Wm B. Mason, B. J. Mason, Clack, H. Heironimas, Jacob Braithwait, Sa----ayer?, Strother, Bellasin?, Birch/Burns, Tarlaugh/Susbaugh?, Segle, Sciv-in, Lang--, Ellen C. Mason, Bageast. Jun 1861 court
29-83 acct est Jona [sic] Mason, Wm B. Mason admin. returned Mar 1869, recd Apr 1869. $aa.38 3/8 still due admr as of 10 Oct 1868. $ to J. H. Yaskey for coffin, J. C. Rice for telegraphic, J. C. Hart on note, W. Z. Brown past a/c [these are a really poor version a/c for acct], J. W. Grove past a/c, W. Wood past claim [and another by ditto], W. Keene past a/c, D. Hinckle crying sale, J. Hieronimus ad. part of note, J. Hieronimus taxes, J. Dehaven funeral expenses, W. Wood past claim [and another by ditto], W. Z. Brown med. a/c, P/F Wm Holliday legal service.

LDS film 1930114 VA Frederick WB 30-31
31-124 will George Mason wr 2 Jun 1871 pr May 1873, all to be sold, debts pd, then div to my 7 chn, sons George W. Mason, James H. Mason, daus Eliza Wilson wf of J. P. Wilson, Lavinia Mason wf of Wm Mason, Catharine Daharn? [prob Dehaven?] widow of Ezra Deharn decd, Sarah Reynolds wf of Edward Reynnolds, Elizabeth Lutterale[?] wf of David Lutterale. exrs: sons-in-law John P. Wilson and Edward Reynolds. wit W. J. Smith, John Lamp, John E. Darby (x).

LDS film 1930116 VA Frederick WB 34-35
34-54 appr personal est William Mason 3 Jun 1880 by W. V. Bazeant, Asa J. Adams, Wm Shade. total $265.19. admr Jacob Files. return and recd Feb 1881.
34-55 sale acct Wm Mason Jr decd [very clear Jr], 12 Jun 1880 by admr. buyers Burton, Dehaven, Lavinia Mason, Dr. Daniels, Stump, Barrett, Hinkle, Shirley, Adams, Shade, Christy, Luttrell, Ross, Rover/Roaen?, Jno R. Mason, Daily, Shockley, J. R. Mason, Josephus Mason, Reens?, A. J. Mason. returned by admr Jacob Files Feb 1881
35-505 acct est Wm Mason. dates fr 1880-1883. balance distributed among creditors, 33 named incl Sarah Mason for notes fr 1874, and Andrew J. Mason. affid that notice was posted, accts worked on, etc. Aug 1885. returned Sep 1885, recd Oct 1885. Mason Sarah 1881

34-88 will Sarah Mason wr 10 Jan 1881. debts to be pd. personal prop to be sold and out of profits: to my nephew Josephus M. Right $100, to my neice [sic] Lavinia Mason and widow of young William Mason $100, to my neice Martha Jane Roberts the remainder of all proceeds of my real and personal est. all my interest in brother Josephus Mason's est to be eq div'd betw my two nephews and neices namely: Alexander Mason son of young Josephus Mason and Jonathan Mason son of my brother William Mason and neice Eliza Jane Mason dau of my bro William Mason. exr George A. Stotlemeyer. wit C. W. Parker, C. J. Payne, Frederick Gross. pr 28 Feb 1881. Stotlemyer granted prob as exr, bond $1800.
34-461 appr Sarah Mason 2 May 1870 by James Withinton, Barak B. Adams, Jona Tanener?. just a few household items, but she had bonds on J. H. Heironimus, Adam Bohres?, John Dick, James A.? Mason and David, Conrad Heironimus, John Nesmith, A. J. Mason, D. B. Finch and John Nesmith, Frederick Heironimus, J. R. Mangay and L. P. Heironimus, John E. Dailey, John Lamp, Charles P. Collins, W. B. Batesmith and John Nesmith, S. P. Hiett and T. Hieyy, William Shade and J. W. Puffenberger, Frederick Heironimus, Edward R. Miller. order to appraise Mar 1881. returned 24 Jun 1882, recd Mar 1883. 34-463 sale bill Sarah Mason, total $36.67, returned by G. H. Stottlemeyer exr, recd Mar 1883.

34-507 appr Josephus Mason by J. M. Pringle, B. B. Adams, Jonah Tavener ["mark" is in the line between Adams and Tavener, can't tell to whom it belongs]. tiny amt personal, but bonds on G. H. Stottlemeyer, A. J. Adams and Holady, Benjamin Marple, Randolph Crasen, Jacob Shade, J. T./F. Cogle and John Lamp, Daniel Collins, George W. and Francis Burton, John R. and A. J. Mason, John H. Ross and John Nesmith, J. Nesmith and J. H. Ross, Charles R. and Daniel Collins, William Shade and George Whitacre. order to appraise Mar 1881, appraisers sworn 24 Jun 1882, returned Apr 1883.
34-508 sale bill Josephus Mason. buyers Evan Rogers (horse, saddle, bridle), J./T. R. Mason 2 barrels corn. by Frederick Gross, returned and recd Apr 1883

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LDS film 31361 Frederick Co Probate Mixed recds v.1-3 1791-1824,1830-1858
no Mason

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Frederick County VA Wills & Administrations 1795-1816 by M. N. Kangas, D. E. Payne
no Mason estate
6-27 Will of James Oliver, 20 Feb 1795, 8 Apr 1795. wf Nancy, chn not named. "Bring up and educate my daus in a becoming and decent manner." John Tompkins and William Thistle testify that "the above record be the work of Mr. Oliver when in his proper senses although the signing was put off until it was too late." Will proved by oath of John Mason who deposed he heard will read to deceased who agreed to contents but postponed signing until morning, but died at 2:00 A.M. of that morning. exrx wf Nancy. Sec: Ann Oliver, Nathaniel Oliver
6-515 will of Abraham Kendricks (formerly of Lancaster co PA), 16 Aug 1800, 1 Sep 1800. eldest bro: John Kendricks of twp of Strasburg, Lancaster co PA. exr: friend Elisha Phelps. wt. John Mason, William McLeod, Henry Walker, John Cryder.

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LDS film 31455 Guardian Bonds of Frederick Co 1792-1865
No index, bonds are not in perfect date order.
These are the actual bonds, the signatures are real.
Many of the last years are handwritten [w/cool govt stamps], but hard to read.
I read entire film for the deceased and orphans, but NOT for all the guardian names and securities.
I didn't take all the Ware, didn't take any Page or Clark.

David Fisher decd, orph David, gdn Joseph Hackney, sec Jonathan Writh,
George Hartman (x). 7 Apr 1794
John Fisher decd, orph Meridith, gdn Baldwin Johnston, sec William Hanshaw. 7 Oct 1794
Sarah McDonald decd, orphs Eleanor, Mary, James, Andrew C., Sarah. gdn Charles McDonald, sec David Rees. 4 Feb 1811. [followed by exact dupe, but both have James McDonald in the body as the bound gdn, but top name and sig is Charles McDonald.
John Dick decd, orphs Mary, John, Frederick, gdn John Dick [German sig], sec John Parell. 1 Jan 1816.
James Ware decd, orph Josiah William Ware, gdn Edward J. Smith, sec H. L. Ofee?. 5 Nov ---- [blank but in 1821 section]
Henry Groves decd, orphs Eliza and Henry, gdn John S. Clark, sec Reubin Clark. 5[?4 or 6?] May 1822
Henry M. Babb decd, orph Deborah, gdn Joseph Marpole, sec Benjamin Marpole. 2 Sep 1822
Genny M. Babb decd [it's really not a George, but?], orph James M. Babb, gdn Joseph Bamble, sec Thomas Allen Tidball. 30 Apr 1827
Barack Fisher decd, orph Samuel, David & Lydia Ann, gdn James Cathen, sec John White. 5 Mar 1832.
Barack Fisher decd, orph Joseph Fisher, gdn James Cathen, sec Caspar Rinker. 6 Mar 1832.
William Messen decd, orph Phebe, gdn Abraham Grove, sec John Beagart/nt. 6 May 1833
Henry Grove decd, orphs Elizabeth, Nancy, Eliza Jane, Sarah Harriet, gdn
Henry Grove Jr, sec William Allemong and John Grove the third. 3 Mar 1834.
Henry Grove decd, Sarah E. Fisher d/o sd Joseph Fisher and distributee in est of Henry Grove. gdn Joseph Fisher, sec Robert Fisher. 3 mar 1834
David Grove decd, orph Ann R. and Catharine A., gdn Catharine Groves, sec Lewis Wolfe. 6 Aug 1834. She sigs Catharine W. Grove.
Jacob Rinker decd, Rebecca Ann Reed d/o John Reed and distributee of est of Jacob Rinker, gdn Casper Rinker, sec Joseph Fisher. 1 Jan 1838
John Light decd, orph Joshua, gdn Caspar Rinker, sec Josiah Rinker [sig Rinke]. 6 Mar 1852.
Mason: Gerrard F. Mason apptd gdn of G. Bell Mason and William Stephenson Mason two children of G. F. Mason. sec John Stephenson, Henry Stephenson. 3 Jan 1859.
Casper Rinker Sr decd, orphs G. L., S? W., Geo W. Rinker, gdn Josiah Rinker, sec John W. Priest, P. Howard. 6 May 1861

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