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EDWARD GOODE - d. 1795 VA Mecklenburg
JUDITH MORTON - d. 1791 VA Mecklenburg

	Joseph		b.
			md. Patsy --
			d. ca1827/28

	Jane		b.
	"Jenny"		md. 13 Jun 1768  VA Mecklenburg - Phillip Poindexter, Jr.
			d. <1795

	Edward		b.
			md. VA Henrico - Mary "Polly" Turpin

	Mary		b. 27 Feb 1756
			md. 8 Feb 1773 VA Mecklenburg - Joseph Fontaine
			d. 18 August 1812, bur. Wall Cem

	Richard		b.
			md. 8 Oct 1781 VA Mecklenburg - Nancy Charlotte Poindexter

	Thomas		b.
			md. Sarah Hawkins
			d. 20 Dec 1846

      * John	 	b. 20 Aug 1762  VA
			md. 14 Jul 1795  NC Ruthfd - Elizabeth Jane Hawkins
			d. <17 Jun 1822 KY Trigg

	Elizabeth	b.
			md.1 19 Dec 1785 VA Mecklenburg - John Hawkins
			md.2  ~1789  NC - William Wood



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THOMAS HAWKINS - b. ca1740 ?MD, d. <1793	
	m. 1764 NC Rutherford
NANCY DYCUS - b. ca1743 MD

	Margaret	b. ca1765  NC Ruthfd
			md. 2 Aug 1785  NC Ruthfd  William Johnson, to KY, to TN

	Sarah		b. ca1766  NC Ruthfd
			md. 1785 NC Ruthfd - Hardin Camp, to SC
				or md. Thomas Goode, to KY Christian

	Martha		b. ca1768  NC Ruthfd
			md. 4 Jan 1788 NC Ruthfd  Robert Goode

	Thomas Jr.	b. ca1770 NC Ruthfd
			md. Lucinda (Lucy) --, to SC Cherokee Spartanburg

	Edward Dycus	b. ca1773 NC Ruthfd
	  "Ned"		md. 25 Jun 1801  NC Ruthfd  Mary "Polly" Rollins
			d. 1859

      * Elizabeth Jane	b. ca1775 NC Ruthfd
			md. 14 Jul 1795  NC Ruthfd  John Goode

      ~ Elizabeth	b. ca 1790  NC Ruthfd
			md. 23 Mar 1806 NC Ruthfd  Robert Goode (above)

      ? Benjamin	b.  [?son of Thomas Jr.?]
			md. 7 Sep 1810  KY Christian  Rachel Roberts

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JAMES DANIEL - b. 31 Dec 1747, d. >9 Mar <May 1820 KY Christian	
	m. 30 Nov 1772 NC Granville
SARAH "Sallie" COCKE - b. 1755, d. >May 1820 <1830 KY Christian

	Rebecke		b. ca1773/4 NC Granville
			md. 22 Jan 1795 NC Person - Richard Holeman 

	William		b. 1776  NC
			d. >13 May 1818 <Aug 1818  NC Person

      * Elijah		b. ca1780-81 NC Person
			md. 1 Mar 1801  NC Person - Elizabeth Womack
			d. >17 Jun <21 Oct 1822  KY Trigg

	Lewis		b. 1783-84 NC Person
			md. 21 Jan 1812 NC Granville - Martha Lanier
			d. Feb-Mar 1847  NC Person
	John		b. 1784/5 NC Person
			md. 7 Jan 1820  Nancy Harbour
			d. 6 May 1853  KY Trigg, fell from horse

	Jane		b. ca1787 NC Person
			md. 15 Mar 1806 NC Person - William Hopson
			went to KY Trigg

	Elizabeth	b. ca1789 NC
			md. 2 Jan 1809 NC Person - James McCain
			went to KY Trigg

	"Major" George	b. 13 Jul 1792 NC
			md. 29 May 1828 KY Trigg - Sara Virginia Jones
			d. 9 Dec 1834  KY Trigg, bur. Wall Cem

	dau		b. ca 1793

	Susan		b. 1795 NC
			md. 1 Mar 1826 KY Trigg - John Jones
			d. 22 Sep 1855 KY

	Sally		b. 1791 or 1798  NC 
			md. 15 May 1817 KY Christian - Isaac Miller (1790-1864)
			d. 14 Oct 1879  KY Trigg, bur. East End Cem

	Margaret R.	b. 7 Mar 1800 NC
			md. 8 Nov 1824 KY Trigg - Thomas W. Hammond
			d. May 1871  Ky Trigg Caledonia

[n.b. Lewis'a birthdate is given later as 1781, 
	but the documents of the time reveal this birth order and date.]

NEWS!!! - James Daniel has now been shown by the record evidence and a perfect dna match 
to be the son of James Daniel of Albemarle and Jane Hicks, son of Robert Daniel 
and Margaret Price, son of William Daniel of Middlesex d.1698.
Read about it here
A narrative account of James Daniel and Sally Cocke The marriage bond of James Daniel and Salley Cocke (showing the two signatures listed next) James Daniel's signature in 1772 William Cocke's signature in 1772 (father of Sarah "Sally" Cocke) The Daniel House in Person County NC, home of James and Sally Daniel Flat River Primitive Baptist Church in Person county where James and Sally Daniel's family worshipped Paynes Tavern area in Person county near where the James Daniel family lived. Tax Lists 1792-1800 of NC Person County, entries for Daniel, Womack, Pryor, Tapley The Cerulean Springs area in Trigg County KY where James and Sally settled by 1815.
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JOHN WOMACK - b. 1748 VA Orange, d. >20 Sep 1825 <Jun 1827 NC Person
LUCY PRYOR - b. 1743, md.1 ca765 Hosea Tapley Jr. (d. 21 Mar 1770 NC Orange)

	children of Lucy and Hosea Tapley:
	John Pryor	b. ca1772  NC Caswell  St. Lukes District
			d. 1806  NC Person

	Hosea	b.

	children of Lucy and John Womack:
	Jesse		b. ca1774  NC Caswell
			md. 27 Jun 1805  NC Person - Catherine McNeill
				to TN to KY Trigg

	David		b. ca1776, 
			md. 24/28 Mar 1800 NC  Caswell - Delilah Graves
			d. <11 Oct 1824  NC  Caswell

	Jacob Pryor
			md. 4 Nov 1810  Nancy Ann Faddis
				to MS DeSoto, then to TX Harrison Marshall

	Green		b. 12/13 Nov 1782  NC Caswell St. Martins Dist
			md.1  4 Apr 1817  Mary W. Taylor (d. 20 Apr 1823)
			md.2  2 Mar 1825  Mrs. Ann (McBryde) McIver
			d. 23 Jul 1856  NC  Chatham  Pittsboro

      * Elizabeth	b. ca1784
			md. 1 Mar 1801  NC Person  Elijah Daniel
			d. 1820-1822  KY Trigg

	Josiah		b. ca1789
			md. Mary Justis, to NC Surry or Caswell
			d. will 1828, prob <Apr 1848

	Henry		b. 1793
			md. 1812/13  NC Person  Matilda Wells

	dau		b. 1790-1800 [in census]

Flat River Primitive Baptist Church in Person county where John Womack and Lucy Pryor's family worshipped
Tax Lists 1792-1800 of NC Person County, entries for Daniel, Womack, Pryor, Tapley