James Daniel (1747-1820)
is the Son of
James Daniel of Albemarle!
The DNA now confirms the record evidence!

I have been well satisfied from the records that my James Daniel (b. 31 Dec 1747, md. 1772 Sally Cocke, migrated from Granville to Caswell/Person to KY Christian county, d. 1820) is the son of James Daniel of Albemarle (d. 1761) and Jane Hicks. It hinges on reworking the birthdates of the children of James and Jane from the records, and the deed of son Josiah when he moved into Granville. It requires a bit of tracing of son Chesley and putting them all in the same area at the same time and a logical local migration when James married Sally Cocke and started moving. There is further evidence in James' naming pattern for his daughters.

However, the strong record evidence was always going to be clouded and seen as less than conclusive because of all the old flawed research and misinterpretations of the Granville records; they had ignored this James or, much worse, had melded him with the other James Daniel of Granville (d.1785, married Sarah LNU, sons Joseph, Richard, Reuben, John).

DNA has solved the dilemna: there are tests for Chesley Daniel (1730-1814) and Josiah Daniel (1743-1811) proven sons of James of Albemarle and Jane Hicks. Then at last I found a descendant of James Daniel (1747-1820, md. Sally Cocke) and the results are a perfect 37/37 match for them, thus confirming the records and finalizing the proof that James is the son of James Daniel of Albemarle and Jane Hicks!

When James of Albemarle made his will in 1760 and when he died in 1761, I believe he had more underage sons than his will indicates, being Josiah, James and John. The sons as named in the will are: Chesley, Abraham, Leonard, Josiah, James, and John (John is the only one listed as underage). The daughters are Susannah Bedford, Mary, and Mercy. I'm using lots of if's (and I mean do "if" when I use it) and "range" for birth years (usually I'm suggesting within two years either direction), but I hope they're reasonable in the main.

From the parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex the first children of James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel are:
Margaret - 5 Jul 1728
Chickeley - 16 Jan 1730/1
Ruth - 18 Jan 1732/3
Abraham - 13 Jan 1734/5

I propose the following birth years for the other children...

ca1737 - Leonard is independent in Lunenburg and registering slaves in Sep 1758, so there's reason to think he's of age, i.e. born by late 1737. I realize, no guarantee. Just as an aside to correct old write-ups, Leonard died in Lunenburg by 7 Sep 1761; his brother Chesley is administrator, Will Book 2 p.48

ca1740 - Susanna (Daniel) Bedford had 5 children when her husband Benjamin Bedford made his will on 31 May 1772: a starting date for their births would range around 1762. If she's the only wife then her age could be played with as in the late 1730s, early 40s. Not that precise, but it does establish her as one of the older children to fit in the gaps between the boys. It seems to me absolutely that she pushes the later sons to later birthdates than have been given in the past write-ups.

1743 - Josiah - "Josiah's book", in which he wrote his family and and some relatives' dates, has been transcribed and published by Rosalyn Sumner: Josiah listed his birthdate as 19 January 1743 (i.e. 1744 newstyle). Josiah bought land in 1761 and he's witnessing in 1764, both when underage (so did Chesley).

ca1745 - Mary - I'm hoping her story is covered by Chesley's Granville quitclaim and the Douglass Register. The quitclaim can be read here. More details on the Edwards are in this posting on the Daniel-L archives. Briefly described: a sister of Chesley's should be a wife of an Edwards, and it's established that it's Charles Edwards in the court records I posted. The Douglass Register shows that a Mary Daniel and Charles Edwards had a daughter Jean, b. 9 Jun 1767, bap 23 Aug 1767, and another child b. 21 May 1769, bap 25 Jun 1769. If this is Mary, dau of James of Albemarle, then her birth could/should be in the 1745 range.

1747 - James. James' birth date of 31 Dec 1747 is from his tombstone in Trigg KY.

ca1749/50 - John is born after 1740 (underage in will), marries in 1772, but I can't establish if he bought land before the 1775 deeds in Charlotte - it's not in Lunenburg, Charlotte, or Granville NC, that I'm sure of. Because John is likely the one listed with Chesley in the 1767 tax list he technically should be listed as born about 1746. This would mean he is older and listed out of order in the will (twice), and there's seemingly some evidence that he's born late 40s-early 50s. I have to be flexible on this and probably should move him up as born 1746, but it's really hard....

Mercy - I don't have data to place her in the list. Family listings say she married Peyton Wood. I have done only a search in my local available sources and the earliest entry I have found for Peyton Wood is a deed in Book M p. 108 from David Howard to Peyton Wood, both of Granville, land on Butcher's Branch, adjoining John Hunt, Samuel Clay, Peyton Wood and an entry made by Colo. Edmund Taylor. Witness Mary (x) Howard. Written 21 April 1779, recorded May 1779. Peyton Wood later sells land on Island Creek in 1803 (Island Creek is where Josiah Daniel bought in 1775). In the best of all possible outcomes for my thesis, that 1779 land is his first, bought within a few years after his marriage, placing Mercy as the youngest child of James and Jane Daniel, born around 1750. But this is just interpreting a few records as I want to, not to be taken as researched conclusions!

The form of distribution in old James' will is interesting. All discussion is speculation: are they named in order, is everything stated exactly or is anything unsaid but understood, etc.

Will of James Daniel, Albemarle County, VA,
In the name of God Amen, I James Daniel of Albemarle County, being sick and weak in health but of perfect sense, mind, and memory, do make this my last will and testament as followeth &c.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Chisley Daniel my tract of land in Lunenburg County on Roanoke River as I bought of Walter Campbell to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Daniel the tract of land whereon I live, with half of my tract of land joining where Margaret Abbot did live, after my decease to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Leonard my tract of land in Lunenburg County on Roanoke River as I bought of John Maclin and Thomas Smith to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Josiah Daniel one Hundred and sixty Pounds current money of Virginia to be raised out of my estate to purchase a tract of land of John Robinson.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son James Daniel the tract of land as I bought of William Megginson with my island opposite against it and the other half the Tract of land joining where Margaret Abbot did live to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son John Daniel one hundred and fifty pounds current money of Virginia to be raised out of my estate to purchase a tract of land again [sic, should be "when"] he comes to the age of twenty one years.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Susannah Bedford four negroes to-wit: Siller, Tude [yes, could be Jude], Tom, Winne, which are now delivered.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Chisley Daniel four negroes to-wit: Gloster, Numman, Annica, Alice, which are now delivered to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my sons and daughters namely, Abraham Daniel, Leonard Daniel, Josiah Daniel, James Daniel, John Daniel, Mary Daniel, Mercy Daniel, an equal shear [sic] of all my negroes when they come to the age of twenty one years or marry and all the rest of my personal estate to be equally divided among my sons and daughters above mentioned excepting Susannah Bedford. I desire that my executors make John Duglas a lawful deed for all my lands at the Seven Islands if he will pay the money that is due for the same.
Lastly, I appoint Chisley Daniel, Abraham Daniel, and Leonard Daniel executors to this my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30th day of October one thousand seven hundred and sixty.
Jas. Daniel (Seal)
Teste: Benoni Boatwright, William (x) Boatwright, John Duglis
At a court held for Albemarle County the twelfth day of Feby 1761 This Writing was proved by Benoni Boatwright, William Boatwright, and John Duglis the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Chisley Daniel, Abraham Daniel, & Leonard Daniel, the executors therein named, who made oath according to the law, certificate was granted them for obtaining a probat [sic] thereof in due form, giving security, whereupon they with John Hunter, Theodorick Webb & Abraham Childers, their securities, entered into and acknowledged their bond accordingly.
Teste: John Nicholas, Clk

It looks standard for the older boys, Chesley, Abraham, and Leonard, just finalizing what was already in place.

If Josiah is next in the sons, then father James knew he could get his land soon with just money raised from the estate, is it possible he just left out the description of "when he comes of age"? No, we don't get to assume that, I know. But that 1743 date is firm for Josiah, so he is underage and father James has set him up with the planned land purchase (which was executed just 6 months after the initial probate of James' will). And if Josiah is provably underage by that 1743 data, then James could also be underage.

James, with a birthdate of 1747, is in that limbo region, too young to possess the land, but maybe it had already been promised, or by giving it in his will he's safe when the time comes. That will always be the mystery. The land involved was 400 acres bought of Megginson in 1743 (Goochland Deed Bk4-168). Unfortunately, what happened to the 400 acres may be undiscoverable; the land was cut into Buckingham County and the records of the time are lost. But there's something about all this that makes the thinking look to me like, "Josiah is getting close to age and the deal is already set up with John Robinson, he will be ok when the time comes - just make sure there's money; James is in limbo, specify something, and there's a tract available; John is too young to do a big set-up for at this time, just make sure there's provision for money when the time comes."

If John is only 10-13ish and there's no other tract available, then he has to wait and use money from the estate anyway. The listing of him twice in the will at the end of the sons makes me think he is the youngest, born closer to 1750.

Mom Jane was apparently dead when father James died in 1761, so those younger boys had to go with somebody. We know at least Chesley and Leonard went (back?) down to Lunenburg early, they made motions in Lunenburg court in Sep 1758 to have themselves and their slaves admitted to the tithable lists. Josiah, James, and John had already been down to Lunenburg with father James and, for all we know, they stayed down there with Chesley and Leonard, or went back with them at some point. Josiah is definitely there in 1764 with 5 tithes (tax lists in St. James Parish which would become Mecklenburg).
I have now found son James in 1764, he's still up on his father's land with his older brother Abraham: a Tithe list for 1764 exists for Buckingham county (where most of father James' land was cut into). It is transcribed in Genealogical Records of Buckingham County VA by Edythe Rucker Whitley, 1984. The list is alphabetical and in the D list are these two entries:

George Daniel and William Hardwick 2 tithes, 0 acres, 0 wheel-carriages
Abraham Daniel, Christopher Baltimore (Harry, Ben, Caesar, Mingo, Sarey, Nan, Phillis, and Cate), and James Daniel 11 tithes, 1120 acres, 0 wheel-carriages

My James Daniel had turned 16 in late 1763, so he should definitely be showing up on tithable lists somewhere. The next lists for Buckingham that Rucker found are for 1773 and 1774 (two years in one list), Abraham is here both years with 7 tithes. James would be 24 so he should perhaps be listed by name as a taxable, but he's not. I believe he is down in Granville by the late 1760s, as explained next. Again, we may never know the disposition of son James' land (that bought of Megginson) because it was cut into Buckingham and most records are gone. I have continued checking more Buckingham records and nothing is showing up.

Chesley seems to be moving back and forth pretty handily between Albemarle, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, and Granville in the early 1760s. But he has definitely bought land and settled in Granville by 1764 (Tranquility Plantation).

Then come the tax lists:
1767 Granville Tax lists
This list is just called "List of Taxables" and the columns are just "whites, blacks, total".
---Chisley Daniel, John Daniel, James Nowel and 9 [named] negroes: 3 wh 9 blk 12 total

I have read this page many times. On the Nowel name, while there's no question, it's a clear N and then the ow is the usual could-be-anything humps and the el is clear, I have always wondered that it might be that 2nd to 3rd copyist/clerk who miswrote it and it might really be James Daniel, I can't find a Nowel variation anywhere in Granville records that relates to the Daniel family, and I played with but have no reason to think it's a "Nevil" error (from father James' land dealings and neighboring with James Neville). That the list is of "taxables" is not a big problem, it still might be that kind of list that gives the first person as responsible for the tax, but that names tithable males 16-60 and so on. This doesn't help or hurt the identification of James; for all I know, he might actually still be up with Abraham in (now) Buckingham or with Josiah back in Lunenburg. But it does put a John with Chesley in Granville before he goes up to Charlotte to marry Elizabeth Morton in 1772. If John is the youngest son, named last in the will, then he's only about 17-19 years old in this tax listing, that's why I think it may be listing tithables as well as taxables. A new theory has been growing in my data, that Chesley's brother John is possibly still up in Lunenburg/Charlotte, and that the John on this list may be an earlier son of Chesley, one that later family write-ups would not have known about or included. The same still applies about his age, he would only be a tithable in this list, born in mid 1750s. More on this theory will be published later.

John Daniel does not appear again on these Granville tax lists (only the very identifiable John Williams Daniel does). On the next extant list is:

1769 "Taxables" whites, blacks, carriage wheels
---Chesley Daniel 2-9-0

The second poll could be brother John before he heads to Charlotte, or it could be James who is now 21. If I could prove John is already up in VA, then it almost has to be James. I have now checked the Charlotte County marriage, land, court and tax records. The earliest Daniel is Esther daughter of Samuel who marries Joseph Alexander in 1767. The next is 1772 land deed from William Russell to Thomas Daniel who married a daughter of his (Bk 3-161). Then William Daniel shows up in February of 1775 as a witness; I believe this is either the William who married Hannah Cunningham in 1779 or William(s) Pride Daniel, of another line. The earliest appearance of John Daniel, the son of James of Albemarle, is still his marriage to Elizabeth Morton in 1772, and then his land purchase of 1775. There is no James Daniel in any of the Charlotte records until 1787, I believe this one is either related to the Cunninghams or a newcomer.

The next Granville tax list is for 1771 and it shows "taxables" and "carriage wheels":
---James Daniel 2-0

This tax list is alphabetical and the "D" list is very clearly grouped. This James Daniel is alone in one part of the list, later comes John Williams Daniel next to Anne Daniel and they are in another group with James the constable only one away (i.e. in the same group as John Williams and Anne). Chesley Daniel is way far down on his own. Who the other poll is with James is anybody's guess, it could be John, especially as John may be the younger (based on the 1761 will). It could also be John seeing as how these two sons will go up to Charlotte for John to marry in 1772. It could also be a taxable slave, the lists were totals of all taxables, not separated. The districts aren't defined for this list and this James is likely in the area where his soon-to-be in-laws the Cockes are, explaining why he's distant on the lists from Chesley (map later).

The Granville marriage bond for James Daniel and Sally Cocke is dated 30 Nov 1772, so they married any time after that. Then up in Charlotte is the marriage of John Daniel to Elizabeth Morton. In the abstracts done by the court, the date on the line that says "date of bond" is 9 Dec 1772, and just below the line for the minister's name it says "James Daniel brother of John". These abstract cards are typed and it may have just gotten off line. Because it also gives the minister's name, I have to allow for now that it's actually a minister's return, and that the marriage could easily have been plenty before. No matter what, this is a very young James Daniel marrying his brother (by the ages that the will establishes, not just by my James' birth year of 1747).

As I described above, it doesn't look at all from the records that this James, brother of John, settled up in Charlotte. It's less than 60 miles tops from Charlotte Court House to where James Daniel and Sally Cocke settled in western Granville. Again, there's no Daniel whatsoever in the Charlotte deed books 1-3, 1765-1777, not as party, witness, bound, until the Thomas of 1772 and then John's purchase in 1775. The pre-Charlotte Lunenburg land deeds don't put any Daniels in that area either. So John may have moved up there lock, stock, and barrell just in time to marry. But it's not so far as to preclude some quick traveling by James from Granville to go marry his brother. There are lots of records showing James back in Granville in the years after his marriage, but he doesn't really buy land until later.

And then here's my big deal, the record has been out there, but I had stopped hunting for my James in this family for many years, had never really tracked Chesley well enough, and just hadn't fixed on this (and much thanks due to the Timothy W. Rackley abstracts of 2002):

Granville deeds K240 - James Downey of Granville to Josiah Daniel of Albemarle VA, written 7 Feb 1775, £300, 520a in Granv, on both sides of Grassey Creek, bounding Thomas Willingham, Grassey Creek, mouth of the Hay Meadow Branch, crossing the Creek and up the said Branch. Witnesses: Chisley Daniel, James Daniel. Recorded Feb 1775. Acknowledged by James Downey.

The burning question, what other James Daniel is this going to be besides Chesley and Josiah's brother? These are brothers Chesley and James witnessing for their brother Josiah, yes? My James starts buying his land a couple years later (1778) in a line with these brothers, but moving a bit west (with his in-laws again).

Here's some collateral and secondary evidence supporting James as the son of James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel, this James being the one who married Sally Cocke.

1. James and Sally named their first daughter Rebecca (Sally's mother is Rebecca) and their second daughter is Jane (ding-ding-ding). The next daughters are Elizabeth, a lost daughter, Susan, Sally, Margaret R.
These names reflect a nearly perfect pattern (a. maternal grandmother, b. paternal grandmother, c. mother's eldest sister, d. father's eldest sister, e. mother and in this case maternal great grandmother, f. paternal great grandmother):

a. Rebecca for Sally Cocke's mother, Rebecca Edwards Cocke.
b. Jane for James Daniel's mother, Jane Hicks. James of Albemarle also had a sister Jane.
c. Elizabeth for Sally Cocke's oldest sister Elizabeth, this name is not found in near generations of James of Albemarle's family.
d. lost daughter
e. Susan for James Daniel's oldest sister Susanna, this name is not found in near generations of Sally Cocke's family.
f. Sally for mother Sally Cocke Daniel, it's also possibly her grandmother's name as well as her aunt's name. I believe that Rebecca Edwards Cocke, Sally's mother, is probably the daughter of William and Sarah Edwards of Surrey county VA.
g. Margaret R. for James Daniel's paternal grandmother, Margaret Price. James Daniel of Albemarle also had a sister Margaret. This name is not found in near generations of Sally's family.

The sons' names threw me off for years, but I can propose that James was just such a younger son, farther away from tradition, and understandably out of compliance with naming patterns - their sons are William (Sally's father was William), Elijah, Lewis, John, and George. Of course, that son Elijah (my direct ancestor) sent me crawling all over the Caroline/Orange/Spotsylvania family for years. But that bunch's James is the one that went straight from VA to KY, my James got to the same county in KY but later and in a very different section. My descendant families are way out of touch with their roots, so there's no naming help there, or rather it's heavily from the mothers' sides.

2. Elizabeth Bedford, the daughter of Susanna Daniel Bedford (d/o James of Albemarle), married William Cocke Jr. He is the brother of my Sally Cocke who married James Daniel, so that puts some same family Daniels (James and his niece) marrying Cocke siblings (Sally and her brother William Jr.).

3. James Daniel of Albemarle in 1747 sold 340a (bought of Peter King) to James Cocke of Lunenburg (in Halifax deeds 1-36, wr 25 Oct 1752, recd 17 Jul 1753) - that James Cocke is the brother of Sally Cocke's father. Sally's not born yet, but we've got the direct families meeting up. Later, in 1759 Chesley Daniel is a witness for James Cocke buying more land in Lunenburg, this time on Butcher's Creek (this Daniel family's area), so this Daniel and Cocke family stay in touch for many years.

4. Josiah Daniel of Granville (1742-1811), brother to Chesley, had a son Josiah Jr. who died in 1816. Josiah Jr. (sometimes listed as Joshua) is on the tax lists of Granville, drops off them from 1807-1809, but was listed in Granville in the 1810 census with his new family. He never shows up on Person County tax lists, but he must have had dealings there: there is an administration on his estate in Person County, home of my Daniel line after they moved from Granville. James and some of his sons have already moved to Christian KY by this time, leaving sons Lewis and William in Person. The admistrator of Josiah Jr.'s estate in Person is Lewis Daniel, who filed an inventory in 1818 which mentions Josiah's interest in two old slaves back in Granville. While it's a late connection, this is a case of a cousin (Lewis) taking care of the estate, they are about the same age. Just for interest, this inventory mainly lists major-league and specialized carpentry tools and stocks of wood planks, Josiah Jr. must have been a carpenter. ------

I've put a map of many of the early Granville Daniels up to see the relative locations of these various families I've referred to.
The green dot is the location of Josiah's land bought of John Robinson in 1761. It was described as on the county line of Lunenburg (now Mecklenburg).
The eastern orange dots are the Nutbush, Anderson's Swamp Daniels, i.e. the John and Anne (Williams) Daniel, James and Sarah Daniel (of the 1786 will) and John Williams Daniel, et al. They are way out of this picture and unrelated.
The blue dots are the Island Creek district where my older Cockes first get taxed. Later the son William Jr. goes west, right to where James Daniel goes, and they go at the same time.
The red dots are Mountain Creek where Chesley bought in 1764 ("Tranquility") and Grass Creek where Josiah bought in 1775.
The light purple is where the first lands my James and Sally bought are located (1778), Crooked Fork and Shelton's Creek. There is a road order concerning James and the road going to the county line, so he may have lived directly there near the road between the two creeks.
The one larger deep magenta dot in Person is where James and Sally bought (1789) and finally settled for many years before leaving for KY. It all seems a pretty nice migration trail that puts my James with his brothers when he's younger and then he just keeps moving west to where his in-laws went.

The next part is some of the old confusions and misinterpretations about this James Daniel that need to be discarded. Possibly a huge uphill battle as they have been passed on and are pretty well taken as gospel now.

The whole marriage of James or Josiah to Elizabeth Key (based on Martin Key's Albemarle will) is now quite straightened out by primary documentation, Josiah's Book, and deeds from Elizabeth Daniel (wife of Josiah) to some of her children for property descending to her from her named Key parents.

Another idea (from Newman p. 506) suggests that the Cumberland James and Elizabeth Daniel of the deed to James Southall (1771) is the son of James of Albemarle, but the land described is not part of his inheritance as Newman suggests. It's farther south and much more likely part of the other group (Daniel/Parker). I think in many instances the previous identifications of James, son of James of Albemarle, are a case of "right name in the right county, must be him", but that's not close enough for these complex Daniel families. There are only a few Buckingham records from the 1770s, but they do not indicate that James, son of James, stayed in Buckingham.

Hayden gives records from the Christ Church Middlesex register in his "membra disjecta" section (p. 328). In the list for James and Jennie (Hicks) Daniel he includes the four first children mentioned above with their dates and then adds a James and Jane with no dates. It has been proposed that the Jane Daniel who died on 10 March 1739 (old style, thus 1740) is this daughter Jane. Very reasonable, but it doesn't mean she was born then. There is absolutely room for (and the likelihood of) a first child born in late 1726, early 1727 (James Daniel and Jennie Hicks were married on 11 November 1725). I would expect the registers to show this birth and there are no noted gaps in them to account for it not being there, so if anything it would probably have been a lost pregnancy. There are certainly a couple of other Jane Daniels active who could be this one that Hayden attributes to James and Jennie Daniel. One is "Jane daughter of Charles & Jane Daniel born August ye 18. baptized Septemr ye 9. 1733". Another is "Jane Daughter of Henry & Betty Daniel born Novr ye 13th Bapd Decr 5th 1739". Marked on the side of another list is "Given into ye Secret: Off. Otcr [sic] 1736" and on that list is "Jane Mickleburrough dyed Augst 10th (Charles Daniel) 1736". That is not Charles' wife Jane as they had children born up until 1740 so it must be the daughter Jane, b. 1733. However, other writeups have her living and marrying Thomas Montague, so I don't know what's going on between them and this entry. But that would leave the probability that the Jane who died in 1739/40 is the daughter of Henry and Betty.

In the absence of other documentation by Hayden I have to suggest the possibility that he may have been making an "assignment" and that this may be another Jane Daniel, not a daughter of James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel. I have also never been able to find a "loose" James Daniel in the registers that would answer for Hayden's listing of him as a child of James and Jane, except as guesswork based on the later records in Albemarle: he was correct in listing a child James, but it is not based on any Middlesex records. The registers were rechecked by the Colonial Dames in 1988 against the originals and the original 1897 transcription was verified as very good, with only some spelling errata and names left out of the original indexing. There is no indication of problems with the records or deterioration that might account for a James being in there at some point and then not in later years. I have also looked at the originals of the register and cannot find anything to put this Jane as a daughter of James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel.

The final point against Hayden's placing those children as born in Middlesex to James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel is that they were probably not in Middlesex when those children would have supposedly been born. James Daniel sold his land in Middlesex in May of 1735 and had already bought his first land in Goochland in Nov 1735 and then bought more land in 1740. If anything we have to say that he was out of Middlesex based on the records; it would be pure speculation against the records to suppose he had not yet occupied them and was still in Middlesex. And if still in Middlesex, why wouldn't he have registered other children born there? However, to be thorough, he doesn't show up on the tax lists for Goochland - the only one available for this time period is 1736 and the James Daniel on it seems to be located way east in today's Powhattan county or far east in Cumberland (thus indicating it's the other James Daniel whose wife was Elizabeth; they eventually went to Halifax).

Hayden also errs regarding James of Albemarle's wife (he lists her as Elizabeth Woodson, causing so much confusion and flawed genealogies these 100 last years), but after that he still turns out the closest of the old layouts in saying that descendants of James, son of James of Albemarle, moved to Berea (that's right where James' first lands are in western Granville). It is instead Chesley, Josiah, and James who moved there, sons of old James of Albemarle.

And to repeat with great joy: there are DNA tests for both Chesley and Josiah who are cleanly documented sons of James of Albemarle, thus establishing the baseline for this family. In January of 2006 the results for a descendant of James (subject of this article, lived 1747-1820, md. Sally Cocke) were returned, a perfect 37/37 match for Chesley and Josiah, thus confirming the above record evidence!

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