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Costs and $ Help for Testers

There is a general fund to help testers. See below for info on how to get help with the cost of testing.

By joining through the project you get the reduced group rates. The easiest way to see the cost of all the various tests is to go to the bottom of our join page and use the drop down menu. The current yDNA tests cost:

  • 12 markers = $49
  • 25 markers = $124
  • 37 markers = $149
  • 67 markers = $238
  • 111 markers = $339
The mtDNA tests (used for different goals) start at $99.
Our general fund was kicked off with a $75 contribution! It is not targeted to any specific lines, and is to be used in the following amounts:
$5 towards a 12 marker test (~10% off the cost)
$15 towards a 25 marker test (~12% off the cost)
$30 towards a 37 marker test (~20% off the cost)
$25 towards a 67 marker test (~10% off the cost)
Important - In order to receive the further reduced price, you will need to let me know ahead of time so that I can authorize the funds, and then you should order your test by the invoice method (FTDNA then adjusts your invoice to reflect the discount).

The general fund to contribute to the Braddock DNA Project (via FamilyTreeDNA) is here. They hold the funds and I authorize release as instructed by the donors. Please consider helping so that we can get more testers. Any amount is great, they add up and really help the cause. You may target your donation as you wish; be sure to let me know so that I can announce it and also release the funds correctly.

Researchers may also be interested in helping specific testers privately. If you are willing to contribute towards a test representing a specific ancestor, send info along for inclusion here.

Testers representing the following Braddock ancestors are being sought and further $ help is available:

Contact the project administrator for more information

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