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Genealogical DNA testing is a great tool to use in combination with documentation and research. It is proving truly and spectacularly helpful in:

  • breaking through brick walls
  • connecting previously unknown relatives to further their search by collaboration
  • connecting later "lost" lines that migrated to the earlier known lines
  • correcting flaws in old research and clearing up lines
  • putting lines back on the correct path by placing descendants in their true lines
  • solving mysteries that are resistant to documentary evidence
  • eventually connecting with ancestors across continents
  • ...and much more!

The Braddock surname and its variants certainly have their share of the above challenges. Establishing the various lines via DNA takes time but will go a long way toward solving many of them. So, please, jump in and test if you are a male Braddock, or find a tester if you are a descendant and have contact with male Braddocks - let's build up our results to help current and future descendants!

Are you thinking, "But I know my Braddock line, I don't need to test." - There's no denying, you as a Braddock male may know your line well back and not have any research needs of your own. It is for the more distantly removed daughter lines and for lines that are stuck in later records that you would be providing invaluable potential help. For many of us, you may be the only available male that we can link to, thus adding that one more piece of evidence to our documentation. We also need to establish baseline results for the earliest immigrants to separate and distinguish lines for future researchers, helping them avoid "leaping" into the wrong line; representative results from your firm line is critical to this goal!

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