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Here are some known ancestors that we hope to find descendant testers for. Tests from descendants of various sons of each are sought to fully establish the DNA picture of the line, i.e. matching results from two different sons confirm the father. If you have other lines to contribute or if there is a more popular or better understood way to represent these lines, email here.
FYI, this list was first created by finding the earliest known ancestor from the Braddock trees submitted to rootsweb's worldconnect project and from the genforum Braddock message board.

We now have results for:
Willis Braddock b. 1805 of Clarke MS, probably son of John and Nelly Leonard
Ralph Braddock of Chesterfield SC
Stephen Braddock (d. 1850) and Mary Bell of Laurens SC and Tippah MS
Nicholas Braddock (d.1815) and Eleanor Hines of Cambria PA
The above names are now shown with ** in the list below.

The Braddock family of Greene/Washington PA (Francis, John, Raphael)
Albert Leroy Braddock (d.1950) and Molly Pridgen of Laurens GA
Alexander Austin Braddock (d.1935) and Marie A. Cushman of Montgomery MD
Asa H. Braddock and Nancy Seay, Chickasaw MS to Fayette TX
Byron Milton Braddock and Charlotte Adeline Iams of Greene PA
    (?Census suggests this is s/o David G. Braddock s/o Francis Braddock of Greene PA?)
Charles Braddock and Carrie Florence Ransom of Plymouth MA
Dominick Braddock (Braddico, b. 1883 Calabria Italy) and Emilie Catherine Cooper of Letcher KY
Edmund Braddock (d.1914, s/o Job) and Hannah Lippincott of Medford NJ
    (?Seems to be from the line of Robert of Burlington NJ?)
Eli Braddock and Ann Holdgate
Elijah Yost Braddock (d.1918) and Rachel May Egolf of Whitney IN
Francis Braddock (d.1828) and Ann McClure of Laurens SC
George Braddock (d.1866) and Mayflower --- of St. Louis MO
Gerald LaVern Braddock (d.1936) of Johnson NE, md.1 Sarah E. ---, md.2 Edna May ---
Henry Braddock, Scotland to Italy to Colombia South America (1875-1885)
Henry T. Braddock, b.1840 Tangapohia Parish LA to Morehouse Parish LA
James Madison Braddock and Belle King of GA, possible brother Jack
John Braddock (d.1733) and Mary Cutler
John Braddock (d.1774) and Ellen Carrington
John Braddock (d. 1881) and Elizabeth Higginbottom of Adelaide, South Australia
John Braddock and Hannah Fielding of Lancashire, England (parents of the Braddock family of Allegheny PA)
John Braddock and Sarah J. --- of Putnam IL, son Oscar
John Braddock of Fluvanna and Nelson VA
John G.W. Braddock and Lucy Ann Johnson (md.1865) of Glascock GA
John Gray Braddock (d.1918) and Catherine Wells of Whitely IN, parents of Elijah Yost Braddock listed above
Joseph Braddock and Elizabeth --- of Derbyshire, England
Joseph Braddock (d.1872) and Susannah Hutchins of Waldo ME
Joseph Braddock and Catherine Low
Joseph John Braddock (d.1950) and Mary Naomi Goode of TX
Josiah Braddock and Elizabeth Shinn
Lemuel Braddock and Harriet --- of Philadelphia PA (descendants to ND)
Merrill Braddock (d.1957) Otsego NY to Fairfield OH
Michael Braddock (d.1866) and Olive Egelston of Otsego NY
Middleton Braddock (d.1880, s/o Henry) and Mary M. Taylor of PA-OH
**Nicholas Braddock (d.1815) and Eleanor Hines of Cambria PA
Nicholas Braddock of Charles City VA
Noah W. Braddock (d.1924, s/o Moses) and Nancy Earles of Hancock IN
**Ralph Braddock of Chesterfield SC
Relphord E. Braddock (d.1927) and Adaline S. Strickland of Jasper MS
Robert Braddock (d.1714) and Elizabeth Hancock of Burlington, NJ
Samuel Braddock of Camden NJ
Spencer Braddock (d.1945) of Orange FL
**Stephen Braddock (d.1850) and Mary Bell of Laurens SC and Tippah MS
    (natural son of Alexander Adair, adopted by Frances Braddock of Laurens SC)
Stephen Douglas Braddock (d.1931) and Mary Webber of Wayne IL
Thomas Braddock (d.1835) and Ann Reed of Bedford, England
Thomas Braddock (d.1803) of Montgomery MD
Thomas Jefferson Braddock and Rebecca Coffman of TX
U.W. Braddock and Lela E. Horn(e) of Jasper MS
Wiley G. Braddock and Tempe Aetna Cooper, brother John Harrison Braddock
William Braddock and Mary Cathers of Knox OH (descendants to IA)
William Braddock (d.1879) and Ann Turner of Staffordshire, England
William Braddock and Mary Noble of Allegheny PA
William Braddick (d.1951), Devon to Somerset England
William Alford Braddock and Amacy Hobbs of Glascock GA
William B. Braddock (d.1895) and Hanna McLaughlin of New Castle DE
William F. Braddock (d.1910/13) and Martha Ellen Larrick of Warren OH
William Henry Braddock (d.1866) and Samantha Lawton Newcomb of New York NY
**Willis Braddock b. 1805 TN, to LA, to MS Clarke
    (very probably son of John Braddock and Nelly Leonard)

MAJOR QUEST!!! - DNA results from any descendant of this next family would surely put our Braddock DNA Project on the universal map!
James and Elizabeth Braddock (Elizabeth was from Earth-616), the parents of Jamie, Brian, and Betsy. Brian married Meggan (of Otherworld). For more info on this Braddock family see Captain Britain.

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