George Leak (1766-1819)
Margaret Young(?) (1778-1857)

George Leak was born about 1766, probably in Virginia. He was the son of William Leak and Providence, whose maiden name was probably Bryant. George was married to Margaret, who was most likely a Young. I have not found primary source proof, but the evidence in later records suggests it. As well, Barbara Ellen Tucker Harrell in her book The McAfee Family et al states she was Margaret Young. Ms. Harrell doesn't give a source, but much of her book is based on personal family records.

George's brother, James, claimed on his pension application that he was born in Culpeper county Virginia in February 1765. The Culpeper land and estate records do not show any Leak families there close to these times (there are a few there much, much later), but the family might not have stayed long enough to get on the records. The later tax records show James' birth year to be actually by 1763.

William and Providence eventually moved to Caswell county North Carolina. They were there by 1777 when William Senior and his son William Junior are shown on the tax lists of the Richmond district (the northeast quarter of the county) for that year. In the court minutes of 10 September 1777 an order was recorded for a jury to view, lay out a road and make a report to the next court. The road was described as running from Hart's road beginning near Edward Stringers to Dix's road near William Graghams. Among the members of the jury was a Leak, but his first name is illegible. As William and his family are the only Leaks in the area, it seems reasonable that this is the same family.

The Leak family settled on Rattlesnake Creek and Moons Creek as shown by the land entry (21 July 1778) and subsequent state grant (17 December 1779) of 640 acres to William Leak. Their neighbors were the Carmons, Montgomerys, and Harrisons. William Leak also bought another 230 acres on Moons Creek in 1779.

George Leak's brother, William Junior married Martha Simmons in Caswell county on 24 March 1782. William Senior sold his land, the 640 acres in 1782, and the 230 acres in March of 1790. The tax records of Caswell are spotty, but William Senior appears with others of his sons, James (in 1784 only which makes his birth by 1763), William Junior (1784 and 1786) and Bryant (first appears in 1786, fixing his birth year at 1765). The 1786 entry for William Senior shows 1 male 21 to 60 (William), 3 males under 21 or over 60 (George aged 20, and Jeremiah aged about 13, and possibly another son who died). There are 2 females which would be George's mother Providence and his sister, also named Providence. None in the family is listed with any slaves. The 1784 list names them still in the Richmond district, but in 1786 they are listed in the Caswell district, the northwest quarter of the county. By then they had sold the Rattlesnake Creek land which was east in the Richmond district, and the 230 acres on Moon Creek is a ways west in the Caswell district. The map below is the the USGS GNS Map Service and Tiger Maps and shows the area where the Leaks lived and where George Leak spent his teenage years.

By the time of the 1790 census the Leak family had moved to South Carolina, settling in Laurens county. Not enough neighbors on the census are identifiable in the land grant maps, but based on neighbor Bartholomew Craddock, it may be that the Leaks were first located close to route 53 where it runs between highway 276 and 308, some 4 or 5 miles northeast of Laurens (this area located in the southeast corner of map 13 and the northwest corner of map 12 in the land grant map book, discussed shortly). It doesn't seem that George has married yet, so he is likely one of the 3 males over 16 listed in the household of William Leak, along with father William and brother Bryant. Their youngest brother Jeremiah is under 16 and there are 2 women, Providence the mother and probably Providence the daughter.

Based on the later census ages of their first two daughters, George Leak and Margaret Young were married not long after 1794. However, there are no marriage records available. George Leak first appears in Laurens county records when he and his brother Bryant bought 100 acres from David and Massey Burns. The deed was written on 17 January 1792, but not recorded until 29 March 1795. The initial payment was £100 and the land was described as on Duncans Creek, originally granted to Patrick Cunningham (21 April 1775) which had then been conveyed to James and Samuel Saxon and then to David Burns. The witnesses to the deed were Robert Oliphant and James S. Underwood. Just two and a half weeks before the Saxons had sold other land, naming George Leak as a neighbor. This land was described as being on the North Fork of the Bush River, originally granted to James Doherty. George Leak's land can be identified using map #12 from the Union County Historical Foundation's Land Grant Maps, a segment shown below. This land is today would be described as southeast of Clinton, with Sunset Boulevard (route 482) running along the southern part. The creeks on the land grant map are still marked on modern maps of Clinton and Laurens county.

The Union County Historical Foundation produced one of the most unbelievably valuable resources for research in a large area of SC. The creators plotted original grants and added other names of later land owners as they determined them. Fortunately, it was reprinted in 1995 and can be purchased for $40 at: Union County Historical Foundation, P.O. Drawer 220, Union County, South Carolina 29379
Other resources of theirs are available here at their pages.

George Leak is again named as a neighbor in a deed (Book F, page 43) of 11 March 1795, recorded 28 July 1795, between Samuel and James Saxon to Thomas Roberts. Other neighbors are McClintock, Anderson, Ainsworth Middleton (also on the map above, on the far east), with the original grantee named as James Doherty.

Five years after George and Bryant Leak had bought their 100 acres, George and Margaret Leak sold part of it to John Sims. This deed was executed on 31 January 1797 and recorded on 27 March 1803 in Book G, page 599. The land is described as part (the acreage is not clear) of the 100 acre grant on Duncans Creek granted to Patrick Cunningham and conveyed to James and Samuel Saxon, then to David Burns, then to George and Bryan (sic) Leak. The witness were Wiley (?) Roberts, Robert Young, and Ann Young. Although there are no further records of George purchasing land, he must have because there are estate records dealing with another 120 acres.

On Monday 17 March 1800 George Leek was drawn from the tax list to serve on the common plea jury. Then the family of George Leek is shown on the 1800 census of Laurens county in Captain Golagly's company and very near his father and brothers. There is one male aged 26 to 45, one female aged 16 to 26, and two females under 10. These are George (34), Margaret (about 22), Anna and Jane. Based on later documents, Anna was of diminished capacity and lived with her family all her life, with provisions being made for her care by her father in his will. Their first son Samuel was born later in the year.

When Joshua Sutherland died, George and his brother Jeremiah Leake were appointed appraisers and returned their report to the court on 1 August 1801. George and Margaret's son William was born about 1803-1804 and son James was born sometime between 1806 and 1810.

The records are quiet for the next decade. The 1810 census shows George Leake with:
1 male 26-45 (George 43)
1 female (Margaret 31)
1 female 10-16 (Anna about 15)
1 male 10-16 (Samuel only barely 10, if that)
1 female under 10 (Jane "Jinna" about 11)
2 males under 10 (William about 6, James about 3)
There are 4 slaves listed with the family
The ages are a bit off in this census, in 1820 Anna, Samuel, Jane and William will be referred to as minors over 14. As Anna was incompetent she might be included in this group, but Jane was born before Samuel (see the 1800 census listing), so they are mislabeled here.

Then on 12 November 1810 George Leek was drawn as a juror for the next term, although he was not empaneled. He was a purchaser at the estate sale of Crafford Lewis on 15 October 1811. When Samuel Young sold land on 21 December 1811 (Book K, page 189), the plat for the deed shows neighbors James and Ann Young, George Lea, and L. Young. The witnesses were Abner Young and Rechab (possibly Rebecca, Abner Young's wife) Young, with Nelly (Ellender) Young relinquishing her dower rights. Because of the close association of Young names and the location of the land, I feel certain the George "Lea" is actually George Leak. Sometime between 1810 and 1815 Margaret (Peggy) was born to George and Margaret. Around 1815 their next daughter Malinda was born.

George Leek appears again as an appraiser, along with John Copeland and Matthew Hunter, of the personal estate of Sarah Hardin in a report filed on 6 January of 1816. At the estate sale which was reported on 14 January 1816 Margaret Leek was a purchaser (as well as Jno. and Abner Young). A month later George Leek is one of the witnesses to the will of Charles Hewit. There is only one date and it is hard to tell, but it looks like the will was written on 22 February 1816 and recorded very shortly thereafter (Book D1, pate 263). The Bush River is mentioned, which is where George and Margaret Leak were located and the other witnesses were William Dunlap and Samuel Barksdill. A few days after (27 February 1816), the sale bill of the estate of George Wolf was returned, naming among the purchasers George Leek and Jerh (sic) Leek.

William Leake Senior, the father of George Leak died early in 1816, the citation to have the will proven was dated 23 March 1816. The will was dated 7 January 1807 and does not name all the children, only Samuel Leak as an heir and executor along with William's wife Providence. The estate is in Package 2, Box 43 of Laurens county estates. On a bill of sale of 16 April 1816 some of the purchasers were Armistead Leek, Salley Leak, George Leake, and Samuel Leake (also the executor). George bought "Black Smiths tools" for 20 dollars, a coffee mill for 81 and a quarter cents, a "Lot of Vials" for 64 cents. On the inventory, this last is listed as 8 vials & ---(?).

George Leek is again a purchaser at a sale of goods a chattels of James Cook. This bill looks to have been returned sometime in late October 1816. The next year George and Margaret's last child was born, Elzire. From an early transcription of her gravestone her birthdate is given as 26 January 1817. The stone has been destroyed and I don't know the source of that information, but the year is in line with census data.

George Leak, Thomas McCrary, and Richard Holland are mentioned on a plat to Charity Little, Book 44 p. 416, for 20.75 acres on Miller's Fork, dated 14 July 1817 (they are no doubt bounding neighbors, but I haven't actually seen the plat or grant). On 3 August 1819 William Copeland sold land to Claybourn Vaughan on the North Fork of the Bush River, bounding Ainsworth Middleton, William Saxon, and George Leek. These are the same neighbors mentioned along with George Leak in previous deeds.

On 23 October 1819 George Leek wrote his will. He died 6 days later on the 29th and is buried in the Holland-Leak-Adair burying ground in Laurens county on the north side of highway 76 about 2 miles east of Clinton. George's will follows:

I George Leek of the District and State aforesaid, being weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding, do make and ordain this my last will and testament as follows. First, I give and bequeath and devise to my beloved wife Margaret, during her widow-hood all my estate, both real and personal, intrust for the support and maintanance and educate my children out of the profits thereof. And to pay out of the profits to my children Samuel, Jenny, William, James, Margret, Milelends, and Alzira, seven hundred each of the arrives to the age of twenty one years or marriage. Secondly, it is my will and desire that my Anne shall be supported out of the profits of my estate during her mothers widowhood. Thirdly, should my wife marry again, it is my will and desire that all my estate both real and personal be appraised and one third part thereof be assigned to my wife during her natural life. And after her death the same to be equally divided between my children, who shall survive there mother and the child or children of any of my children, who may die during the life of there mother, the child or children of any decd. child to have the parents would be inteiled, had he or she survived my wife. Fourthly, I authorize and direct my executors to sell the remaining two third of my estate, real and personal, on a credit of twelve months, and out of the money arising from said sale. I give and bequeath unto Jermiah Leek, Samuel Young, and Abner Young, fifteen hundred dollars intrust for them or the survivors of them to put the said fifteen hundred dollars and to apply the interest there from for the support and maintainance of my daughter Anna, during her natural life. And after her death to be equally divided between her brothers and sisters, share and share that is the said fifteen hundred is to be so divided and the balance of the said two thirds of my estate after paying the legacees herein before given to Samuel, Jinna, William, James, Margret, Millinda, And Alzira to be equally divided between my said children. And it is my will and desire that my executors do put out to intrest the Shea to which any of my said children may be intitled during their minarrity to apply the intrust for there support and education. Should it be necessary and pay them the principal as they or either of them marries or arrives at the age of twenty one years, but should my wife die unmarried, it is my will and desire on her death that my executors shall sell a sufficant part of my property to raise the said sum of fifteen hundred to be placed in the hands of my said friend Jeromiah Leek, Samuel Young, and Abner for the support of my daughter Anna afoursaid to divide the balance of my said estate real and personal between my children, Samuel, Jinna, William, James, Margret, Millina, and Alzira, deducting the legacery heretofore given. Should the same have been paid to either of the legatees. Lastly I nominate, constitute, and appoint Jeromiah Leek, Samuel YOung, and Abner Young executors of this my last will and testament. Hereby revoking all former wills and ratifying confirming this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 23rd day of October, 1819. Signed and acknowledged by the testator in our presence and subscribed by us in the presence of the testator and each other.

George Leek signed his will by mark and the witnesses were Theris Idell, Thomas Fullton, Mathew Hunter. It was recorded in Laurens Will Book E, page 61.

In order to trace the next many years chronologically, I will be using data from various Laurens (and Washington district) Equity and Estate records, but have ordered them by date rather than by source; the full listing of sources is at the end of this article.

George's estate is in Box 43 Package 5 of Laurens Estates. The executors filed a citation to have the will proved on the first Monday in January (1820). It was actually proved on 7 February 1820, and on that day a warrant was issued to William Dunlop, Jesse Johnston, Joseph Young, and Coleman Carline to appraise the estate. This was changed for some reason and on 25 February 1820 there is a memorandum from the appraisers William Dunlop, Jesse Johnston, and Mathew Hunter. On 25 February 1820 the appraisement bill was returned by Abner Young and listed the following:

3 head of horses $160 - 23 do [ditto] hogs $62 - 8 head of Sheep $16 238.00
22 head of Cattle 110, Black Smiths tools 10 120.00
6 hoes $2 2 plows $2.50 2 Iron ?wiges 1 matock 1 ax $2.50 7.00
1 waggon and Harness 80.00
2 -aw Lids $3 a Sith and Cradel $3 - 2 meal bags an ax & hand Saw 7.50
2 wheels a pair of Swifts & 1 pair of Cards $3.50 a Loom & Tacklings $15 18.50
1 wheel & pair of Cards $2.50 pots ovens Ladles & -ack $11.50 2 pails a tub $2 Cherms [not really churns] .75 11.75
a pine table $1 12 barrels $6 - 6 jugs Coffe mill hamer and Coffe pot $3.50 10.50
dryed fruit a Riddle(?) & pair of Hilyards $1.75 flower Suppored(?) $7 8.75
a barrel of Stone Lime $2 for -- Suppore 1450 $87 2 bushels pear $1.50 90.50
Lard 40 wt $5.00 16 wt Soap fat $1 - 2 Bu Limes $2 8.00
7 wind--- [called Windsor later] chairs $14 - 8 old chairs $4.00 a wheel a lai- Card & Reel $6 24.00
a Cupboard & furniture $9 a walnut table & Cooking ware $6 15.00
a Small table & Lot of Books $3 a Candle Stand Cannister of Cakes $2.50 5.50
a walnut Chest $8 a bed Stead and furniture $35 43.00
bed Stead & furniture $25 a small a small do [ditto] $10 a Short posted Dito $35 60.00
a Long posted Dito #30 a Short posted Dito $24 54.00
3 notted Sheets $10 10 Quilts $30 4 Coverlids $12 3 Sheets $2 54.00
Suppose 150 wt picked Cottin $18.75 a Saddle & bridle $7 25.75
a flax wheel Leather & Iron $2.50 a --- Saddle & Blancit $6.50 9.00
an old chest $1.50 5 bushels wheat $3.75 5.25
Negros viz 1 girl Buk [probably Beck] $375 Ditto Eliza $275 650.00
negro Man Lew $700 Ditto Anna & Childring Rose & Matilda $700 1400.00
Ditto boy Frank $600 and S--kis [not quite Sukey's, but in later documents it is] Childring mary & daniel $1000 1600.00
Corn 73 Barrils at 2 dollars per barril 146.00
fodder 50 cents per hundred - 5000 wt 25.00
Iron 9 Centes pr lb - 11 1.00
2 par forets (?) 1.00
30 fouts (?) 3.75
8 Basket - Taylors 3.00
one par of ?? ?? and 1 ?? 1.25
Bill signed by Matthew Hunter

At this time the Washington Equity District included Greenville, Laurens, and Newberry counties. The following bills were found in the 1820 files, labeled GF335 No. 10.

[cover] 1820 No. 10. Abner Young Executor of George Leak decd vs Margarett Leak (widow) & Anna Leak, Samuel Leak, Jane Leak, William Leak, James Leak, Margarett Leak, Malinda Leak & Alzira Leak (minors) of George Leak decd by their guardian } Bill
[cover has names, Filed Feby 21 1820 with Exhibit A. Called Bill of Discovery & execution of titles to land.
South Carolina Washington District} To the Honorable the judges of the Court of Equity in the said State
Humbly complaining your orator Abner Young of the District & State aforesaid executor of the last will and Testament of George Leek late of Laurens District Sheweth that the said George Leek on or about the fourth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & eighteen Bargained & sold to James Leek in writing a certain tract of land containing one hundred & twenty acres more or less bounded on George Leek by the Creek as one line, thence on Saml Youngs and Abner on the other sides for which the said James Leek paid him one dollar in hand to close the bargain and was to pay the said George Leek one thousand dollars for said Land one half was paid on the twenty fifth day of December Eighteen hundred & nineteen and the other half on the twenty fifth day of December eighteen hundred twenty as will more fully appear by a Copy of said agreement herewith exhibited marked A.
Your orator further sheweth that the said George Leek some time in the month of October Eighteen hundred & nineteen departed this life having duly made his last will & Testament and appointed your orator, Jerry Leek & Samuel Young executors thereof, which said Will your orator caused to be proven in the Court of Ordinary ?for-?aining [sic?] and alone took upon himself the burthen of the execution thereof.
Your orator further sheweth that the said George Leek departed this life before he had executed titles for the said tract of land to the said James Leek and without authorising his executors to make said titles leaving widow Margaret Leek & Eight children all minors four of whom are above the age of fourteen years to wit Anna Samuel Jane & William & four under the age of fourteen to wit James Margaret Malinda & Alzira.
Your orator further sheweth that the said James Leek is unwilling to make payment for the said Land untill a title is made to him for the same and in consequence of the minority of the said children a title cannot be made to the said James Leek for the said tract of Land without the Decree of this Honorable Court authorising & directing a title to be made by the guardian of the said minor children.
To the end therefore that the said Margaret ["and the said" crossed out] Leek the widow and the said Anna Leek Samuel Leek Jane Leek William Leek James Leek Margaret Leek Malinda Leek & Alzira by the guardian when appointed may be compelled full true & perfect answer to make to all & singular the matters & things known before set forth as fully & particularly as if the same were herein again repeated by way of interogatories and that the said Margaret Leek the widow and the sad Anna Samuel Jane William James Margaret Melinda & Alzira the minor children of the said George Leek by their guardian may be ordered & decreed to make and execute titles to the said James Leek for the said tract of land pursuant to said Agreement and that your orator may have such other & further relief in the premises as to your Honors shall seem meet. May it please your Honors to grant unto your orator the writ of Subpana [sic] of this Honorable Court to be directed to the said Margaret Leek the widow and the guardian for the said minor children when appointed requiring them & each of them to be and appear in this Honorable [?"court"] on a certain day herein to be appointed: and full true & perfect answers to make to all & singular the matters & things herein set forth and further to stand to abide by & perform such order and decree in the premises as to your Honors shall seem meet & your orator will ever pray.
Comp. [??Att?]
Filed 21 Feb 1820 with Exhibit A.

The next document in this file is:
South Carolina Washington District} In Equity -
The answers of Margaret Leak one of the Defendants to the Bill of Complaint of Abner Young Executor of George Leak deceased complainant - This Defendant for answer to the said Bill of Complaint or so much thereof as she is advised is material or necessary for her to make answer unto, answering, says she admits that George Leak sold to James Leak the Tract of Land as stated in said Bill & that she believes the Exhibit marked A to be a true copy of the agreement between the said George Leak & James respecting said Land. She admits that George Leak made his last will & Testament and appointed complainant Jeremiah Leak & Samuel Young Executors and died about the time stated; that the complainant since his death hath alone qualified as Executor of the said will. She admits that George Leak died before he had executed titles to the said land and without authorising his Executors to make the said titles leaving this Defendant his widow & eight Children all minors four of whom are above the age of fourteen to wit Anna Samuel Jane & William and four under the age of fourteen to wit James Margaret Melinda & Alzira. She admits that James Leak is unwilling to pay for said land untill a title is made to him for the same & states that she is willing and hath always been willing on her part ot execute a title for her interest in the said Land - and prays to be hence dismissed with reasonable costs.
Farrow Defts Att
Margarett [X] Leek
Sworn to before me this 21st of Feby 1820 Richardon [not Richardson]
[below is] C E W Dix

[And lastly in this file:]
South Carolina Washington District]
In Equity
Tha answer of Anna Leak Samuel Leak James Leak William Leak James Leak Margaret Leak Malinda Leak & Alzira Leak minor children of George Leak deceased by their Guardian Margaret Leek - Defendants in the Bill of Complaint of Abner Young Executor of George Leak deceased Complainant. These Defendants by Margaret Leek their Guardian for answers unto the said Bil say that they admit the facts stated in the Bill to be true; but in consequence of their tender age are incapable of Judging of their rights & interest respecting the same & submit the same to the decision of this Honorable Court and pray to be hence dismissed with reasonable costs.
Margarett [x] Leek
Sworn to before me this 21st of Feby 1820
Richaron Ck W Dist [= Clk Washington District]

These bills help date the ages of the Leak children (four were minors over 14 in 1820 and 4 were under 14). The 1820 census does not show a Margaret Leak family. However there is a Polley Leak that I cannot identify who certainly has the correct daughters to fit, but the sons cannot be accounted for accurately. This Polley Leak (p. 25 of the census) family shows (with possible identifications):
1 female 26-45 (Margaret 41)
2 females 16-26 (Anna about 25, Jane about 21)
1 male 16-26 (Samuel about 20 or William about 16)
2 males under 10 (should be William actually about 16, James about 13)
3 females under 10 (Margaret, Malinda, and Elzire about 2)

During this time accounts were being handled on the Leak estate. On 5 February 1821 Abner Young filed that accounts had been paid to the probates (i.e. estates) of James Hutcheson, Mary Johnson, Doctor Daniel Long, and William Wright, as well as to the tax of John Litch, and to Abner Rodgers for Carrage Cottered [?Cottinal in later document]. Other monies were paid to: Turner Ritcheson, John Hitch, Jess Johnson, Robert Criswell, Samuel Young, H. Davis, Saml Copland, Jane Middleton, James Boyd, James Hutchison, John Dunlap, David Mayrons, Robt Long, Mathew Hunter, Abner Young, James Leek, Thomas Jones, Ann Young, John Hitch, -- Wright, Daniel Long, Mary Johnson, Abner Rodgers, John Copland, Thomas Leek. Monies had been also received of James Leek, part of the land transaction described above. The 3rd page of this bill was filed 7 Nov 1822.

On 7 January 1822 Margaret Leek filed a petition to have Abner Young (executor) appear with accounts and Abner Young accepted.

On 8 June 1822 Margaret Leak "for love, consideration and $5" sold "all that shall arise from estate after her death" to her children: Anna, Samuel, Jane, William, James, Peggy, Linda, Elizira. If she should marry, the above "not to be at the disposal or subject to the control, debts, forfeitures or engagements" of her husband. The witnesses were Samuel Young and Samuel Leak. Later that year, on 16 December 1822 a statement was filed by Abner Young that Margaret Leek had married Edward Hooker. There was a petition to sell the estate and give 1/3 to her.

Then on 6 January 1823 a settlement was filed. The estate was valued at $5622.43 and the widow's 1/3 part was $1874.14. The inventory and appraisal were done by Robert Criswell, Fedrick Foster and Wm Dunlap. A plat where the widow lives was annexed [but is no longer there] and made by Wm Dunlap. Margaret Leak Hooker's one third was listed as [much is hard for me to read]:
1 tract of land containing seventy three acres
1 wagon -- --, 1 girl Book [probably Beck], 1 girl Anny
1 large -- Cow, 1 ?red --ded cow, white speckled cow
1 big Heifer white and --
1 Sorrell Mare, stock of Hoggs
1 Bed, bedstead & furniture, [2 more of same description], 1 small bed
7 Bed quilts, 3 Knotted C--tispains
1 Large Walnut Chest, cubbord, 7 Windsor chairs
8 old chairs & ?frames, Walnut Table, Loom & Harness
1 Spinning Wheel, Side Saddle, 1 oven & Lid, Spades(?) & --
2 pair fire --, 2 plow Stocke & plows, 3 Hoes, 2 Axes
Washing Tubb & pail, 1 Matlock, 1 Iron Wige(?)
-- --, Sythes & cradle, plow Hoe

There are three pages of more accounting and monies paid, but they are just too hard to read on my copies. Then an inventory and sale bill follow [I will be working on transcribing these soon]. The slaves named are Sukey, Daniel, Mary, Becky, Eliza, Jenny and young child, Nora and Tilda, Lew, and Frank. There are three tracts of land for 104, 73, and 73 acres listed. The sale was held on the 9th and 10th of January 1823 and the purchasers were: Saml Young, Robt Criswell, James Bardoe, Fedrick Foster, Margret Leeke, Jas Lipps, Margret Hooker, Wm Copeland, Chas Littel, James Luke Jr., Jos Young Jr. Armisted Leek, Wm Brown, John Davis, E. Teague, Jos Young Sr, Saml Leek. Margaret Leak Hooker bought a cow, 3 bridals, 1 cutting knife, 1 little wheel, 3 or 4 large wheels, 1 Reel, 1 large pot, 1 piggin and fare, 2 piggins, 1 Lot pots, Skillets and Sundrys, 2 churns, 1 side saddle, 1 pot sack, 2 barrils, tray and Settee, 1 table, 1 Smouthing [sic] Iron, 1 clock, 1 Lot Crockryware, another 1 Lot Crockeryware, 1 Coffee pot and Decanter, 1 Large Chair, 1 Looking glass, pictures, Chist [sic] and table, Large Bible and Books, fodder, Corn The balance was sold on 2 May 1823 to Margret Hooker and included a Saw, augur & drawing knife, 1 lot of Iron, 1 Lot table cloths and Sundrys, 1 Lot of Swifts and Riddle, 2 Meal Bags, 2 jugs, 1 keg, 4 barrels.

On 13 March 1824 there are accounts paid and other dealings with: John Young, David Mason, Wm Kincaid, Doct Daniel Long, Doct Jno Davis, Jno Dunlap, James Boyd, Gil? Holland, Saml Barksdale, Wm Gamble, Abner Rodgers, Wm Graham, Saml Young, Jno Hill, Robt McClintock. by Wm Dunlap, Saml Young, Robert Criswell.

Next are accounts for the support of the children and settlement with them as they marry or come of age. On 10 January 1825 $165.50 was paid to Margaret Hooker for the support and education of James, Margret, Malinda, Alzira, Anna. On 11 Jan 1825 Samuel received his share of the estate suggesting he had turned 21. William Brown received a settlement in right of his wife Jane daughter of George Leek, and $184.015 was paid to Margaret Hooker for the support and education of Anna, James, Malinda, Alzira, Margret. On 10 Jan 1826 $147.76 was paid to Margaret Hooker for the support and education of Margret, Malinda, Alzira, Anna. There is no indication that James has received a settlement and his share is later distributed to other children, so he must have died in the previous year.

On 1 January 1827 William Leek received his distribution of his brother's James share, so he has come of age. Margret Hooker was paid for the children Anna, Margret, Mallinda, Alzira, and also there was paid to Margret for daughter Anna's distribution of her brother James' share. The Laurens Court of Equity Minute Book shows that in June of 1827 an ex parte petition was presented by Margaret Leek et al. Mr. Young (i.e. Abner, the executor) presented the petition of Margaret Leek & Melinda Leek & Alzira Leek that Margaret Hooker may be appointed their Guardian. It was granted and ordered. The 1829 census of South Carolina for Laurens county still exists, Leak relatives are included, but I neglected to check it for the Hooker name.

More estate papers show that Margaret continued to receive payments for the children Anna, Margret, Malinda, and Alzire through 1832. The 1830 census shows Margaret Hooker as follows (the girls' ages are all listed as younger than they really are):
1 female 50-60 (Margaret 51)
1 female 20-30 (Anna about 31)
1 female 15-20 (Margaret)
2 females 5-10 (Malinda about 15, Elzire about 13)

Of the remaining sons Samuel Leak had married Elizabeth Cobb and they had gone to Arkansas. William had married Eliza M. Gunnels and gone to Georgia. About 1833 Malinda married Middleton W. Cobb (she died shortly after in 1835). Margaret also married a Cobb. Elzire married Adam Braddock by about 1834.

Abner Young died by 2 September 1833, after serving as executor to George Leak's estate for 14 years. In Abner's estate Margret Hooker is listed as having a note due on 25 December 1834.

Finally in the estate package of George Leak is an undated petition to the court that says that George Leek died about 10 years before. The petition is ex parte by William Brown, regarding the trust to take care of Polly Ann, who is "of weak mind and incompetent to the judicious management of her own business". It states that, of the original trustees, Abner Young has died, that Samuel Young is absent from the state and will not return, and that Jeremiah Leek has never acted. It further asks to cite Jeremiah Leek to appear and act "or remove his appointment". Jeremiah Leek responded on 9 July 1834 saying he was not willing or desirous to act, and renounced and relinquished his rights to qualify and act as trustee or executor.

In 1840 I believe Margaret Hooker is with her daughter Anna and they are living in the household of her other daughter Elzire and her husband Adam Braddock. There are also some other older girls in the household, they may be daughters of Margaret by her second husband Edwin Hooker, but I'm not sure.

Adam Braddock, son-in-law to Margaret Leak Hooker, and his family moved to Tippah county Mississippi by 1845. He is shown on a state census then with 4 males and 4 females. He only had two daughters at that time along with his wife Elzire, so the 4th female may be Margaret Hooker. Anna may have remained in South Carolina, perhaps with her sister Jane Brown, or she may have died by this time. It is certain that Margaret Hooker did go to Tippah and she is shown living with Adam and Elzire and their children in the 1850 census. Margaret Hooker is listed as 71 years of age and born in South Carolina. The slave schedules show Adam Braddock with slaves, but they are later identified in the estate of Margaret Hooker as belonging to her. In the 1850 schedule they are listed as 1 black female age 39, 1 black female age 35, 1 black female age 11, 1 male mulatto age 9, 1 male mulatto age 2, 1 male mulatto age 9 months. These will later be shown to be Rebecca, Nani, Susan, Sambo, Daniel, and Seth. I believe that Rebecca and Nani are undoubtedly the slaves Margaret Hooker bought from the estate of George Leak (called Beck and Anny in those papers).

Margaret Leak Hooker died in Tippah county Mississippi. The administrator of her estate was her son-in-law Adam Braddock, appointed on 19 May 1857. There are many court fees paid by Adam Braddock on this estate from then until 20 September 1860. The appraisers were William H. Elliott, John D. Jones, and Thomas B. Wilson. The papers about her estate are located at the Tippah County Library. They are also filmed but very difficult to read.

The earliest document was filed 19 October 1857 and is a petition for the sale of slaves. They are named as Rebecca, a woman aged about 48 years, Nani near the same age, Susan aged about 19 years, her child about 18 months named Old Jack, Sambo about 16, Daniel 9 years, Seth about 7 years. These are a perfect match for the slaves listed by Adam Braddock in the 1850 census. This petition says Margaret Hooker left three heirs, Elzara wife of the petitioner, Samuel Leak residing in Arkansas, William Leak now of lawful age residing in Georgia. It also names Harriett, Ann, and "four other nieces and children" of William Leak, deceased, all residing in Georgia.

The return on the sale of the slaves was filed on 17 April 1858. Sambo was sold for $1330.00 to M. Blake, Daniel for $700 to Isaac Cox, Seth for $535 to W. C. Carter. Eliza [Elzire] Braddock bought Susan and her child Jack for $1315.00, Nan for $500, and Beck for $100. Reported with this same sale were some personal property sold: a carryall for $10 to W. A. Gray, a gray horse for $20 to W. A. Hill, and 2 beds to Eliza [Elzire] Braddock for $13.75.

An account settlement was filed on 10 June 1859, with monies paid to M. Blake, Isaac Cox, A. -. Gray, and Elzira Braddock. Margaret's coffin was also paid for, for $5.00. In the final account given by Adam Braddock, monies were paid to Isaac Cox, William Blake, J. Hill, and Elzira Braddock. Distributions were also made to Samuel Leak of Arkansas, Elzira Braddock of Tippah, William, Harriet, and Ann Leak of Georgia, "of lawful age", and children of William Leak in Georgia.

No grave has been found for Margaret Leak Hooker in Tippah. Her daughter Elzira Braddock and her husband Adam Braddock later moved to Texas.

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