William S. Coy (1820 - 1869)
Virginia Susan Goode (1830 - 1892)

William S. Coy was born 2 December 1820 in Trigg County Kentucky, the son of William Coy Sr. and his second wife Abigail Sutton. Virginia Susan Goode was born 28 June 1829, also in Trigg, the daughter of Benjamin Morton Goode and Nancy Daniel. Her tombstone says she was born 18 June 1830, but a much earlier listing (possibly in the 1850s) of family births gives the 1829 date. The later was given by her daughter in 1892 and is more likely in error.

William's father, William Coy Sr., had come in 1817 to what was then Christian County from Hardin County. On 21 August 1817 he bought from James and Rachel Cannon 167 acres on Muddy Fork of Little River. Census, land deeds and tax records variously show this land as being in Caldwell and Trigg counties. The border between them was not well established until the 1830s. This 167 acres is conveyed and reconveyed several times and reveals quite a bit of history about the family.

William Coy Sr.'s first wife was Milley. They had a son William born in 1792 and Milley had died by 1810. Abigail Sutton had married Alexander Brown in 1814 in Washington County Kentucky, but he died in 1818. Alexander and Abigail had 2 children, unidentified as of this writing. However, Abigail's father was William Sutton, so it was not unusual that she should want to name a son William as well. Old William was still settling affairs in Hardin county in 1818 and at some point during his travel back and forth he must have met the young widow Abigail Sutton Brown. They were married in Nelson County Kentucky, the marriage bond is dated 26 February 1820. Old William was about 60 years old and Abigail was about 26. Their first child was William S. Coy, the second son named William in the family.

The 1820 census of Caldwell County shows the family of William Coy (1 male over 45, 3 males 16-25 one of whom is 16-18, 2 males 10-15, 1 female 16-25 (who is either Abigail in the wrong column or possibly the wife of one of the sons). If that is not Abigail she was possibly still moving down to Trigg, or perhaps stayed in Washington for the birth of their first child and the census information was given by other family members.

William Coy Sr. conveyed all his land and possessions to his elder son William in 1820, about 6 months after he had married Abigail. One year later he bought it back. Then shortly before he died William Coy Sr. conveyed this same land to his second son William:

Trigg County Deed Book G p. 182 - William Coy Sr to William Coy Jr son of said William Coy Sr., written 6 December 1837, recorded 15 July 1839, for natural love and affection and $1.00, 167 acres on Muddy Fork Little River, "containing 167a - out of which number of acres said William Coy Sr. has sold a piece to William Coy his eldest son who lives at this time upon said piece of grounds which contains 35 acres which has not yet been conveyed to him, but is hereby reserved and is not to pass by this deed but is to be taken from the whole tract of 167a", bounds west bank Muddy Fork, Goodwin's corner,..."containing as aforesaid 167 acres out of which the aforesaid thirtyfive acres sold by said William Coy Senr to his son William, the eldest son of his of that name, he now having living two sons both named William. To the youngest of them this deed is intended to be made"...."But this deed is made with this express proviso - that the said William Coy Jr. is not by himself or agent to take possession of said tract of land or any part thereof or to exercise any act of ownership whatsoever over the same until after the death of said William Coy Senr, unless by and with his especial consent and permission - the said William Senr hereby reserving until his death all the rights & authority of owner of said land - this being merely a voluntary deed of gift from father to son." William Coy Senr (his mark and seal). Witnesses: John F. Kenady, John Ashby

Before six months had passed, William Coy Sr. had died; William S. Coy came into court to name his guardian:

Trigg County Court Order Book B p. 431 Monday 11 June 1838 William Coy Jr. infant son of William Coy Senr deceased, being over fourteen years of age came into Court and with leave thereof made choice of William F. Smith as his Guardian, who is accordingly appointed as such, whereupon the said William F. Smith together with Moses Thompson his security entered into and acknowledged a Guardians bond in the penalty of one hundred dollars conditioned according to law.
I have not found what happened to Abigail Sutton Brown Coy, mother of William Jr., two Coy daughters, and Daniel (her youngest child with William Coy Sr.). There are no marriage records in Trigg for her and she does not appear in the tax lists or census records.

The Poll Book of Cadiz precinct shows William Coy (and his older half-brother Benjamin) voting for a Senator and a lower house representative in an election which was reported on 3 August 1842. William S. Coy appears for the first time in the Trigg County Tax Lists of 1843 (reporting for 1842) with 137 acres on Muddy Fork valued at $685, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare valued at $65, and a total valuation of $750. On 20 March 1843 William Coy Jr sold to John R. Jones, for $400, 167 acres on Muddy Fork Little River, "out of which William Coy Senr sold 35 acres to his eldest son Wm Coy," the land description being the same as the deed where he had received the land from his father.

In 1844 Wm. S. Coy is listed in the tax lists with no land, 1 white male over 21, a horse or mare valued at $60, and a total valuation of $60. He does not appear in the 1845-1847 lists. Then in 1847 W.S. Coy repurchased the 167 acres from J.R. Jones (Book J p. 530). On the 1848 tax list (for 1847) he is listed as having "1 voter", 1 acre on Muddy Fork for $150, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare for $50, and a total valuation of $180.

William S. Coy and Virginia Susan Goode were married on 5 January 1848 in Trigg County. J. F. White solemnized the marriage according to law and returned the certificate on 6 January 1848 (#1178). William was 27 years old and Virginia was 18. Virginia is listed as Susan V. Goode on the certificate. The 1849 tax lists show Wm. S. Coy with 1 acre on Muddy Fork valued at $150, 1 white male over 21, 3 horses or mares valued at $80, and 1 store valued at $150, with a total valuation of $380. Also in 1849 W. S. Coy bought a wagon and some horses from John Good, likely the brother of Virginia Susan Goode Coy. The tax returns of 1850 (for 1849) show Wm. S. Coy in District 1 with 1 qualified voter, 1 acre on Muddy Fork ($150), 1 white male over 21, 3 horses and mares ($80), 1 store ($150), and a total valuation of $380. Late in 1849 Martha V. Coy, William and Virginia's first child, was born. The family is listed in the 1850 census in the 1st District of Trigg County: Wm. S. is 29 years old, a grocer with real estate valued at $1000, Virginia S. is 19, and Martha V. is 7 months old. The slave schedules for Trigg, District 1 show William Coy as having 1 black female slave aged 47 and 1 black female slave aged 9. Sometime in 1850 William bought 1 acre from O. T. and Lucy Gardineaux. This is possibly the 1 acre referred to in the tax lists; I have not checked it for the conveyance and recording dates yet. Also in 1850 W. S. and Virginia Susan Coy (she also signed) sold 30 acres to James Blanks.

William and Virginia Coy were among the first members of the Wallonia Christian Church. The following is the history written about the church in the "Wallonia Christian Church: Church Rolls and Records, Vol. 1-2, From 1849".

"A Concise history of the Church of Christ meeting at Wallonia, Trigg Co Ky. In the year 1849, Elder John Ferguson of the Christian Church held several meetings in the school house near the bridge at Wallonia. By his proclamation of the gospel, eight or nine persons were induced to obey the Lord in confession and baptism. At this time the preaching of the reformation set on foot by A. Campbell, Barton Stone, and Walter Scot and others, was but little understood and a vast amount of prejudice existed in the minds of the people against the new doctrine, so called.
The few persons that were immersed by Elder Ferguson did not organize into a church until the first Lord's Day in Dec. 1852. At that date, they met together at Bro. John B. Wall's home and adopted the following resolution: With the Book of God, the New Testament as the only rule of government, we the undersigned propose organizing a congregation of Christians at Wallonia on the first Lord's Day in December 1852. J. B. Wall, Harriett C. Wall, A. C. Mart, Evaline H. Mart, Elizabeth J. Swatzell, Wm. S. Coy, Virginia S. Coy, Elizabeth Wall, D. D. Wall, Mary E. Wall, E. N. Amoss, Ann E. Amoss. The following officers were elected by the church at Wallonia on the first Lords day in Dec. 1852: To wit - J. B. Wall and E. N. Amoss, Bishops. A. C. Mart and D. D. Wall, Deacons. and Wm. S. Coy, Clerk.
This organization was affected under the ministry of Elder Enoch Brown of Christian Co. KY, who continued to preach for this congregation about two years. After which there was no regular preaching at Wallonia until the year 1865, which was at the close of our four years civil war. From the time of Elder Browns ceasing to preach in 1854 until the breaking out of the war the church depended on transient preaching, with occasionally a protracted effort: but from the time of its organization until the breaking out of the war in 1861 the Disciples met regularly every Lords day to break the loaf, at the private houses of the brethren; but meeting in the School house near the bridge when they had preaching. During the war their meetings were irregular, but at its close they commenced to meet again at private houses, and had preaching once a month by Elder Roert Dulin.
Soon after the close of the war, in August 1865, the members of the Wallonia congregation determined to erect a house in which to hold their meetings. At the same time the Masonic lodge at Wallonia determined to build a house in which to hold their meetings. As it was evident that it would be cheaper to build but one house, the lower story to be for the church and the upper for the lodge, they agreed to build upon the same foundation, each body paying its proportion of the expense of building. Subscription lists were accordingly circulated, which resulted in the obtaining of seventeen hundred and forty-one dollars and four cents ($1741.04) on the church subscription, which was collected and paid; this being the total cost of the church part of the house. Of this amount, fourteen hundred and fifty-seven dollars and eighty cents ($1457.80) were paid by the Disciples, and two hundred and eighty three dollars and twenty four cents ($283.24) were paid by the world and members of other denominations. The ground upon which the house stands contains one acre more or less, one half of which was donated by Mrs. Jennet Dunning, and the other half by Mr. Josiah Kennady Senior. The land was deeded to the Christian Church and the Masonic lodge, and the deed recorded in the Trigg co Clerk's office.
The subscription paper circulated by the church reads as follows: 'We whose names are hereunto subscribed agree to pay the sum annexed to our respective names, for the purpose of building a house of worship for the use and benefit of the Christian Church at Wallonia, Ky; to a committee which shall be hereafter appointed -- said church, at such time and in such manner as shall be hereafter specified; which sums shall be used for the purposes above mentioned by said committee. All sums of ten dollars and under, shall be cash on demand; all sums over ten dollars shall be paid one half cash on demand, and the remainder -- two months from the time demand is made for the first payment. Wallonia Ky Aug 12th, 1865.'
In order to get help from outsiders and show the church's liberality, the promise was voluntarily made that all respectable applicants from the different religious denominations might use the house for religious purposes, whenever the Christian Church was not using it. It will be perceived, however, that no such conditions are included in the subscription article. But the church feels bound to comply with its voluntary promise.
During the year 1865 Elder Robert Dulin began preaching for the congregation once a month. His appointments being for the most of the time for the third Lord's day in each month. And these monthly meetings were kept up until the year 1879, in which year his labors voluntarily ceased for this congregation. Elder Giddens preached for the church a few months. And after he left Elder Bela Metcalfe labored for us about fifteen months or until the Autumn of 1875. The church had no regular preaching after Elder Metcalfe ceased, until the beginning of the year 1876, when J. W. Highes [not Hughes] commenced preaching for us the third Lord's day in each month. Under his ministrations the church had large accessions. During the space of time occupied by the history of the Wallonia congregation up to the year 1877, besides the regular monthly preaching, the church enjoyed the transient labors of Elders Street, Ferguson, Hancock, Mobley, Howard [carat] Marshal, Anderson, Keith Albert Miles, James Miles, Long Hatchet, Goss, Walthall, Lindsey, Lucas Dimmit, Hardin Trimble, Johnson, Marshall. The church was destroyed by storm April 6th 1909."
The book continues with:
"Names of the members of the Church of Christ at Wallonia" [can't tell the date this was made, but it's probably a copy of the original which probably would have been written by Wm. S. Coy, the first clerk of the church.]
Wm. S. Coy, joined Dec. 5 1852, by Con. & Baptism, [remarks] Dead
Virginia S. Coy, joined Dec. 5 1852, by Con. & Baptism, [remarks] gone to Texas without letters [definitely written later], then above that it says "dead"

3 pages later written in between two members' lines:
Virginia Coy -----, joined Aug 1865, by Con. & Baptism, [remarks] gone to Texas without letter
same page, on a regular line:
Laura Coy, joined July 17, 1866, by Con. & Baptism, [remarks] withdrawn by letter.

[these next names are spread throughout]
A. J. Williams, joined Aug 1869, From the Baptist, [remarks] gone to Texas without letter
Nannie Coy, Dec 4 1871, Con. & Baptism, withdrawn by letter [then in different writing] dead
Levi Dunning, Dec 19 1886, by Con. & baptism, no remarks
Mrs. Sue Bingham, May 6 1888, by commendation, no remarks

The Coys are referred to also in the Historical Record Commemorating 150th Anniversary of the founding of Trigg County 1820-1970:

The earliest settlers coming from North Carolina and Virginia to the Wallonia area were: the Dunnings, Camerons, Wades, Watkins, Walls, Bartons, Faulkners, Jennings, Hagerty, McDaniel, Brandons, and Kennedys. Later there came the Boyds, Kellys, Binghams, Wallaces, Blanks, Hopsons, Joneses, Overbys, Wilsons, Hawkins, P'Pooles, Coys, Jeffersons, Gardners, McCains, McKinneys, Haydens, Grays, Terrys and others. Of the earliest settlers only a few descendants are still in Wallonia.....W. S. Coy owned a grocery store and taught dancing in his home. Mr. Coy was the first Master of the Mark Tyler Masonic Lodge in 1855 ....The Christian Church organized in 1849, met in a log community building until 1865, when the first building was erected. The present building was built in 1909. The windows of this church are of Bavarian stained leaded glass....
W. S. Coy has two entries in the 1851 tax lists. The first only shows 107 acres on Muddy Fork valued at $500. The second shows 1 acre on Muddy Fork ($200), 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare ($60), 1 store ($500), and a total valuation of $1260 (for both entries). In 1851 W.S. Coy bought from Benj. Mason and his wife Dicy of Caldwell county, land that was allotted Dicy in the estate of her late father David Jennings, 18 acres and 5.5 acres (Book K p. 151).

In the 1852 tax lists W. S. Coy has 127 acres on Muddy Fork ($550), 1 town lot in Wallonia ($200), 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare ($75), 6 cattle (no value given), 1 store ($500), total $1325. On Monday 14 June 1852 the following court order was entered in Book D p. 143: "This day came Wm. S. Coy and proved to the Court by the oath of John A. McCain that he is a merchant in good faith, and upon his motion it is ordered that a license issue to him to sell spiritous liquors in quantities now provided by law, at his store in Wallonia or elsewhere in this county for twelve months from this date, upon his producing and filing the sheriffs receipt for ten dollars the tax imposed thereon, which was accordingly done."

Also in 1852 a daughter Laura was born to William and Virginia. The 1853 tax lists show Wm. S. Coy with 129 acres ($780), 1 white male over 21, 7 cattle, 1 store ($1500), valued at a rate of 17 per $100; the value of gold, silver, and other metallic watches or clocks is listed as $50. There are no tax books available for 1854-1855. On 14 June 1854 William and Virginia had a son who died the same day; his birth was registered in the Trigg County Birth Records on 11 November 1854 with no name given and he is buried at the Wall Cemetery. During this year William and Virginia also took on an apprentice:

Trigg Deed Book M p. 193 - 8 May 1854, indenture of apprenticeship between Albert S. Dabney as clerk of Trigg County Court and William S. Coy...order of said court made at the April term 1854 to put, place, and bind out as an apprentice to said Coy an infant free colored child of Lucy Baker wife of Tom Tinker named Mary aged nearly one year to live with and serve the said Coy as a good and faithful apprentice until she shall attain the age of eighteen years, to learn the art, trade etc. of spinning, knitting, serving, cooking etc, and housewifery in general, the said Coy on his part binds himself to teach and instruct his said apprentice in the art and trade aforesaid, to render to her all proper and necessary medical treatment and attention, to feed and clothe her well, treat her with humanity and also at the termination of her apprenticeship to give her a good new suit of clothes and the said Coy furthermore binds himself to comply with the law in all other respects in regard to apprentices. This was recorded on 9 April 1855.
On 18 September 1855 William and Virginia's son William Benjamin was born. The 1856 tax lists for the year are badly stained, but W. S. Coy has land valued at $850, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare ($75), 7 cattle, 1 store ($1500), 1 child aged 6-18. That child is Martha V. Coy who is about 6 years old. The other values are illegible. The Poll Book of Wallonia reports an election held 4 August 1856, listing W. S. Coy among the voters.

The 1857 tax lists show W. S. Coy with 1 voter, 20 acres on Muddy Fork ($1300), 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare ($100), a valuation rate of 20 per $100 for $1.00, with no other totals shown. On 23 Mar 1857 "Wm S. Coy and Virginia S. his wife" had sold to Jennett M. Dunning for $770 the 167 acres Muddy Fork, except for 35 acres excepted from an original deed of 6 December 1837, and excepting 30 acres sold by Wm S. Coy to Richard Blanks, the total of this deed being for about 107 acres known as "the old Coy farm". (Trigg Deed Book N p. 161). Also in 1857, 22 May W.S. Coy took a mortgage from John Jones (who was in debt) for $200 for "his present growing crop of wheat corn and tobacco". (Trigg Deed Book N p. 111)

The tax and land records for the next few years show:
1858 - Coy Wm. S., 20 acres Muddy Fork ($2000), 1 white male over 21, 2 horses or mares ($125), 1 mule ($140), 8 cattle ($10), 1 store ($2000), 2 children 6-18 [these would be Martha V. and Laura], rate of 20/$100=$4.275, $20 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks

1859 - Coy W. S., 196 acres Wallonia water course ($1500), 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare ($100), 3 cattle, 1 store ($3000), 2 children 6-18 [Martha V. and Laura], total $4600, $45 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, $5 in gold/silver plate, total $50. W. S. Coy also voted this year as shown in the Poll Book for Wallonia on 1 August 1859. This election was for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and several other State and County officials.

1860 - Coy W. S., 20.5 acres Muddy Fork ($1800), 1 white male over 21, 1 slave ($800), 1 horse or mare ($50), 4 cattle, 1 store ($5000), 2 children 6-18 [still Martha V. and Laura], total $7650, $40 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, $5 in gold/silver plate.

The 1860 census of Trigg gives the following information about the family, their post office being at Cadiz:

W. S. Coy, age 39, merchant, real estate valued at $1500, personal property valued at $1500, born KY
Virginia Coy, age 34, born KY
Martha V., age 10, born KY, attended school in the year
Laura, age 8, born KY, attended school in the year
Wm. B., age 4, born KY
Nancy A., age 2, born KY
B. F. Wimberly, age 22 (male), no occupation given, born KY
Mary Tinker, age 5, born KY [the child who was apprenticed to the family in 1854]

1861 - Coy W. S., 17 acres ($1500), 1 free negro, 1 white male over 21, 1 slave ($300), 1 horse/mare ($40), 2 cattle, 1 store ($3000), 2 children 6-18 [Martha V. and Laura], 1 enrolled in the militia, total $5040, $40 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks

On 19 Feb 1861 William H. H. Gray sold to William S. Coy for $300 50 acres on Muddy Fork of Little River in Trigg, bounding Bennet Henderson, with one point at the crossing of the Cadiz and Princeton, Wallonia and Rock Castle roads, part of Mordicai Fowler's 200 acre survey. The deed was also signed by Ann Eliza Gray, no witnesses, but acknowledged in court 19 Feb 1861 and recorded 3 Apr 1861.
On the same date Wm. S. Coy sold to James S. Ramsey, for $510.35, note for payment made due 25 Dec 1861, 50a on Muddy Fork of Little River, bounding Bennett Henderson's corner, with one point at the crossing of the Cadiz and Princeton Wallonia and RockCastle Road, being part of Mordecia [sic] Fowler's 200 acre survey..."said Coy hereby expressly retaining a lien on the above land for the purchase money." W. S. Coy, V. S. Coy . They acknowledged the deed 23 May 1861 to A. B. Dyer late clerk of the county court "as appears by the following endorsement made on the back hereof towit '23 May 61 acted in full att A. B. Dyer clk'" [this probably means it was acknowledged, not recorded]. It was finally recorded 17 Jan 1866 by the new clerk, C. C. Hooks.

Again from the tax lists (and some voting records):
1862 (two entries)
Coy W. S., 1 acre ($700), no other info
Coy W. S., 19 acres ($375), 1 free negro, 1 white male over 21, 1 slave ($300), 1 horse or mare ($50), 2 cattle, 1 store ($2000), 3 children 6-18 [Martha V., Laura, and William Benjamin], 2 hogs over 6 months, 1 enrolled in militia, total $3425, $35 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, $10 in gold/silver plate

On 12 Feb 1863 a deed of trust was executed

"between W. S. Coy of the county of Trigg and State of Kentucky of the one part and Thomas Boyd trustee of the same county and State of the other witnesseth that whereas I Wm. S. Coy of the first part am justly indebted to the following named parties more than I can pay promptly viz to A. A. Gordon twenty eight hundred dollars, Kahn Wolf etc. six hundred & seventy five dollars, Nock Wick etc. five hundred dollars, Carter & Bro two hundred dollars, C. G. Tachan three hundred dollars, Wm Willis one hundred & twelve dollars, Brandon & Thacker four hundred dollars, Davis Grunn [not Grimm] etc. twenty four hundred dollars, A. B. Sample two hundred dollars, Maxwell etc. one hundred & fifty dollars, Wright Ketchum etc. four hundred & fifty dollars & all others whom I may have overlooked and being desirous of making a fair and equitable division of all my property & effects amongst all my creditors and in consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by the said Thomas Boyd Trustee, the receipt of which is acknowledged I have this day bargained, sold, transferred and assigned to the said Boyd trustee as aforesaid forever - all and singular the lands, tenements & that I may be possessed of in the county of Trigg "towit" a lot of ground in Wallonia on which is situated my residence and Store House, a tract of land containing about eighteen acres more or less adjoining D. D. Wall the same conveyed to me by Mason & wife with all the furniture and appurtenances of each, also all my goods, wares & merchandise, notes, bills, judgments, or evidences of debt - to have and to hold the same to the said Thos. Boyd "trustee in trust" for the following uses & purposes. The said Thos Boyd trustee aforesaid to take possession of all the lands, tenements, property and effects as aforesaid and sell and dispose of them upon such terms as in his judgment may seem best for the interest of all parties and convert the same together with all my papers & claims into cash, convey by deed and pass all proper receipts that may be necessary in the premises, and with the proceeds pay off first all expenses necessary to the carrying out the objects of this conveyance and secondly to pay and discharge in full all the respective debts due from me to my creditors with the interest & cost of same, and if there should not be a sufficient amount to liquidate the whole they are to be paid pro rata and should the proceeds be more than necessary to pay all my just debts the balance to be returned to me. In addition to the above property I furthermore sell and assign to the said Boyd trustee etc. a negro girl named Lucinda about 14 years old and seven hundred dollars in cash. Given under my hand this day & year above written." signed W. S. Coy
"I accept the Trust and conveyance confirmed in the above and within deed." signed T. Boyd
This was acknowledged in court 12 Feb 1863 and "on the 28th day of Feby 1863 the said Coy affixed thereto ten dollars internal Revenue Stamps all properly cancelled as the law directs, whereupon I have recorded the same in my office this 28th day of February 1863." signed Mat McKinney, clerk.

1863 - Coy W. S., no land listed, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse or mare ($150), 5 cattle, 1 store ($600), total $750, $25 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, 3 children 6-18 [same as above], 1 enrolled in militia, [farm products are now being listed, but none for W. S. Coy.]

William must have cleared enough of his debts, because in 1864 he again shows the land he had put into trust: 1864 (2 entries)
Coy W. S., 1 acre ($700)
Coy W. S., 19 acres ($200), 1 white male over 21, 1 slave ($300), 1 horse or mare ($100), 5 cattle, 1 store ($2000), total #3300, $15 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, 4 children 6-18 [Martha V., Laura, William Benjamin, Nancy "Nannie" Abigail], 6 hogs over 6 months, 1 enrolled in militia

On 13 Aug 1864, Jabez Bingham and wife [S. V. Bingham signs and relinquishes] sold to Wm. S. Coy for $750 25 acres on waters of Muddy Fork, being platt no. 20 in the division by the commissioners of the lands of David Jennings among his heirs the [blank] day of October 1848 and set apart to Peter D. Jennings one of said heirs, bounding Rachel Jennings corner. Witnesses Sallie Richardson, Donia Parmenter, William Cravens, recorded 1 Nov 1864

On 21 Dec 1864, A. B. Dyer Sheriff of Trigg sold lots to W. S. Coy. These were based on: "11 Jun 1863 an execcution in favor of W. S. Gordon against J. S. Parsley and 31 Oct 1863 an execution in favor of Jno. C. Ladd trustee for Susan Ladd against said Parsley, the said execution in favor of said Gordon was leveed on the 14 Aug 1863 and the one in favor of Ladd as trustee aforesaid was leveed on th 19th Dec 1863 on the two lots of land in or near Wallonia conveyed to J. S. Parsley by J. C. Ladd & wife, as per deeds in county Clerk's office and also on the lot sold & conveyed to said Parsley by R. A. Burnett Comr," ....the property was multiply sold, but either no bidder or not enough of its value, was finally bought by Thomas Boyd and he directed the whole to be "conveyed to said William S. Coy therefore in consideration of all the premises I have this day conveyed and confirmed unto said Coy the three said lots of land described as mentioned above & in the levy & other endorsements on said executions with the appurtenances thereto belonging to him"...
This deed was acknowledged 2 Feb 1865, stamped as required by an act of Congress and recorded 20 Oct 1865.

1865 - Coy W. S., 1 voter, 48 acres ($1960) [this would apparently be made up of the 19 acres that show up between the 1851 and 1852 tax lists, the 25 acres purchased in August 1864, and the lots bought in December 1864], 1 slave over 16, 1 total number of slaves ($100), 1 horse or mare ($50), 2 cattle, 1 store ($1000? part of writing is lost in book fold), 1 dog over 6 months [sic, the hogs are listed later], value under equalization law $2000, $200 value of "Pleasure Carriages/Barouches/Buggies, Stage Coaches/Gigs/Omnibuses or other vehicles for passengers", $25 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, total $5335, 1 white male over 21, 1 enrolled in militia, 3 children 6-18 [possibly in error, there should be four?], 1 hog over 6 months

1866 - Coy W. S., 48 acres Little River ($2000), 1 horse or mare ($50), 3 cattle, 1 store ($150, it's cut off but is probably $1500), value under equalization law $2300, $100 in vehicles [same descrip as above], 30 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, $10 in gold/silver plate, total $5990, 1 white male over 21, 4 children 5-20 [Martha V. Laura, William Benjamin, Nannie Abigail, there's also infant Samuel], 1 voter

On Wednesday 23 May 1866 is recorded in Trigg Court Order Book F p. 8: "on the motion of W. S. Coy, a merchant, who made it appear to the satisfaction of the court that he is a merchant in good faith, it is therefore ordered that he be granted a license to sell spiritous liquors at his store in Wallonia, in quantities provided by law, for the term of twelve months from this date. Whereupon the said Coy took the oath required by law, and paid the State Tax of five dollars imposed for such license."

1867 - Coy W. S. 46 acres Little River ($1000), 3 town lots Wallonia ($2300), 1 horse or mare ($100), 3 cattle, 1 store ($3000), $1000 value under equalization law, $50 value in vehicles [as described above], $25 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, $15 in gold/silver plate, total $7690, 1 white male over 21, 4 children 6-20 [ Martha had married, these are Laura, William Benjamin, Nannie Abigail, Samuel F., there's also infant Thomas]. The Poll Book for Wallonia lists W. S. Coy voting in an election held 4 May 1867 for a Congress, a Justice of the Peace and a Constable. Later in 1867 he voted on the "5th day of August 1867 for State and County Officers."

1868 - Coy Wm. S., 46 acres ($575), 3 town lots ($4000), 2 horses or mares ($140), 2 cattle, 1 store ($2000), $75 in vehicles, $30 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, total $6820, 1 white male over 21, 4 children 6-20 [same as above]. In November of 1968 W. S. Coy voted for a Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, and other offices, as shown in the Wallonia Poll Book.

1869 - Coy William S., 158 acres ($2460), 2 horse/mare ($150), 4 cattle, 1 store ($1000), $50 in vehicles, $20 in gold/silver/other metallic watches/clocks, $10 in gold/silver plate, total $3690, 1 white male over 21, 4 children 6-20 [same as above].

During these years Nancy A. (later called Nannie Abigail) was born in 1858, Samuel F. in 1863, Thomas F. in January 1867, and Mary E. (Mollie Bett) on 21 November 1868. There was probably a child born between Nannie Abigail and Samuel, but there is no record of an infant birth or death recorded.

On 8 March 1869 there was recorded in Court Order Book F p. 302: "A claim against the County of Trigg in favor of Jeff Jones for the use of W. S. Coy for Iron furnished to repair the Bridge across Muddy Fork at Wallonia amounting to $7.00 was this day presented and allowed and ordered to be paid out of the county Levy of 1869."

On the 21st of June 1869, William S. Coy wrote his will at the age of 48:

I William S. Coy of the County of Trigg and State of Kentucky feeling the conscious of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and though diseased in body but being of sound mind, do make and ordain this my last Will and testament in the terms following - To wit,

1st I will that after my decease all my just debts shall be paid out of my personal estate, and if that should not be suffiecient my real estate shall be sold as follows, first, the Blacksmith Shop and the house and lot attached thereto in Wallonia, Second the lot of land containing about sixteen acres between the School House and D. D. Walls residence near Wallonia, and if necessary the 27 acre lot lying behind Endsley's land and known as the Peter Jennings tract.

2nd I will and bequeath to my wife V. S. Coy, for her use and benefit and of my infant children Laura, William Benj, Nannie A., Samuel F., Thomas F. and Mollie Bet Coy for their maintenance and education until they each shall become of age, during her Susan V. Coy's natural life or widowhood, all my real and personal estate of which I may die possessed after carrying out the first provision of my will.

3rd I hereby appoint my wife V. S. Coy and Jabez Bingham my executors to carry out the provisions of this my las will and testament, and to manage my estate for the use and benefit of my family as they may deem best for their interest.

4th I will that my mercantile business shall be carried on by my executors for the benefit of my family with the personal assistance of my son in law A. J. Williams, provided that after all my just debts shall have been paid there shall be means enoug- [sic] left in the estimation of my executors to carry it on profitably, and I will that my said son in law shall have full and just compensation for his services.

5th I will that my executors shall purchase for my daughter Mrs. M. V. Williams one good horse worth one hundred and fifty dollars for her use and benefit and fifty dollars for her use and benefit.

6th and Lastly I will in the event of the death or marriage of my wife V. S. Coy or when the youngest child shall become of lawful age there shall be an equal distribution of my whole estate which may be remaining among my lawful heirs leaving my wife V. S. Coy one third during her natural life. I will further that each one of my children as they shall become of lawful age shall have a good horse and thereby made equal to my daughter Mrs. M. V. Williams. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal on this the 21st day of June 1869. W. S. Coy, att: W. Jeff Wilson, D. D. Wall, J. M. Tayloe

William died very soon after on the 30th of June and his will was probated two weeks later:
Court Order Book F pp. 351-352, "13 July 1869 - Last will and testament of Wm. S. Coy, proved by W. J. Wilson, D. D. Wall, John M. Tayloe. Letters granted to Jabez Bingham and V. S. Coy, executors. Any two of C. T. Dunning, John M. Tayloe, Wm. O. Wash appointed to appraise and set apart to the widow." The will was recorded in Will Book H p. 216.

The estate was appraised by W. O. Wash, C. F. Dunning, and J. M. Tayloe; the return was filed on 20 July 1869 in Will Book H pp. 218-220. [Appraisals are usually in messy order so I made an executive decision to regroup the list according to type of item; it helps give me a sense of how the family lived and worked. I classified the items as: animals, tackle, farm tools and implements, kitchen tools and utensils, tableware, furniture, miscellaneous, and cash/notes, etc.]

1 horse named John 40.00
1 horse named Selim 85.00
2 yearlings120.00
2 cows & calves 60.00

1 new 2 horse waggon 100.00
1 old 2 horse waggon 40.00
1 buggy & harness 90.00
1 old buggy & harness 15.00
2 pr waggon harness 25.00
3 mens saddles 30.00
2 side saddles 40.00
1 jumping coulter etc. 10.00

3 pr plow gear 5.00
1 2 horse plow 8.00
2 1 horse plow 6.00
1 lot old Black Smith tools 30.00
3 weeding hoes 1.00
2 axes 2.00
2 iron wedges 2.00
2 double barrel shot guns 30.00
1 single barrel shot gun 3.00
1 revolving pistol 10.00

2 tons hay 36.00
120 lbs bacon 20.00
boxes barrels & contents in smokehouse 5.00
19 bee hives 76.00
5 gal honey & jar 4.00

1 can & 2 water buckets 3 wash pans 2.00
3 kettles 5.00
3 wash tubs .50
2 single trees .75
1 cook stove & vessels 20.00
1 lot jars bucket honey lamps bottles & their contents in closet 15.00
1 old refrigerator 2.00
1 old press 2.00
1 churn 1.00

11 silver spoons 15.00
1 lot table ware 12.00
1 silto [sitto?, set--?] knives & forks 3.00

2 dining tables 7.00
1 old sofa 2.50
3 pr shovel & tongs 3.00
1 partridge nett 4.00
6 bed steads 30.00
6 feather beds & bedding 240.00
1 lounge & bedding 10.00
18 split bottom chairs 16.00
1 large cedar chest 12.00
1 crib & bedding 5.00
1 large bureau 5.00
2 small tables 3.00
2 divans 20.00
6 parlor chairs 20.00
1 rocking chair 10.00
1 wash stand bucket & bowl 1.00
1 bureau & glass 5.00
1 wash stand bowl & pitcher 3.00
1 bath tub & pitcher 2.00

1 melodeon 100.00
1 centro [sic] table, cover & Bible 15.00
1 large mirror 3.00
4 picture frames 2.00
4 lamps 4.00
1 clock 2.00
1 looking glass 1.25
1 trunk 2.00
1 large trunk 5.00
2 small trunks 3.00
3 spittoons 1.00
1 old buffalo robe & quilt 1.00
1 Grover & Baker sewing machine 100.00
1 lot old books 8.00
1 silver watch 20.00
1 baby buggy 5.00
1 large map 2.00
1 carpet 5.00

300 feet lumber in shop 6.00
Amount of stock of merchandise in store of various kinds 4075.93
1 policy in Mississippi Valley Life Insurance Company nett [sic] value 1846.08
Amount of sundry tickets in cash drawer & accounts 1126.72
Amount of notes, some of which are of old date and the majority of them are by us considered worthless 4958.07

in currency 44.62
in silver 122.59
in gold 1010.00
in Revenue Stamps 4.74
received for dividend on policy in Miss Valley Life 23.50
1205.45 [=total cash]
Total: $14772.25
Amount of sales and collections on acts that were made during the time of taking the inventory that was not included in the invoice 74.61
Total: $14846.86

"We have left in the hands of the executors a complete inventory of stock of merchandise in store - also of every thing else included in this report. W. O. Wash, C. F. Dunning, J. M. Tayloe, appraisers."

In Will book I p. 91 and 166 are settlements of the estate made by V. S. Coy (she signs by mark).

The grave of William S. Coy is in the Nichols Cemetery which is on a hill on land now owned by a Mr. McCormick (July 2000). It is located on Blackhawk Road (Road 276) just a short ways from central Wallonia and the Wallonia Christian Church. Wm. S. Coy's stone reads:

Wm. S. Coy
Born Dec. 2, 1820
June 30, 1869
The pains of death are past,
Labor and sorrow ceased.
And life's long warfare closed at last,
His soul is found in peace.

Virginia Susan Coy stayed on in Trigg for several years after the death of William. The 1870 census of Trigg for the Wallonia Precinct shows:

Virginia S. Coy, age 41, keeping house, real estate $2000, personal property $3000, b. KY
Laura, age 18, assists in house work, b. KY
William B., age 15, working on farm, b. KY
Nannie, age 12, going to school, b. KY
Samuel, age 7, b. KY
Thomas, age 4, b. KY
Mary E., age 2, b. KY
Julia Burkit, age 45, works in the house, b. VA
Laura Coy married William L. Dunning on 16 November 1870 and Nannie Coy married William H. Burba on 3 June 1874. Virginia Susan is listed in the tax records of 1870 - 1875:

1870 - Coy Mrs. V. S. & J. Bingham, exrs of Wm. S. Coy decd - 40 acres Muddy Fork ($4000), 3 horses or mares ($200), 4 cattle, 1 store ($2000), $1000 value under equalization law, $20 in vehicles [as described in earlier tax lists], $20 watches/clocks [as described in earlier tax lists], total $7240, 4 children 6-20 [Laura, William Benjamin, Nannie Abigail, Samuel], 2 tons hay, 100 bushels corn

1871 - Coy & Bingham exrs of W. S. Coy decd, 54 acres ($5750), 3 horses or mares ($300), 6 cattle ($25), 1 store ($3000), $2000 value under equalization law, total $10475

1872 (4 entries)
Coy V. S. & J. Bingham exrs W. S. Coy, 9 acres ($600), 1 town lot Wallonia ($3000)
Coy V. S. & J. Bingham exrs W. S. Coy, 27 acres ($405, 1 town lot ($400
Coy V. S. & J. Bingham exrs W. S. Coy, 16 acres ($320), 1 town lot ($10) [?my error?], 4 horses or mares ($250), 3 cattle, 1 store ($2000), $3000 value under equalization law, $20 in watches/clocks, $5 in gold/silver plate, total $10010
Coy Mrs. V. S., 4 children 6-20 [William Benjamin, Nannie Abigail, Samuel, Thomas], 80 bushels corn

1873 (5 entries)
Coy Mrs. V. S., 9 acres ($600), 1 town lot Wallonia ($3000)
Coy Mrs. V. S., 1 town lot ($400)
Coy Mrs. V. S., 27 acres ($405)
Coy Mrs. V. S., 16 acres ($320)
Coy Mrs. V. S., 2 acres ($14), 4 horses or mares ($250), 3 cattle, 1 store ($2000), value under equalization law $3000, $20 in watches/clocks, $5 in gold/silver plate, total $14010, 4 children 6-20 [William Benjamin, Nannie Abigail, Samuel, Thomas], 10 bushels wheat

On 18 August 1873 Mrs. V. S. Coy took out a note for $1500 from R. B. Ratcliffe of Caldwell County which was due four months later. Her sureties were L. S. and W. L. Dunning [her son-in-law]. In the Trigg County Mortgage Book 1 p. 96-99 Virginia Susan recorded a memorandum of her agreement with the Dunnings on 8 September 1873. In it she transfers to them many notes and accounts as collateral security.
The names listed as having notes due are T. M. Boaz, Boaz & Robertson, H. L. Boaz, R. J. & T. C. Brandon, R. Childers, Dr. E. S. P'Pool, Butt & Chambers, Boaz & Marquis, F. B. Harris, J. W. Brown. The names listed as having accounts due are E. Merrick, Charles Blanks, L. H. Gray, Calvin Russsell, B. Carney, Chas Quisenberry, James Keeney, John Quiglin & D. D. Wall, John Watkins, Pinch Boyd, Clay Jones, Wm. Stewart, H. C. Sanders, Thomas S. Tinker, Thomas C. Brandon, Robt. Ramey, Wm. Prince & W. D. Wood, James Ballard, George Warrick Jun., John C. Murphy, George Murphy, Milton Murphy, Hez Wood, Robt Howard, Robt. Braz [sic] Decd, James Hester Decd, L. S. Dunning, J. T. Gray, Wash & Wilson, Irvin Brandon, W. W. Bailey & D. D. Wall, James Hill, Anthony Dotson, A. D. Mitchell, Warner Ballard, Wm. Solomon, Rufus King, John Merrick Jun., D. C. Mitchell, Moses Gray, Abner McCain, Wm. M. Kenady, G. W. Warren, K. E. Dunning, J. B. Groom, Mrs. M. Plimons, John Brandon, W. P. Lester, J. T. Wood, Robt Watkins, Dr. E. S. P'Pool, Dr. E. N. Smos, C. E. Goodwin, Robt Howard, Thompson Braz, W. W. Butt, Henry Braz, Mrs. M. P'Pool, Hampton Wade, R. Blanks, R. P. Butt, Robt Brandon, Wm. Gray, Wm. Stone, W. D. Wood, J. A. Ferguson, J. H. Hartegan, Daniel Ladd, Bedford Sizemore, George Dunning, Robt. hayden, H. T. Watkins, Jeff Keeny, J. E. Wood.
These notes and accounts amounted to $2486 and the standard conditions apply, that should she pay the note this mortgage has no effect; if not and the Dunnings have to pay it they may collect on the notes; if they are unable to collect enough then they may collect her property, and then their own property is to be levied. This memorandum was acknowledged and signed 8 September 1873. The Caldwell records still need to be checked to find a reason for the original loan from Ratcliffe.

1874 (3 entries)
Coy Mrs. V. S., 9 acres ($600), nearest resident Mrs. H. Watt, election precinct 3, 1 town lot Wallonia ($300), 2 horses or mares ($125), 3 cattle, $30 in watches and plate [now combined in the tax lists], total $4555
Coy Mrs. V. S., 27 acres ($300), precinct 3, 1 town lot Wallonia ($300), 4 chn 6-20
Coy Mrs. V. S., 16 acres ($200), precinct 3

Coy Mrs. V. S., [6 listings of property only, I've combined here]: 9 acres ($600), 1 acre ($2000), 27 acres ($300), 1.5 acres ($300), 16.5 acres ($200), 3.75 acres ($10), all precinct 6, all have as nearest resident W. J. Wilson
Coy Mrs. V. S., 3 chn 6-20 [Nannie Abigail, Samuel, Thomas]

Sometime in the late 1870's some of William and Virginia's older children moved to Grayson and Denton Counties TX. It is possible they all went at the same time. In the Trigg co KY Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts vol. 7, p. 68, there is an abstract of the death of W. L. Dunning in Marvin OK, that says he and his wife had moved to TX in the Spring of 1877. The Grayson County marriage records show that William Benjamin Coy married on 24 January 1878. The 1880 census shows children born in TX to William Benjamin Coy and Nannie Coy Burba by 1878. Virginia Susan Coy's parents, Benjamin and Nancy (Daniel) Goode had alread moved to Grayson by 1860. However, Virginia Susan remains with the youngest children in Trigg a few more years.

There is a skip in the 1876 to 1878 tax lists for Trigg County, but they resume again:
Coy Mrs. V. S., 30a $240, election pct 6, 3 town lots Wallonia $800, 1 horse/mare $40, 1 cattle no value given, $12 gold/silver and other metallic watches and clocks, gold and silver plate, & pianos, $1092 total at 40 per $100, 3 chn 6-20 [Samuel, Thomas, Mollie B.], 2 hogs over 6 mos, 100 bushels corn [no other grains, no tons of metals]
She doesn't name her nearest neighbor and nobody names her as such.
Also here are Jabez Bingham, L.S. Dunning et al, Andrew J. Williams (Martha V. Coy's husband).

Coy Mrs. V. S., election pct 6, 1 town lot Wallonia $600
Same, 1 town lot Wallonia $250, 1 horse/mare $40, 1 cattle no val given, $30 gold/silver...]same as above], $920 total at 40 per $100, 3 chn 6-20 [same as above], no grains etc. given
This list includes the "colored tax book", several carry the name of Dunning, Bingham, Hopson, none of the name Coy.
Again no Coy neighbor given or named.

The 1880 census of Trigg County KY shows:

Virginia Coy, age 53, occupation "wheelwright", b. KY, father b. NC, mother b. NC
Samuel, age 17, b. KY, father and mother b. KY
Thomas, age 15, b. KY, father and mother b. KY
Mollie B., age 11, b. KY, father and mother b. KY
Coy Mrs. V. S., 16a neighbor A. Wallace $200, election pct 6
same, 11a neighbor J. H. Endsley $100
same, 5a neighbor John Watkins $50
same, 9a Wallonia $300, 2 town lots Wallonia $500, $1150 total at 45 per $100, no more figures given in any of these, chn, animals, grain, etc.
Those neighbors given don't name her, maybe people only named nearest male?
Bingham and Dunnings are here, no A. J. Williams.

Coy Mrs. V. S. 16a neighbor A. Wallace $200, election pct 6
same 11a neighbor A. Wallace $100
same 5a neighbor Jno Watkins $50
same 9a Wallonia $300, 2 town lots Wallonia $500, $1150 total at 45 1/2 per $100, in "males over 21" white it has NR [not reported, shows on many others too], no other info given
These neighbors don't name her.
No A. J. Williams, yes Dunning, now L.S. who is also agt for Wm Dunning, yes Bingham he names A. Wallace as neighbor.

Coy Mrs. V. S., 16a $200, pct 6
same, 11a $100, pct 6
same, 5a $50 pct 6
same 9a $300, 2 town lots Wallonia $500, $1150 total at 47 1/2 Per $100, no other figures given
Yes Bingham, Levi S. Dunning still agt for William Dunning.

Coy Mrs. V. S. 16a $200, pct 6
same 11a $100, pct 6
same 5a $50, pct 6
same [either 24, or 5 scratched out, then 4a] $300, pct 6, 2 town lots Wallonia $500, $1150 total at 47 1/2 per $100, no other figures given
Yes Jabez Bingham, Levi S. Dunning (also as agent for Wm Dunning heirs, so this isn't Laura's Wm Dunning).

List now called Wallonia Precinct No. 6 District
Coy Mrs. V. S., 16a $200 Wallonia, 1 town lot $500
same 11a $100 Wallonia
same 5a $50
same 24a $300 [24 is clear now]
Her totals are given as $800 and $350, rate not given, no other figures given
Same Bingham and Dunnings.

I read all the names in the tax lists for 1886-1887, there is no Coy and no on is named as her agent. This pretty well dates the time she went to Texas. The tax lists are for the previous year, so she probably left sometime in late 1884 or early 1885. The interesting thing to speculate is whether she sent the last of the children ahead of her. No children are reported in Trigg after 1880 and it is possible that Samuel, Thomas and Mollie B. were already in Texas living with their older siblings. We know Mollie B. was there at least by April of 1884 when Mollie B. Coy married James Norton in Denton county. Virginia Susan Coy did not purchase land in Texas, and no probate records are available for the years she was there. She died on 26 January 1892 and is buried in Whitesboro Cemetery, as are her children William Benjamin Coy and Nannie A. Burba and their families.

Virginia Susan Goode Coy was 61 years old when she died. Her tombstone reads:

Virginia S.
wife of W. S. Coy
born 18 June 1830
died 26 January 1892
"Sleep on sweet mother till our creator awakes thee to join your loved ones to be parted no more."


Sources with no results:
I have included the following list of sources searched for which there was a reasonable chance of finding information about William S. Coy and Virginia Susan Goode Coy, but which didn't yield anything. This list is restricted to their times and locations and doesn't include work on generations before them. Some of my citations are sketchy and abbreviated, I'll clean them up some day (?)!

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