The Lands of James Daniel of Albemarle
The Lands of James Daniel of Albemarle

1734, Goochland DB2-215, 400a 1740, VA Patent 19-717, 16a 1740, VA Patent 19-747, 400a 1741, Goochland DB3-488, sold 95a 1743, Goochland DB4-168, 400a 1748, VA Patent 27-35, 7a 1748, VA Patent 35-37, 150a 1756, VA Patent 32-683, 400a

James Daniel (1707-1761) moved from Middlesex to then-Goochland in 1735. He eventually acquired two large tracts of land: the first, purchased in parts between 1735-1743, was in then-Goochland but would be cut into Cumberland in 1749; the second, purchased in parts between 1748-1756, was in then-Albemarle but would be cut into Buckingham in 1761. It is interesting that James is so heavily thought of as "of Albemarle" given that he didn't buy land there until 1748, that he died residing on his Cumberland land, and that he instructed the sale of his Albemarle land in his will. However, his service as sheriff of Albemarle in 1751, the fact that his estate was probated in Albemarle, and his styling as James of Albemarle in his last land purchases (for his sons, in Halifax and Lunenburg)show that he functioned civically and established legal residence in Albemarle for at least a while.

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The Goochland-Cumberland lands, #1-5

Goochland DB2-215
James Nevil of Goochland to James Daniel of Middlesex 21 Nov 1735-29 Nov 1735, £70, 400a in Goochland on south side the Fluvanna, part of patent to James Nevel for 700a 28 Sep 1732, begining at the mouth of Watkins Creek and running up the River Bank to a Corner black oak and Beech Joyning on William Cannons line thence out into the woods along a markt line to a Corner Ring oak and from thence down along [--] Bark? line across Watkins Creek to the top of a line to a Corner Ring oak and from thence down along the Creek to the first Begining place...
witnesses Wm Mixou, Fra's James. Charles Burks, John [x] Macany [Macanoy in next bond].
recd 18 May 1736, James Nevils ackn in court.

Goochland DB2-224
James Nevil to James Daniel [bond] 20 Nov 1735, to fulfill bargain and sail [sic]. nothing specified.
witnesses Frances James, Charles Burks, William Mixou, John [x] Macanoy.
recd 18 May 1736, ackn by James Nevils

James Nevil's original patent:
VA Patent Bk 14-463
28 Sep 1732, 700a, "being on the south Side the Fluvanna in the County of Goochland...Begining at the Mouth of a small Gutt above a parsel of Rocks Thence up the River according to its Meanders Three hundred twenty four chains of two poles each to a corner black oak and beech Thence into the Woods South thirty degrees East Eighty Chains to a corner Thence North fifty five degrees East two hundred and forty Seven chains to a corner Thence North forty Nine degrees East thirty three chains to a corner Thence North thirty seven Degrees East sixty Nine chains to a corner Thence Thence West thirty Seven Degres North Eighty chains to the place began"...
[**N.B. The "chains" mentioned are not the standard four poles or 66 feet; he calls them "chains of two poles each", so his "chain" is actually 33 feet. The last call was miswritten, very clear to read, but it should be N37W not W37N. This description actually plats to about 760a, but the calls match perfectly to the probate plats which will be shown later.]

James Daniel was of Middlesex when he bought this, his first land in then Goochland.
The James Nevil grant extended three hundred acres to the northeast following the line of the lot marked 1 in the map. The description of his plat is a perfect match to include the #1 purchase shown in the map.
On 12 Feb 1750 James Nevil & wife Lucy sold to Jno. Cobbs of Goochland 500a on the south side of the Fluvanna adjoining the mouth of Watkins Creek, Jas. Daniel, the county line, and Mayo. This is the rest of James Nevil's original patent plus some other acreage he had purchased. The mouth of Watkins Creek is the bound of the land he sold to James Daniel. This deed to Cobbs gives us the origin of the name change from Watkins Creek to Cobbs Creek, the name by which it is still known today.
James Daniel's will (written 30 Oct 1760, proved 12 Feb 1761) gives lots 1 and 3 (minus the sale represented by 4 described later) to his son Abraham, "I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Daniel the tract of land whereon I live". This land is divided by Abraham's estate after his death as described later. Abraham also receives part of the 7 Islands tract as described later.

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VA Patent Bk 19-717
James Daniel 20 Aug 1740, 5sh, 16a in Goochland Being part of an Island in Fluvanna River...beginning at a white Hiccory by the River and running thence North 34 Degrees West 5 Poles and oan half to an [sic] Horn Beam by the River thence round the Island two hundred and fifty eight Poles according to the Meanders of the River to the first Station....

This will be called Daniel/Daniell/Daniel's Island in deeds and maps until the mid 19th century, when it took on its current name, Boatwright's Island.
This island was bequeathed to James' son James, "I give and bequeath unto my son James Daniel the tract of land as I bought of William Megginson with my island opposite against it". Due to what must have been a quiet swap or relinquishment, Abraham ends up in control of the island and Megginson's land, and it is part of his estate.

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VA Patent Bk 19-747
James Daniel 20 Aug 1740, 40sh, 400a Goochland "on Watkin's Creek a branch of the Fluvanna River and bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at a Pine in a line of other Land belonging to the said Daniel and running thence on his line North 55 Degrees East 70 Poles to Pointers Thence on new lines South 32 Degrees East 278 Poles crossing Watkin's Creek to Pointers South 53 Degrees West 164 Poles to Pointers South 21.5 Degrees West 80 Poles to Pointers North 72 Degrees West 160 Poles to Pointers in William Cannon's land Thence on his lines North 31 Degrees East 187 Poles to Pointers North 35.5 Degrees West 49 Poles to Pointers and thence a new line North 16 Degrees East 122 Poles to the beginning"....

This lot, minus the sale of 95 acres (#4 next) is also included in James' bequest to Abraham and is included in Abraham's estate and division.

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Goochland DB3-488
James Daniel of Goochland to Richard Taylor of Goochland, 14 Nov 1741, £5, 95a in Goochland, Beginning at Several pointers in William Cannon's line, thence S72E 140 poles to pointers S22W 93 poles to pointers N72W 160 poles to pointers thence on William Cannon N31E 101 poles to the first station the said ninety five acres of land being part of a tract of four hundred acres granted to the said Daniel by patent 20 Aug 1740.
witnesses G-- [Geo] Carrington, Wm Cockorham, Hugh Moor, Isaac Bates. 14 Nov 1741

This is the southwestern portion of #3 on the map, the description plats out to match the boundaries of #3 very nicely.
Lot 3 minus this #4 sale of 95 acres is included in James' bequest to son Abraham.

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Goochland DB 4-168
William Megginson & wife Mary to James Daniel, both of St James parish, Goochland, 30 Apr 1743, £45, 400a in St. James Goochland, on South side of James Rv, part of patent 1700a to William Cannon 20 Jun 1733, begining at a Spanish Oak & Beech on the River Bank a Corner of the above mentioned James Daniel thence on the line of the said Daniel S35.5E 167 [or 160] poles to a white oak thence the same course continued 126 poles to pointers S31W 204 poles to pointers N35.5W 360 poles to an ash tree on ye River bank thence down the River according to its meanders to the first Station.
witnesses Fra's James, John Cox, John Harris, Bennet Goode.
recd 30 Apr 1743.
18 May 1743 William Megginson ackn in court.
20 Nov 1743 Mary Megginson relinquishes.

This land was willed to James' son James, including Daniel/Boatwright Island (#2), "I give and bequeath unto my son James Daniel the tract of land as I bought of William Megginson with my island opposite against it". However, James left for Granville NC in the early 1770s; Abraham ends up in control of this land, and sells part to his son Leonard before his death in 1798.

All the above lands #1-5 will be cut into Cumberland County in 1749.
Some fallout information based on the locations of James' lands is that his later children were almost surely born in Cumberland (Leonard ca 1737, Susannah ca 1740, Josiah 19 Jan 1743/4, Mary ca 1745, James 1747). His last two children John ca 1750 and Mercy may have been born on either the Cumberland or the Albemarle/Buckingham lands.

What happened to James' Cumberland lands?
This section is only just begun, but a couple good maps are available so far.

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The mystery island (as of Oct 2011)

VA Patent Bk 27-35
James Daniel 1 Dec 1748, 5sh, 7a Albemarle "in the Fluvanna River near the North Channel opposite to the Land of William Walton" [no metes and bounds or further description]....

This island is not yet marked on the map above. I had first suspected it to be the smaller island next to Daniel Island based on size and being in the "north channel", but it's not anywhere near William Walton's grants and is not included in the division of Abraham's lands (again, Abraham ended up in control of the Cumberland lands of his brother James.) Walton's land grants are on the Slate River (at Walton's Fork and Muddy Creek), being well to the south of James' 7 Islands lands. James bought this island on the same day as he acquired his first tract in the 7 Islands area (#7), so maybe it could be one of the smaller islands in that area.

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The Albemarle-Buckingham lands
The Seven Islands

VA Patent Bk 35-37
James Daniel 1 Dec 1748, 150a, was a grant to George Abbot 20 Jun 1733 but he failed to pay, now for 15sh to James Daniel, 150a formerly in Goochland now Albemarle "on the South side of the Fluvanna River including Part of the seven Islands exclusive of the intermediate Streams of the River and bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at a white Walnut Tree on the south side the River over against Tindals Island running thence down the Side of the River 89 Poles to a red Oak thence north 62 Degrees East 104 Poles to the West end of Ridge Island Thence down the North side thereof 140 Poles to a Beech Thence South 10 Degrees East 34 Poles to the East End of Burnt Island Thence up the south Side thereof 73 Poles to a white oak Thence south 48 Degrees West 36 Poles to a sugar Tree on the south side of the River thence on new Lines the same Course continued 101 Poles to a Pine North 80 Degrees West 145 Poles to Pointers and thence North 80 Poles to the first Station"

The southern part of the grant is easy to plat and is about 91 acres. The part in the river including the parts of the two islands just can't be reliably done. However, this grant does give us the historic names of three of the islands in the river. "Tindal's Island", first patented by Thomas Tindall on 11 Apr 1732, is today called Gregory Island. It is not part of James' land, just a marker to start the description. The call leaving the mainland (N62E 104p) does land on the west side of the second island out from the mainland; this should be Ridge Island. The S10E 34p call that should go from Ridge Island to the east end of Burnt Island (?should be the first island from the mainland) is problematic so far.
The description of James' grant is identical to the grant to George Abbat [sic] in VA Patent Bk 15-11. The southernmost boundary call is one and a half degrees off to the land adjoining it that James next bought (#8). The call in question is the "N80W", below it will be called N81.5W.
This land and the adjoining 400 acres (#8) was bequeathed equally to James' sons Abraham and James.

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VA Patent Bk 32-683
James Daniel 10 Mar 1756, 40sh, 400a Albemarle, "on the south side of and adjoining the Fluvanna nearly opposite to the seven Islands and bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at his own lower corner of a former Survey at a Sugar Tree at the mouth of a small branch and running thence on his own line south 47 degrees west 102 Poles to a Pine North 81.5 degrees West 130 poles to a Pine thence new Line south 252 Poles crossing the Court House road to Pointers North ?73 degrees... [this part of the page didn't make it onto the film, but using the plat, it's just two words missing, the call is "N73E 265 poles", then N18E 235 poles]...--18 degrees 235 Poles to a Hornbeam at the River and up the river according to its meander to the beginning"...

The above lands #7-8 will be cut into Buckingham County in 1761.

The Albamarle Surveyor's Book of 1750-1755 has two surveys showing James' Seven Islands lands.
The first survey is on p. 180 and reads:
"A plot of 400 Acres Joyning the Fluvanna River on the So Side near the Seven Islands Surveyed for Capt James Daniel Novr 19 1750, by Thos Turpin A.S".
It does not include the adjoining 150 acres of the Abbott land.
N.B. The "court house road" on the surveys is an exact match for the road known today as State Road 652 and Bridgeport Road.

The other survey, on pp 252-253 was done for Capt Samuel Jordan to show his grant of 4449 acres which he had taken on 3 Mar 1760; it shows "Cap James Daniel" with both the tracts of land at the 7 Islands. I'm showing this survey twice here, first oriented correctly, and then upside down so the names can be read.


Abraham's land inheritance ends "with half of my tract of land joining where Margaret Abbot did live". Jame's land inheritance ends with "and the other half the Tract of land joining where Margaret Abbot did live".
James' 7 Islands lands will be cut into Buckingham in 1761, shortly after his death.
Unfortunately, the early Buckingham records are lost, so the disposition of this land at the time cannot be determined. James Daniel instructed in his will "I desire that my executors make John Duglas a lawful deed for all my lands at the Seven Islands if he will pay the money that is due for the same". There are Buckingham surveyors' books from 1762-1814 and beyond, but they don't have any surveys that help to confirm what happened to the 7 Islands lands.

From Genealogical Records of Buckingham County VA, by Edythe Rucker Whitley 1984 come some interesting records, the probable sale to John Duglas must have come later:
p. 5 "A List of All the Tithes, Lands and Wheel-Carriages in Buckingham County for the year Anno Domini 1764 (found in records of Pr. Edward co)"
These lists are ordered alphabetically by last name and show tithes-acres-wheel carriages
Abraham Daniel, Christopher Baltimor (Harry, Ben, Caesar, Mingo, Sarey, Nan, Phillis, and Cate), and James Daniel 11-1120-0
p. 13 "Tythables in 1773 & 1774 (found in VA State Archives, Richmond)"
These lists only show tythes. Abraham Daniel appears in 1773 and 1774, both years with 7 tythes. His brother James had already left for Granville County NC.

The 1120 acres shown for Abraham in 1764 cannot be resolved in Buckingham records and there are no deeds in earlier Albemarle for purchases by James Daniel or for his sons Abraham and James. The unaccounted for acreage may belong to Christopher Baltimore?

The later Buckingham Land Tax Book (1782-1803) does not list any Daniel, so the family must have disposed of the land (I have not checked the Duglas name yet). Tax lists for 1783-1786 are not included, but there are land alterations for those years: again no Daniel is listed as buying or selling any lands in the alterations.
There is an intriguing entry in the tax list of 1782 for George Abbott with 150 acres! So much speculation is possible here about James not maintaining his claim on the 150 acres and the lists going back to the originial owner, etc., all needing more checking and maybe unanswerable.

The slaves named in the 1764 tax list are slaves James Daniel had left in his will: He gave his daughter Susannah Bedford specifically named slaves. He gave son Chisley specifically named slaves who go to Granville NC with Chisley and are on the tax lists with him there. He bequeathed the rest of his slaves equally to his children Abraham Daniel, Leonard Daniel, Josiah Daniel, James Daniel, John Daniel, Mary Daniel, Mercy Daniel at age twentyone or when married. His inventories named 18 slaves in Albemarle and another 8 in Lunenburg where he had purchased or arranged land purchases for his other sons. There are no Albemarle division orders for the slaves, so the children must have divided them without help from the court or appraisers. The children should have gotten 3-4 slaves each. The slaves listed in the Buckingham tax list for Abraham with brother James Daniel are all listed in the Albemarle inventory of James Daniel; they probably represent both their inherited slaves.

Although there is so little information available, what there is makes me think that James Daniel did not reside on the 7 Islands tract in a major way, more that it qualified him for his posts in Albemarle and that it was likely more of a working tract he had purchased for his sons.

In 1991 the Seven Islands Archeological and Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places; they are listed for both Buckingham and Fluvanna counties although technically they are marked as being in Fluvanna on maps. Other records strongly suggest that the 7 Islands area were and are still much more associated with Fluvanna County on the north side rather than Buckingham County on the south side where the majority of James' land was located. Currently owned by the Sorrell family, their son made a wonderful page about the islands at:

Seven Islands of Fluvanna.

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What happened to the Cumberland lands?

As of November 2011, the below information still needs more work; I've done the probate and chancery records fully, but only the deed indices for the deed books after #6. Most of the deeds are obvious from the index info, but this work will be fleshed out more after I can make another trip to Salt Lake!

The step-by-step land transactions involving these lands is below, but first:
Part of these lands (Leonard's as shown in the plat later) ended up in the hands of the Boatwright Family. There is a wonderful site about the Boatwright lands, with pictures of a specific house there. The site says this house was built in about the 1780s. There are also ruins of another house nearby. This aging of the house would mean it was built while the lands belonged to Abraham Daniel, probably resided upon by his son Leonard before Abraham officially deeded it to him in 1797 - the implication being that either Abraham or Leonard Daniel built the house. The 1791 tax lists in this area show only Abraham with 3 white tithables: this would be Abraham, son Leonard, and son William (the other William here is older and in another precinct). Abraham's home house (and what was likely his father James of Albemarle's house) was more likely located on the lands that were part of Mary's dower lands, shown in the plat later. This is also supported by the 1800 tax lists showing Leonard separate from Mary Daniel. Do visit the site below for the wonderful pictures and Boatwright information!

James Boatwright House and Plantation - Cumberland County, Virginia

The deed books show no actions by this Daniel family from the 1760s until the late 1790s, i.e. through DB7. Finally in 1797 they are back in action.

DB8-24 or 27 Leonard Daniel and Polly to James Spears 127a. recd 29 ?May 1797
More info on this land to come. As there are no deeds to Leonard before this, it may represent some part of the Megginson land that Abraham deeded to Leonard a bit later.

DB8-28 Leonard Daniel and Polly to Wm Bagby 18 3/4a Cartersville. recd 27 May 1797
More info on this land to come.

DB8-105 Abraham Daniel to Leonard Daniel, 200a, recd 27 Nov 1797
Based on the plats below, this is Abraham selling part of the land his father James bought from William Megginson (transaction #4 above). Leonard's name is on the plat in the disposition of Abraham's lands, to the west of the divided lands. This land was to have gone to James' son James per his will, but some quiet swap or quitclaim must have occurred for Abraham to be able to sell it.
In the index, indented below the above deed, is the following deed, probably recorded on the same day:
DB8-261 Abraham Daniel Es [estate?] to heirs, maybe the same date as 8-105, not a deed, a Ref.

Abraham Daniel died before 23 Oct 1798. His inventory was filed on that day by his administrator Leonard Daniel. Frederick Jones, one of the appraisers was his southwestern neighbor based on the division plat.
WB3-128 inventory and appraisal of Abraham Daniel, 23 Oct 1798, by Leonard Daniel admr, appraisors Frederick Jones, John Stratton Senr, Thomas Norris.
This inventory includes 29 named slaves and personal property, but not the real estate. The slaves and land would be divided in 1801 after a standard chancery suit. The chancery file is online at the Library of Virginia, or you can download a zip file by clicking here (the file is 14 pdf pages).

The chancery suit
The earliest date on a docket sheet is Nov 1798:
p. 1 Folder
p. 2-3 Complaint:
William Daniel, Abraham Daniel, and James Daniel, Nancy Daniel, Betsy Daniel, Chisley Daniel, and Sally Daniel, infants by Leonard Daniel their next friend in their behalf, and Mary Daniel widow and relict of Abraham Daniel deceased, vs. other children: Jane who md. Elias Wills, Polly who md. William Spears, Patty who md. Matthew Wills, Sucky who md. "another" Elias Wills. That defendants have refused to come to a division of the estate.
p. 3-4 Response: that they are ready and willing.
p. 5 a docket of dates, running from Nov 1798 to Oct 1801.
p. 6 The consent to divide the estate, signed by: Elias Wills and wf Jane, Mathew Wills and wf Martha, Elias Wills Jr and wf Susana, William Daniel, Abraham Daniel, James Daniel, William Spears and wf Polley. This document is not dated. The signatures of William, Abraham and James each have a plus mark before them. That William, Abraham and James sign at all is interesting. The ages in later census of the children named as infants in the complaint are contradicted by later census info, especially Abraham. Abraham seems much older as to not be an infant at the time of the action, and James much too young to be signing. Some of this can be answered by the tax lists, but I've only read to 1790 so far.
p. 7 cover sheet, undated.
p. 8-10 division of the slaves, but not by name.
p. 11-12 cover sheets, undated.
p.13-14 survey plat of division of lands, description of distribution.

The survey description reads:
781 7/8 acres of land surveyed December 1798 for Abraham Daniels estate, beginning on James River at the mouth of Watkins Creek in Cumberland County running up the said Creek by its meanders to [blank space] in David Ross' line, thence with his line S74E 38 [?138] poles to a dead post oak & Hickory white oak and dogwood S49W 225 po to prs [pointers] 3po westward of a large for and aft white oak S37E 267p to prs? S49W 174 po to James Boatrights corner prs then on his line N57W 60po to prs corner to Frederick Jones thence on his lines down Margarets branch to the mouth of Margarets Spring thence up the said run to Margarets Spring thence S89W 34po to a post oak and dogwood N43W 52po to prs in Leonard Daniel then on his lines N15W 28 po to three poplars at the Sourse of the Muddy branch of Cannons gut thence down and the gut to its junction with James River and down the river to the beginning surveyed
also two other small tracts of land belonging the said estate, one containing 17 5/8 acres beginning at [blank] in Leonard Daniels line on Punch Creek running down the same to its junction with a run, branch thereof line to James Boatrights thence up the same to Frederick Jones line thence with the said line N21E 87p to the beginning. The other is and [sic] Island in James River known by the name of Daniels Island containg [sic] 16 3/8 acres amounting in the whole 815 7/8 acres those lands surveyed by Warren Jones? at the instance of the admr.
We the Commissioners appointed by a decree of the Court of Cumberland to distribute the estate of Abraham Daniel deceased have caused the lands of the estate to be surveyed and divided into lots as will be seen by the annexed platt, and alloted the same as follows.
After having assigned to Mary Daniel widow of the said deceased 266 acres as her dower, we alloted the remaining 549 3/8 acres agreeable to the numbers and quantities apearing on the face of the platt divided and alloted as will appear in the following statement the estimated value of the lands being £1375.0.9 which being divided in 11 parts gives to each distributee £125.0.1 or nearly that amount.

The division plat from the chancery file and the division plat overlaid.

The lots were distributed as follows. The last date in the chancery docket sheet is Oct 1801, but one of these lots was recorded as sold in Aug 1801, see later. I am only showing the lot assignments, not the payments to be made between distributees to even out the amounts due each. Leonard is not included in this division; although it is not mentioned, it must have been agreed by all that he had already received his share by the earlier deed from Abraham.

The large lot marked "D" is 266 acres dower land to Mary Daniel. This land will go to the children when she dies, still to be determined by later divisions and sales.
Lot No. 1 to Abraham Daniel 50 5/8a
Lot No. 2 to James Daniel 57 7/8a
Lot No. 3 to Nancy Daniel 41 2/8a
Lot No. 4 to Mathias Wills for Patsy his wife 55 2/8a
Lot No. 5 to Elias Wills Senr for Jenny his wife 43a
Lot No. 6 to Elias Wills junr for Susanna his wife 45a
Lot No. 7 to Sally Daniel 50 2/8a
Lot No. 8 to Betsy Daniel 49 5/8a
Lot No. 9 to Chesley Daniel 60 7/8a
Lot No. 10 to William Daniel 62a
Lot No. 11 to William Spears for Polly his wife, the island 16 3/8a and the triangular section 17 5/8a in the southwest of the plats, actually part of the Megginson to James Daniel land, separated from the main lands.

Over the next several years, some of the distributees sell their shares. Some of the deeds shown here to only one of the siblings may actually have more grantees; all still need fuller checking:

DB8-493 William and Mary Spears to James Boatright 16 3/8a and 17 5/8a recd 24 Aug 1801. This is lot #11. James Boatwright's will, written 10 Jan 1814, proved Aug 1815, leaves Daniel Island and his Punch Creek tract to his son Leonard Boatwright. Punch Creek is the creek just to the west of Abraham's lands and James Boatwright's name can be seen next to the 17 5/8a triangle of land on the division plat. The real will of James Boatwright can be viewed here (about 1/3 of the way down the page).

DB9-291 Elias Wills and Jane to William Daniel [Jr? et?] 43a, recd 28 Nov 1803
The "et" may be for et al to indicate they are signing over Jane's share to all the other heirs. This is lot #5, grantees still to be checked.
DB10-224 Abraham Daniel to heirs, maybe same date as DB8-105 (27 Nov 1797), not a deed, a Ref.
DB10-224 William Shelton and Nancy to Leonard Daniel, 41 2/8a James Rv, recd 28 Jul 1806. This is lot #3

DB12-60 William Daniel est to Fredk Jones receipt, recd Apr 1812.
This may be the son William Daniel whose estate is described starting in 1817 below, but it would mean a long wait after his death before the division.

DB13-246 Willis C. Wills [prob Elias] et al to Leonard Daniel, Int Est, recd Feb 1816.
This interest in an estate could be for the rest of Jane or Susanna's interest in father Abraham's estate, or it could be for the estate of her brother William.

One of the heirs of Abraham Daniel, son William died before 2 Nov 1817 when his estate was inventoried and appraised (WB6-18, recd Jan 1818). This inventory showed slaves man Tom, woman Patty and child Billy, boy Henry, girl Sally. There were livestock, tools, and crops, but very few household items, William was possibly still living at home.
The division of William's land (WB6-224) was ordered in Jan 1819 and recorded in Feb 1820,returned by Benjamin Carrington, D. Shields, William Montague. His land was divided in 10 parts and the distributees each got 17a. Until better checking can be done, there's no way to determine the makeup of this 170a total; it represents his inheritance of 62a and the 43a deed to him by sister Jane Wills and another 65a which could be his share of other transfers from siblings. It may or may not include his share of his mother's dower land. The distributees were:
#1 to Leonard Spears and others children of Polly Spears decd formerly Daniel
#2 to Jane Wills formerly Daniel
#3 to Elizabeth Spears wf of Robt Spears
#4 to Abraham Daniel
#5 to ??July? A. Smith child, Rep of Sarah Smith decd formerly Daniel
#6 to Nancy Shelton
#7 to Leonard Daniel
#8 to James Daniel
#9 to Chesley Daniel
#10 to Martha Wills
By all rights the husbands of the married women should have been named unless they were deceased. This was done for Elizabeth Spears, but not for Jane Wills, Nancy Shelton and Martha Wills. I'm not sure that this was done correctly as there is evidence that some of these husbands were still living.
Abraham Daniel was the administrator of his brother William and there are various administrator's accounts over the next years, then finally an administrator's settlement in 24 Oct 1822, recd 23 Dec 1822 (WB7-124). The examiners of this settlement said "this report was incorrect in so many instances as to render it inadmissable and ought to be totally rejected", they ordered $750.48 with interest from 14 May 1818 to 20 May 1822, to the administrator to be divided equally among the five following persons or their reps as legatees, all others having received their portions: James Wills [sic but this should be Jane], Martha Wills, Elizabeth Spears, the reps of Sarah Smith and the reps of Polley Spears decd.

The next are almost surely for interest in their brother William's lands which had just been distributed, notice the Shelton deed states 17a, and they were all recorded on the same date.
DB15-149 Chesley Daniel to Leonard Daniel, Int Est, recd May 1819
DB15-150 Jane Wills to Leonard Daniel, Int Est, recd May 1819
DB15-154 William Shelton to Leonard Daniel, 17a, recd May 1819
DB15-181 Matthew Wills and Martha to Leonard Daniel, ---a, recd ?26 --- 1819

More siblings signing over rights to brother William's estate:
DB16-11 James [M. in signature] Daniel of Cumberland to Leonard Daniel of Cumberland 31 Dec 1818, $500, all the interest and claim, he the said James Daniel or heirs hath or may have in the tract of land formerly belonging to William Daniel decd with all it's premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold free from the claim or claims, demand or demands of all person or persons whatever... signed James M. Daniel, wit B. J. Sandige, Abraham Daniel, recd 9 May 1820
DB16-24 Elias Wills to Leonard Daniel, Int Est, recd -- -- 1820
DB16-224 Abraham Daniel to Leonard Daniel 17a Dec 1821

DB16-494 Abraham Daniel & ND to John D. Garrett 60 2/8a 23 Jul 1822
Abraham had inherited 50 5/8a from his father, and he had already sold his 17a from William's estate, there's a 9 5/8a discrepancy here to be discovered and resolved.

DB20-293 James Daniel of Amhurst to Leonard Daniel of Cumberland 4 Aug 1831, $120, his full and intere landed [sic] Interest now in the dower of Mary Daniel mother of said James and Leonard, lying and being in the county of Cumberland...wit Wm Montague, Thomas Montague, John Daniel, Leonard Daniel, recd 28 Nov 1831.

More info to come! There are many more deeds and probate records regarding these Daniel lands still to be added!

This is a segment from the 1864 "Map of Cumberland Co. Virginia : Surveyed and drawn under the direction of Capt. A.H. Campbell Chf Topogl. Dept. Div No Va. / By Charles E. Cassell Lieut. Engr. P.A.C.S. Commdg. Party" taken from United States Military Academy at West Point Library Digital Collections. You can control and view more of the map here.
I have turned the map but it's still not quite oriented correctly.

Daniel's Island is now called Boatwright's Island. The two names directly to the east of the island are A. J. Fleming and J. G. Danields [sic].

I believe the A. J. Fleming should be A. V. Fleming for Americus V. Fleming. He was the son of Carr Fleming who bought some of the Daniel land in 1856 and 1858 (fuller descriptions still to come). Americus V. Fleming married Susan M. Daniel the daughter of Robert and Louisa B. Daniel, the son of Leonard and Polly (Spears) Daniel, the son of Abraham and Mary Daniel, son of James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel.

The John G. Daniel is the son of Abraham and Nancy (Garrett) Daniel, son of Abraham and Mary Daniel, son of James and Jane (Hicks) Daniel.

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I have only put sources that yielded info specific to this page; there are many more sources with information about the Daniel family in these places and times.

VA Patent Books available at Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys (Library of Virginia)

VA Goochland Deeds, various volumes available on film from LDS

LDS film 1889151 #1-2 VA Albemarle Surveyor's books, 1750-1755, 1791-1853
Albemarle County, Virginia surveyor's plat book, 1744-1755 abstracted and compiled by Chester R. Johnson
VA Albemarle Deeds, various volumes available on film from LDS
Historic Roads of VA, Albemarle County Road Orders 1744-1748 by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett
LDS film 30212 VA Albemarle Will Bk #2 with Inventories & Accounts 1752-1785

VA Cumberland Deeds, various volumes available on film from LDS
LDS film 2024521 VA Cumberland County Personal Property Tax Books 1782-1807, 1809-1844 - The 1791 Tax lists, B list p.4 - The 1800 Tax lists p. 7 - The 1800 Tax lists p. 8
LDS film 1929527 VA Cumberland Index to Wills, this is also on film 30737
VA Cumberland Wills, various volumes available on film from LDS
VA Chancery Records, available at Virginia Memory: Chancery Records Index (Library of Virginia)
United States Military Academy at West Point Library

Buckingham County VA Surveyor's Plat Book 1762-1858 by Eric G. Grundset 1983
LDS film 1907144 #2-3 VA Buckingham Surveyors Platt Book 1762-1814, also on film 30685
Genealogical Records of Buckingham County VA by Edythe Rucker Whitley 1984
LDS film 29901 VA Buckingham Land Tax Books 1782-1803

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