Virginia Susan (Goode) Coy (1829 - 1892)
Mollie Bett (Coy) Norton (1868 - 1941)

This photo was identified by my cousin as possibly Mollie's mother-in-law, Mrs. Norton. However, I'm fairly sure now it is actually Mollie's mother, Virginia Susan (Goode) Coy. James Norton, Mollie's first husband came to Texas via his railroad job, and every relative who knew the family said that he was alone and that no one knew anything about his family. On the other hand, Virginia Susan Goode Coy did spend her last years in Grayson with her children. A Coy-line cousin, Judie Cook, sent me a picture of another of Virginia's daughters (Laura) and the absolute resemblances to this picture of Virginia just firm up that this must be Virginia Susan Goode Coy.

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