Stingray Point

The marker says:
"Capt. John Smith led two exploratory voyages in Chesapeake Bay during the summer of 1608. His boat ran aground at the mouth of the Rappahannock River three miles east, on 17 July. While awaiting high tide to float the vessel, he and his men impaled fish with their swords and Smith speared a cow-nose ray that sank its tail spine into his wrist as he tried to remove it. The toxin swelled Smith's arm, shoulder and chest but surgeon Walter Russell applied soothing oil and by evening Smith was well enough to eat the ray for supper. He named the place Stingray Point."

Stingray Point Launch Area

The launch area is at the end of General Puller Highway (Hwy 33); it's a very quiet and small area. There are great pictures of the drive to the launch at Windsurf Resource.

On the other side of the cape is

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