Daniel Entries from
Middlesex County, Virginia
Wills and Inventories 1673-1812
and Other Court Papers

by William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989

The opening number in each entry is the page number in Hopkins' book.
I've definitely abbreviated more than he.
I've added the newstyle years in brackets, e.g. 5 Feb 1743[44].
I've looked at most of these originals (well, all the early stuff) and made some comments or observations here in [straight brackets]. I've put *** where these records show a contradiction or different line-up of families from the traditional write-ups.

Regrettably, there is much info on the married daughters of these families but I did not look for or extract it. Occasionally I caught an entry that I knew was a daughter.

There are other Daniel entries in the court records, Hopkins' book only extracts records of wills, inventories, vital records, and other records that show genealogical links.

The Courthouses of Middlesex:
Pictures of my visit to the Middlesex Courthouses with more information on the Daniel family involvement
and a history of the first courthouses.

Table of Contents
Chancery Suits: Court Papers 1754-1791
Court Papers, 1754 (Oct) - 1758 (Oct)
Misc Recds of Marriages, Births & Deaths 1663-1763
Surveys 1735-1807
Order Book #1 (Deeds and Wills) 1673-1680 [no Daniel here]
Wills 1675-1798, pts 1 & 2
Will Book A 1698-1713
Will Book B 1713-1734, part 1
Will Book B 1713-1734, part 2
Will Book C 1740-1743
Will Book D 1748-1760
Will Book E 1760-1772
Will Book F 1772-1787
Will Book G 1787-1793
Orders 1758-1767 Part 2 (Includes Wills 1794-1795)
Wills 1795-1798
Will Book 2 1799-1812
Order Book 2 1680-1694
Order Book 3 1694-1705
[there's no order book 4]
Order Book 5 1710-1726
Order Book 6 1721-1726
Orders 1732-1737
Orders 1740-1744
Orders 1782-1783
Wills Found in Other Sources [no Daniel here]

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(James Daniel, 1747-1820, by the record evidence and now by a perfect dna match is proved to be the son of James 1709-1760 and Jane Hicks, son of Robert d.1720 and Margaret Price, son of Capt. William Daniell of Middlesex d.1698)
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Chancery Suits: Court Papers 1754-1791

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Yarrington v. Jones - 1754 (Oct)
Surv of 146 3/4a in Christ Church Par bought by John Yarrington fr Thomas Jones of King William co. William Parry, Survr, Daniel Parriot and William Daniell, ch car. Samuel Woods' house is in the center of the plat. 4 May 1754.
John Montague, aged 20, state that his father, Capt. William Montaque [sic], decd, told him that he had tried to purchase 20a of the above land from John Yarrington. 6 May 1754

Snodgrass v. Daniel - 1767 (Aug)
William Snodgrass, merchant of Essex co, v. James Daniel, merchant. 3 Oct 1765
On 21 Jan 1764, James Daniel bought a number of slaves and 490a in Middlesex co fr William Snodgrass.
Account of James Daniel mentions John Sadler (12 Nov 1764), Mrs. Elizabeth Wyllie (14 Jul 1766), John Segar (6 Aug 1766), Henry Mitchell (9oct 1766) and Mr. Cosby and Mr. Thurston in Dec 1766.

Churchill v. Stevens - 1768 (Apr)
William Churchill and John Churchill state that on 1 Aug 1758 John Churchill was apptd gdn of william Stevens, orphan of John Stevens. William Hackney was the former gdn of William Stevens. Soon after 1 Aug 1758, John Churchill moved to Fauquier co and has lived there since that time. On 7 Aug 1765, William Stevens sued William Churchill and John Churchill. 6 Jan 1768
Acct of John Churchill for William Stevens shows payment to John Kelsha on 13 Mar 1757.
Bond of William Churchill and Augustine Smith dated 3 Nov 1767. wit Overton Cosby and John Daniel.

Kidd v. Daniel - 1769 (Jan)
Edmund Kidd v. James Daniel. 8 Aug 1767

Blackburn v. Blackburn and Sanders - 1769 (Nov)
William Blackburn, under 21, by John Semple, Gent., his gdn, states that his fa William Blackburn, died in 1748 leaving issue to wit William Blackburn, the eldest son, and Roger Blackburn and Mary Blackburn, both of tender years. In his will dated 16 Nov 1748, William Blackburn left his widow Mary Blackburn as Executrix. Mrs. Mary Blackburn is now Mrs. Mary Sanders, wf of Thomas Sanders. Jul 1764
Mary Saunders [sic] answers that she dealt with Mr. Robert Daniel of Middlesex co for most of the necessities for her family after her husband's death. Her bro transacted most of the business of the plantation until his death. [no date]
Andrew Davis, Thomas Layton, George Davis and Rober Blackburn testify for William Blackburn against Thomas Sanders and Mary Sanders his wife. Apr 1767.
William Hackney, aged 50, states that Churchill Jones conducted the platation business for Mrs. Mary Blackburn until his death and that his accts were destroyed whtn the house of Col. William Churchill, Exor of Churchill Jones, burned. David Barrach, aged 56, states that he was acquainted with the plantation of William Blackburn, decd. He names Churchill Jones as the bro of Mrs. Mary Blackburn. 6 May 1767.

George and Kidd v. Daniel's Exors - 1773 (May)
In Middlesex co, John Yarrinton [sic], aged 46, states that John Daniel, decd., told him that he had asked to see the line between hinself [sic] and James Kidd. A platt had been made for Lewis Dudley on 15 Apr 1772 and showed a line of John George. 28 Jul 1772.
Summons to Lewis Dudley and Frances Dudley his wf, Elizabeth Daniel relict of John Daniel, decd., John Daniel by George Daniel, Gent., his gdn Heir and devisee of the sd John Daniel, decd., James Gregori and George Loremer, exors of John Daniel, decd., to answer suit against them by John George and James Kidd. 2 Oct 1772.

***[this next is a major reworking of Henry Daniel]
Shepherd v. Daniels - 1773 (May)
Henry Shepherd and Mary Shepherd his wf (one of the chn and Legatees of Henry Daniel, decd.) state that Henry Daniel made a will on 17 Mar 1764 and left to his dau Mary Shepherd. His wife, Betty Daniel, was named executrix with friend, Lewis Montague, Gent, as Exor. Henry Shepherd had married Mary Daniel before the death of her father. Jan 1769.
Division of the est of Henry Daniel. The legatees are Peter Kempe, George Daniel, Robert Daniel, Henry Daniel, John Price, Henry Shepherd and Nelson Daniel. 14 Nov 1772.

George, etc. v. Dudley & Exors - 1773 (Jun)
Bond of John Daniel to James Kidd for 100a of land in Middlesex co being part of a tract purch by John Daniel from Lewis Dudley. wit John Yarrington, Ambrose Walden and Thomas Segar. 28 Apr 1772.
John George and James Kidd state that John Daniel, decd., was to convey to John George a certain tract held by John George's wife as her dower. Lewis Dudley's wife received her land from her brother, John Alden, decd., whose widow was the wife of John George. John Daniel died and left his wife, Betty Daniel, all of the land he purchased of Lewis Dudley. He also named his son, John Daniel, who was then under 21 years of age. Lewis Dudley and his wf, Frances Dudley, are also part of the suit. [no date]

George v. Daniel Exors - 1773 (Jun)
John George and James Kidd sue over land sold by John Daniel, decd. Mention is made of Lewis Dudley's wf who received the land from John Alden whose widow became the wf of John George. [no date]

Daniel's Exors v. Batchelder etc. - 1773 (Sep)
Summons to Elizabeth Batchelder, admx of John Batchelder, decd. and Carter Batchelder, Heir at Law of the sd John Batchelder, decd. to answer George Daniel and Beverly Daniel, Exors of Robert Daniel. 7 Feb 1773
George Daniel and Beverley state that in 1767, John Batchelder of Christ Church Parish sold Robert Daniel 300a adjoining William Roane. Since that time, John Batchelder has died intestate leaving Carter Batchelder, under age 21, as his son and heir and Elizabeth Batchelder, his widow. [no date]

Robinson v. Laughlin, etc. - 1774 (Feb)
[Sorry, this one's too long, so here's my short version: This is heirs filing suit in Feb 1772, they are chn and grandchn of Thomas Laughlin who d. 1771. It's a long list of Robinson, Stringer, Batchelder, Valentin, Kemp, Laughlin heirs. In the account of the estate [probably meaning sales and buyers] of Thomas Laughlin is another long list in 1771, one of whom is George Daniel and later William Daniel. This was filed 24 Aug 1772. At that same time James Mills, Augustine Smith, Maurice Smith, George Daniel and George Bird were to divide the estate.]

Daniel v. Meacham - 1788 (Mar)
Milly Daniel, gdn of Lucy Daniel an Infant under 21, sues Laurence Meacham and Frances Meacham his wife, Thomas Healy and Sarah Healy his wife, William Owen and Jane Owen his wife, William George and Anne George his wife and Mary Batchelder. 28 Jul 1786
Lucy Daniel, an Infant, states that George Daniel and Beverly Daniel, Executors of Robert Daniel, decd., sued Elizabeth Batchelder, Administratrix of John Batchelder, decd., and Carter Batchelder, Heir at Law of John Batchelder, decd., by John Power his guardian. On 14 Aug 1767, John Batchelder sold Robert Daniel 300a in Christ Church Parish. John Batchelder died intestate leaving Carter Batchelder as his Heir at Law and Elizabeth Batchelder as his widow. Robert Daniel died leaving a will. John Batchelder, Heir at Law, died leaving Frances Batchelder, Sarah Batchelder, Jane Batchelder, Anne Batchelder and Mary Batchelder. Beverely [sic] Daniel made his will and left to his daus on 21 Sep 1781 viz Lucy Daniel and Frances Anne Travis Daniel (she has since died unmarried and without issue). [no date]

***[next] So John Daniel had Overton Daniel by Elizabeth Rice.
Jacobs v. Lee - 1789 (Nov)
Benjamin Jacobs and Betty Jacobs v. James Lee, adm de bonis non of Hannah Gill, decd. 10 Oct 1787. Benjamin Jacobs and Betty Jacobs state that Hannah Gill d. intestate and w/o issue. Benjamin and Betty Jacobs are the children of Betty Jacobs, sister of Hannah Gill, and her husband Nicholas Jacobs. Hannah Rice, Elizabeth Rice, George Rice and Nelson Rice were the chn of Jacob Rice, a brother of Hannah Gill. All of the Rice chn are dead as infants except Elizabeth Rice who married John Daniel and he was named as adm of the est of Hannah Gill, decd. John Daniel died intestate leaving one son, Overton Daniel, and his widow Elizabeth (Rice) Daniel. Mrs. Elizabeth Rice Daniel then married James Lee, became Elizabeth Lee and she is now dead. 10 Oct 1787
John Ross deposes that Nelson Rice died at his house some time before the war. Richard Bristow deposes that Benjamin Jacobs and Elizabeth Jacobs are the only chn of Elizabeth Jacobs, dec. (who was Elizabeth Rice) and that Betty Jacobs and Jacob Rice were the only brother and sister of Hannah Gill who had neither father or mother living at the time of her death. Tobins Allen deposes that Hannah Rice md. Alexander Gill and that Jacob Rice and Betty Rice were both dead before Hannah Gill. James Deagle deposes. Henry Chowning deposes that 3 Apr 1777 was the date of the sale of Hannah Gill's estate. Thomas Segar deposes that he was at the sale of Alexander Gill's est, that he was an appraiser of Hannah Gill's est and that Mr. John Daniel and Mrs. Daniel bought a slave at the est sale. Samuel Brookes deposes that on 1 Jan 1781 he heard Mr. George Lorimer at the house of Benjamin Kidd tell James Lee that he had money belonging to Benjamin Jacobs who was then in the service of the sd Lorimer. (their depos were taken in the Town of Urbanna at the Counting House of Overton Cosby & Co.) 8 Aug 1789 James Lee states that Mrs. Hannah Gill d. in Feb 1771 intestate and w/o issue. John Daniel md. Elizabeth Rice in 1767 and d. in Apr 1772 leaving one son, Overton Daniel. In Jan 1774, James Lee md. Elizabeth (Rice) Daniel. Sworn before Thomas Segar. 11 Nov 1788

Cosby v. Sanders - 1790 (May)
[My short notes: this is long and doesn't seem to reveal any family. Lunsford Daniel is in a list of Bonds handed in 11 Feb 1788 in a suit involving a debt of George Sanders decd. to Overton Cosby and James Gregory, surviving partners of James Mills & Co.

Court Papers, 1754 (Oct) - 1758 (Oct)

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[There are no page numbers given for these cases.]

15 = 1754 (Oct) Mary Horseley complains of Joseph Eggleston that on 8 Jan 1752 in Christ Church Parish he agreed to purchase a number of cakes from her. Charles Moulson testifies. Jury: Andrew Davis, William Meacham, Benjamin Rhodes, Henry Daniel, John Bryant, George Daniel, Thomas Berry, John Lewis, Richard Blackley, Maurice Smith and Thomas Laughlin.

15 = 24 Jul 1754 Robert Daniel, merchant, complains of Mourning Richards.

"Ended Cases"
16 = 1755 (Apr) William Jordan and Richard Barnes, merchants of Richmond CO (Lunenburg Parish), v. Robert Elliott, merchant. Jury: James Gibbson, John Falkner, John Lewis, William Hackney, Maurice Smith, William Bristow, Daniel Stringer, Neadles Hill, William Meacham, George Daniel, Meacham Fearn and Benjamin Rhodes (?). Wit: Francis Randall, Richard Browne, and Dr. John Symonds.

16 = 2 April 1755 James Gibbs, ship carpenter, states that he helped build a sloop for Zachariah Mason. Wit: John Kemp Stone, John Gordon, Thomas Whitley, Robert Murray, Gawin Lowry and Thomas Parmer. Jury: Massey Yarrington, John Berry, Henry Batchelder, John Stampher, James Bristow, William Millor, Robert Daniel, John Taylor, John Thurston, Thomas Brumwell, John Murray and Needles Hill.

17 = 2 Apr 1755 Thomas Whitley v. Benjamin Rhodes, exr of John Rhodes, Jr., decd. Jury: Massey Yarrington, John Berry, Henry Batchelder, John Stampher, James Bristow, Charles Miller, Sr., Robert Daniel, Sr., John Taylor, Robert Murray, John Thurston, Thomas Brumwell and John Murray.

18 = [no date in book] Beverley Stanard, son and Heir of William Stanard, Gent., decd., v. Jane Daniel, Exor of George Guest, decd. George Guest sold William Stanard 100a that was part of a tract that his father, George Guest, has bought from James Atwood on 26 Feb 1732. George Guest died the day that he made his will.

19 = 1751 Account kept by James Daniel in 1751 lists cash paid Francis Syekes for a coffin, William Moulson for rum, Capt. Thomas Price, Mr. Secretary Nelson, James Reed and Ralph Watts, Jr.

19 = 6 Aug 1755 John Segar, Jr. v. Ralph Watts, Sr. and Ralph Watts, Jr. Wit: Henry Daniel and John Brime, Jr.

19 = [no date] Mary Daniel, an infant under 21, by her father Robert Daniel v. Henry Shepherd and his wife Tabitha Shepherd because Tabiatha [sic] Shepherd has publicly accused Mary Daniel of stealing Henry Shepherd's shirt.

20 = 4 Dec 1755 John Smith and Robert Daniel examine the 1744 Estate Acct of Elizabeth Long, decd., and the sale cryed by Thomas Laughlin. William Long, William Robinson, William Jones and John Long are mentioned.

22 = [no date, near ones are 1755-56] Bond of Francis Sykes, chain maker, to Robert Elliott. Wit: William Moulson and James Daniel.

"Ended Cases"
24 = 29 Mar 1755 William Jones writes to James Daniel of Orange CO.

26 = 30 Nov 1757 Bond of Henry Street and James Daniel to James Richeson. Wit: Peacham George.

Misc Recds of Marriages, Births & Deaths 1663-1763

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29 Catherine Daniel, daughter of William Daniel and Susanna Daniel, born 29 Aug 1755
32 Robert Daniel, son of Robert Daniel and Lucy Daniel, born 1 Jan 1758
32 Ann Daniel, daughter of Richard Daniel and Ann Daniel, born 20 May 1758
35 John Daniel, son of John Daniel and Sarah Daniel, born 19 Oct 1760
35 Mary Daniel, daughter of William Daniel and Susanna Daniel, born 3 Jan 1762
35 Clary Daniel, daughter of Benjamin Daniel and Elizabeth Daniel, born 11 Aug 1762 [probably d. young, she's not in write-ups?]
36 James Daniel, son of John Daniel and Sarah Daniel, born 28 Dec 1762

Surveys 1735-1807

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38=p. 1-2 ... Order of court 6 Apr 1736...land between Col. ___ Corbin and Philemon Bird. Chaincarriers: James Daniel and William Daniel. Surveyor: Henry Thacker. 167a and 99a Corner to David Davis in Weeke's line, William Carter's patent, corner on Hedgcock, Thomas Carter.

38=p. 1-2 Amey Walker..21 Jun 1735.. 15 acres of King's land on north side of Main Road. Chaincarriers: Charles Daniel and Richard Jacob. Surveyor: henry [sic] Thacker. Adjoins John Hipkings, the Glebe, Esq. Wormeley.

39=p.9 6 Jun 1764 John Thilman of Caroline CO. 176a Entailed and in the possession of Charles Lee. CCs Charles Lee, Jr. and Lodowick Greenwood. Surveyor William Parry. Adjoins Daniels. recd 15 Jan 1773.

39=p.9 4 Jun 1764 Purchased of William Gardner. 130a. CCs John Stringer and Benjamin Daniel. Surveyor William Parry. Adj John George and William Owen. recd 16 Jan 1773.

39=p.12 25 Aug 1764 George Davis. 400a sold to William Owen. CCs Thomas Gill and William Daniel, Jr. Surveyor William Parry. Adj James Daniel, Daniel Stringer. recd 4 Feb 1773.

40=p.13 21 Nov 1765 Maj. Robert Daniel & Co. 125a. Adj Wormeley, the Dragon Run, Murray's Mill Swamp. recd 10 Feb 1773.

40=p.16 21 May 1766 Rev. Thomas Smith and Gregory Smith. 560a. CCs Samuel Wortham and William Daniel, Jr. Surveyor William Parry. Adj My Lady's Bridge, Peankatank River and Wormeley. recd 6 Jun 1773.

40=p.17 19 Aug 1767 10a, the Prison Bounds in Town of Urbanna. Adj Courthouse, Prison, Warehouse, Houses of Mr. Robert Spratt, Mr. John Daniel and Mrs. Jean Meacham, and Rose Hill Creek. recd 17 --- 1773.

41=p.19 24 may 1768 Hon. Richard Corbin. 1300a purchased by him of the Rev. Thomas Price. CCs John Lee and William Lee. Surveyor william Parry. Adj Annis' Branch, Benjamin Williams, Samuel Daniel, Mr. Yates, Richard George, Amerson, Godby. recd 16 Jul 1773.

41=p.20 [no date] William Daniel. 600a of Intailed Land. Adj Alexander Smith. CCs Oliver Daniel and William Bristow. (Plat is divided in two equal parts as Alexander Murray's Land and William Lyall's Land. recd Jul 1773).
***This info given by Hopkins above is way off, referring to another plat. William Daniel's survey is for 48a of intailed land and another 13 of King's land (actually part of the Dragon Swamp]. Oliver Daniel, Wm Bristow CC. date of survey not legible, but in 1768-1769 are based on near plats, recorded in Jul 1773. This turns out to be Capt. William Daniel's original land, before being sold in 1772. See Locating the Daniel Lands in Middlesex for more info and a picture of the plat.

41=p.21 14 -- 1769 Capt. George Daniel. 192a of Intailed Land (Divided into three sections: 76a to Robert Daniel, 58a to Betty Kemp and 58a to Robert Daniel.) CCs Robert Daniel, Jr. and Josiah Daniel. Surveyor William Parry. Adj the Briery Swamp, Charles Lee, Davis and Robert Daniel the Elder. recd 24 Jul 1773.

41=p.22 14 Apr 1770 William Bird. 300a he purchased of Henry Daniel. CCs Robert Daniel, Jr. and James Collins. Surveyor William Parry. Adj Rachel Brookes, Corbin, Curtis Hardee, Latane Montague.

42=p.27 15 Apr 1772 Lewis Dudley. 754a. CCs William Daniel and Edward Bristow, Jr. Surveyor John Yarrington. Adj Thacker, Berry, James Kidd, Joseph Tuggle, James Patterson, Robert Thurston, Mrs. Thacker, Alden, Piping Spring Swamp and Ruff Swamp.

43=p.32 20 Apr 1774 John Batchelder 346a. (Note states that there is included in this plat 10a of meadow land before purchased of the said John Batchelder by Maj. Robert Daniel, decd. Within these black lines is the Widow's Dower of 100a assigner her on 16 Apr 1776.) This torn page shows land of Beverley Daniel, Mrs. Roan and Dragon Swamp.

43=p.32 16 Jan 1772 Mrs. ---- Roane (had by Mrs. Ann Daniel, decd.) 188a. Land is opposite to Beverley Daniel's house, on the side of the Dragon Swamp and Mr. Murray's Mill.

43=p.33 -- Nov 1774. [no name in book] 414a. Adj Rappahanncok [sic] River, the Great Swamp, William Montague, William Southern and Joseph Minton. Surveyor Beverley Daniel.

44=p.36 29 Sep 1785 Robert Daniel, decd. 185 3/4a with 63a for the widow, Sarah Cloud. Adj Robert Daniel and James Campbell, Charles Lee and Thomas Brookes, the two Brothers. Wit Henry Vass, Philip Montague and Churchill Blakey.

44=p.40 1 Jun 1792 Mr. Lunsford Daniel 41a. CCs William Shackleford and Charles Daniel. Surveyor Leonard George. Adj Turner and Shackleford.

45=p.49 27 Nov 1807 For Henry Hefferman, Esq. trustee of George S. Daniel and consent of Dawson Hudgins. 69 3/8a. Adj Grymes and Wormley. Furveyor James Healey.

Order Book #1 (Deeds and Wills) 1673-1680

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no Daniel

Wills 1675-1798, pts 1 & 2
(made up from loose court papers and many are very difficult to read as photocopies and impossible to read on microfilm.)

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50=p.11: William Blackburn (Blackford?)....24 May 1680/____.... My land lord, Thomas Kidd. Goddaughter Elizabeth Kidd. Thomas Kidd, Jr. (under 16). John Daniell. Wit: Thomas Platt and Ad___ Rannalls.

50=p. 21: Thomas Williams....30 Jul 1683/6 Oct 1684.... Son Edward Williams. Exor: Wife Bridgett Williams. Wit: Oswald Cary, William Daniell and Christopher Robinson.

51=p.25: Thomas Cordwell....12 May 1685/6 Jul 1685.... Wife Mary Cordwell. Two daughters Ann Cordwell (underage) and Penelopy Cordwell. Thomas Basket. Son in law John Basket. Son in law Ralph Masey. Wit: Daniel Long, Elizabeth Wood and William Danniell, Jr.

53=p.69: John Vaus....8 Sep 1691/5 Oct 1691.... Wife Elizabeth Vaus. English boy named Paul Derhany. Daughter Agatha Vaus (underage). nephew William Daniell, son of my sister Constance Daniell. Nephews and nieces James Curtis, Aberilla Curtis and Chichester Curtis, the children of my sister Elizabeth Curtis. Nephew Christopher Robinson. Exor: Wife. Wit: Christopher Robinson, Abraham Weekes and William Lyall.

54=p.77 John Wortham....6 Jun 1692/1 Aug 1692.... Son George Wortham 200 acres. Son Oswald Wortham the rest of my land. Daughter Elizabeth Wortham. Wife Jane Wortham. "My own children". A negro named Boy belonging to the children of Roger Shackelford, decd. Exor: son George Wortham. Overseers: Capt. William Daniell and Mr. Richard Robinson. Wit: William Downing, Sr., William Downing, Jr. and Robert Humphery.

55=p.101 Alexander Smith.... 5 Jan 1695[96]/6 Apr 1696.... Only son John Smith "all of my land". Trustees: Maurice Cock and William Wyatt of King & Queen Co. Wit: Capt. William Daniell, John Vivion, Andrew Willson and Thomas Steel. [It doesn't say Capt. on the sig, only on the notice of oath for probate.]

57=p.120 William Daniell, Sr.... 8 Oct 1694/3 Oct 1698.... Son William Daniell 150 acres whereon he now lives and 100 acres bought by me of Mr. Christopher Robinson. Son Robert Daniell 150 acres whereon he now lives adjoining Thomas Cordwell. Son Richard Daniell. Son James Daniell. Daughters viz Agatha Daniell, Catherine Daniell, Elizabeth Daniell and Ann Daniell. Wife Jacobed Daniell. Two youngest daughters Elizabeth Daniell and Ann Daniell. Benjamin Thatcher. Exors: Wife and sons Richard Daniell and James Daniell. Overseers Maurice Cock and John Smith, Sr. Wit: John Walker, Benjamin Thatcher, Thomas Sears (?) and William Downey.

Will Book A 1698-1713

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59=p.41 Elizabeth Boseley.... 10 May 1700/11 Nov 1700.... Daughter Frances Nash 1/3 of estate left by my husband Jacob Boseley, decd. Daughter Hannah Boseley. Mr. Robert Daniel to be guardian to daughter Frances Nash until she is 21. Mr. Robert George to be guardian to Hannah Boseley until she is 21. Exors: Two daughters. Wit Paul Thilman and John Kersey.

59=p.47 James Blaise.... 10 Dec 1700/3 Feb 1700[01].... wife Elizabeth Blaise. Cousin Mary Osband. cousin Agatha Vause. Catherine Lidford. Land whereon Mr. Maurice Cock, decd., did live. Two cousins Mary [Vause] and Agatha [Vause] [the straight brackets are in this abstracts as shown] to have 2 years schooling. Garrot Minor and Jane Smith to "live with my wife providing said Garrot doth not marry". Trustees: Garwin Corbin and Mr. Edwin Thacker. Wit: William Daniell, Garritt Minor and Christopher Barnard.

60=p.55 3 Feb 1700[01] Inv of Estate Richard Willis, Gent.,... Debts owed to...Richard Daniell....

62=p. 141 5 Feb 1702[03] Inv of Estate Tobias Mickleburrough, Gent., decd.... List of debts due the estate include....Richard Daniell....

63=p.166 Joane Deverdell.... 22 Sep 1703/7 Aug 1704.... Son in law John Micham. Wit: William Daniell, John Bristow and William Ryon.

63=p.169 John Vivion.... 14 Mar 1705/4 Jun 1705....Sons Charles Vivion and John Vivion. Daughter Margaret Daniell. Daughter Diana Vivion. Son Thomas Vivion. wife's granddaughter Anne Smith. Wife Christian Vivion. Daughter Diana Vivion and son Thomas Vivion underage. Exors: Son John Vivion and brother Thomas Smith. Wit: Sarah Batchelder and John Smith.

65=p.205 5 Apr 1708 Inv of Estate of John Goodwin, decd., sworn to by Capt. Robert Daniel for Garrett Minor, administrator.

65=p.211 George Gest.... 12 May 1708/7 Mar 1709.... wife Mary Gest. Son George Gest and daughter Elizabeth Trigg. Thomas Burk and his wife. Elizabeth Burk. Abraham Trigg as long as he lives and his wife lives. Exor: Wife. Wit: William Daniell, Mary Daniell and William Daniell, Jr.

69=p.9 [still says will book A, the pages start at 1 again after p. 251] 2 Sep 1712 Deposition of William Daniel states that he wrote the will of Mr. John Mitcham (Meacham?) a little before he married the widow Brime and that he left his son James Meacham as executor and divided the land he lived on between James Meacham and his brother Daniel Meacham and a parcel of land to his youngest son joining upon his son Joseph Mitcham (Meacham) and negroes to his three sons.

70=p.16 David Davis.... 20 Jan 1709[10]/3 Mar 1712.... Son John Davis my plantation. David Davis all the rest of my land. William Davis. John Davis' part to Matthew Davis and William Davis. Matthew Davis. Daughter Katherine Davis. Wife Mary Davis. Wit: William Daniel, Mary Goodlow and James Meacham.

Will Book B 1713-1734, part 1

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71=p.11 Mary Davis.... 1 Mar 1709[10]/6 Apr 1714.... All my children and friend, Mr. William Daniel, Sr., to put them in convenient places. Son Davies Davis to go to William Daniel until he comes of age. Son William Davis and daughter Mary Davis. Exor: William Daniel. Wit: Susanna Carter and Matthew Davis.

73=p.44 4 Oct 1715 Inv Est ***Richard Davis, decd., by James Daniel.[***NO!!!, Hopkins book in error - these are two separate lists of inventory that had come into the hands of Richard Daniell and James Daniell from the estate of William Daniell. They included the legacies that were left in William's will of 1694, proved 1698. Richard's list included "to my Legasy one old tropping Sadel pistols & holsters" (the will said "to my Loving Sone Richard Daniell My Saddle Pistols & houlsters"), James' list included "to my legasy a Cow and goon [sic]" (the will said "to my Loving Sone James Daniell one Cow & Calfe & a Gun".]

73=p.51 John Bristow....20 Feb 1716/6 Nov 1716.... Son Nicholas Bristow. Daughter Anne Bristow. Grandson John Bristow, son of Thomas Bristow. William Owen, son of Michael Owen. Son William Bristow. Son James Bristow. Wife Mary Bristow and children. Exors: Sons Nicholas Bristow and James Bristow. Wit: William Daniell, William Daniell, Jr. and Mary Rice.

75=p.95 William Tinny.... 21 May 1717/7 Oct 1718.... Daughter Ann Hallard. Son William Tinny. Mary Tinny. Catherine Tinny. Exor: Wife Honour Tinny. Wit: William Daniell, Jr. and Mary Rice.

78=p.161 Hugh Watts.... 13 Sep 1720/7 Feb 1720[21].... Daughters Elizabeth Watts and Ann Watts. Grandchildren Agatha Watts and John Watts. Godson William Daniel. Wife Joana Watts. Wit: John Linndle, Elizabeth Daniell and Richard Daniell.

78=p.164 Robert Daniell.... 23 Dec 1720/7 Mar 1720[21].... Two sons Robert Daniell and James Daniell. Sons Henry Daniell and Garrett Daniell. Daughter Jane Segar. Exors: Wife Margaret Daniell and my son James Daniell. Wit: John Bryant, Mary Hunt and John Owen.

78=p.167 Sarah Batchelder.... 30 Sep 1720/7 Mar 1720[21].... Sons William Batchelder, Samuel Batchelder and James Batchelder. Catherine Batchelder. Sarah Daniel. Wit: Stokley Towles, John Burk and Richard Moulson.

Will Book B 1713-1734, part 2

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[the book left out p. 203/4 which is the first inv of Robert Daniel by Margaret]

80=p.p.233 7 Nov 1721 Margarett Daniell adds to the inventory of her husband, Robert Daniell.

80=p.238 Marvil Moseley.... 13 Feb 1720[21]/6 Mar 1721.... Son Marvil Moseley. Son John Moseley. Granddaughter Sarah Moseley the daughter of John Moseley and Mary Moseley. Granddaughter Elizabeth Daniell. Grandson Moseley Daniell. Grandchildren Mary Daniel, Ann Daniel and Agatha Daniel. Jane Stapleton. Exors: Sons Marvil Moseley and John Moseley. Wit: John Seagar, John Evin (?) and Martha Tugel.

81=p.267 William Daniell.... 27 Feb 1722[23]/2 Jul 1723.... Son William Daniell. Daughters Elizabeth Daniell, Mary Daniell, Ann Daniell and Agatha Daniell. Sons Moseley Daniell, John Daniell, Robert Daniell and Obadiah Daniell. Exors: Sons. (Youngest daughters viz Mary, Ann and Agatha Daniell to live at Jemeco until they marry under the care of their uncle, John Moseley.) Wit: David George, John George and Ann Gardner.

81=p.270 William Daniell.... 16 Aug 1723/3 Dec 1723.... Son James Daniel (under 21). Eldest daughter Jane (Jeane?) Daniell. Youngest daughter Constant Daniell (under 18). Trustee: Cousin Robert Daniell and Mrs. Daniell. Wit: Garritt Daniell, Elizabeth Daniell and Joseph Hardee.

86=p.333 John Smith.... 1 Nov 1727/2 Jan 1727[28].... Brother James Smith. Nephew John Smith. Nephew William Smith land and plantation. Niece Phebe Lawson when she is of age. Niece Phebe Daniel when she comes of age. Niece Elizabeth Smith when she is of age. Niece Jane Smith when she is of age. Niece Ann Smith, daughter of my brother James Smith. Neice Margaret Smith, daughter of my brother James Smith. Mary Freeston, daughter of George Freeston, decd. Three nephews viz Cary Smith, William Smith and Oswald Smith and Dinah Smith when they come of age. Exors: Said three nephews and William Lawson. Wit: Edward Clark, Edward Smith and William Bristow.

89=p.366 Richard Moulson.... 3 Apr 1730/5 May 1730.... Wife (not named) and her three children. Son William Moulson. Exors: Wife, friend Alexander Frazier, Stockley Towles and Garrett Daniel. Wit: Jerome Armor, Robert Dickson and Matthew Hopkins. (will probated by Jane Moulson, one of the executors.)

90=p.399 1 May 1733 Inv of est of William Chessell, decd., by Garret Daniel, adm.

Will Book C 1740-1743

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92=p.27 Robert Brown....29 Mar 1741/7 Apr 1741.... Sarah Owen, dau of William Owen, decd. Sarah Lee, dau of Thomas Lee. Reuben Shelton, son of Thomas Shelton. Hannah Buford, dau of William Buford. Charles Perrott and Frances Perrott, son and dau of Curtis Perrott, decd. Pleasant Wakefield, an orphan under my care, to be taught the trade of carpenter. Residue of my est between the chn of my bro Curtis Hardee and he is to be exec. wit James Campbell, Obediah Daniel and John Cole.

92=p.52 Garrett Daniel, gdn to John Segar, orphan of Oliver Segar, Gent., decd. 3 Nov 1741.

92=p.59 John Carter.... 24 Jan 1741[42]/6 Apr 1742.... Niece Sarah Rice. Brother Robert Daniel. Brother Joseph Carter. Brother Mark Wheeler for schooling of his children. Children of brother Robert Daniel. Nephew William Carter for schooling for his children. James Cole. Sister Elizabeth Daniel. godson John Hardee. Exor: Wife Mary Carter.

92=p.70 Robert Daniel.... 12 Jun 1742/7 Sep 1742.... Son William Daniel. Son Robert Daniel. "Until all of my children are of age". Exors: Sons aforesaid. Wit: Charles Tyler, John Brookes and Mary Meacham.

93=p.72 William Bristow....20 Mar 1740/7 Dec 1742.... Wf Margaret Bristow. Son Charles Bristow. Dau Mical Bristow. Dau Ann Bristow. All my children viz Edward Bristow, William Bristow, Charles Bristow, Mical Bristow and Ann Bristow. Exec Wife. wit James Daniel, Vivion Daniel and Margaret Daniel.

93=p.73 7 Dec 1742 Division of est Curtis Perrot, decd, to Ann Perrott, decd., the widow of Curtis Perrott. Curtis Perrott, Charles Perrott, Daniel Perrott, Clara Marks the wife of William Marks, Avarilla Long the wife of William Long and Ann Perrott Agatha Perrott and Frances Perrott.

95=p.163 4 Apr 1744 - the 1741 acct by Garrett Daniel the guardian of John Segar, orphan of Oliver Segar, Gent.

95=p.175 Mary Bristow....2 Apr 1741/---1744....Dau Mary Ammon. Grandson William Daneill [sic]. Exor: My son Jedidiah Bristow. wit James Campbell, John Price and Mary Carter.

96=p.186 2 Feb 1744[45] William Daniel, admin of William Wallace, decd.

96=p.195 William Daniel, adm of Caleb Brooks, decd. 5 Mar 1744[45]

97=p.234 7 May 1745 Clara Daniel, admx of Garrett Daniel, decd.

97=p.251 Philip Brooks....----/4 Jun 1745....Eldest son Philip Brooks. Ex Son in law Edward Smith. wit Robert Daniel and William Daniel.

97=p.255 17 Jan 1745[46] Inv of est Garrett Daniel, decd. [this is probably an error for Jun, admin was in May, it's listed in a bunch of Jun-Jul entries]

98=p.292 Thomas Shaw....10 Nov 1741/7 Jan 1745[46]....Sons Thomas Shaw and William Shaw (underage) land bought of John Vivion and William Smith. Daus Ann Shaw and Mary Shaw. The child my wife now goes with. ex wf Mary Shaw and bro Samuel Shaw. wit Charles Daniel, John Amis and Humphrey Mackendree.

98=p.305 Nuncupative will of Mary Blakely....30 Jan 1745[46]/4 Feb 1745[46]....Dau Joanna Singin and her children. Grandson John Brame, Jr. with the balance of est to John Brame Sr. Admin grtd to John Brame Sr. wit Elizabeth Daniel.

[re next record**Robert seems to be listed as a son in writeups, also Josiah is given as dying as an infant, but....]
99=p.341 William Daniel....17 Nov 1746/3 Feb 1746[47]....Son in law Robert Daniel. Dau Lucy Daniel. Son Josiah Daniel my plantation...that part of Mr. Watt's land that came by his mother. Dau Agatha Daniel the land I bought of Eusebius Lewis. Land whereon old John Jones lives. Daus Sarah Daniel, Rachel Daniel, Ann Daniel and Frances Daniel. (All under 18). Bros Richard Daniel, Edward Bristow and James Cole. Sis Jochebed Jefferson. ex sons Josiah Daniel and Robert Daniel and my wf Ann Daniel. wit Henry Thacker, John Strachey, Judith Wortham and Anne Smith.

99=p.348 7 Apr 1747 William Daniel, adm Josiah Daniel, decd.

100=p.364 7 Jul 1747 Inv of est William Daniel by Robert Daniel ex.

100=p. 376 7 Jul 1747 Inv of est Josiah Daniel by Robert Daniel ex.

100=p.390 3 Nov 1747 Robert Daniel, gdn of Sarah Daniel, Rachel Daniel and Frances Daniel, orphans of William Daniel.

101=p.401 6 Jan 1747 acct of estates of Josiah Daniel, Agatha Daniel and Ann Daniel to their mother Mrs. Ann Daniel, Robert Daniel, Sarah Daniel, Rachel Daniel and Frances Daniel. 2 Feb 1747

102=p.432 James Daniel....18 Sep 1747/4 Oct 1748....Dau Rachel Daniel. Sons Peter Daniel and Charles Daniel. Daus Margaret Daniel and Susannah Daniel. Grandson James Mickleburrough. Granddau Margaret Mickleburrough. Sons James Daniel and Vivion Daniel after the death of my wife Margaret Daniel. Son John Daniel. Dau Phebey Daniel. Grandson Charles Daniel. ex wf. wit Joseph Eggleston and Thomas Laughlin.

Will Book D 1748-1760

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103=p.11 -- Apr 1749 Inv of William Daniel by Robert Daniel, ex.

103=p.12 7 Mar 1748[49] Inv of Josiah Daniel by Robert Daniel, adm.

105=p.120 Charles Bristow....22 Mar 1748/3 Jul 1750.... Two sisters Michel Bristow and Ann Dudley. ex bro William Bristow. wit Charles Daniel, Vivion Daniel and Nicholas Jacobs.

105=p.138 Margaret Daniell....27 Aug 1750/2 Oct 1750....Son Vivion Daniell my estate except 2 cows to son John Daniell. ex son Vivion Daniell. wit Charles Daniel, John Daniel and Jane Daniel.

105=p.155 George Gest....15 Apr 1749/1 Jan 1750[51].... son William Gest. My six chn viz Jane Sanford wf of William Sanford, Mary Gutthrey, Nelly Burton wf of James Burton, Mekiel Gest and James Gest. ex friend James Daniel. wit William Pain and James Amberson.

105=p.158 5 Feb 1750[51] Robert Daniel adm of Henry Brooks.

106=p.160 George Rice....2 Jan 1750[51]/5 Feb 1750[51]....bro James Rice and sis Elizabeth Rice. ex Robert Daniel. wit John Batchelder and Samuel Greenwood.

106=p.163 5 Feb 1750[51] James Daniel, gdn of William Gest, orph of George Gest.

106=p.172 2 Apr 1751 James Daniel, adm of John Hutton.

106-p.191 6 Aug 1751 Robert Daniel, adm of James Campbell.

106=p.200 6 Aug 1751 Sale of est of Henry George, decd. buyers: Richard Allen, John Brooks, Charles Moulson, George Daniel, Harry Sears, John Thurston, William Sadler, Francis Sykes, John Hardee, Daniel Stringer, Meacham George, William Lewis, Alexander Murray, Richard Overstreet, Katherine Jones, Samuel Greenwood, John Thurston Sr., Daniel Perrott, Henry Shepherd, Robert Linn, Katherine Street, John Creel, Perrott Prindle, John Williams, James Markham, William Cardwell, Elenor Dobs, James Campbell, Ralph Watts, William Daniel, George Bristow, William Meacham, Thomas Sears, Joshua Hardee, Henry Batchelder, John Smith, Hugh Macktyre, James Smith, Henry Street, John George.

107=p.214 5 Nov 1751 Inv of John Hutton by James Daniel.

107=p.229 5 May 1752 George Daniel adm of Charles Gunter.

107=p.231 5 May 1752 George Daniel, gdn to William Gunter, John Gunter and Charles Gunter, orphans of Charles Gunter.

108=p.285 Thomas Lee Sr....3 Nov 1752/3 Jul 1753....Sons Thomas Lee and John Lee. Four youngest chn viz Charles Lee, Sarah Lee, William Lee and Ann Lee. ex wf Ann Lee and son John Lee. wit James Daniel and George Lee.

109=p.320 10 Oct 1754 Maurice Smith, gdn to Anna Daniel, orphan of Garrett Daniel.

109=p.329 4 Feb 1755 Robert Daniel, gdn to Sarah Blake, orphan of John Blake.

110=p.332 2 Sep 1755 Sale of est of John Blake, decd., to: Sarah Blake, John Anderson, William Hiptinstall, John Neal, Jacob Blake, Joseph McCormack, John Wiat, John Wortham, James Hiptinstall, William Bristow, Samuel Bristow, Edward Bristow, John Dunleby, John Murray, George Anderson, John Deaton, Richard Daniel, William Humprhies [sic in this book], Thomas Laughlin, William Healy.

111=p.394 3 May 1757 George Daniel, gdn to Jane Guthrie and Anne guthrie, orphans of John Guthrie.

111=p.418 1 Nov 1757 James Daniel, gdn to Elizabeth Hutton and Milicent Hutton, orphans of John Hutton.

112=p.456 George Daniel....7 Apr 1758/4 Jul 1758....wf Mary Daniel. Son Nelson Daniel. Dau Molly Daniel. ex Brothers William Daniel and Robert Daniel and George Daniel. wit Henry Daniel and Betty Daniel

112=p.459 Elizabeth Smith....18 Sep 1756/4 Jul 1758....William Daniel, son of Richard Daniel when 21. John Daniel under 21. ex Richard Daniel. wit John Wortham, James Wortham and Samuel Wortham.

112=p.469 John Lewis....18 May 1758/5 Sep 1758....Three sons viz William Lewis, John Lewis and Thomas Lewis. wf Elizabeth Lewis. Daus Ann Lewis and Mary Lewis. ex wf and Robert Daniel. wit William Brooks, Sarah Tuggle, Elizabeth Lewis, Mary Brooks and Thomas Laughlin.

113=p.482 John Wortham....15 Jan 1757/6 Mar 1759....wf Judith Wortham during her widowhood. My seven chn viz James Wortham, Samuel Wortham, Judith Wortham, Mary Wortham, Elizabeth Wortham, Ann Wortham and Lucy Wortham. ex Son James Wortham and Meacham Fearn. wit Richard Daniel and Peter Clark.

113=p.513 7 Aug 1759 James Daniel adm of John Lee Sr., decd.

Will Book E 1760-1772

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115=p.38 1 Apr 1760 Robert Daniel adm of William Haley.

115=p.69 3 Jun 1760 Sarah Daniel, Richard Daniel and Lodowick Tuggle are exrs of Anne Tuggle, decd.

117=p.119 7 Jul 1761 John Daniel adm of John Oneal, decd.

119=p.165 1 Mar 1763 James Daniel adm of William Powell.

119=p.165 1 Mar 1763 William Daniel, gdn to Ann Guthrey, orphan of John Guthrey

119=p.186 James Reid, Urbanna. 31 Aug 1763 - 3 Jan 1764. To be buried near bro Adam Reid. David Ker, atty at law, my whole estate. sister Mrs. Jean Reid of ayr in Scotland. Sarah Daniel, wf of John Daniel. John Adair, son of Rose O'Neal. godson William Robinson, son of Maj. John Robinson. Exrs: Friends Richard Corbin, Christopher Robinson and David Ker. Codicil dated 13 Sep 1763. Wit John symmer, James Robb and Archibald Patison. James Mills and Charles Neilson.

120=p.193 John Williams. -- Jan 1764 - 3 Apr 1764. Son Benjamin Williams. Susanna thurston. Three daus viz Frances Williams, Anna Williams and Jane Williams. Exr William Daniel. Wit John Seward, John Seward, Jr. and John Brooks.

120=p.203 Christopher Curtis. 20 Dec 1763 - 6 Jun 1764. Land in Louisa CO to be sold and land rented in Caroline CO. Son James Curtis. Wife (not named) and all of my children (all underage). Exrs Christopher, Robinson, Robert Daniel and George Daniel. (Codicil says daus are not of age.)

120=p.206 William Williamson. 26 Mar 1762 - 5 Jan 1764. Son Benjamin Williamson. Son John Williamson one shilling. Three daus viz Avie Williamson, Elizabeth Williamson and Clara Williamson when of age. Exr Wife Mary Williamson. Wit James Daniel, William Daniel and Robert Thurston.

121=p.252 Henry Shepherd. 13 Aug 1760 - 2 Jul 1765. Wife Tabitha Shepherd. All my chn (not named). Exrs Wife and son Jeremiah Shepherd. Wit William Daniel, Ransome Sutherland and John George.

122=p.281 3 Mar 1767 Division of est of George Daniel, decd., to Henry Shepherd who married Mary Daniel the widow and Nelson Daniel by George Daniel his guardian.

122=p.300 Henry Daniel. 17 Mar 1764 - 7 Jul 1767. Sons George Daniel, Robert Daniel and Henry Daniel. Dau Mary Shepherd. Dau Rachel Daniel. Grandson Nelson Daniel (under 21). Wife Betty Daniel. Exrs Wife and Lewis Mountague. Wit George Davis, Charles Lee and John George.

124=p.398 6 Mar 1770 Appraisal of est of Nichholas [sic] Jacob for Robert Daniel, adm.

125=p.413 27 Aug 1770 Acct of Peter Kemp and his wife Betty Kemp, exrs of Henry Daniel, decd.

125=p.442 Thomas Laughlin. 3 Oct 1769 - 25 Feb 1771. Wf (not named) plantation during her widowhood. Son Thomas Laughlin land in Caroline CO. Son Simon Laughlin land in Middlesex CO and Culpeper CO. Grandson Thomas Laughlin. Granddaus Sarah Batchelder and Catherine Batchelder. Dau Ursilla Stringer. Dau Anne Robinson. Chn of my dau Elizabeth Valentine. Exrs Friend Maj. Robert Daniel and son Thomas Laughlin and Simon Laughlin. Wit Robert Spratt, David Ker, Overton Cosby and James Gregorie.

125=p.445 25 Feb 1771 Appraisal of est of Bartholomew Yates, decd., for Ann Yates and George Daniel, administrators.

125=p.459 Robert Daniel. 31 Jan 1770 - 24 Jun 1771. Wife Lucy Daniel. Dau Ann Yates land in Orange CO. Grandson Bartholomew Yates when he is 21. Beverley Daniel land in Gloucester CO. Son Robert Daniel. Exrs Friend George Daniel, wf Lucy Daniel and son Beverley Daniel. Wit Sarah Roane, Ann Currey, Rachel Murray and Lodowick Jones.

127=[p. not actually noted in this book, but it's between 487 and 490]. John Daniel, Urbanna. 24 Apr 1772 - 25 May 1772. Wf (not named). Son John Daniel. "All my children" and "all my sons". Exrs James Gregorie and George Lorimer. Wit Thomas Segar, Zachariah Shackleford and John George, Jr.

Will Book F 1772-1787

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128=p.2 George Davis. 15 Sep 1772 - 26 Apr 1773. Son William Davis. Rest of est to be equally divided among all of my children. Loving wf (not named). Exrs: John Jackson and Robert Daniel. wit anthony Gardner, John Smith and Christopher Miller.

128=p.9 Elizabeth Smith. 26 Dec 1772 - 25 May 1773. Granddau Frankey Smith (underage). Granddau Judith Smith (underage). Grandson John Smith. Exrs Philip Mountague and Maurice Smith. Wit Robert Daniel, John Abbott and W. Young.

129=p.32 Benjamin Daniel. 4 Jul 1774 - 22 Aug 1774. All my chn viz Josiah Daniel, Leonard Daniel, Mary Daniel and Charles Daniel. Ann Lee and her little dau Rachel Lee until she is age 12. Exrs Bro Samuel Daniel, friend John George, Jr. and friend William Segar. Wit William Daniel, Sr., Lunsford Daniel and N. Daniel.

129=p.35 John Stamper. 21 Jul 1774 - 24 Oct 1774. Son Robert Stamper. Wf Sarah Stamper. All my chn (not named). Exr Son Robert Stamper. Wit Henry Chowning and William Daniel.

130=p.60 Henry Daniel. 5 Apr 1775 - 24 Apr 1775. Mother Betty Kemp. Bro Robert Daniel. Sis Rachel Price and her chn. Nephew Nelson Daniel. Bro George Daniel. Exrs Bros Robert Daniel and George Daniel. Wit James Gregorie, William Chowning and William Meacham.

130=p.69 Henry Shepherd. 17 Feb 1775 - 22 May 1775. Son Henry Shepherd. Son Robert Shepherd. Son George Daniel Shepherd. Dau Katy Shepherd. All chn are under 21. Wf (not named). Exrs Nelson Daniel, Thomas Segar and Thomas Gardner. Wit Milley Shepherd, William Shepherd and John Shepherd.

131=p.90 Lodowick Jones. 27 Nov 1776 - 27 Jan 1777. Wf Lucy Jones. Dau Elizabeth Travas [sic] Jones (underage). Exrs Wf Lucy Jones, Leroy Peachy, Charles McCarty and Beverley Daniel. Wit James Mountague, Robert Curtis and Philip Mountague.

131=p.106 24 Nov 1777 Division of Estate of Robert Daniel, Gent., to Mrs. Lucy Daniel, Dr. Spratt for his lady, Beverley Daniel and Robert Daniel.

132=p.118 Elizabeth Chapman. 8 Aug 1777 - 28 Sep 1778. Granddau Elizabeth Amberson and her brother in law John Cloudas. Niece Elizabeth Saunders. Exr Robert Daniel, Gent. Wit Philip Mountague, Frances Mountague and Charlotte Mountague.

132=p.124 23 Mar 1778 Equal division of that part of the est of Maj. Robert Daniel, decd., that was lent to Mrs. Lucy Daniel his widow, to Mr. Beverley Daniel, Dr. Robert Spratt for his wife Ann Spratt and Robert Daniel.

133=p.144 James Daniel. 21 Jul 1767 - 18 Jun 1779. Brother in law Arthur Ware and his chn. Carter Thurston, son of Robert Thurston. Lyday Daniel, dau of William Daniel. Exrs Robert Daniel and George Daniel. Wit william Daniel, William Cloudas, Jedidah Cloudas and John McDannell.

133=p.173 27 Sep 1779 Division of est of James Daniel, decd., to Arthur Ware's chn, Carter Thurston and William Ware.

133=p.175 25 Oct 1779 Inv of est of Benjamin Daniel, decd.

133=p.178 Sarah Roane. 24 Jun 1779 - 28 Feb 1780. Land inherited fr my father, William Daniel, adj the lands of Beverley Daniel to my three sons viz Thomas Roane, William Roane and John Roane. Two daus Nancy Roane and Sally Roane (both under 18) the money in the hands of Col. George Daniel. Exrs Col. George Daniel and Beverley Daniel. Wit Samuel Klug, Milly Daniel and Sarah Mitchell.

134=p.179 Benjamin Guthrie. 22 Feb 1780 - 28 Feb 1780. Sis Frances Tuggle. Bro John Guthries of Gloucester CO. Bros Samuel Guthrie and William Guthrie. William Berry and John Berry. John Berry, son of my sis Frances Berry and her husband John Berry. Frances Guthrie, dau of John Guthrie. Samuel Daniel, son of William Daniel and Lucy Daniel. Caty Daniel, dau of William Daniel and Lucy Daniel, money for schooling. Schooling of James Stevens, son of John Stevens. Ann Callaham, dau of John Callaham. Letty Cloudas, dau of John Cloudas of Essex CO. Sis Margaret Daniel Daniel [sic twice]. Father and mother during their lifetimes. Sis Ann Bristow. Exrs Robert Stamper and Samuel Guthrie. Leonard Bristow, son of Richard Bristow and Mary Bristow. [this seems like another bequest after exrs named?]. Wit Samuel Klug, Harry B. Yates and Thomas Roane.

135=p.202 Jane Chowning. 4 Sep 1780 - 23 Oct 1780. Dau Frances Chowning. Thomas Chowning's dau, Rachel Chowning. Sarah Burch. Dau Jane Chowning. Exrs Thomas Chowning and Henry Chowning. Wit William Chowning, John Daniel and Peggy Allen.

135=p.203 Frances Murray. 1 Feb 1780 - 27 Nov 1780. George Murray, son of my uncle Robert Murray. Polly Murray Curtis, dau of my sis Anne Curtis. Father, John Murray's estate. Bro William Murray. Bro Jack Murray. Exrs Mother, Rachel Murray and George Daniel. Wit Thomas Roane, Elizabeth Klug and Samuel Klug.

135=p.206 Robert Daniel. 26 Dec 1780 - 26 Feb 1781. Grandson John Daniel. Son Christopher Daniel. Dau Mary Stamper should she return. Son Robert Daniel. Wf Elizabeth Daniel. Exrs Wf and son Robert Daniel. Wit Robert Daniel and Robert McTyre. [The original will indicates a son William Daniel who is not listed in this abstract.]

135=p.209 21 Mar 1781 Division of est of John Daniel, decd. to Barshaby Daniel, James Daniel, Chestley Daniel and Overton Daniel.

135=p.211 Lewis Dudley. 12 Apr 1781 - 28 May 1781. Dau Frances Dudley (underage). Thomas Segar, Sr., John George, Sr., Lawrence Meacham, Meacham George, Susanna Daniel (widow of William Daniel, decd.) and William Meacham who is out of the state. Exrs Thomas Segar and John George. Wit Clement Nicholson, Thomas Healy and William George.

137=p.229 Beverley Daniel. 21 Sep 1781 - 27 May 1782. Wf Milly Daniel. Son Robert Beverley Daniel (underage) all the land except that purchased of John Batchelder plus the land in Gloucester CO. Son George Sydnor Daniel (underage). Daus Lucy Daniel and Frances Ann Travis Daniel (both underage). Robert Beverley Spratt. William Spratt. William Baker. Exrs Wf, George Daniel, Leroy Peachy, Charles McCarty and Samuel Klug. Wit Samuel Klug, Robert Spratt, George Daniel and Ann Currey.

137=p.244 Robert Daniel. 27 Apr 1781 - 23 Sep 1782. Son Travers Daniel. Son Robert Daniel. Dau Mary Daniel. Wf Sarah Daniel. Exr Wife. Wit Robert Daniel and Robert McTyre.

138=p.255 Alexander Ramage. 8 Oct 1780 - 28 Apr 1783. Elizabeth Jacobs and her dau Patty Jacobs. Exr Sis Elizabeth Jacobs. Wit Thomas Chowning, John Daniel and Benjamin Williamson.

138=p.261 Henry Mickleborough. 24 Dec 1782 - 23 Jun 1783. Dau Elizabeth Batchelder. Grandchn John Mickleborough, Henry Mickleborough, Robert Mickleborough, Frances Mickleborough and Nancy Mickleborough, chn of my son Edmond Mickleborough, decd. Son Henry Mickleborough. Grandchn Elizabeth Mickleborough, Henry Mickleborough, James Mickleborough, Linis Mickleborough and Mountague Mickleborough, chn of my son James Mickleborough, decd. Dau Margaret Street and son in law Richard Street. Dau Mary Daniel and son in law Christopher Daniel. Dau Susanna Tuggle and son in law Nicholas Tuggle. Dau Sarah Cloudas and son in law Abner Cloudas. Dau Jane Young and son in law William Young. Grandson Henry Street. Grandson John Mickleborough, son of my son Edmond Mickleborough, decd. Grandson Henry Mickleborough, son of my son James Mickleborough, decd. Exrs Richard Street and William Young. Wit W. Curtis, Charles Curtis and Thomas Willis.

138=p.269 Rachel Murray. 14 Feb 1781 - 22 Mar 1784. Son Jack Murray (underage) the parcel of land inherited fr my mother. Dau Ann Curtis, widow of Christopher Curtis, decd., Lucy Yates, wf of Harry Beverley Yates, Caty Murray and Sally Murray. Friend Catherine Dillard. All my chn viz Ann Curtis, Lucy Yates, William Murray, Caty Murray, Sally Murray and Jack Murray. Exrs George Daniel, Harry Beverley Yates, Thomas Roane and Samuel Klut. Wit Samuel Klug, Elizabeth Klug and Mary Yates.

139=p.291 Robert Daniel. 21 Jan 1784 - 27 Sep 1784. Wf Penny Daniel. Son Henry Daniel (under 21). Son Robert Daniel (under 21). Son Beverley Daniel (under 21) land purchased from Thomas Sears. Two youngest sons viz Garrot Daniel and George Daniel. My seven chn viz Henry Daniel, Robert Daniel, Beverley Daniel, Garrot Daniel, George Daniel, Jean Daniel and Betty Daniel (all underage). Exrs Wife, Nelson Daniel and Charles Lee. Wit Reuben Shelton, John Sears, Thomas Jessee and Milley Lee.

140=p.325 Garret Tool. 9 Aug 1785 - 28 Nov 1785. Son Garret Tool. Dau Judith Daniel and her sons Morgan Daniel and John Daniel. Dau Catherine Tool. Daus Elizabeth Tool and Catherine tool. Exr William Elliott. Wit David Powell and William Powell.

141=p.329 24 Oct 1785 Sale of the est of Joseph Batchelder, decd., to Charles Edwards, John Batchelder, Holder Huggin, William Jackson, Francis Jarves, John Jarves, John Deen, Anderson Miller, Edward Jarves, Thomas Boss, Charles Dudley, William Holder Huggin, William Holder Dorson, Charles Flemman, George Daniel, Samuel Bruckner, John Sutton, Banjamin [sic] Carack, Miss Ann Batchelder, John Jackson and Daniel Jefferson.

141=p.343 25 Apr 1786 appraisal of est of James Wortham, decd., by George Daniel, adm.

Will Book G 1787-1793

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143=p.16 Charles Robinson. 2 Nov 1784 - 23 Jul 1787. Wf Ann Robinson, Son William Robinson and son Charles Robinson (both under 21). Dau Elizabeth Robinson. Dau Ursly Robinson. Dau Nancy Robinson. Exrs Wife, bro Benjamin Robinson and son in law William Robinson. Wit George Daniel, Nelson Daniel and William Wood.

143=[no page given here, but between 19 and 27] Jack Murray. 1 Aug 1787 - 23 Jun 1788. Sister Anne Curtis. Brother in law Thomas Roane. Estate of my brother William Murray. Legacy given me by my sister Polly Murray's will. The 125a given me by my mother's will. Exr Brother in law Thomas Roane. Wit George Daniel and Francis Daniel.

144-p.36 Lucy Jones. 1 Sep 1788 - 27 Oct 1788. sis Fanny Chinn and her two daus viz Betty Travers Chinn and Lucy Chinn. Sis Milly Daniel. sis Nancy Tarpley. Nephew Bartholomew McCarty. Niece Elizabeth Griffin Williams. Niece Lucy Daniel. Minny McCarty. Niece Fanny McCarty. Exr Nephew Bartholomew McCarty. Wit Sally Roan, Nancy Roane and Samuel Klug. Codicil 6 Sep 1788 gives pew in the upper church to Mrs. Lorimer. Mrs. Fanny Wortham. Wit Mary McCarty and Benjamin Dabney.

144=p.51 27 Apr 1789 Acct by George Daniel of the est of Beverley Daniel, decd., mentions David Dickerson's executrix, Richard Wiatt Royston sheriff, Mrs. Lucy Jones, Miss Nancy Tarpley, Mrs. Sarah Baker the executrix of William Baker, John Kenningham, Sr., decd., Catherine Dillard, Mrs. Milly Daniel and Sally Roane the orphan of William Roane.

144=p.65 23 Apr 1789 Acct of Robert Daniel, decd., by Abner Cloudas, adm.

146=p.130 Daniel Stringer. 21 Oct 1789 - 28 Jun 1790. Son John Stringer. Son Daniel Stringer, Jr. Elizabeth Daniel. Sally Abbott. Judith Stringer. Clary Ware. Dau Caroline Hughes. Granddau Fanny Chowning. My three chn viz Daniel Stringer, John Stringer and Caroline Hughes. Exrs Two sons. Wit John George, W. George, Jacob Abbott and N. Daniel.

147=p.242 Charles Lee. 31 May 1791 - 25 Oct 1791. Son Charles Lee. Son Philip Lee. Dau Penny Daniel. Dau Fanny McTyre of Lancaster CO. Grandson Lewis Lee. Exr Son Charles Lee. Wit Thomas Brooks, Ann Brooks, Robert Daniel, Mary Faron and Reuben Lee.

148=p.270 27 Aug 1792 Acct of est of Christopher Curtis, decd., presented by Col. George Daniel, the surviving exr.

148=p.288 Robert Spratt of Urbanna. 16 Dec 1792 - 24 Dec 1792. Dau Charlotte Gwathmey. Son Robert Beverley Spratt land in Gloucester CO purchased of Col. Thomas Whiting. Son William Spratt land in Gloucester CO. Son George Daniel Spratt. Exrs and gdns to my chn: Rev. Samuel Klug, Overton Cosby and James Ross. Wit George Daniel, Hudson Muse and John Muse.

Orders 1758-1767 Part 2 (Includes Wills 1794-1795)
*Note: these pages can be found AFTER page 647*

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151=p.19 28 Jul 1794 Inv of Estate of Lunsford Daniel, decd, by Lydia Daniel, administratrix.

151=p.27 George Daniel, 22 Jun 1788 - 28 Jul 1794. Wife (not named). Nephew Nelson Daniel. George Daniel Spratt (underage), son of Dr. Robert Spratt, and his two brothers Robert Beverely Spratt and William Spratt. Children of my sister Mary Shephard viz Henry Shephard, Robert Shephard and George Shephard. At the death of my Stepmother.... My halfbrother and sister. Robert Daniel and his heir, Rachel Price the present wife of John Price. Since my brother in law Robert Daniel is not alive, I give one half of the slaves now in the possession of my stepmother to be divided between his heirs. Exors: Wife, Robert Spratt and Nelson Daniel.

152 = p.66 22 Jun 1795 Estate of Lunsford Daniel, decd., with Lydia Daniel, administratrix.

Wills 1795-1798

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153=p.7 Thomas Brooks. 21 Jan 1795 - 28 Sep 1795. Wf Ann Brooks. Son William Dillard Brooks land adj Charles Dannal, Jinne Jessee, John Dannal, William Hardy and Mr. Philip Lee. Son Thomas Brooks. Rest of my chn (not named). Exts Wife and brother in law George Dillard. Wit William Dillard, Philip Lee and Ann Lee.

154=p.45 22 Feb 1796 Appraisal of est of Charles Daniel, decd, for Sally Daniel, administratrix.

154=p.48 James Kidd. 21 Sep 1792 - 22 Feb 1796. Son Benjamin Kidd half of land purch of William Lorimer adj col. John George, Rev. Samuel Klug and Samuel Brooks. Son William Norman Kidd (under 21). Son James Kidd land he lives on purch of John Daniel plus land purch of John Berry adj Abbott's orphans. Son Thomas Kidd (under 21) my houses and lots in Urbanna purch of Frazier. Son John Kidd (under 21) land purch of William Berry. Dau Jane Crittinden the wf of Thomas Crittinden. Son william Kidd to maintain son George Kidd during his lifetime. Grandson Henry Kidd (under 21), son of my dau Nancy Kidd. Dau Polly Kidd the wife of Isaac Kidd. Dau Sally Kidd (under 21). Grandson James Crittinden (under 21). Wf Mary Kidd. Exrs Sons Benjamin Kidd and James Kidd.

Will Book 2 1799-1812

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157=p.23 John Daniel. 3 Mar 1799 - 22 Jul 1799. Wf Elizabeth Daniel. Dau Elizabeth Daniel (under 21). three daus viz Nancy Daniel, Frances Daniel and Elizabeth Daniel. son Carter Daniel (underage). Son Mickeburrough Daniel (underage). Exrs Wife and brother in law John Street. Wit John Thurston, william Montague and Josiah McTyre.

159=p.68 Thomas Watts. 20 Mar 1800 = 28 Jul 1800. My two sisters viz Elizabeth Watts and Ann Watts. Charles Watts, son of Elizabeth Watts. Nephew Curtis Wood. Mother, Sally Watts. Exr Mother. Wit Robert Ware, Samuel Ware and Beverley Daniel.

159=p.76 Gloucester CO Court on 25 Jan 1798 accepted delivery of some slaves from the est of Betty Kemp, decd., for Charles Lee, exr of Robert Daniel, Thomas Roane admr of George Daniel, and Overton Cosby admr of Henry Daniel.

161=p.146 28 Jun 1802 Est of Chesley Daniel, decd., with Sally Daniel now Sally Turner, admx.

162=p.206 John Healy. 22 Nov 1801 - 24 Oct 1803. Dau Elizabeth W. Healy. Wf (not named). Son James Healy. Daughter in law Jane George. 55a of land formerly the property of William Daniel, decd., to son in law John C. Warwick. Exrs Wf, Churchill Blakey and son James Healy. Wit: William St. John, Catherine Stamper, Lucy Cloudas and Jesse D. Olive.

162=p.207 24 Oct 1803 Inv of Robert Shepherd, decd., for George D. Shepherd, admr. Division to Mary Shepherd, George D. Shepherd, the Heirs of Thomas Crittenden and Catherine Crittenden namely Polly Ripley, Zacharaih [sic] Crittenden and Thomas Crittenden, the Heirs of Henry D. Shepherd namely Caty Price and Judith D. Shepherd and to Nelson Daniel a half brother to the deceased.

163=p.243 Philip Lee. 8 Jan 1802 - 22 Oct 1804. Wf Ann Lee. Son Charles Lee land adj Travis Daniel and Burgess Kidd. sons Philip Lee and Corrie (?) lee (both underage). "All my children not above mentioned". Exr Wife. Wit Garrett Daniel, Robert Ware and George Daniel.

164=p.262 Dr. Robert Beverley Spratt of Urbanna. 18 Feb 1805 - 22 Apr 1805. Bro George Daniel Spratt of London. Children of my halfsis Charlotte Gwathney. Robert Beverley Fyfe of Edinburgh (under 21) or his mother or sisters. Lands lately purch of Francis L. Lee. John Ware, overseer at Bellevue and Whitings in Gloucester CO and William Simcoe, overseer at Lansdown near Urbanna. The houses and lotts presently occupied by Staige Davis. Francis Daniel, widow of Col. George Daniel, decd., to continue to live and Lansdown. Robert Beverley Fyfe is the son of Catherine Fyfe, sister of my father the late Dr. Robert Spratt. Exrs Brother Col. Thomas Roane, James Ross and Staige Davis. Wit John Chew, Jr., Peter Kemp, Jr. and William Simco, Jr.

165=p.280 28 Jul 1805 Acct of est of Richard Street, decd., mentions Elizabeth Daniel the widow of John Daniel, decd., Mary Street, Henry Mickleburrough and his wf Susanna Mickleburrough, Lucy Street the widow of Henry Street, decd., and Thomas Street and Maria Street, infant of the sd Henry Street, decd.

165=p.282 Travis Daniel of Essex Co. 1 Apr 1805 - 22 Jul 1805. Wf Peggy Daniel. Two sons Robert Daniel and Christopher Daniel land in Middlesex CO (both are underage). My mother Sarah Taff. My chn viz Sarah Daniel, Susanna Daniel, William Daniel and John Daniel. My sis Molly Hardie to continue to live in the house her husband built on my land in Middlesex CO. Land bought in the lower end of Essex CO fr Edmond Reed and wf Lucy Reed (formerley owned by Abner Clowdas) to be conveyed to my bro, Eben Parsons Clowdas when he comes of age. Exrs Wf and her bro George Dillard. Wit John Montague, James Mickleburrough and Burgess Kidd.

165=p.287 Thomas Roane, Gent. 17 Jul 1805 - 28 Oct 1805. Land adj Mr. James T. Lorimer and Capt. Robert G. Danile [sic]. Eldest son Warner Roane land inherited fr my mother. Son Beverley Roane (underage) land purch of William Dillard in King & Queen CO. Daus viz Frances Daniel Roane, Harriote Roane, Polly Roane and Catherine Roane. Sis Sally Roane to continue to live w/my family. All my chn viz Warner Roane, Frances D. Roane, Harriote Roane, Polly Roane, John B. Roane and Catherine Roane. Exrs Bros William Roane and John Roane. Wit Robert B. Daniel, S. Roane, Thomas Muse, Jr. and James H. T. Lorimer.

167=p.363 Robert Beverley Daniel. 10 Mar 1806 - 28 Sep 1807. Exrs Matthew Kemp, Thomas Muse and Elliott Muse. My sister's two chn viz Louisa B. Kemp and Emilla (Kemp). Mrs. Judith Corbin

168=p.375 George Daniel Spratt of Urbanna. [no wr date] - 28 Dec 1807. Aunt Mrs. Frances Daniel. Friends Gen. George Minor and John Chew in trust for my relation Robert Beverley Fife in Scotland. Est in Gloucester CO to John Minor and John Chew in trust for my relation James Fife (under 21) in Scotland. My relation William Fife (under 21) in Scotland. Aunt Mrs. Catherine Fife. Margarett Spratt, dau of Margaret Law of fifeshire in Scotland. Charles Minor, son of Gen. George Minor the money due me fr the will of Overton Cosby, decd. Dr. James Dabney of Gloucester CO. Exrs John Minor and John Chew. Wit Samuel William Sayre, David C. Ker and George French.

168=p.387 Frances Daniel. 16 Oct 1794 - 25 Jan 1808. Catherine Dillard. Lewis Berkeley and Elizabeth Berkeley, son and dau of Edmund Berkeley. Niece Ann Curtis and neph Thomas Roane. Exr Thomas Roane. Wit Cary Kemp, Christopher Robinson and Catherine Dillard. (In Apr 1808, Thomas Healey, Sr., qualified as admr.)

Order Book 2 1680-1694

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174=p.47 17 Nov 1681 William Daniel, guardian to John Vaus, orphan of John Vaus, decd., and Christopher Robinson was his late guardian.

176=p.118 4 Jun 1683 William Wood, age 14, is bound to Mr. William Daniel until age 21.

186=p.317 23 Nov 1687 The following men are to provide a man, horse and armes: [long list, all familiar names]....Mr. Robert Price...Mr. William Daniell, Jr. [Crozier's full transcript of the original shows that Willliam Daniel was sitting on the court that gave this order, he's not in the lists to provide, but William Daniell, Jr. is.]

190=p.370 5 Nov 1688 Administration of Estate of Mr. John Cutter granted Capt. Walter Whitaker with Mr. William Daneill [sic] as security.

194=p.425 9 Oct 1689 Mr. William Daniell, Sr. imports: James Jones, William Pre___, Elizabeth Guss, Philip Wheeler, Cornelius Peterson, James Hose, Ann Simson, William Fabin, Daniel Clark, Mary Strahan, Augustine Smallwood, William Murray, Francis Cross and David Jones.

195=p.442 8 Feb 1689 Probate of will of Mr. Robert Price, decd, granted to John Price and Robert Price, sons of the said Robert Price, decd., and they are executors.

195=p.442 [next entry] 8 Feb 1689 John Price, orphan of Robert Price, decd., chooses his brother in law Mr. Robert Daniell as his guardian.

199=p.523 5 Oct 1691 Mr. William Daniel imports: James Hose, Ann Semson, William Bruse, Augustine Smallwood, William Seaben, Daniel Clark, Elizabeth Evans, Phillip Wheeler, William Prest, James Jones, Cerveses Peterson and 4 negroes.

202=p.573 14 Nov 1692 Owners of lotts in the town: Christopher Robinson, Esq., Mr. William Churchill, Capt. Robert Dudley, Capt. William Daniell, Edwin Thacker, Mr. Henry Thacker, Mr. James Curtis, Mr. Caleb Whelling, Mr. Paul Thilman, Mr. John Smith, Mr. Maurice Cock, Mr. John Wortham and Mr. John Head.

203=p.590 2 Jan 1692 Administration of Estate of Caleb Whelling, decd., granted to his relict, Mrs. Elizabeth Whelling. Sec: Mr. Thomas Stapleton and Mr. William Daniell, Jr.

203=p.613 6 Mar 1692 Probate of Christopher Robsinson, Esq. granted to Christopher Robinson, John Robinson and Benjamin Robinson, executors. Overseers: Col. John Armistead, Mr. William Churchill, Capt. William Daniell, Edwin Thacker and Mr. Paul Thilman.

205=p.669 5 Dec 1693 Payments by the court to: ....Robert Daniell....

Order Book 3 1694-1705

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211=p.24 4 Mar 1694 William Wood and his wife Margaret Wood acknowledge the deed of land from William Daniell, Jr.

217=p.184 5 Jul 1697 Deed of William Brookes and wife Ann Brookes to Robert Daniel

217=p.187 6 Sep 1697 Deed of Gift of 150 acres by Capt. William Daniell to his son William Daniell.

217=p.187 [next entry] 6 Sep 1697 Capt. William Daniell to his son Robert Daniell.

219=p.206 3 Jan 1697 Probate of the will of Mr. Maurice Cock, decd, granted John Jones and Rice Jones, surviving executors and to Edwin Thacker, Robert Daniell and Edward Thomas, executors.

222=p.236 1 Aug 1698 Jury: .... Robert Daniell....

223=p.254 3 Oct 1698 Probate of the will of William Daniell, Gent., decd., granted to Richard Daniell and James Daniell, surviving executors.
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Order Book 5 1710-1726

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230=p.172 2 Mar 1713 Will of Mary Davis, decd., presented by William Daniell, executor.

234=p.259 4 Oct 1715 James Daniell and Richard Daniell, executors of William Daniell, decd.

235=p.269 7 Dec 1715 Jeffery Burk accused of rape of Anne Woofdell. Wit: Edmund Ryan and Mary Ryan his wife and James Daniell.

236=p.288 3 Apr 1716 Robert Daniell states that he has not taken the oath as a new Commissioner of the Peace because he has served the County for several years and that he is too old to endure riding to monthly meetings at the Courthouse. Also, he has dim eyesight. John Smith, Sr. also declines to serve.

236=p.302 6 Nov 1716 Nicholas Bristow presents the will of John Briscow [sic], decd. Wit: William Daniell, William Daniell, Jr. and Mary Rice.

247=p.440 1 Sep 1719 Deed of John Guttry and wife Jane Guttry to Robert Daniel, Jr.

250=p.509 7 Feb 1720 Proving of the will of Robert Daniel, Gent., decd., to be at next court and Robert Daneil [sic], Heir at Law, is to be present.

251=p.513 7 Mar 1720 Robert Daniel, Heir at Law of Robert Daniel, decd., and Margarett Daniel, executrix, state that John Bryant and Mary Hunt are the two surviving witnesses.

Order Book 6 1721-1726

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256=p.79 2 Jul 1723 Will of William Daniell, decd., produced by William Daniell, one of the executors.

256=p.91 3 Dec 1723 Robert Daniel, Trusee [sic] to the will of William Daniel, decd.

257=p.104 7 Apr 1724 Anne Wheeler against Alexander Graves. Elizabeth Daniel and Ann Gresham are witnesses.

Orders 1732-1737

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262=p.3 3 Apr 1733 Garrit Daniel asks for administration of William Chessele, decd.

262=p.7 1 May 1733 William Chessele, orphan of William Chessele, decd., bound out to Garret Daniel until he is 21.

265=p.41 3 Dec 1734 Henry Nixon, executor of John Daniell, decd. Deposition of Ann Cambridge.

266=p.48 6 May 1735 Deed of James Daniel and wife Jane Daniel.

269=p.76 5 Sep 1736 James Daniel and James Daniel, Jr. are witnesses.

270=p.90 William Daniel, adm of Hannah ----, decd. 1 Nov 1737

Orders 1740-1744

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272=p.146 4 Nov 1740 William Guthery, orphan of John Guthery, decd., is bound out to James Daniel, Jr. until age 21.

272=p. 162 5 May 1741 Martha Hardee, Constant Daniel and Rose Mondear (?) for having a bastard child. [Constant's dau is Frankey, b. 31 Mar, bpt 19 Apr 1741]

273=p.176 3 Nov 1741 Garret Daniel, gdn to John Segar, orphan of Oliver Segar, decd.

274=p.199 7 Sep 1742 William Daniel and Robert Daniel, exrs of Robert Daniel, decd.

275=p.207 7 Dec 1742 Deed of Gift of Canstant [sic] Daniel (now Constant Thurston, wife of Robert Thurston) to her dau Frances Mikham (?) Daniel.

275=p.208 7 Dec 1742 Reference to the demise of John Segar. (His gdn is Garret Daniel.)

277=p.261 5 Sep 1744 Garret Daniel, gdn of John Segar, orphan of Oliver Segar, decd.

277=p.274 5 Feb 1744 William Daniel, adm of William Wallace, decd. [next entry is Wallace orphans to be bound out - John, Oliver, Frances, Elizabeth]

278=p.276 5 Mar 1744 William Daniel, adm of Caleb Brookes, decd.

278=p.277 5 Mar 1744 William Guthrey, orphan of John Guthry, decd., is now bound out to Robert Daniel.

Orders 1782-1783

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(Part of book Orders 1732-1737, 1740-1744 and 1782-1783)
Hopkins' note: Fist page is numbered 96 but quickly becomes numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. for this section of this three-books-in-one....

279=p.1 23 Sep 1782 John Daniel and wf Elizabeth Daniel to John George.

279=p.2 23 Sep 1782 George Daniel, gdn of Nancy Roane and Sally Roane the orphans of William Roane, decd..

279=p.3 23 Sep 1782 Robert Daniel, witness to the will of Robert Daniel, decd.

279=p.3 23 Sep 1782 Militia officers: Robert Daniel, Thomas Segar, Thomas Mountague, Henry Vass, Jr., and Churchill Blakey. Also, Thomas Healy, William Murray, Robert Murray, Jr., William Curtis and Charles Curtis.

279=p.4 28 Oct 1782 Robert McTyre presents the will of Robert Daniel 9?).

280=p.4 28 Oct 1782 Abner Cowdas (?) and Sarah Cowdas, admins of Robert Daniel, decd.

280=p.9 27 Jan 1783 Leroy Peachey is gdn to Robert Beverley Daniel, orphan of Beverley Daniel, decd.

***[another child for Beverley Daniel here]
281=p.9 27 Jan 1783 Charles McCarthy is gdn of George Daniel, Lydan [sic] Daniel and Lucy Daniel, orphans of Beverley Daniel, decd.

281=p.15 28 Apr 1783 Appraisal of est of Beverley Daniel, Gent., in Gloucester Co.

Wills Found in Other Sources

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no Daniel, this is just one page (6 wills) from Fleet Colonial Abstracts, the VA Magazine of Genealogy, and Hening Statutes.

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(James Daniel, b. 1747 is shown by the evidence in the records and now by a perfect dna match to be the son of James 1709-1760 and Jane Hicks, son of Robert d.1720 and Margaret Price, son of Capt. William Daniell of Middlesex d.1698.)
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