The Courthouses of Middlesex VA

This page is about our visit to the Courthouses and the Daniel involvement in the Courts of Middlesex. The extant courthouses are the one at Urbanna (1740s), the later one at Saluda (1850s), and its annex (1996). However, the history of the formation of Middlesex County and the struggles to build the first courthouses is so fascinating and dramatic. Click below to read a history of:

The "First" Courthouses, 1670s to 1740s

The "Second" Courthouse, built in the 1740s

We visited during the Art on the Half Shell Festival.
There was a delightful student art exhibition in the Old Courthouse.
"The Armorial Ensigns of Middlesex County Virginia"

These were designed by the College of Arms, London, and given to the County of Middlesex by the Bank of Middlesex. They were presented by the British Herald of Arms in 1977.

The "Third" Courthouse, built in the 1850s


The Woodward Building, completed in 2007

I have visited dozens of courthouses over the years, but only a few times have I found myself taking photos of the actual record books. However, after so many years and so many reads of those two loose will books on film, it was a whole different story here in Middlesex! This courthouse and the records were the true goal and highlight of the trip for me.

The signature and seal on Capt. William Daniel's loose will. Although it looks like there might be something there, I was unable to distinguish any particular shapes in the seal. The tall pyramid shape is actually just lines formed by the wax folding on itself.

However, on Robert Daniel's will, the stem and leaves are very clear!

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The Daniel family in the early Court records

To present every court record involving a Daniel would make this page way too long, so I have only included the milestone records of the first two generations, records that provide new information or correct old errors in the understanding of the Daniel family, and other records of interest.
Transcribed court records on this page are in italics.
PLEASE NOTE: The "firsts" mentioned here are only the firsts in the court records; there may be earlier appearances of the person in other county records, some noted here, some not. And, of course, there are many more of the same types of actions in the years following a "first".

The first appearance of William Daniel in the court records
OB1-11 court 6 Jul 1674 Cornelius Peters Servant to William Daniell comeing into this Country without Indenture by this Court adjudged Sixteene yeares old & ordered to serve from his arrivall according to Act.
William Daniel Sr. would claim this man on a certificate granted him in 1691.

William Daniel's first jury duty
OB1-13 court 6 Jul 1674
William Hughes suing Samuell Conby for a certain Letr of Agreement made betwixt them being referred to a Jury, they bring their Verdict as followes Vizt. Wee whose names are subscribed as Jurors doe agree that William Hughes shall be paid two hundred pounds of Tobacco by Samuell Conby with Costs of Suite as witness our hands this Sixth of July 1674

Rowland Macrory
John Wortham
William Hathaway
John Allen
William Daniell
Alexander Murry
Daniell Banbury
Christopher Kilby
Peter Mountague
Alexander Smith
William Chaney
John Harvie
Which said Verdict is by the Court confirmed and ordered to be paid accordingly

The first "Mr." William Daniel, his first act as security
OB1-29 court 5 Apr 1675
The administration of the estate of William Haddawy was granted to William Downeing Senr. Mr. John Wortham & Mr. William Daniell became the Seccurity for the true Admon according to the Act & to give Bond when required

William Daniel's first suit and win
OB1-31 court 3 May 1675
Order is granted to William Danl. against George Jennings for a barrell of Indian Corne to be forthwith paid with costs.

William Daniel sued and his first militia rank
OB1-33 court 5 Jul 1675
The Suite comenced by Ralph Whitton against L. Wm. Danll. about a Cow is dismist.
This is the first rank shown for William Daniel, Lieutenant. There will not be another mention of him as Lieutenant until 10 May 1684.

William Daniel's first county office
OB1-54 court 10 Apr 1676
Thomas Williams Pet: to this court to be discharged from being Constable, it is granted, and William Daniell is Ordered to Succeed him for ye ensueing yeare, and ye sd Williams is ordered to carry him before one of his Mats. Justices of ye peace to be Sworne.

William Daniel as appraiser (a step in the status ladder)
OB1-62 court 7 May 1677
Administration of Joseph Chipp granted to Mr. Robert Boodle. Ordered that Mr. John Wortham, Mr. George Reeves, William Daniell, and William Downing doe repaire to ye howse of Robert Boodle and appraise ye Estate of said Joseph Chipp.
William Daniel would be discharged from this security on 2 Jun 1679.

William Daniel's first bill of debt
OB1-174 court 7 Apr 1679
This Bill bindes me William Daniell my heires & Exeors. to pay unto John Purvis his heires exers ye just sume of Two hundred & thirty pounds of good Swt. St. tobaccoe of ye Grounds of my owne Plantation & Caske Cleare of Ground leaves & trash Tob the performance of wch: I binde my heires exers & Admrs. unto the abovesd John Purvis his heires & Assignes to be paid at or upon ye 10th day of Octobr next ensueing the date hereof as Witness my hand this 17th Jany: 1678.
signed William Daniell. witnesses Thomas Dawcons, John Simes. Based on the several entries here, John Purvis is "Comdr of ye Shipp Duke of Yorke", various people are indebting themselves to him, mainly for planks of wood.

William Daniel contributes to the defense of the county and colony
OB1-181 court 26 May 1679
An Acct. of Horses, Armes & furniture as they were delivered to this County Souldiers June ye 10th 1679 Appraisemt: being then made of them by Mr. John Wortham, Mr. Willm. Daniell, Mr. Alexander Smith, Mr. George Reeves & Mr.Willm. Watson as followeth. (vizt)
The list follows in 3 columns: Soldier, Names of Horses, Armes &c, price. Among those providing help is ...Mr. Willm. Daniells bridle, sadle furniture & pistolls
He would be paid for these at a later court
OB1-202a court 8 Dec 1679
It is Ordered that ye Sheriff of this County doe make paymt: out of this County Leavey to ye serverall persons under written for Armes by them furnished toward ye setting out of this County Souldiers as followeth (Vizt):...To Mr. William Daniell for a Bridle Sadle furniture & pistolls...

William Daniel views tobacco
OB2-16 court 7 Mar 1680/81
Ordered that Mr. Richard Willis & Mr. William Daniell doe goe to ye House of John Davis of this County upon Saturday next, being ye 12th Instant, and there very carefully & deligently looke upon, & if they think it necessary breake in peices & view the hogshead of tobaccoe paid by ye said John Davis to Capt. Walter Whitaker, High Sherriff of this County. And that they very carefully preserve ye Daughts or Samples both good & bad, and bring the same & produce them to ye next Courte helde for this County; And that they then attende ye Courte to make a true reporte upon their Oathes of there doings therein.
OB3-21 court 4 Apr 1681
Whereas Mr. William Daniell and Mr. Richard Willis by Ordr: of the last Courte held for this County were appoynted to goe to the House of John Davis and theire looke upon & veiwe ye hogshead of tobaccoe paid by ye said John Davis to Capt. Walter Whitaker & bring ye samples both good & badd to this Courte, wch: the said veiwers haveing now produced in Courte, some of which appeareing to be very badd old trash tobaccoe & other some good & merchantable. And ye said Veiwers saying upon their Oathes that ye said hogshead of tobaccoe is false packed & above halfe of it trash tobaccoe. It by this Courte ordered that ye said John Davis doe forthwith pay to ye said Capt. Walter Whitaker ye summe of five hundred & eleaven pounds of very good swt. sented tobaccoe and caske and that ye said John Davis doe before ye next Courte held for this County, build or cause to be built a good sufficient & strong Pillory & a pr of Stocks and cause ye same to be sett up & fixed at ye Courte Howse of this County, where ye Sherriff of this County shall appoynte to ye end such offences as this may for ye furture receive a more publique punishment with: costs.

William Daniel's first guardianship
OB2-47 court 7 Nov 1681
Upon ye Petition of John Vaus, ye Orphant of John Vaus, deced., Mr. William Daniell is appoynted his Gaurdian [sic]. But it is ordered & provided that ye Estate of ye said John Vaus shalbe anserable to Christopher Robinson, his late Gaurdian, for all such sumes of money or tobaccoe as ye said Christr: Robinson stands any way oblidged for & on behalfe of ye said John Vaus or hath paid for him.

Panthers in Middlesex!
OB2-98 court 1 Jan 1682/83
payments by county... To Mr. William Daniell, assignee of William Brookes, for a Panthers head - 500 [lbs tobo]

And haberdasher problems!
OB2-107 court 5 Mar 1682/83 Willm. Daniell on jury for Majr. Robert Beverley v. Mr. Richard Wilson of London, Haberdasher. Wilson's many suits against Beverley have caused him sales and value problems with his tobacco, etc.. Jury finds for the plaintiffe and allow him £35...

William Daniel's first apprentice of record
OB2-118 court 4 Jun 1683
William Wood, Sonn of William Wood, about the age of foureteene yeares, is bound an Apprentice to Mr. William Daniell untill he comes to the age of one & twenty yeares.

Lt. William Daniell is commissioned to serve as a Justice
Virginia Sigilli
By his Excellence to all whereas for ye more and Administracon of Justice in the Countrey and the greater Ease of the people, in obteyning the same his Royall Majtie King Charles the First of ouer blessed memory was pleased by his Instructions Directed to ye Honble: Governr: and Councell of State Requireing them herre to appoynt places Covent: for Inferior Courts of Justice and Comisions for ye same. In Obedience whereunto It was ordered by the Governr: & councell ye 29th day of June 1642
(underlined in book) yt: Commissionours should be appoynted in every County for Keeping monethly Courts, which hath continued & confirmed by divers Acts of Assembly, Know Ye therefore that I Francis Lord Howard Baron of Effingham his Majties: Leiut: & Governr: Genll: of Virginia have assigned you Mr. Richard Perrot Senr; Capt. Walter Whitaker; Mr. Robert Smith; Mr. Abraham Weeks; Coll: Cuthbert Potter; Mr. Matthew Kemp; Mr. John Man; Mr. Oswald Carey; Mr. John Wortham; Lt: William Daniell Joyntly & severally and every one of you Justices to keepe the peace for Middlesex County and that you cause to be kept all Ordinances Statutes and Acts of Assembly sett forth for ye Conservation of the Peace and the good rule and government of the people in all and Singular theire Articles in the said County according to the force forme and effort of the same. And to all that shall act of doe any thing contrary to ye fforme of any Ordinances Statutes and Acts of Assembly & that you cause to come before you any or all such that shall thereto threaten or assault any of his Majties: leige people either in their bodies or burning their houses to give good & sufficient Securityes before you of the peace, and if they shall refuse to finde such Securityes, then to cause them to be kept safely in prison untill they shall finde such security. I have allso assigned you & every foure or more of you whereof Mr. Richd: Perrott Senr., Cap: Walter Whitaker; Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Abraham Weekes and Coll: Cuthbert Potter I will to be Justices of the Peace for Middlesex County granting unto you power and authority to hear all suites betweene party & party as neare as may bee according to the laws of England & lawes & Customes of this Countrye with power to you and every of you totale Examinacon supon [sic] oath for ye better menifestacon of the truth & all such matters and that you keepe or cause to be kept Orders of Court or proclamacons directed to you, or comeing to yr hands from me or the deputy Governr; and Councell, And to publish the offenders and breakers of the same according to ye lawes & useages of this Country and ffurther you are hereby required to keep or cause the Clarke of the Court to keep & recorde of all Judgements matters of the Controversye decided or agreed upon by you or any foure of more of you whereof (lists last mentioned five) I will have to be one and ffurther I comand you & every one of you, that you dilligently minde ye keeping of the peace ordinances statutes acts of Assembly & all & singular the rest of the premises & at ye certaine dayes & places once every two Monethes at least to the whole or any four of you I will have to be one doe meet at ye usuall place of holding Courts and all & Singular others ye premises doeing there what to Justices belongs as neere as may be according to ye lawes & Customs of England, and according to ye lawes & Customes of this Country I do also by the Tenor: of these presents comand the Sherriffe of the County of Middlesex that at these Certaine dayes & places aforesaid which all or any more [sic] of you as aforesaid shall appoynt him, that he cause to come before you or any four or more of you as aforesaid such & so many good and lawfull men of his Bally-wick by whom the truth of ye matter in ye premises aforesaid may be the better known, and enquired into. Given under my hand & Seale of the Collony this tenth day of May 1684.
Signed Effingham

William Daniel is sworn a Justice of the Court
OB2-168 court 2 Jun 1684
First is the regular list of justices: Mr. Richard Perrott, Senr, Capt. Walter Whitaker, Coll. Cuthbert Potter, Mr. Matt. Kempe, Mr. John Man, Mr. Oswald Carey. The 1st entry is re Sherriffes Oath to be put on the Records (somebody just took the oath, but the record doesn't say who). The 2nd entry is:
Mr. John Wortham & Mr. William Daniell haveing taken ye Oathes of Alegeance and Supremacye & the Oath of Justices of the peace are added to the Commission according to an Order from his Excellency, Francis Lord Howard, Barron of Effingham, beareing date ye 10th: of May 1684.

The first recorded swearing ordered to be done before William Daniel, Justice
OB2-209 court 5 Apr 1685
Probate of ye Last Will and Testamt. of Mr. Willm: Gordon, deced, being granted to Mrs. Mary Gordon. It is ordered that ye sd. Mr. Gordon's Estate be appraised and inventoryed ye (blank) day of (blank) by Mr. Alex: Smith, Mr. John Batchelder, Mr. Antho: Barloe and Mr. Richd: Willis or any three of them after there being sworne before Mr. Willm. Daniell.

William Daniel handles an important bequest to the county
OB2-239 court 1 Feb 1685/86
The Courte doe order & desire Majr: Robert Beverley and Mr. William Daniell to enter upon & take possession of one hundred acres of Land given & devised by Mr. William Gordon, deced., by his Last Will & Testamt. for & towards ye erecting and maineteyneing a Free Skoole in this county, and that Majr: Beverley survey ye same and bring a Platt thereof to ye Courte that ye bounds thereof may be putt upon Record.

The first appearance of William Daniel Jr. in the court records
OB2-248 court 5 Apr 1686
Ordered that Mr. James Attwood, Mr. Marvill Moseley, Daniell Long & Mr. William Daniell Junr., or any three of them doe appraise & Inventory the Estate of Thomas Cordwell...and if Mary Cordwell, ye Widdow of ye said Thomas Cordwell, shall as she hath done heretofore Indeavr: to obstruct ye doeing thereof, the Sheriff is to sumons her to appeare at ye next Courte to shew her reasons for soe doeing.
N.B. This record strongly suggests that William Daniel Jr. is already living on the Briery lands his father had bought for him and his brother Robert, bounding Thomas Cordwell. Appraisers were usually neighbors.

William Daniel acting as PoA
OB2-278 court 8 Feb 1686/87
Judgemt. is confessed to John Catter by Mr. William Daniell, Attor: of William Brookes, for one pound Sterling with: costs.

William Daniel Jr.'s first county office
OB2-289 court 4 Apr 1687
Mr. William Daniell Junr. is appointed Surveyor of the High Wayes in the roome of Tho. Cordwell.
N.B. This shows William Daniel is definitely on the lands at the Briery.

More militia business involving William Sr. and Jr.
OB2-317/319 court 23 Nov 1687
Justices present include "Mr. William Daniell"
This Court being met togeather by vertue of his Excellencys command signified by his Letter of the 14th Instant to take an Accot. of what Men in this County are capable to finde Horse & Men as likewise to serve on foot in the Militia of this County. Upon full examination of the same doe humbly make returne as followeth: That the persons whose names are underwritten are by this Court thought of sufficient abilitie to finde a Man & Horse & Armes: [list includes]...Mr. William Daniell Junr....Mr. Robert Price... [Robert Price is the future father-in-law of Robert Daniel.]
And they say upon further examination that the persons under written are thought by this Court capable to serve as footmen and to finde themselves Armes, &c.: [These names are not the more prominent men of the county in the first list.]

Equipment and decor for the militia, William Daniel will be in charge of it later
OB2-326 court 5 Dec 1687
Att a Particular Meeting of his Majties: Justices of the Peace for Middlesex County December the 12th 1687 Present Capt. Walter Whittaker, Mr. Oswald Carey, Mr. Jno: Wortham, Mr. Will: Daniell - Whereas his Excellencie by his Letter dated the 28th day of November last, hath been pleased to signifie to this Court that forasmuch as by the Fourth Act of Assembly made at an Assembly begun at James Citty the 16th day of Aprill 1684, it was enacted that every Trooper & Foot Soldier should bee provided with: Armes & Ammunition by the 20th day of March in the yeare of our Lord 1686, and keepe the same cleane and well fixed fitt for service upon the penalty of being fined as by the aforesaid Law is directed & appointed, And that his Lordpp. is given to understant that there is an almost if not totall failer in the complyance with: the directions of the said Act in all the Counties in this Colony soe that if his Lordpp: should proceed to put the said Act into due execution it might bee very burthensome; And his Excellency designing as a particular favour to all persons concerned to make the same as easy as possible haveing been pleased further to signifie that if the Court will undertake to provide this county with: Trumpetts, Drums, Coullours & other Trophies fitt & convenient for such & soe many Troopers of Horse & Companies of Foot as shalbe in the County, And pay for the same by a Leavy on the County, to which his Lordpp. by his said Letter gives his concurrance and take care that the said Trumpetts, Drums and Coullours & other Trophies bee here by the tenth day of November next, that then the severall persons who have hitherto failed in being provided wth: Armes & ammunition as is appointed shall have liberty untill the said tenth day of November to p:vide themselves. Upon reading which Letter, this Court haveing considered the same wth: all due respect & observance and being very sensible of his Excellencies greate favour to the Inhabitants of the County, who are lyable to bee proceeded against & punished for not complying wth: the said Law, in giveing them a longer time to provide themselves wth: Armes & ammunition, It is therefore ordered & resolved that Mr. Christopher Robinson doe by the first oppertunity of sending for England, send for two Brass Trumpetts wth: Silver mouthpeeces to bee hanged in Black and wth: Silke, on Horse Collours wth: Staffe. two Bootes & two hansome Bells, two Drums wth: six spare heads, and four pair Drumsticks and two Belts, and one foot collours for which this Court doe promise and ingage the said Mr. Christopher Robinson shalbe paid in this County Leavy next yeare.

The first court record noting William as William Sr.
OB2-370 court 3 Sep 1688
Mr. William Daniell Senr., in open Court became securaty for ye said Capt. Whitakers due administring upon ye sd. Estate [estate of Mr. John Cutter, deced.]

William Daniel to take tithe lists
OB2-409 court 13 May 1689
Mr. Abra: Weekes is appoynted to take the List of Tithables in the Uper Precinques of this County for the Insueing yeare.
Mr. Willm: Daniell is appoynted in the Middle Precinques ut supra.
And Mr. Robert Dudley in the Lower Precinques ut supra.

The first court record showing William as Capt. William Daniel (actually this is the first time in all the county records)
OB2-411 court 1 Jul 1689
Whereas att a Court held for Middx. County ye 12th day of Decembr: 1687, Mr. Christopher Robinson was desired & ordered to send for England two brasse Trumpets, with silver mouth peeces, to be hanged in black & white silk, one Horse Collours wth: Staff: two bootes & two belts, two Drumes with six spare heads & foure paire of Drumsticks & two belts & one Foot Colloures; It is therefore order [sic] upon ye desier of the said Mr. Christopher Robinson tht what of ye sd. Trophes be remaining now in ye sd. Mr. Robinsons possession be delivered to Capt. William Daniell for the use of this County.

William Daniel Jr. moves up in office
OB2-414 court 2 Sep 1689 Present: ...Mr. Willm: Daniell...
first entry: Mr. William Daniell Junr. being presented by Mr. Mathew Kemp, High Sheriffe, to this Court for Under Sheriffe, who after takeing the usuall Oath is accordingly admitted.

William Sr. certificate for importation
OB2-425 court 7 Oct 1689
Certificate according to Act is granted to Mr. Willm: Daniell Senr. for ye Importation of foureteene persons into this Country haveing proved ye same by his Corporall Oath (vizt.) James Jones, Phill: Wheeler, Ann Simson, Mary Strahan, Fran: Cross, Wm: Prest, Cornels: Peterson [this name is slightly indented below Prest's name], Wm: Fabins, Augustin Smallwell, David Jones, Eliz: Guss, James Hose, Daniel Clark, Will: Murray. Certificate issued Feb. 1, 1702
N.B. Cornelius Peters and Daniel Clark had been age-adjudged in court in 1674 and 1675/6.
Did the court go back and add the issue date of 1702? Did the family claim it after the death of William Sr. in 1698? There is no grant of land claiming this certificate.

Undersheriff William Daniel Jr. at work
OB2-440 court 6 Jan 1689/90
It is ordered that Mr. Willm Daniell, Under sher: doe give notis to Mr. Matt: Kemp to appeare at ye next Courte to answer Mr. Richard Willis upon an Information now exhibited & the Clerk is ordered to returne ye same Information to ye next Courte.

The first appearance of Robert Daniel, and the death of his father-in-law Robert Price
OB2-442 court 3 Feb 1689/90
Probate of ye Last Will & Testamt. of Mr. Robert Price, late of this County, deced., is granted to John & Robert Price, Sonnes of ye sd. deced., they being Exrs. named in the said Will.
two entries later is:
John Price, Orphant of Mr. Robert Price, doth come into Courte & choose his Bro. in Law, Mr. Robert Daniell, to be his Guardian, which is accordingly given.
next is:
Robert Price, Orphant of Mr. Robert Price, deced., does also come into Courte & chooses Mr. Thomas Loe to be his Guardian, who is hereby admitted.
N.B. The above is a great example about the age requirements for executorship: it is NOT 21. A man may be named executor at any age, but he cannot serve as such until age 17. John Price was 17 and Robert was 15.
OB2-452 court 3 Mar 1689/90
Mr. Willm: Daniell & Mr. Chr: Robinson are desired to meete at ye House of Mr. Robert Price, late of this County, deced., upon ye 11th of this Instant & there equally devide whatsoever of ye Estate of ye said Robert Prices Estate amongst ye Orphants & Widdow, ye Relicte of ye sd. deced., according to ye sd. Will.

William Jr. loses a judgment, or does he?
OB2-445 court 3 Feb 1689/90
Judgmt. is granted to Mr. Christofer Robinson agt. Mr. Wm: Daniell Junr. for six pounds five shills: Sterl., due by an Obligation as being securaty for Mr. Richard Perrot with costs.
OB2-452 court 3 Mar 1689/90
Judgmt. is granted to Mr. Willm: Daniell Junr. agt. Mr. Richard Perrot for p:sent paymt. of six pounds five shills: Sterling wth: costs. Execucon agt. his body iss: ye 5th day of March 1689/90.

William Daniel Jr. and Robert Daniel serve their first jury duty, together
OB2-475 court 7 Jul 1690
Mathew Kemp agt Richard Robinson 3 Dec 1688, case about George Haslewood, William Anderson. jury:...Mr. Willm. Daniell Junr., Mr. Robert Daniell...

Undersheriff William Daniel Jr. loses a detainee!
OB2-477 court 7 Jul 1690
Judgmt is grtd to Coll. Cuthbert Potter agt Mr. Matt Kemp as High Sheriffe, for 568lbs tobo & caske & fower barells and a halfe of Indian Corne, it being for suffering Doctor Robert Boodle to goe at large, who was in Custodie of Mr. Wm. Daniell, then Under Sheriffe of ye sd. Mr. Kemp by vertue of an execution upon a Judgmt. of this Courte grtd the 3d day of Mar 1689/90, for ye same with costs of this suite. Exo. iss: the 9th Octo. foll: agt. his body.

Robert Daniel's first county office
OB2-505 court 4 Jun 1691
Mr. Robert Daniell is appointed Surveyor of the High Way in the roome of Thomas Crispe and that he cleare the Road according to Law.
This allows for thoughts about how the precincts were defined at the time. William Jr. was first appointed on 4 Apr 1687, and may or must have served three years, although there is no renewal of his services noted in the court records. Thomas Crisp replaced William Daniell Junr. on 3 Feb 1689/90 for the "Middle Precinques", but William Jr. was clearly up on the Briery lands. However, they are right at the border between the Middle and Upper Precincts.

Robert Daniel's first suit
OB2-521 court 5 Oct 1691
A nonsuite is granted to Mr. Robert Daniell agt Mrs. Cary Stamper wth. costs.

William Sr. renews his certificate of importation, with some changes
OB2-523 court 5 Oct 1691
Certificate according to Act is granted to Mr. Wm. Daniell for ye importacon of fifteen p:sons into this Country vizt. James Hose, Augustine Smallwake, Elizabeth Evans, James Jones, Ann Simson, Wm. Seabin, Phillip Wheeler, Cervase Peterson, Wm. Bruse, Daniell Clark, Wm. Prest & four Negroes haveing proved ye same in Court by his Corporall Oath. Test Caleb Whelling, Cl. Cur. Msex
A reorganized list of the names on his two certificates:
7 Oct 1689
James Jones
Phill: Wheeler
Ann Simson
Wm: Prest
Cornels: Peterson
Augustin Smallwell
James Hose
Daniel Clark
Wm: Fabins?=
Mary Strahan
Fran: Cross
David Jones
Eliz: Guss
Will: Murray
5 Oct 1691
James Jones
Phillip Wheeler
Ann Simson
Wm. Prest
Cervase Peterson
Augustine Smallwake
James Hose
Daniell Clark
=Wm. Seabin?
Elizabeth Evans
Wm. Bruse
four Negroes

Capt. William and the Court face a county problem
OB2-527 court 9 Nov 1691
A Warrant issued by Mr. Chr. Robinson & Capt. Wm. Daniel for ye raiseing of men to Suppress & take severall outlyeing Negroes is by this Court continued & confirmed.

Capt. William Daniel in action during the struggles to build a new courthouse
OB2-533 court 7 Dec 1691
It is ordered yt. Mr. Chr. Robinson, Captn. Wm. Daniel & Mr. John Wortham doe agree with Mr. James Curtis & Mr. John Piskins for ye Building of a Court House thirty foot long & twenty foot wide & a Prison of ye same demencions of ye old one.
OB2-539 court 4 Jan 1691/92
This Court doth agree wth. & confirm ye agreemt. made wth. Mr. James Carter & Mr. Jno. Hipkins by Mr. Chr. Robinson, Captn. Wm. Daniel & Mr. Jno. Wortham, for 23000lbs tobo & cask for ye Building a Court House & Prison according to ye Dementions as in ye hands of Mr. Chr. Robinson.
Note: All other records involving Capt. William Daniel and the building of the courthouse will be found on the page about the early history of the courts.

Robert Daniel rises in office
OB2-549a court 4 Apr 1691/92
Mr. Robert Daniel is appointed Constable for ye ensueing yeare in ye roome of Mr. Thomas Criss.

Capt. William Daniel buys a lot in the newly forming town (Urbanna)
OB2-573 court 14 Nov 1692
An Account of the severall persons that tooke upp Lotts in ye Towne and hath Deeds for the same, which are to repay ye County according to Proportion, vizt [list of 12]...Capt. William Daniell one halfe acre - 100.

William Daniel Jr. first serves as a security
OB2-590 court 2 Jan 1692/93 Mr. Thomas Stapleton and Mr. William Daniell Junr. securities for Mrs. Elizabeth Whelling to administer the estate of Mr. Caleb Whelling.

William Daniel Jr. apparently had an apprentice to be released
OB2-595 court 3 Jan 1692/93
Judgment is granted to William Tyndall against Will. Daniell Junr. for one pair of Freedome Shoes & a Capp wth. costs, he ye said Tyndall paying to ye said Daniell one quart of Rum.

Capt. William Daniel and others looking after county assets
OB2-611 court 18 Feb 1692/93
An Account of Tobaccoes in severall Gentls. Hands to be lookt after & secured for the Countys use, vizt.
No. 92: 690--811 lbs. Capt. William Daniell lookes after.

[about 12 more follow]

An important executorship that Capt. William will work on until his death
OB2-613 court 6 Mar 1692/93
Probate of the Last Will and Testament of Christopher Robinson, Esqr. deced, is granted to Christopher, John and Benjamine Robinson, Executors & to Mr. John Robinson, Coll. John Armestead, Mr. William Churchhill, Capt. Willm. Daniell, Edwin Thacker & Mr. Paul Thilman, Exrs. or Overseers of sd. last Will & Testament.
The work on this probate goes on for a number of years; the vast majority of the remaining court records of William Daniel Sr. are about this probate.

Robert Daniel and the bear!
OB2-669 court 5 Dec 1693 county accts, paid to Robert Daniell for a Beares head - 00100

Capt. William represents the County in important infrastructure business
OB2-689 court 2 Apr 1694
Capt. Mathew Kemp, Capt. William Daniell and Capt. Robert Dudley, or any one of them is requested to goe to Glocester County Court & treat with the Justices there concerning the repaireing & mending of Dragon Bridge & that a time may be then sett when they may vew the same.
OB2-694 court 4 Jun 1694
It is ordered that Capt. Mathew Kemp, Mr. Willm. Wormeley, Capt. Willm. Daniell, Capt. Robert Dudley, Mr. Maurice Cock & Mr. John Smith Senr., or any four of them doe meet ye Glocester Gent. at ye Dragon Bridge on ye 5th Instent and treat with them about the mending & repaireing the same and what agreement shall be by them made is ordered to be confirmed. signed Will. Skipwith. Test Edwin Thacker. Cl. Cur.
OB2-695 court 2 Jul 1694
It is ordered that Capt. Mathew Kemp, Capt. William Daniell, Capt. Robt. Dudley or any two of them doe meet at ye 14th Instent at ye Dragon Bridge & joyne wth. ye Glocester Gents. in repaireing or rebuilding the same & likewise that they be impowered to address ye Governor in what they shall see convenient about the said Bridge. Capt. Kemp is appoynted to waite upon his Excellency.

Capt. William works on another attempt at building a Courthouse
OB3-10 court 7 Jan 1694/95
Ordered that Capt. William Daniell & Mr. John Smith, Senr., doe make an agreement with what workman they shall think fitt to build a Court House and Prison in Mr. Richd. Robinsons Old Feild and what agreement shall be by them made is ordered to be confirmed.

The killing of Capt. William Daniel's mare
OB3-20/21 court 4 Feb 1694/95:
Mr. Thomas Stapleton, Attorney for Capt. Wm. Daniell vs. Edwd. Clarke
Mr. John Avrett, Attorney for Edwd. Clarke vs. Capt. Willm. Daniell
Mr. Sampson Dorrell, Attorney for Edwd. Clarke vs. Capt. Wm. Daniell Ye three witnesses wch. were subpd. for Capt. Wm. Daniell vs. Edwd. Clarke were sworne to prove his Declaration.
Capt. William Daniell having brought an action of the Case against Edwd. Clarke and sett forth that ye said Edwd. Clarke of this County did about the middle of August last past or some time there abouts shoote a Mare of yor. Pettitionrs. worth two thousand pounds of sweet sented tobacco & caske. Now so it is may it please yor. Wrpss. that the latter clause of the Seventy seventh Act of Assembley made at James Citty Anno 1662 gives duble damages to ye party pr'seeved against any that shall shoote or any other wise unlawfully kill horse, mare cattle or hoggs. Yor. Pettitionr. therefore humbley craves Judgmt. against the sd. Edwd. Clarke for the summe of Four thousand pounds of sweet sented tobacco and caske being the duble vallue allowed by the Law aforesaid, And that the said Clarke pay cost of suit &c.
To which the Deft. appearing pleaded Not Guilty, the whole matter of the fact being putt for Tryall upon James Curtis &c. (Jurors) who say upon there Oaths that they finde for the Plt. Six hundred pounds of tobacco which Verdict is by the Court confirmed. Judgment is therefore granted to the said Capt. William Daniell, against the sd. Edwd. Clarke for the summe of Twelve hundred pounds of tobacco, being duble the vallue of the said Mare, according to ye said Seventy seventh Act of Assembley made at James Citty 1662, wth. cost of suit als exe. Exo. issued ye 5th day March 1694/5 agt. ye body.

Capt. William is still in charge of tithe lists
OB3-47 court 27 May 1695
Capt. William Daniell is appoynted to take ye List of Tythables in ye Middle Presincts.

Capt. William has two slaves' ages adjudged
OB3-128 court 11 May 1696
George, a Negroe belonging to Capt. William Daniell, is adjudged nine yeares of age. Billey a Negroe belonging to Capt. William Daniel, is adjudged six yeares of age.
It is at least possible that George went to son James Daniel as shown in the 1715 inventory of what was in James' hands from the estate of Capt. William Daniel.

Still taking the tithe lists
OB3-135 court 11 May 1696
Capt. William Daniell is appoynted to take the List of Tythables in the Middle Presincts of this County.

Robert Daniel apparently still serving as constable
OB3-140 court 1 Jun 1696
Middx. ss Aprill ye 20th 1696. Complaint being made to me by Thomas Stapleton ye 14th of this instent that Robert Chowning stood indebted to the said Stapleton eight bushells and three pecks of Indian Corne and refused payment, the said Stapleton therefore obteyned a warrent against the said Chowning signed by me and directed to Mr. Robert Daniell) [no opening parenth; the warrant would be directed to an officer of the court to be served] who accordingly brought the said Chowning before me & upon hearing & debate of the matter, I doe find that there is justly due to Mr. Thomas Stapleton eight bushells and three pecks of Indian Corn. Judgment is therefore granted to Thomas Stapleton agt. Robert Chowning for eight bushells and three pecks of Indian Corne. Test. Hen. Thakcer. Exec issued agt. ye body ye (blank).

William Daniel the Justice issues an order to be executed by Robert Daniel, still constable
OB3-169 court 1 Feb 1696/7
Complaint being made before me this day by Willm. Lyall yt. Willm. Batchelder stands indebted unto him One hundred thirty and five pounds of good sweet sented tobacco & refuseth payment. These are therefore in his Majesties name to will and require you to bring the body of the said William Batchelder before me or some other of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for this County to answer the complaint. Faile not as you will answer ye contrary at your perrell. Given under my hand Febry. ye 23d. day 1696/7. Willm. Daniell. This to Robert Daniell, Counstable or his Deputy.
This Complaint comeing before me to end ye difference depending; It is ordered that William Batchelder forthwith pay unto Willm. Lyall a hundred & ninety pounds of tobacco in Middlesex County als exe., Given under my hand Febry. ye 25th day 1696/7. Willm. Daniell. Exec. issued agt. ye body 15th Febry. 1696/7. Test Edwin Thacker, Cl Cur Middx.

The last appearance of William Daniel as a Justice of the Court was 11 Oct 1697 (OB3-198)

The last order to a living William Daniel Sr. in the court records
OB3-210 court 7 Feb 1697/8
Order is granted to John Robinson, William Churchhill, Willm. Daniell, Edwin Thacker and Paul Thilman, Exrs of Christopher Robinson, Esqr., deced., against the Sheriffe for the non appearence of Sr. William Skipwith, Baront., late Sheriffe of Msex Co, for the sum of £100 Sterling and 10000 lbs of sweet sented tobo &c. An Attachment is granted ye Sheriffe &c.

Robert Daniel serves on the jury at the investigation of the minister for manslaughter
OB3-233-242 court 4 Sep 1698 This is a huge case with many depositions, etc. But the final declaration in the investigation comes down:
Wee Jurors being sumoned by virtue of an Order of Mr. Mathew Kemp, Corroner for the County of Middlesex, the 4th day of July Ano. Dom: 1698 to meet at the House of Mr. Samuell Gray, Minister, then and there to make Inquest on how a Mullatto boy called Jack, a Servant belonging to the said Mr. Samuell Gray, came by his death. In Obedience whereunto wee Jurors whose names are hereunder written have made enquiry after the said Mullatto boy, his deth, and doe returne this Verdict; That wee doe finde that the said Mulatto boy called Jack came by his death by the Stripes and Blowes he reced. upon his body and head; Given under our hands and seales this 4th day of July Ano. 1698.
Then Robert becomes security for the minister!
OB3-241 court 4 Sep 1698 Samuell Gray of Msex, Minister, £100 bond to appear regarding case, secs Robert Daniell and Paul Thilman.

The first appearance in the court records of Richard Daniel
OB3-246 court 5 Sep 1698 Richard Daniell, Plt. against Elizabeth Sumers, Deft., dismist &c.
This is perplexing. Richard was born 30 Sep 1678 so he is not 20 years old yet; technically he cannot sue in his own name yet (a guardian or "next friend" has to do it for him). This is one record I haven't checked against the originals yet: I doubt the writing was mistranscibed as Richard for Robert, but I'm wondering if the clerk had made the error?
This is NOT, however, the first appearance of Richard in Middlesex records; he was a witness to his father's deeds to his half-brothers in 1697. He was 19 and able to witness, but would not be able to swear to them in court until he was 21.

The probate of the will of Capt. William Daniel and the first appearance of James Daniel in the court records
OB3-254 court 3 Oct 1698
Probate of the Last Will and Testment of William Daniell, Gent., deced. is granted to Richard Daniell and James Daniell, Surviveing Executors, and the Codisall annexed to the said Will was duely proved by the wittnesses thereto subscribed.

At this same court and for a few after, the actions of the executors of the will of Christopher Robinson (still going on) name Capt. William Daniel when quoting previous actions, then give a list of "surviving executors" which doesn't include Capt. William.

Richard Daniel's first loss of a suit
OB3-271 court 6 Feb 1698/9
Judgment grtd to Thomas Herford v. Richard Daniell for £2.3.5 due by Bill with cost.

William Daniel (who had been William Jr., but no longer) didn't show up for jury duty!
OB3-303 court 13 Nov 1699
William Daniell being by the Sheriffe returned impannelled as a Jury man and being legally called failed to appeare. It is therefore ordered that he be sumoned to the next Court to answer his Contempt therein.

Capt. William Daniel and the College of William and Mary.
OB3-321 court 5 Feb 1699/1700
Order is granted to his Excellency Francis Nicholson Esqr., &c. Founder and Trustees of his Majesties Colledge William and Mary in Virginia against the Sheriffe for the non appearence of Richard Daniell and James Daniell, Executrs: of Capt. William Daniell, deced., for the sume of Forty shillings Sterling.
OB3-331 court 4 Mar 1699/1700
Judgment is granted to his Excellency Francis Nicholson Esqr., &c. Founders and Trustees of his Majesties Royall Colledge William and Mary in Virginia against Richard Daniell and James Daniell, Executors of Capt. William Daniell, deceased, for the sume of Forty shillings Sterling money of England due in Writeing under the hand and seale of the said decesed and ordered to pay cost.
I had at first a romantic theory that William had perhaps been some kind of a founding subscriber, but the college was actually supported by tobacco taxes and export duties on furs and animal skins so I suspect this is just collection of payments in arrears. The duties charged were so small as to mean that the 40 shillings would represent an incredible amount of animal skins; the charges for tobacco had not been defined before the time of Capt. William's death.
Then again, the second order says he had signed something obligating him, so perhaps it was a donation. Or, could it have been some tuition for one of his sons? If so, it was more likely for Richard, but nothing in Richard's later life and civic service strongly suggests that he was educated to this extent.

James Daniel's first jury duty, proving he was born earlier than thought
OB3-351 court "first Munday" in July 1700. James Daniel on jury investigating Sarah Swan concerning a Childe supposed destroyed by her...the said Sarah Swan proved it to be hir Childe and wee Jurors on sight thereof doe finde that the said Childe was lost through willfull neglect of the Mother...May 6 1700. The summons says: Sarah Swan...servt to Honorable Ralph Wormeley, Esqr., being under the suspition of haveing brought a bastard Childe into the World dead...

Richard Daniel's first military office
OB3-352 court 1 Jul 1700
Richard Daniell apptd Corporll. [with other officers] under Capt. John Grymes. They tooke Oaths enjoyned by Act of Parliament to be taken instead of the Oath of Allegiance and Supremacy the Test and Attestation.

The first Grand Jury service by a Middlesex Daniel
OB3-359 court 5 Aug 1700 James Daniell named on the Grand Jury.

One of the few appearances together by one of the older sons and James Daniel:
OB3-366/7 court 2 Sep 1700 Robert Daniell and James Daniell on jury for Harry Beverley pltf v. Richard Willis; jury finds for pltf.

James Daniel takes up a Runaway Servant
OB3-382 court 7 Oct 1700
Certificate grtd to James Daniell of this Co for the takeing up of a Runaway Servant named James Brock belonging to Mr. John Baylor of Gloucester County above ten miles from his Master's House, the same being proved by his Oath.

Three of the Daniel brothers sign a petition to the House of Burgesses about the laws of the county
OB3-383 court 9 October 1700
The Right Worshipfull the House of Burgesses for the Collony of Virginia. The Freeholders of Middlesex County doe present these following greevences &c., vizt.,
First, that the Minister of the Parrish of Christ Church in this County hath by Law a very sufficient sallary, being sixteene thousand pounds of tobacco a year, and doe humbley desire that there may not be any greater sallary allowed to the said Minister, which if there be will be a great oppression and (?crime) to the inhabitants of the said County; and that the County and Parrish continue as it now is intire and undevided;
2ly. That there be noe Circular Judges allowed which will be an oppression to the Countrey;
3ly. that noe Negroes be keep at any Quarter or Plantation without the Master of English Overseers for when Negroes are left to them selves on any Plantation, gives them opportunity to committ many crymes and thefts
4ly. That the 4 lb. p gallon Imposition be taken of the Rum imported into this Collony which is a great prejudice to trade
5ly. That Spanish Money may not be exported out of this Countrey, but that it may pass currantly from man to man, and that all Pieces of Eight pass for five shillings apeice.

signed by 25 men including William Daniell, Richard Daniell, James Daniell, also Blaise, Shoares, Thilman, Curtis, Dudley, Kemp, Mountague (2), Bristow, Moseley, Killbee, Hadley, Clarke, Colbert, Smith, Porter, Crank, Scarbrough, Nicholls, Williamson, Vivion, Williams

James Daniel is sued
OB3-386 court 11 Nov 1700
Peter Bramwell in an action of the Case v. James Daniell dismist for want of prosecution.

Robert Daniel becomes the guardian for the future wife of his nephew William Daniel (son of brother William and Constant Vause)
OB3-385 court 11 Nov 1700
Probate of Elizabeth Boseley decd grtd to Robert Daniell and Robert George, Overseers of sd Will during minority of Frances Nash and Hannah Boseley, excxs.

James Daniel doesn't show up for the Grand Jury! But....
OB3-393 court 2 Dec 1700
Ordered that Richard Gabriell, James Daniell, Henry Wood and Minor Minor, four of the Grandjury, be sumoned to the next Court to answer their contempt in not appearing.
OB3-397 court 3 Mar 1700
James Daniell likewise dismist, he paying cost
This order refers to the four Grand Jury defaults: faileing to appeare in December Court as Grandjuryman, &c., he makeing a lawfull excuse, is dismist from paying his Fine, he paying cost.

30 March 2010: I've stopped here for now, but will continue adding.

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