I just can't resist. I call these "Colonial Infrastructure, Urban and Not" or some such. They are from Middlesex County: the Vestry Book of Christ Church Parish, the county Court Order Books, and the deed books.
And my apologies ahead to all my friends, collaborators, correspondents, and fellow genealogists who happen to be guvmint workers.

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9 Oct 1721, payments ordered: To Robert Daniell for his accot mending ye Horse Block at ye Uper Chapell.
[He repaired the parking lot, yes?]

For this one you have to know that Richard Daniell ran the local ordinary:
6 Nov 1717, payments ordered: To Richard Daniell the usuall allowance for looking after the Court and takeing care of the Horses &c.
4 Nov 1718 county accts: To Richard Daniel as usuall for looking after ye Court, cleaning the same and finding candles &c.
[So the bartender was the courthouse maintenance guy.]
5 Mar 1722/23 The Petition of Richard Daniell for a Stable is rejected.
[Due to potential parking congestion between the bar and the courthouse?]

[Animal control and animal protection]
5 Dec 1693 county accts, paid to Robert Daniell for a Beares head
3 Feb 1689/90 Ordered that Mr. William Daniell Senr., be paid out of ye next Levie two hundred pounds of good tobacco for sattisfieing an Indian for a wolves head.
7 Jul 1690 Mr. Samuell Northington haveing Attachmt duely issued & returned agt ye Estate of Abraham Farrow, for 1000lbs tobo & caske & the Sheriffe haveing returned a Horse of the sd. Farrows Estate upon said Attachmt., now vallued by Mr. Willm. Daniell Junr. & Mr. Jno. Smith, upon there Oaths at 800 lbs tobo. It is therefore ordered that ye sd. Horse be condemned & delivered to ye sd. Samuell towards paymt. of his sd. Debt, he makeing ye same appeare to be due by Bill under ye hand of ye sd. Farrow wth costs.
3 Jul 1699 Robert Daniell on jury for Richard Willis v. John Zaccary, John Roane, and Mathew Hunt, re killing a hog. jury found for defts.
4 Aug 1701 John Bristow v. Thomas Kidd, that defd took up and detained pltfs horses several times. Deft confessed and said Horses did him great damage, both in his Corn and Tobacco and that he gave pltf notice. It is therefore ordered that Robert Daniell, John Micham and Richard Kemp doe veiw [sic] what damage the said Horses hath done on the Defendt.'s Plantation and likewise veiw the Fences on the 12th of this Instant, August, and report there proceedings to the next Court.

[Guvmint contractors, hmmm]
7 Dec 1691 It is ordered yt. Mr. Chr. Robinson, Captn. Wm. Daniel & Mr. John Wortham doe agree with Mr. James Curtis & Mr. John Piskins for ye Building of a Court House thirty foot long & twenty foot wide & a Prison of ye same demencions of ye old one.
18 Feb 1692/93 pay to Mr. James Curties...for materials and building Court House & Prison, pay to John Hipkings for carpenters Worke done on it. And it is further ordered that Capt. William Daniell, Mr. Jno. Smith, together wth. the Sheriff of this County, or his Deputy, doe goe to Mr. James Curties & receive the Plancke sawed for the said Court House & ye remaining part of the nayles wch. is in his possession wch. hee is to give a true & just account of upon Oath, hee being fully sattisfied & paid for the same by ye County...

[Still takes about the same amount of time and number of people today to get things started]
2 Apr 1694 Capt. Mathew Kemp, Capt. William Daniell and Capt. Robert Dudley, or any one of them is requested to goe to Glocester County Court & treat with the Justices there concerning the repaireing & mending of Dragon Bridge & that a time may be then sett when they may vew the same.
4 Jun 1694 It is ordered that Capt. Mathew Kemp, Mr. Willm. Wormeley, Capt. Willm. Daniell, Capt. Robert Dudley, Mr. Maurice Cock & Mr. John Smith Senr., or any four of them doe meet ye Glocester Gent. at ye Dragon Bridge on ye 5th Instent and treat with them about the mending & repaireing the same and what agreement shall be by them made is ordered to be confirmed.
2 Jul 1694 It is ordered that Capt. Mathew Kemp, Capt. William Daniell, Capt. Robt. Dudley or any two of them doe meet at ye 14th Instent at ye Dragon Bridge & joyne wth. ye Glocester Gents. in repaireing or rebuilding the same & likewise that they be impowered to address ye Governor in what they shall see convenient about the said Bridge. Capt. Kemp is appoynted to waite upon his Excellency.

[More from the department of transportation]
4 Aug 1707 Upon the Petition of James Daniel against Philip Colvert for not mending the Draggon Bridge, it is ordered said Colvert mend the Bridge some time between this and next Court and that he make what additions necessary according to Agreement, and it is hereby further ordered that Capt. John Smith, James Daniel and John Vivion or any two of them on the Saturday before the next Court view the Bridge and make report of their proceedings to next Court.
6 Jun 1709 Upon the Petition of John Micham and James Micham setting forth that Alexander Graves hath turned their Path to the Upper Chapple so inconvenient that a man can hardly ride without danger, it is therefore ordered William Daniell and John Pace lay out ye said Path in ye most convenient place and make report of their proceedings to ye next Court.
5 Jan 1724 On the Petition of James Daniell in behalfe of himselfe and diverse of the Neighbourhood between the Dragon Swamp and Capt. Smith's Mill setting forth that they have no Road to pass from the said Mill to the Maine Road leading to the Church or Courthouse. It is ordered that William Bristow, Surveyor of the Highway clear a good Cart Road from Capt. Smith's Mill to the Maine Road leading to Church and the Courthouse to go according to the Report formerly made by John Grymes and Edwin Thacker, Gent.
[And fix the potholes!!!]

[Environmental impact reports, but these don't have as good language as other places about evaluating whether it's a good idea, the effects, etc.]
6 May 1706 The Petition of Gawin Corbin setting forth that he is about to build a Mill upon the Creek called Corbin's Creek and haveing land on the one side thereof prays that an acre of land may be ordered to him on ye other side thereof according to Act of Assembly in that case made and provided. It is therefore ordered Capt. Robert Daniell, Mr. William Daniell and Marvill Moseley or any two of them lay out ye acre of ground on the South side of the Creek opposite to Corbin's land and value the same and make report of their proceedings to the next Court.
3 Jun 1706 Capt. Robert Daniell, Mr. William Daniell and Marvill Moseley being appointed by Order of last Court to lay out an acre of land on the South side of Grange Creek to build a Mill on and to make report of their proceedings to next Court ye Order not being complyed with is continued.
2 Dec 1706 Robert Daniell and William Daniell, two of the Gentlemen appointed to lay out one acre of land on ye South side of Sunderland Creeke for Colo. Corbin to build his Mill on haveing made their Report is is ordered to be recorded.
[Took 'em six months]

[Don't know what to call this one, community arts something or other]
1 Jul 1689 Whereas att a Court held for Middx. County ye 12th day of Decembr: 1687, Mr. Christopher Robinson was desired & ordered to send for England two brasse Trumpets, with silver mouth peeces, to be hanged in black & white silk, one Horse Collours wth: Staff: two bootes & two belts, two Drumes with six spare heads & foure parie of Drumsticks & two belts & one Foot Colloures; It is therefore order [sic] upon ye desier of the said Mr. Christopher Robinson that what of ye sd. Trophes be remaining now in ye sd. Mr. Robinsons possession be delivered to Capt. William Daniell for the use of this County.

[Guvmint budget control, inflation concerns, trade policy by referendum, hasn't worked out too well where I live]
9 October 1700. The Right Worshipfull the House of Burgesses for the Collony of Virginia. The Freeholders of Middlesex County doe present these following greevences &c., vizt.,
First, that the Minister of the Parrish of Christ Church in this County hath by Law a very sufficient sallary, being sixteene thousand pounds of tobacco a year, and doe humbley desire that there may not be any greater sallary allowed to the said Minister, which if there be will be a great oppression and (?crime) to the inhabitants of the said County; and that the County and Parrish continue as it now is intire and undevided;
2ly. That there be noe Circular Judges allowed which will be an oppression to the Countrey;
4ly. That the 4 lb. p gallon Imposition be taken of [off] the Rum imported into this Collony which is a great prejudice to trade
5ly. That Spanish Money may not be exported out of this Countrey, but that it may pass currantly from man to man, and that all Pieces of Eight pass for five shillings apeice.
Signed by 25 men incl William Daniell, Richard Daniell, James Daniell, also Blaise, Shoares, Thilman, Curtis, Dudley, Kemp, Mountague (2), Bristow, Moseley, Killbee, Hadley, Clarke, Colbert, Smith, Porter, Crank, Scarbrough, Nicholls, Williamson, Vivion, Williams

[Ah, the requirements and pains for guvmint service]
12 Sep 1715, per order of Msex county court 2 Aug 1715 "This Vestry have divided this parish into Severall Precincts, And have appointed two Intelligent honest Freeholders of every Severall Precinct to See all the Lands within the said Severall Precincts processioned...
7 Mar 1708/9 Robert Daniell, Gent., appearing to shew cause for his not sitting as a Justice and alledging that he was at Court all day the day the Order for summoning him was made and that he was just stept out of Court, whereupon ye Court are of opinion that he be excused.
[Can't even go to the little boys' room without causing a hubbub]
[And what if nobody shows up?]
7 Feb 1708/9 [there are six entries like this for the different justices]
Robert Daniell, Gent., not appearing as a Justice by which meanes the Court could not decide several Causes for want of a fuller Court, it is therefore ordered he be fined according to Law unless he appears at next Court and shews [sic] good cause to ye contrary.
[And term limits, here we come]
3 Apr 1716 Robert Daniell another of the Gentlemen named in the new Commission of the Peace not appearing at his summons to give his reasons for not takeing the Oaths sent the following reason by Mr. Price, vizt., that he had served the County severall years and was not [now] grown old so that he could not endure rideing monthly to the Courthouse and also that he is dim of sight so that he can hardly see to write his own business, therefore desires to be excused.
[John Smith, Senr. had just done same for being an "old man and distempered".]

[Liability issues and the fine print]
3 Oct 1709 In an action of Trespass upon the Case between Robert Daniell, Gent., Plt. and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt. for twenty four pounds sterling damage by meanes of Defendt suffering four thousand eiight [sic] hundred pounds of tobacco and caske of the Plt's to be burned as set forth in the Declaration, Mr. Leonard Hill promises in open Court that he will (in case Defendt be cast in this action) deliver ye Defendt.'s body to Prison or pay the debt with all damages and costs as shall be awarded by the Court, whereupon at motion of said Hill, Attorney for the Defendt. refference is granted him till next Court.
6 Dec 1709 In an action upon the Case between Capt. Robert Daniel, Plaintiff and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt. for twenty four pounds sterling damage by meanes of the Defendt's Servants burning four thousand eight hundred weight of the Plt.'s tobacco in caskes as set forth in the Declaration, a Refference being granted to Defendt. at last Court and he faileing now to appear at Plt.'s motion, Judgment by nihil dicit is granted him for the sume against the Defendt and Mr. Leonard Hill his Security returnable to next Court as usuall.
2 Jan 1709/10 The action of trespass upon the Case between Robert Daniell, Gent., Plt. and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt. is referred till the next Court.
7 Feb 1709/10 In an action of Trespass on the Case between Capt. Robert Daniell, Plt. and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt. the Defendt haveing put in his Plea of Not Guilty &c. and Plt. haveing joyned the issue, the Tryall is referred till ye next Court for want of a Jury.
1 May 1710 The action of Trespass on ye Case between Capt. Robert Daniell, Plt. and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt. is continued till next Court.
5 Jun 1710 The action of Trespass upon the Case between Capt. Robert Daniell Plt. and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt is postponed till tomorrow.
5 Jun 1710 The action of Trespass upon the Case between Capt. Robert Daniell, Plt. and George Beverich, Commander of the Carter Frigate, Defendt. is continued till next Court till Colo. Corbin's Cause against the said Beverich is tryed.
3 Jul 1710 Corbin v. Beverich Judgment [long document]. Tobacco was to be shipped, but the Carter Frigate burned. Corbin charged neglect, Beverich denies, says since there was no bill of lading signed yet. Corbin wins.
3 Jul 1710 The action of Trespass upon ye Case between Capt. Robert Daniell, Plt. and George Beverich, Defendt. is dismist.
3 Jul 1710 John Bell being summoned an Evidence for Capt. Robert Daniell against George Beverich, and haveing attended five days, ordered said Daniell pay him for ye same with costs als exo.
[Ouch, Robert, after 9 months you lose and still pay costs]

[Drug law enforcement, but the devil's in the details]
7 Dec 1714 Richard Daniell being presented by the Grandjury for selling Liquors October last in this County without a Lycence, the Defendt. appeared and alleadged that he sold no Liquors in his House but confessing that he sold both Syder and Brandy in the Field and submitting himselfe to the Court, it is considered by the Court, and accordingly it is ordered that the Defendt. be fined two thousand pounds of tobacco to be disposed of as the Law directs and that he pay costs als Exo.

[Objects of pity, did the narcs get 'em in a sting operation or was it entrapment?]
4 Jan 1714/15 Upon the Petition of Jonathan Herring, Richard Daniell, Rice Curtis, Edward Couch, Arthur Thomas, Matthew Parry, Thomas Crank Junr., and Thomas Hipkings praying that ye Court would represent them to the Honorable Alexander Spotswood Esqr. his Majesty's Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Cheife of the Dominion, as objects of pity who were presented by the Grandjury for selling Liquor by retaile without Lycence (and upon their tryall confest ye fact and were accordingly fined as the Law directs they affirming the offence was ignorantly committed). The Court do therefore desire Mr. Christopher Robinson to wait on the Governor and give him a true representation of their case submitting it wholly to his Honor's Clemency.

[Fighting city hall or civil disobedience? This is actually from Essex County]
By Court order 16 May 1716. The subscribers surveyed and processioned the land of John Hudson "x x beginning upon a point between Lucases Creek and a small branch thereof x x" etc., "and then we being stopt and the Surveyors Chaine then and there forcibly taken up by Wm Price of the sd County, for which reason we Could not proceed persuant to the sd order. Given under our hands and seales this 5th day of Jun 1716." Jury = Tho Short foreman, Charles Brown, Thomas (T his mark) Aires, ffra Smith, Charles Brown Jun'r, Wm (W his mark) Daniel, James Cogghill, Thomas O'eson [sic], Jno (x his mark) Morgan, John Miller, Matt'w (x his mark) Collins, Edwd (x his mark) Scrimshaw.

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