The Briery Swamp and Area

You know how those place names get into your soul after years of research? And then when you go and first see the word on a sign and your heart just leaps? Well, Middlesex is like that for me at every street sign and every village name and every watercourse and every road and every....

And then there's the glorious fun of heading down side roads and just seeing where they take you.

Passing a little branch of the Briery

Wares Bridge Road (State Rte 602) goes on the southern side
of the Briery, crosses it, and then goes on to the Dragon Swamp.
The Dragon Run Country Store is near the intersection of Hwy 17
(The Tidewater Trail) and Rte 602, right across the road
from the Hermitage Baptist Church.

Crossing the Briery on Wares Bridge Road

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