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Updated 18 May 2023

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Here are the Adair ancestors of our testers and others that we hope to find descendant testers for. Tests from descendants of various sons of each are sought to fully establish the DNA picture of the line, i.e. matching results from two different sons confirm the father. If you have other Adair lines to contribute or if there is a more popular or better understood way to represent these lines, email here.

To contact the test representative click the word "contact" or use the email given, replacing "AT" with "@".

Alexander Adair - #59962 - Contact.
Alexander Adair (b. ca1750 Ireland, d. bef 1820 Laurens SC) and wife Mollie Steele arrived in South Carolina in 1767. They settled in Jacks Township of Laurens County where Alexander applied for and received a land grant in 1784-6. There were already other Adairs in Jacks Township, but records are inconclusive as to any relationship and this test does not match #N12485 (Joseph Adair of Laurens). Alexander Adair and Ann McClure were fined for bastardy in 1786; Stephen Braddock (ca1786-1850, ancestor of this tester) was the son born at that time. Ann McClure later married Francis Braddock and Stephen was raised with the Braddock name. Stephen and wife Mary Bell of Laurens SC moved to Tippah MS. (More information on Stephen Braddock and Alexander Adair here).
Traditional listings of the children of
Alexander Adair and Mollie Steele show: Anna b. 1776, md. Holloway Prater, Benjamin, Jean md. Brewer Phillips, John, Robert Washington b. ca 1796, md. Hannah Theresa Prater, and Tobithia.
**Financial help available to a male descendant tester of Alexander Adair and Mollie Steele.

William C. Adair - #B22507 - Contact.
William C. Adair (1810-1886) was born in the Indiana Territory, then lived and died in Indianapolis. I know from the 1880 census that his parents were both born in South Carolina, but that is all I have on them.

Henry Adair - #N12485 - Contact "neurol AT"

John J. Adair - #N15862 - Contact "jmadair AT"

Joseph Alexander Adair - #N12485
Joseph was b. ca1711 Ireland, d. 1780s Laurens SC, md. Sarah Lafferty
Children: Joseph, Jean, James, Benjamin, John Sarah

Lutus Odair - #101616 - Contact "eadair AT"

William Wesley Adair - #139483 - Contact "rcrenwelge1 AT"

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