Slave Records in Mississippi

collected by P. A. Miller

These are the slave records from my research on Mississippi families.
I've generally cleaned these records out to only include names (whether they receive named slaves in will or not).
There are tax lists and other records indicating numbers of slaves only - they still represent people and can help determine ages of known slaves.
I've left in auxiliary references that might include slave names, even though I didn't take them down in my notes.
These family names are not always all the same branch, I've noted where certain ones went to, etc.
The records are not in date order.
I haven't cleaned up source name abbreviations, etc., but I think they are obvious. Some sources start with the LDS film number.
My comments about the records are in [brackets]
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N.B. Beck and Nan [Braddock] in many of these records, owned by Margaret Leak Hooker, are first listed in the estate records of her husband George Leak in Laurens SC. More info on where the Leaks and Braddocks lived and their movements can be found in the narratives at my site: George Leak and Stephen Braddock.


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895809 Tippah MS Wills v.1 1858-1934
Bk1-5 - will of F. T. Leak wr 19 May 1858, pr 16 Mar 1866.
"being about to set out on a visit to Arkansas."
son Walter Leake, dau Harriett (also mentions a John in her paragraph, maybe her husband?), dau Eliza Jane (upon her marr), sons Francis P. Leak and James P. Leak, , son W. J. Leak, rest of my children: Donna Ella Judi? and Alla (mentions previous bequest to Harriet and Jane [sic]).
to Frederick H. Mays when he attains full age and to be cared for so long as he continues to live with my wife.
to wf.
mentions My Lake plantation in Arkansas.
exr: wife, sons Walter J., F. T., J. P. Leak and son in law C. C. Terry.
C. C. Terry to assist wf in management of estate until son Frank or Pickett are qualified. [names tons of slaves.]

1036922 Miscellaneous Court Records Tippah co MS 1849-1880 Tippah Co
[film very hard to read]
p. 402 Estate of Margaret Hooker (Alzire Leak Braddock's mom). Adam Braddock admin.
[Margaret Hooker was the mother-in-law of Adam Braddock. Her maiden name was probably Young, she married George Leak who died in SC Laurens, then married Edwin Hooker who also died. She came to Tippah and lived with her daughter Elzire (often written Eliza) and her husband Adam Braddock. He is listed as the owner of Margaret Hooker's slaves in 1850 schedules below. This estate identifies them and the purchasers. I have not tracked them further]:

19 Oct 1857 Petition for Sale of Slaves:
"...that said deceased left the following slaves to wit
Rebecca a woman aged about 48 years,
Nani [sic] near the same age,
Susan aged about 19 years,
Her child about 18 months named Old Jack,
Sambo about 16,
Daniel 9 years,
Seth about 7
...That said slaves cannot be divided in kind among said heirs..." request for Adam Braddock (administrator)

The return of the sale was April 1858 and says the sale was on 23 January 1858 as follows:
Sambo to M. Blake for $1330
Susan and child Jack to Eliza [actually Elzire] Braddock for $1315
Daniel to Isaac Cox for $700
Seth to W. C. Carter for $535
Nan to Eliza [actually Elzire] Braddock for $500
Beck to Eliza [actually Elzire] Braddock for $100

1850 Slave Schedule of Tippah Co MS by Tommy Lockhart 1976
numbers and letters are age, sex, black/mulatto
Adam Braddock 39fb, 35fb, 11fb, 9mm, 2mm, 9/12mm
[Subtracting 7 years from the above 1857 description, these would be Nan and Beck (Rebecca) in some order, Susan, Sambo, Daniel, and Seth from the sale above]
John Braddock 23mb
Mary Braddock 60mb, 60fb, 27mb, 27fb, 9fb, 7mb, 5fb
Mary A. Braddock 75mb, 65fb, 26mb, 26fb, 12fb, 10fb, 6fb
no Hooker listed [because she was living with Adam and Elzire Braddock]
Francis T. Leak (148 slaves)

1860 Slave Schedule of Tippah co MS [originals on LDS film]
Isaac Cox mb40 fb28 fb18 mb8 mb8 fb5 fb3 mm4/12
[Daniel from the sale above should be about 12 years old, but?...]
Nancy Riddlespurger mb60 mb22
Mary Braddock mb39 fb38 mb16 fb19 fb14 fb9 fb6 mb5 mb1 mb7/12
Racheal Stark fb59 mb22 fm14 (blind) [1 slave house]
Philip Martin fb45 [1 slave house]
J. M. Blake - lots
John Braddock mb33 fb28 mb1
next Adam Braddock fb50 fb21 mb5
[These are Nan or Beck, Susan and Jack]
G. W. Braddock fb28 mb26 mb5 mb7/12
Anna Jeanes fm26 fb13 mb8 mb1
W. J. Leak - tons
F. T. Leak - tons
H. T. Rucker mb60 fm59 fb58 mm33
another distr:
S. W. Echols - lots

1866 State Census MS Tippah Co [Just as a precaution, these numbers are population in household, not slaves, like above. These are all Braddocks of all races.]
film page 17
Rebecca Braddock f30-40
Minny Braddock f20-30
Peter Braddock M0-10
Isaac Braddock M0-10
Tucker Braddock m0-10
Lenord Cox m10-20 [maybe in same household?]
film page 18
Winston Braddock B [black, no numbers]
Mose Braddock B
Richard Braddock B
film page 110 [page 109 not shown]
Mary Braddock f40-50, f80-90
J.S. Braddock 1m0-10, 1m10-20, 1m40-50, 4f0-10, 2f10-20, 1f30-40
Rachel Stark 1m10-20, 1m30-40, 1f10-20, 1f20-30, 1f70-80

Tippah Co MS Tax Lists 1878-1887
Sand Hill, Distr 1 -
Braddock, Joe (colored)
Braddock I. S. (colored)
Falkner Distr 2 -
Braddock B. F.
Braddock Squire (colored)
Peter (colored)
Moores Mill Distr 5 -
Braddock Mrs. J. A.
Braddock Sam S.

Tippah Co MS Circuit Court Recds

p. 30 Case 3615 State v. Abe, a slave, property of Geo. W. Braddock, Sep 1851, that he did on Aug 1 1851 assault, wound, and attempt to ravish Mary Harris, a white woman. indicted Sep 1851 [names jury]. found guilty and sentenced to be hung between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. on Oct 17 1851. To be carried to jail at Holly Springs "there being no sufficient jail in Tippah Co."

p. 58 Sep 1854 #887 that John F. Stark sold liquor to Junior, slave of John Braddock

p. 196 #1811 Nov 1870 State v. John Braddock Jr., et al, indicted for shooting with intent to kill. John Braddock and Dan Braddock (col) default as witnesses

p. 201
#1811 State v. William Braddock, Nathan Braddock, John Braddock, James Braddock, Bose Smith, and James Medford. Indicted for assault with intent to kill L. P. Wright, Thomas Bobbit, A. H. Luker, J. R. Luker, William Shelton, and Charlie Bell.
Found guilty by a jury composed of M. C. Selph et al.
Sureties: John Braddock, William Reed, Adam Braddock.
Defts. sentenced to 5 years in prison, Oct 19, 1872.
Application for Writ of Error allowed, William Braddock defaults recognizance.
Witnesses - L. P. Wright, John Braddock (col.), Dan Braddock (col.), R. M. Nance, D. M. Pollock, F. M. Rainer, William Shelton, James Braddock, Charles Bell, Robert Luker, John Bell.

Justice Court Cases - Criminal Actions: #183 State v. Hannah Braddock. Burning house, found not guilty 12 Aug 1878.
[Hannah Braddock b.1841 TN is the wife of Joe Braddock b.1849/50 GA in the 1870 census. Both are listed as Black. Daughter Rachel b.1853/54 MS is listed as Mulatto, sons George b.1857/8 MS and Philip b.1863/4 MS are listed as Black].

Heritage of Tippah Co MS v.1
p. 650 David James Vernor b. 1855, black slave SC. his mother md. Joe Braddock

Tippah County Heritage v.2. comp. and ed. by Tommy Covington
Has great articles on the descendants of slave Joseph Braddock, very descriptive and insightful about their ancestor's experiences.

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