The Revolutionary War Pension file of David Miller

[These are my abstracts in note form. I have quoted parts interesting to me, although I didn't always mark them as such: I leave it to you to distinguish the difference between my language and the legal language of the 1800s! I've omitted pages that are "proofs" by one justice that the other justice taking a deposition was truly a justice - those nearly double the file!]

25 Oct 1821, Lincoln: David personally applies for replacement certificate, was placed on pension roll of NC, has been drawing pension.

1 Nov 1821, Lincolnton: letter by David Miller requesting certif based on annexed deposition, request that certif be sent to lawyer John Huske, esqr. at Fayetteville.

14 Nov 1821, Lincoln: J. C. Calhoun secy of War at War Office of US certifies that David Miller late a private of the Army of US is inscribed on NC Pension Roll, that he is entitled to $4/mo on acct of wounds and disabilities fr RevWar, that he srvd in Capt. Martin's co of Cavalry in Col. Polk's reg, that he is now residing in Lincoln and has been for 29 yrs, that he previously resided York SC.

15 Nov 1821: new certificate.

-- 1831, Lincoln: David Miller appts James Hart attorney to recv pension at Fayetteville fr. 5 Mar 1831 to 4 Sep 1831.

15 May 1832, Shelby: letter fr A. R. Homesley requesting increase in pension due to heirs of David Miller under act of 1832, until his death in Mar 1832. [says heirs' declaration incl. but nothing there]

certificate, 23 May 1837: certificate sent to J. H. Risksham, Raleigh. #11.109 for Nancy Miller, widow of David Miller who d. 8 Mar 1832, of Cleveland, a private in Capt. Snipe's company in NC for 2 years. Inscribed on roll of Fayetteville. $80/yr commencing 4 Mar 1836.

cover sheet: Nancy Miller, wid David, NC. Act 7 Jul 1838. d. 18 Mar 1832.
Note at bottom: said [?not] serve in SC consequently the certificate of the Comptroller .... of .... .....

7 Mar 1839, Lincoln: court of pleas and quarter session. Nancy Miller age 65 appears, makes declaration to obtain benefits fr Act of 7 Jul 1838 [for widows]: she is widow of David Miller, soldier of RevWar, he entered the svc in SC, doesn't know officer, a cavalry commanded by Capt Martin and attached to Col Wm Polk's reg, he recvd pension, refers to his declaration to get on NC rolls. They were md. in York distr SC in Feb 1792. Husband d. Lincoln 18 Mar 1832, they were not md prior to his leaving the svc, but that marr was previous to 1 Jan 1794.

7 Mar 1839, Lincoln: Thomas Kendrick, a brother of Nancy Miller [he is bro-in-law], aged 69 declares: was acquainted w/David Miller 2-3 yrs before he was md to his sister Nancy, he was present and witnessed the marr, Col Wm Hill then magistrate celebrated the rites in York SC, that it was then and is yet legal for magistrates to do so, that he believes dec'd David Miller was RevWar soldier, that is was generally so believed, that he knows he was an invalid pensioner and belvs he was wounded in the svc, that he knows the applicant Nancy Miller is his widow.

8 Aug 1839, Lincoln: Nancy Miller appears, declares she had 4 chn by her late husband David Miller - John b. 1794, Samuel b. 1796, Levi b. 1799, Sally now married to William Putman b. 1804. That all are living, John and Sally in this county, Samuel and Levi in Georgia, that she had but lost a register of the dates of birth of her chn.

--, same page as above: Mrs. Sally Kendrick ae 60 declares: she is well acquainted with Nancy Miller before she was md., that she lived near Mrs. Miller when her 3 eldest chn were born, that from the ages of her own children, the ages above stated by Nancy Miller are correct.

27 Feb 1840, Lincolnton: letter fr D. Reinhardt to J. L. Edwards Esqr, enclosed ages and names of the chn of David Miller [above sheets] to enable widow to obtain pension. svcs of David Miller can not now be proven, his associates in the army are all dead and no recd can be found at Raleigh, has not yet recvd the certif of Elizabeth Roberts.

25 Jan 1841: letter to J. L. Edwards Esq. "Sir, will you please inform me if there is any good reason why Nancy Miller the widow of David Miller decd of Lincoln county NC cannot obtain a Pension. I am informed David Miller drew a Pension in his Lifetime, and that his widow has filed her delaration in your office for a Pension. Please answer me soon. Respectfully yours, James Graham"

28 Jan 1841, Lincolnton: "Dear Sir, The Inclosed I found among some old papers it was prepared to Draw David Miller's pension in 1831. I may be of Service to You to prosecute the Claim of the Widow Mrs. Nancy Miller as this states the Company & Regiment he served in. Mrs. Miller lives more in your District in the County of Cleveland [torn in half, next page:] Buffalo Post office. Christian Carpenter has had considerable Influence among the [Local.../Location] his .... I think he will be willing to have an Excuse to become Whig. Respectfully, D. Reinhardt.

certif iss. 23 May 1837, sent to J. H. Kirksham, Raleigh. #9.005 for Nancy Miller widow of David, pvt in the Rev. $80/yr commencing 4 Mar 1843.

6 Mar 1845, Cleveland: Nancy Miller ae 71, res of Cleveland. To obtain benefit of Act of 7 Jul 1838 "an Act granting half pay and pension to Certain widows", declares she is widow of David Miller, was pvt in Army of US, placed on the invalid pension list of NC and res at that time in Lincoln, commencement of his pension was 4 Sep 1808. under the Act of 24 Apr 1816 and the annual allowance was $40, afterwards his pay was incr to $64 under the Act of 3 Mar 1819. that she has often heard her late husb say that he came on from the North and joined the Army in SC and was in the battle at Bryer Creek with Capt Snipes and there recvd his wound which wound was to his grate [sic] injure to the day of his death, she was md to David in 1792, that David d. 18 Mar 1832, that she was not md to him prior to his leaving the svc, but marr took place previous to 1 Jan 1794, that sometime 4-5 yrs since she made declarationa and proof of marr and left same in hands of David Rinhardt her Agent to be forwarded to the pension off and he, Rinhardt, afterwards removed to the west, "that she has since learned that he, Rinhardt, stated before he left, that her Claim s..t on suspension for the waunt of proof of the service of her late husband David Miller, which to her seams unreasniable, for her husband was a pensioner therefore proof of service must have been in the possession of the Department." that she knows of no proof attainable, that she refers the Dept to her former papers on file.

5 Apr 1845, Livingstown NC: to J. L. Edwards, comm of pensions Washington City DC "Dear Sir, I herewith enclose and forward the papers of Margaret Holland & Nancy Miller - Margaret Holland claiming the benefits of the Resolution of Congress of the 23d January 1845 - and Nancy Miller claiming the provision made by the Act of Congress of Jully the 8, 1838 - widows of William Holland & David Miller. Addrys Livingstown NC I am sir yours Respectfully, James Roberts."

22 Sep 1845: letter/certif fr Comptroller Genl's off, Columbia SC: "Book M, Indent 71: Issued the 1 of October 1781 to Mr. David Miller, late private in Lieut Col Saml hammonds Regt State Troops for 94 Sterling, being balance Pay and Bounty due him for Services done in the regt together with Interest thereon from the first April 1782 to date hereof, agreeable to resolution of Genl Assembly of Eleventh March last -Princ ...34 , Int

Book T, Indent 506: Issued the 28 June 1785 to Mr. David Miller fourteen Pounds Eighteen shillings and two pence sterling for Militia duty as fifer pr.. an... audited. Princ 11.18.2, Int 0.16.8

2 Oct 1845, Livingstown NC: to J. L. Edwards, comm of pensions, Washington City DC. "Having procured the Comptrollers Certificate from south Carolina of Service Rendered in that state by David Miller I herewith enclose the same to you to be used in the Claim of Nancy Miller for a pension under the act of Congress of 7ty July 1838, which is now on the files in the pension office. I would solicit as early an action in Mrs. Miller's Case as practicable. I am Very Respectfully Yours, James Roberts."

14 Nov 1845, Cleveland: Thomas Kindrick declares that he was present at marr of David Miller and Nancy, they were md in York Distr SC about 1792, he was married himself 16 Jun 1796 as it appears fr the Record in his possession, that David and Nancy were md some four years previous for they had two chn when he was md and that it was said that Mrs. Miller lost her first child.

14 Nov 1845, Cleveland: Nancy Miller ae 71 or 72, to obtain benefit of act of 3 Mar 1843 and 17 Jun 1844, declare that she made a declaration on 6 Mar 1845 claiming those benefits, it is on files at pension office, that she is wid David Miller pvt in Army, placed on invalid pension list of NC Agency, that she is still a widow.

22 Nov 1845, Livingstown, to J. L. Edwards. "Dear Sir, Having procured proof by the Testimony of Thomas Kindrick of the marrieage in the Case of Nancy Miller widow of David Miller, heretofore Claiming a pension under the Act of Congress of 7th July 1838. She has also now made a Declaration Claiming the benefits of the Act of 3d March 1843 and 17 Jun4 1844, which I herewith enclose and forward to you. I am vary Respectfully Yours, James Roberts."

28 Jan 1846, SC York Distr: John Lamberth declares that he was present at marr in York Distr sometime in 1792, that he himself was married 27 Feb 1796, that he knows David and Nancy md at least four years before, that they had 2 chn born before his marr and understands that Mrs. Miller had an abortion with her first chld, that he had a child b. 21 Jun 1797, attached records [bible below], that he took a trip to the North some two years after marr of David and remained there 16 months and returned home and marr his wife in Feb after his return.

Bible Records: Church of Scotland: Ann Lambeth born Jun 21 ---, Lavy Lambeth b. Feb 8 --, Mary Lambeth b. Jan ---[1801?], Sinthy Lambeth b. Dec 26 --, Ta ... Lambeth [?1806] [years almost look intentionally scratched out]

12 Feb 1846, Livingstown: to J. L. Edwards. re validity of signature of Thomas Kindrick, that Kindrick had made 2-3 trips to declare and was promised not to be bothered any more, and that John Lambeth declaration is enclosed. James Roberts.

26 Jun 1846, Cleveland: Mrs. Ann Irby declares that she was well acquainted with David and Nancy and knows from her own personal knowledge that Nancy was md to David sometime before her own son Thomas K Irby was born, that he was b. 30 Apr 1793. that David and Nancy had one child b. before her son, she knows this because she went to see Nancy when whe was confined with her first child, that she has record of all the births of her own chn, that Nancy had 2 chn before the marr of John Lambeth, that she knows this because she was a near neighbor and does well recollect the time.

26 Jun 1846, Cleveland: Joseph K. Irby declares that he has old family recd of John and Ann Irby that says: Joshua Mason Irby b. 9 Nov 1790, Thos K. Irby b. 30 Apr 1793, Nancy Irby b. 7 may 1798, Elizabeth Irby b. 9 Dec 1800, Wm. Irby b. 26 Jan 1804, J. P. K. Irby b. 10 May 1808, that original recd was sent to pension office.

13 Aug 1846, Raleigh: to A. R. Hornesby Esqr. I do not find David Miller on muster rolls or Book of settlements in my Office. $1 will satisfy me for this and last certificate. W. Hill

6 Oct 1846, SC York: John Lambeth declares he is brother of Nancy Miller widow of David, knows fr personal knowledge they were md. 1792, he was present at marr in York Distr, that he was md. 28 Feb 1796, that sister Nancy was md 4 yrs before, she had two living chn when he was md and had lost one, that he has made previous affidavit.

19 Dec 1846, TN Bradley: Robert McCormick declares that he was well acquainted with David Miller, that David Miller was with him at the taking of Orangeburgh, SC, tha he belonged to Charles Midletons regt, Sumters Brig and that David Miller belonged to Col William Polk's regt of Capt Martin's company of the NC State troops, that David Miller was one of the ten month volunteers who were promised bounty, that Miller was wounded in the shoulder at Snipes Defeat at Snipes own Dwelling House, that he afterwards got well of his wound and served out his time and was discharged at Orangeburgh SC some two weeks before he was and came home, that he was well acquainted with the said Miller for many years after the close of the war of the rev, that Miller was one of his near neighbors, that the ten months term of svc of David Miller was about the year 1781 from the fact the he himself entered svc about 26 Mar 1781 and that Millers time was out some two weeks before his was, that he well knows that David Miller was a true whig and svd country, that he was well acquainted with Miller for many years after he was md, that he md. one Nancy Lamberth about 1791 to the best of his recollection.

26 Jan 1847, SC York: clerk affirms a magistrates signature validating John Lambeth, and further certifies that the records of My Office does not give any account of the afore mentioned marriage of David Miller and His wife Nancy, neither directly or indirectly. Ja. Kuykendal

18 Feb 1847, Livingstown: to J. L. Edwards fr James Roberts. enclose affidavit of Robert McCormick and the amended of additional aff of John Lambeth, and letter of Mr. Hill secy of state of NC to A. R. Hornsbey, friend of mine who wrote for me to secy for search of Army Books of the Rev. Mrs Miller is truly a venerable old Lady, and is still living, and we hope that on an examination of all the proof in the case to receive a Certificate in her favour.

27 Apr 1847: to A. R. Hornesby Esqr fr W. Hill. "Dear Sir, I should have answered you sooner had I not been forced to attend a Court as a witness which caused a weeks absence. I have again examined carefully the musterrolls in my office for the name of David Miller, and regret to say it is not to be found there. Colo. Thos. Polk commanded the 4th Regt and Wm. Polk was a Major in the 9th Regt. No David Miller under either or in any other Regt. I am much hurried now to gett off the laws ... So I can't say how our acct. stands. Yours respectfully, W. Hill

8 Jun 1847, Livingstown: to J. L. Edwards. re letter fr Hornsby, that although can't prove from records, the aff of Robert McCormick proves David's svc. that it is well known Col. Polk was in SC. that David Miller was not a resident of NC until several years after he was md. can't figure how the matter occured. Desire the claim to be reconsidered and hope a favorable Report. James Roberts.

6 Jan 1848, Livingstown: to Honorable W. Littancy?, secy War. re claim of Nancy has been rejected because David's name can't be found on old Army rolls at Raleigh NC. it should not be a barrier because it is well known that a number of old soldiers' names cannot be found, that David joined Col. Polk in SC, may have served all his time and recvd pay there. therefore appeals to the secy, outlines what he has proved: David Miller came on to SC fr the North and joined Col. Polk's Army who was then in SC, got wounded , never was in NC at all. James Roberts

23 Feb 1849, Shelby: to J. L. Edwards. fr A. R. Hornesby. another appeal. "maybe David was a sub for someone else, many names and records are lost, McCormick's affidavit, Col. Polk was in SC the whole time."

16 Oct 1849, Raleigh. Comptroller's Office certifies name of David Miller appears of Record as having been paid 23.0.21 for Militia svcs, in Bk 21 p. 17. Dec 1787.

25 Oct 1849, Livingstown. to J. L. Edwards fr James Roberts. enclose certif fr comptroller. appeal. date covered, but <22 Nov 1849. to J. L. Edwards. "Sir, Your letter of the 22 of November 1849 to James Roberts Esq of Livingstown NC is before me in reference to David Miller Service in the Revolutionary War. I cannot conceive how you come to such a desision in this case. I refer you to the 220 page (here annexed) of the act of Congress 1848. This old man recd a pension as an Invalid Soldier in Said War from the date 1808 of $40 per annum who died March 18 1832 Leaving a widow.
This is strong presumption that he served or he never would of recd said pension (the payment of 23.0.2 of record in Compt office is taken exception at for reason it appears in Comptrolers office. My dear Sir, I can show if necessary in said office that the militia State Line continental artilery ware all paid off without any distinction of party Either grade or Aolour as militia and it is from those books the 23.0.2 appears therefore you require impossibility all I ask at your hand is a requisition of the laws which is fully complied with.
Again I would refer you to his declaration which I suppose is on file - made according to law on the holy evangelist of almighty God - which I should think is ample evidence - the marriage being heretofore admitted. I must therefore ask your attention to allow the claim - or I must apply to Congress for the heirs to have the wish of that Body Complied with. I am determined not to trouble you with any claim that I think is not Just but when I am in a Just cause I never will surender. Respectfully Your obedient Servant, J. H. Kirkham. P.S. It also appears in Comptrolers office that said Miller was in Service in the early part of the war - 76 & 77.

certif iss 20 Mar 1851. Dept of Interior. Widow's Pension. $64/yr, commencing 4 Mar 1848.

6 May 1851, Cleveland. James Roberts declares he prosecuted claim, that about 1846-47 he offered aff of John Lamberth and that J. L. Edwards admitted the marriage to be satisfactory, that all that was nec was to show her husband's svcs fr recds in Compt off of NC, that the claim would be allowed, that he went to TN for McCormick's aff [gives details of it].

6 May 1851, Livingstown. to J. H. Kirkham. request to send back certif/aff of John Lambeth. he will re-prove marr if nec, but ... James Roberts.

8 May 1851. to ?? [prob James Heath, comm of pensions]. that marr was proven, mix-up on Congress act dates the certificate was written as. it appears that Miller srvd 3 or 4 years in different tours as a private in the Militia. J. H. Kirkham

12 May 1851, Raleigh. to James E. Heath. enclosed papers to more fully expl claim of Nancy Miller. certif they sent says act of Feb 1848, they claim act of 7 Jul 1838. J. H. Kirkham.

19 May 1851. very similar to above. includes evidence of service required in Heath's 14 May letter.

19 May 1851, Comptroller's Off. payments made to David Miller: Bk K p. 66, 90, Oct 1779. K-same page, 3799.14 the depreciation at that time 25 for 1. Bk F No. 2, p. 17, 10.12.6, Dec 1777. Bk C or E No. 13, p. 55, 16.16. "Kinston" page 77, 10.12.6, for riding express Nov 1777.

19 Apr 1852, Cleveland: Sarah Putman that she is dau of David Miller, RevWar Pensioner in Lincoln at $44/yr to day of his death 7 Mar 1832, that he drew as an invalid, that she is one of the heirs, makes aff to obtain pension due him under Act 7 Jun 1832 and such increase as may be due. appts A. R. Hornesby att.

27 May 1853, Cleveland. John Miller similar to above on behalf of myself and brothers and sisters, to wit myself John Miller, Samuel Miller, Levy Miller and Sarah Putman, the only heirs of David Miller and Nancy. mother died 3-4 years ago. appts. friend Tuly R. Wise as attorney in Washington DC.

27 May 1853, Cleveland: James Roberts attests and agrees to what John Miller declared.

21 Jun 1853, Washington: to ??. enclosed applic of heirs of David for increase. I can only say it does not appear what the disability was. but widow's pension is clearly entitled to increase. ref to papers it will be seen that David Miller was a cavalry soldier, entitled to $100/yr. belonged to Col Polk's regt. appears Miller d. 1832. Heirs also claim for time betw 4 mar 1831 and his death. Tully R. Wise.

17 Jan 1857, Cleveland. Sally Putman, official form that she is child, heir and directly interested as claimant to pension of David Miller

18 Mar 1857, Polkville NC: to George C. Whiting. on behalf of John Miller and Sarah Putman of this (Cleveland) co. describes David's pension and various increases. that all papers were burnt in the Treasury Dept, but if you examine the papers of Nancy Miller they will show his service and disability. Chn are of the opinion they are entitled to pay fr 4 Mar 1831 to 18 Mar 1832, the time of his death. J. W. Cabarriss(?).

Requests for info from this file:

A. Beam, Waco NC 1901. says native of MD, perhaps came to NC Lincoln before enlisting. joined sometime betw 1776 or 1780, drew a pension, wounded several times, drew pension at Lincolnton.

Mrs. Fitzhugh Hoyle, Lincolnton 1930. for David Miller of Rowan and later of Cleveland. wf Elizabeth Scott of Rowan.

Mrs. George Brewer, Dallas TX, 1931. for David Miller of VA, detailed svc descr, lvd TN.

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